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Taurus Ingress 2012

Welcome to the April-May newsletter. It is just after the New Moon in Taurus. My goal is to publish this newsletter monthly; if this proves too much, we’ll go to every two or even three months.You can always find new articles on the Gryphon Astrology website and blog. A few announcements before we get to this month’s articles:

  1. Announcements
  2. The New Moon and Sheratan
  3. How to Live Well and Prosper with Marsilio Ficino
  4. Missiles and Mars Retrograde
  5. Flanby Wins?!



This is my new website in progress that focuses on financial and political predictions. As long-time readers of the Gryphon Astrology blog know, I am very interested in political and global predictive astrology. For about 10 years now, I have been doing a significant amount of financial astrological forecasting, with good results. These techniques enabled me to get out of the market entirely in late 2007 and actually turn a profit in 2008, an otherwise horrible year for stocks. This website will have its own free newsletter, and feature free and paid articles for investors and others dependent on macro-geopolitical events. I will announce this on the blog when GryphonForecasting is open for business.

Annual Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Every month, a new annual forecast will be available for each zodiac sign. Normally, I do not spend much time with Sun sign forecasts, since I don’t find them accurate — even though they are very entertaining! Over the last couple of years, by using traditional solar return techniques and lots of trial and error, I have refined my techniques to the point where even a Sun sign prediction is quite accurate. These forecasts are considerably less costly than an individual personalized reading, and will be available through the Gryphon Astrology website for download. Stay tuned to the blog for announcements when this is ready.

United Astrology Conference (UAC)

In the unlikely event you have not yet heard, the biggest astrology conference in the world, UAC, is at New Orleans this year, May 24-29, 2012. For more details, visit uacastrology.com

I will be speaking there, and will participate in the Presidential Panel as a representative of traditional astrology. I will discuss my predictions regarding the United States presidential election of 2012, as well as the 132-year research project behind this prediction. The panel is MC’d by the venerable Ray Merriman, and will take place on Tuesday, May 29, between 2:30-3:45 pm. The event will be covered by several international traditional and Internet-based media outlets.

The New Moon and Sheratan

This New Moon is conjunct the white fixed star Sheratan, the left horn of the constellation of Aries, the Ram. The zodiacal longitude of the star is approximately at 4 Taurus. The legend of Aries is that it was the golden fleece of the Argonauts; the Ram to whom the fleece belonged was a gift from the gods, which allowed the twins Phrixus and Helle to escape their evil step-mother by flying to Colchis. Helle, however fell off the Ram when passing over the Dardanelles, an area which to this day is known as the Hellespont or “the sea of Helle.”

The ram of Greek legend, being golden and traveling through the heavens, has a particularly Solar and therefore royal aspect to it. The fall of Helle from the Ram is reminiscent of the fall of Phaeton from the chariot of his father, Helios, or even the story of Icarus. However, the difference here is crucial – Phaeton and Icarus fell from the sky due to their pride and attempt to be equal to the Sun. Helle and Phrixus, however, were fleeing danger. Why, then, did Helle have to perish? Both she and her brother were royal, but if the Ram represents royalty, only one of them could have the throne. In a patrilineal society such as ancient Greece, Helle had to die that her brother might assume the throne with no challenge. In some versions of the legend, the Ram was silver when the twins rode upon it, and only turned golden once it was sacrificed to Zeus. Silver is the color of the Moon, the symbol of female royalty – if gold and the Sun belongs to the king, then silver and the Moon are the queen. The change of the color of the fleece may be said to represent the change from a matriarchal to a patriarchal system, or the change from a nomadic culture to a settled, agricultural one. One twin has to die to make room for the next world order.

Thus, we see that the constellation of the Ram has much to do with status and one’s position in the social hierarchy. This is especially true for the stars in the Horns of the Ram, of which Sheratan is one. In fact, for sheep, the horns are a key indicator of status in their herd, a fact that the ancients undoubtedly knew. Rams challenge each other to fight based on the size of their horns; two individuals with a great disparity in the size of their horns are much less likely to fight for status in the herd, as their positions in the pecking order are clear. Rams with similarly-sized horns will engage much more frequently.

