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In the full life reading, we use your birth horoscope to reveal the tendencies and patterns in various areas of your life, as well as your personal strengths and weaknesses. I use the ancient methods of traditional astrology renowned for their accuracy and precision, that have been in use since at least the 1st century B.C. Unlike much modern astrology, the traditional methods I use are not limited to psychological analysis, though we have wonderful tools for self-understanding as well. We focus on examining concrete, specific issues to help you live more skillfully. As part of your life reading, we also look one year into your future.

You will receive a complete personal analysis pertaining to your personality and temperament, psychological insight, your financial potential, health, family (children, siblings, and parents), relationships and sex, career potential, friendships, travel, pets, and spirituality. Upon request, we can also determine your length of life.

What makes my readings unique compared to those offered by other Western astrologers is that I provide remedial suggestions based on your individual horoscope to help offset any weaknesses and improve your luck.

What Happens in a Horary Astrology Reading?

Horary readings are the essence of simplicity. You should have a question or questions in your mind. Then, you contact me with your questions, submit payment, and receive your reading via e-mail. I can send your reading to you within a few days, but if you have an emergency question, I can usually answer it within a few hours. Just contact me first to determine if I am available. The cost for emergency questions is double the standard fee.

What Happens in a Full Life Reading?

You first decide which area(s) of your life you wish to explore, and formulate some general questions about those areas to guide our interpretation. Then, you contact me with your questions and the exact time, date, and location of your birth. I offer either a written reading or a one-hour telephone/Skype consultation; let me know your preference at the time of order. It takes approximately one week from payment to complete your reading. At the end of this time, I will send you your report or speak with you, per your preference.

Can a Life Reading Answer Any Question I Ask?

Yes. Keep in mind that we’ll get the clearest answer if your own question is clear and focused. As an example, it is much more productive to examine the root causes of problems with relationships than it is to simply name those problems. This is why we look into your future, to determine the most auspicious time to act, as well as suggesting remedies to augment your luck.

If your question is highly specific, for example, you wish to know where you left your keys yesterday, a Horary astrological reading may be better for your needs.

How Much Does a Natal Astrological Reading Cost?

A full life reading costs 300 USD.

How Do I Order a Full Life Reading?

1. Fill in the Natal Astrological Reading Request Form below with your reading details
2. After submitting the form, you will be redirected to an order page where you can make payment.

Nina Gryphon will be on sabbatical from readings for the remainder of 2013 to pursue personal creative projects.

She looks forward to working with clients in 2014.

Contact Nina Gryphon with any questions you may have.

How Does a Full Life Reading Work?

Because every moment in the history of time means something, and has its own unique character, or “flavor”. Depending on the moment in which you were born, you will be stamped with its own character or meaning. For example, if the instant of your birth was warlike and combative, you will be, too, and will experience those energies throughout your life.

I Need a Specific Answer for My Question.

Your need is best handled by a Horary Astrology reading, which answers your question from a horoscope for the moment of the question. This method is highly precise and specific, which makes it ideal for very specific, one-pointed questions.

I Need to Find the Right Astrological Moment for an Event.

This is best addressed by an Electional Astrology reading, which uses your birth horoscope to find the luckiest moment to start your venture.