Some of my favorite astrology websites are here. They provide additional information about astrology and will educate as well as challenge you. These links will introduce you to the best astrology being done today.


Astrodatabank – Good astrology starts with good data. Started by birth data collector Lois Rodden, this site presents a wealth of reliable birth information about many famous people in all areas of endeavor.

Traditional Astrology

Traditional Astrological Articles by Robert Zoller – advanced astrological topics on world event prediction, historical astrology, and the magico-astrological connection. Robert Zoller is now retired from active practice, but his ideas and work on translation has had huge impact on the traditional astrological revival.

John Frawley: My teacher and the person who introduced me to the astrological candy store that is traditional astrology. Traditional UK astrologer, publisher of the periodical Astrologer’s Apprentice, author of The Real Astrology books.

Skyscript: Deborah Houlding’s extensive website, strongly, but not exclusively focused on traditional astrology, with top-notch astrological forums, book reviews, astrologer interviews, and countless educational articles. Deb should also be included in A Few of My Favorite Astrologers, below.

Egyptian Astrology – A short explanation of the use of astrology in ancient Egypt, by a researcher at Minnesota State University.

Astrology in Ancient Rome: Poetry, Prophecy & Power – an excellent, if short, academic survey on the role of astrology in Rome, with a focus on Manilius’s Astronomica.

A Few of My Favorite Astrologers

Astrologer at Large: Linea Van Horn (San Francisco, CA), a highly regarded astrology teacher, writer, and counselor. Linea is simply awesome.

Elizabeth A. Barton: San Francisco based astrologer with a specialty in energy therapy and magic wands. Ask me how I know!

Dr. Benjamin Dykes: A traditional astrologer and leading translator of ancient astrological texts, perhaps most famously Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy. I have most, if not all, of Ben’s translations.

Dr. Martin Gansten: A traditional astrologer and Sanskrit expert based in Sweden specializing in the ancient method of primary directions (on which he has also written a book).

Dorothy Kovach: A traditional financial astrologer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dorothy has been writing about markets for many years. She knows her stuff, folks.

Herman Van Roey: A Belgian astrologer, painter, and feng shui expert. Herman is a Renaissance man gifted in many different fields. His website is in Dutch, but can be viewed via Google Translate.