Sheratan is a star about status. In mundane horoscopes, we may consider its influence as transformative – that which was low is now high, and vice versa. With a new moon, Sheratan points to an important political contest with a new ruler coming to power as a result. We wonder if this month’s French presidential election will have Hollande winning over Sarkozy.

How to Live Well and Prosper with Marsilio Ficino

Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) was a Renaissance Platonist, physician, priest, astrologer, vegetarian, and magician. Cosimo de’ Medici was his patron, enabling Ficino to pursue his scholarship and to translate many rediscovered Greek and Roman texts of philosophy, magic, and astrology. Ficino later became tutor to Lorenzo de’ Medici, the son of Cosimo. Ficino founded the Florentine Academy, a revival of Plato’s famed academy, which had a major influence on the Italian Renaissance.

Ficino is known to have a very bad horoscope; or at least a horoscope with a strong Saturn influence, so he spent significant amounts of time thinking and writing about remedial measures. Yet the best of Saturn is that while it imparts a tendency to mental heaviness and melancholy, it also blesses with the ability to think deeply, which Ficinio had in ample measure. His best-known work in English is known as the Three Books on Life, in which he expounds his thoughts on remedies against melancholy and gives practical advice on living well. Below is a brief summary of a chapter on making the best of one’s horoscope that synthesizes Platonic thought, astrology, and Ficino’s typical remedial measures.

“To Live Well and Prosper, First Know Your Natural Bent, Your Star, Your Genius, and the Place Suitable to These; Here Live. Follow Your Natural Profession.” Ch. XXIII, Book Three, Three Books on Life, trans. Kaske, Carol and John Clark, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Tempe Arizona, 2002.

Ficino was a great advocate of living harmoniously with the cosmos in order to enjoy good fortune. The activity that we do from the youngest age, which comes to us most naturally in our dreams, play, and which we do most often, is the one we should pursue. Following this, we will prosper and find success.

In addition, identify the region most auspicious to you, because there your star and daemon (the guardian spirit assigned to each of us according to Platonic thought) will favor you more. This is the place where your health is strong, where people love you, and where your wishes come true. While you are in this region, exercise your body to assimilate even more favorable celestial influences.

Changing our name, occupation, activities, habits, and place of residence, our fortunes can be changed.

There are two guardian daemons; one for ourselves, and the other for our profession. When our profession agrees with our innate being, the daemon for both is the same, and we live in a harmonious state.

The Roman astrologer, Julius Firmicus, says that we should find the lord of the geniture; the planet who has the most dignities at the time of birth, or – and this is Ficino’s preferred method – the planet whose house the Moon will enter after leaving its birth sign. Alternatively, find the planet ruling the bound where Fortuna falls in your horoscope (Ficino reverses it for night charts). Ideally, Fortuna would fall in the benefic houses of the horoscope, mainly avoiding the 6th and 12th houses. If we do not have Fortuna in these places, Ficino advises us to make sure that we pick good electional horoscopes that put the relevant planets and stars in auspicious houses.

Make friends who have auspicious horoscopes, for their good influence will permeate your life and enhance your own fortune. Keep away from immoderate people, the malicious, and the unfortunate, for they harm us similarly through their very proximity.

Gryphon Astrology Blog

If you are interested in astrology, whether a beginner, accomplished amateur, or seasoned professional, you will find something of interest on my extensive blog, published since 2006, at gryphonastrology.com/blog.

Missiles and Mars Retrograde

We can safely say that North Korea does not use astrology to elect the best time for crucial events. Pyongyang’s latest missile launch on April 12 failed and the rocket fell apart just moments after launching, scattering into the sea west of the Korean peninsula. According to the Associated Press, the rocket – whose name translates to Bright Star 3 – was launched at 7:38 am local time, and fell apart about a minute after that. The location was the Sohae Satellite Launching Station on Tongchang-ri.

Even before we cast a horoscope, we should review the unwise choice of initiating major actions under a retrograde Mars. In a 1941 issue of Dell Horoscope, Grant Lewi wrote: “…retrograde Mars does have a different effect from the direct Mars. We also know that the effect is at once an intensification of the Martian attributes – aggressions, activity, energy – plus a “reversal of the field” of their effectiveness. Energy appears to abound at these times, but all too often it is either blocked, or misdirected, or utilized along lines that need to be reversed when the period of retrogression is over.” Later in the article, he says that Mars retrograde symbolizes “decisions which later proved to have amounted to nothing, attempts that have failed.”

A rather good summary of the outcome of North Korea’s aggressive act of launching a test missile, only to have it “blocked or misdirected.”

The chart set for the rocket launch has the Moon in a partile applying aspect to Mars, providing an immediate channel for Mars’s backward energies. Interestingly, the sinking of the Titanic a hundred years ago also corresponded to the Moon trine Mars. The Moon is in the 8th house of death, which does not provide a constructive outlet for Mars, to say the least. There are more hints of death in this chart: Jupiter is on the Ascendant – Jupiter rules the 8th house. Whatever starts during this moment will not have a long lifespan.

The fact that the malefic star Algol is on the Ascendant does not bode well for the missile. Algol is a fixed star at 26 Taurus that is in a state of permanent eclipse, and is traditionally associated with violence, decapitation, and ruin. It was ascending in New York City during the 2001 Aries Ingress preceding 9/11.

Venus, as the ruler of the Ascendant, has something to say about the outcome of the matter. Venus, of course, is the Bright Star, as the brightest of the planets. She is prominently placed in the 1st house, so the whole world will know about this launch. However, she is conjunct the South Node, which takes away Venus’s strength. Worst of all, she squares the retrograde Mars that is at the root of this debacle.

The two exalted planets that could have been helpful, the Sun and Saturn, are locked in an opposition, indicating the highly polarized nature of this missile launch. We wonder, too, if the missile launch was recommended by factions in North Korea who wished to embarrass Kim Jong-un. The Arab astrologers said that the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Libra are as crowned kings; here, they contend for supremacy. The failed launch is a sign of deep rifts in the government of North Korea hidden from view, as both the Sun and Saturn are in cadent houses, tucked away in the shadows.

In this sense, the horoscope for the disintegrating missile is an omen, a single point metaphor for a bigger forces as yet under the surface in North Korea. Perhaps we will see a similar disintegration in the fabric of the state apparatus before too long.

Horoscope for the Launch of the North Korean Missile

Horoscope for the Launch of the North Korean Missile. Rx Mars = Ouch!

Flanby Wins?!

We here at Gryphon Astrology are a bit obsessed with political elections, perhaps because their outcomes are usually unambiguous, and we find them fun to predict. Even if we are wrong (an extremely rare occurrence – just ask my husband), we still like to think we won, because we get to improve our methods.

The French Ambassadors by Franz Holbein the Younger

The French Ambassadors by Franz Holbein the Younger (see the astronomical/astrological equipment behind them).

France has its presidential election on April 22, 2012, with a run-off date on May 6. The incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy, is tied in the polls with his challenger, Francois Hollande. Sarkozy, in case you have not been paying attention, has taken a hard right turn recently in his attempt to catch up to Hollande, the Socialist Party candidate. Sarkozy wants to push for a “Buy European Act.” Given that the EU had a net trade deficit of 160 billion Euros with China in 2011 alone, Sarkozy’s proposal seems rather feeble in the face of facts. Still, it is bold, and since Hollande’s nickname is “Flanby” (after the quivering and inoffensive custard dessert), Sarkozy can distinguish himself by being bold. However, all indications are that the French are rather tired of the – shall we say it? – gauche Sarkozy.

The Socialist Party has been taking a presidential electoral beating in recent years, most notably when their candidate, Ségolène Royal, was defeated by Sarkozy. Since then, however, the Socialist Party made a comeback in 2011 and won most regional and local elections, together with control of the French Senate. So, the French Socialist Party appears to be ascendant. Who will win the French elections in 2012?

It goes without saying that this will be a Sarkozy-Hollande contest. In multi-party contests, we take a look at the 7th house for additional challenger candidates, and in this Ingress, we see Mars in the 7th, afflicting the other candidates (Le Pen, Melenchon, etc.). We can safely say that everyone but these two will be eliminated in the first round of voting on April 22nd.

The question arises whether we can apply our analysis of U.S. presidential elections to a somewhat different contest, one that usually involves more than two major candidates and potentially two rounds of voting. In French elections, if the first round does not produce a majority winner, the two top contenders square off against each other in a new round of voting. Having looked at previous French elections, they appear to conform to the same rules as the U.S. contests; this year should give us another data point for our ongoing research into the use of Ingress charts for political elections.

We look at the seeds of change in this chart for the start of the “real” new year. Specifically, we look at the Aries Ingress horoscope for 2012, set for Paris. Sarkozy, as the incumbent, is Jupiter, ruled by the 10th house of the king. The challenger — Francois Hollande — is Mercury, ruler of the 4th house. The 4th is the opposite of the 10th house, if you are wondering why this is so.
Turning to Hollande first, we see that Mercury is about to conjoin an exalted Sun in Aries. The Sun in Aries, the sign of its exaltation, is just the kind of highly dignified planet that would bestow a victory on Hollande. Combustion appears not to have a role here – it seems far better to conjoin an exalted Sun than not.

The Moon is in Pisces, a sign ruled by Jupiter. In studying 132 years of U.S. elections, we found that aspects by planets that receive the candidate’s planet by a major dignity indicate victory for that candidate. Yet, since the Moon runs into Mars before it can form that lovely sextile to Jupiter, we have to take a closer look.

First, the Moon opposes Mars. This could be the first round of voting, when the field is cleared for the top two candidates. There will be a second round, as neither Hollande nor Sarkozy is expected to capture more than 50% of the first round vote. Then, the next aspect of the Moon is the sextile to Jupiter, Sarkozy’s planet. As we explain above, the Moon in a sign of Jupiter is highly advantageous to Sarkozy. Only after this does Hollande’s planet, Mercury, get to make his conjunction to the Sun. This would put victory in Sarkozy’s court. The question then arises – does the Moon’s application to Mars destroy its favorable influence to Jupiter? In a one-round election, like that of the U.S., this would undoubtedly hand Hollande a win. In a two-round election, this is somewhat less clear, but we suspect that Mars will in fact prohibit the Moon’s application to Jupiter.

However, our esteemed teacher, John Frawley, looks at the presence of royal stars in horoscopes to determine who has the natal potential to win. Both candidates have royal stars in this case; Sarkozy has Jupiter on Pollux in the 10th house, while Hollande has royal Aldebaran on the Ascendant and Antares on the Descendant. Not bad in either case, and a slight edge for Hollande.

This one will be a squeaker, dear readers. We are popping the popcorn right now.

Paris 2012 Aries Ingress

2012 Aries Ingress Horoscope set for Paris, France

Astrology Readings

I am available for personal, one-on-one astrology readings. There are three types of readings available via Gryphon Astrology, all personally conducted by me, using traditional astrological techniques proven highly accurate for forecasting.

I offer natal readings using ancient astrological methods. While we delve into personality analysis and discuss the archetypal images present in your horoscope, we spend an equal amount of time on the major currents of destiny revealed in your chart. We finish with a forecast.

If you are considering the best time to start something important, an electional reading may be right for you. We use astrology to elect the most auspicious time to conceive, get married, start a business, go on a diet, invest, and much more.

For specific, focused questions, you may wish to get a horary reading. This reading is best suited when you need a concrete answer to a pressing issue. Virtually any question under the Sun can be answered using this ancient method. It is also the most economical reading offered at Gryphon Astrology.

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