Long-Term Weather Forecast with Astrology: September 2008 in the U.S.

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The resident astrology weather forecast gnome, Godric, recently seemed very pleased with himself. I asked why, and he pointed to this post, where he predicted the storms off of Florida, namely Tropical Storm Fay. Since I believe in instilling astrological humility, I asked Godric whether he could also predict the name of the storm in advance. He looked ashamed and ran off. I believe he’s working on the name prediction method right now. Despite his hard work on this, with the help of an airy sylph spirit, Godric was able to put together the following forecast for the U.S.

California weather for September 2008:

August 30 – Nice, cool weather, with fog or clouds. Saturn in the Midheaven with Jupiter conspire for classic autumn weather.

September 7 – Dry and mild, with some west wind.

September 15 – More western wind, still with fair weather. Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Libra conspire for autumnal weather.

September 22 – Western wind but the weather should be fair and warm. More Mars, Mercury, and Venus influence.

USA weather through September 22, 2008:

West Coast & Western Midwest: Fine, seasonal weather, with nothing out of the ordinary. Starting on September 22, we will see some winds and fair, warm weather, as indicated by Venus on the Ascendant, combined with Mercury and Mars in Libra.

Midwest (Minnesota down to the Gulf): Hot, but not insanely hot. Expect some moisture, too, especially in the north, but not heavy rain. Showers and clouds should be enough. Starting on September 22, you will see more seasonal weather, much like what you’d expect this time of year.

East Coast: Clouds, rain, and storms. Saturn, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo are all in the Midheaven, promising clouds, winds, and rain respectively. Because all planets are in a Mercury-ruled sign, wind is especially emphasized. The Caribbean is not going to have a good time. The clouds and/or cool weather will continue past September 22.

Sun in Leo: July 22 – August 22, 2008. A Long-Term Weather Forecast for California

July 16, 2008 by  

Sun in Leo: July 22 – August 22, 2008. A Long-Term Weather Forecast for California

Godric, the weather gnome (yes, that is his real name), let me know that with the Sun passing through Leo, we can expect more dry heat for California. Mars in Virgo is on the 4th house cusp this month, continuing the theme from the Cancer Ingress. The theme, of course, is heat and fires in California, all summer long, so Godric doesn’t think we’ll get a real respite from the forest fires this season.

However, the Leo Ingress has a slightly different variation on the theme of the Cancer Ingress. This month, Mars is in cold and dry Virgo, applying to trine Jupiter in cold and dry Capricorn. The overarching theme here is dryness with two warm/hot planets, which can lead to more fires, especially with Mars so close to an angle. Mars and Jupiter in combination bring thunderstorms, so we may see dry storms sparking fires. Mars in Virgo brings winds.

Sun in Leo: July 22-August 22, 2008. Long-term weather forecast for California.

The nearest likely day for extreme dryness or thunderstorms is when Mars and Jupiter perfect the aspect on July 26, and the Moon trines both planets that day as well. The Moon squares Mars on July 28, but by then Mars will have separated from its aspect with Jupiter, lessening the danger. As the two planets get activated throughout the Sun’s passage through Leo, we will see echoes of this theme around the middle of August as well.

Coming sometime next week, Godric promised us a week-by-week weather forecast for August.

Full Moon of July 18, 2008 – Long-Term Weather Forecast for California

July 7, 2008 by  

Full Moon of July 18, 2008 - Long-Term Weather Forecast for California

The Full Moon this July promises to bring some much-needed moisture to the San Francisco Bay area. As the long term weather forecast horoscope for summer 2008 showed, this was going to be a hot season – in more ways than one. Mars was in Leo, a fire sign, right on the Midheaven in San Francisco and we have been getting unusually high numbers of wildfires in this part of California since summer began. I would expect that Mars’s double-hot influence will lead to heat waves as well.

But relief may be in sight for a while; the Full Moon of July 18th falls on the Midheaven in San Francisco, and there should at least be cooling temperatures during the following week, and perhaps even some mist or light rain if we are lucky. Most likely, however, the promised cool-moist lunar influence will not show up until July 20th, when the Moon transits the 10th house cusp of the Cancer Ingress horoscope, activating that chart.

Full Moon of July 18, 2008 - Long-Term Weather Forecast for California

As the temperatures rise this week (mid-90F in the shade), any promised cool air is much anticipated and appreciated!

Long Term Weather Forecast: California Weather, July 2008

June 28, 2008 by  

The long-term weather forecast gnome is back forecasting California weather (at least in the San Francisco Bay area) for July 08. He has been on hiatus in the last few months, but this summer’s quite unusual weather forecast for California roused him out of his gnomish slumber.

California has been having hundreds and hundreds of wildfires, most of them started on June 20 and 21st by dry thunderstorms that swept through Northern California. Since the vegetation in that area is normally so dry this time of year, many wildfires started due to lightning with no rain. A smoky haze has been hanging over this area for a week, with little wind to disperse the smoke. The weather forecast gnome suspected something like this when he first examined the Cancer ingress chart earlier in the year, yet he was quite surprised by the sheer magnitude of the Northern California wildfires.

The Cancer ingress chart shows fire quite clearly, as it has Mars in Leo, a fire signs on the midheaven. Mars normally indicates heat, but in California in the summer, hot temperatures very easily translate to lots of fires. The fact that Leo is a fixed sign with all the angles of the chart in fixed signs, adds to the persistent nature of the fires. Not to mention the unwholesome smoke hovering everywhere.

The obscured Sun specifically is indicated by the Saturn-Sun sextile, and the smoky haze is brought by Saturn sextile Venus. Saturn-influenced hazes and winds are always unhealthy and cause breathing problems.

Horoscope for the Cancer Ingress of 2008

Amazingly, the full Moon before the Cancer ingress 25 Leo ascending, dramatically highlighting the Mars-Midheaven combination in the ingress chart.

From the ingress chart, we can see that June 22 was going to be especially critical with regard to the promised fires.

July Long-Term Weather Forecast

June 26 — July 2, 2008. The unpleasant smoky haze brought by the ingress on June 20 persists. Saturn continues to sextile the Sun, thereby obscuring its light.

July 2 — July 9, 2008. Pleasant weather, with some clouds and much-needed rain. Some isolated thunderstorms with intense winds.  Look for increased clouds/rain or cooler temperatures around the 5th.

July 9 — July 18, 2008. More thunderstorms and wind, mostly on the dry side.  The Moon will trigger some of this around the 12th of July.

July 18 — July 25, 2008. Possible rain, with cooler temperatures early in the week, especially near the 20th. Later in the week, isolated dry and windy thunderstorms. Some fires may result, but nowhere near the grand scale seen at the start of summer.

July 25 — August 1, 2008. More thunderstorms right around the 26th, continuing the conditions seen during the previous week; cloudy and unpleasant. The end of the week, around the 1st, will bring nicer weather.

Garden gnome

California Weather in Winter: Long Term Weather Forecast

February 2, 2008 by  

Wolves in Winter: Illustrating California winter 2008; The long term weather forecast for California.

California weather in winter is usually mild, and more or less rainy. The main question when doing long-term weather forecasts for California winters is how much rain will there be. So far this year, we have had several major storms, which caused flooding and widespread damage. The extra rain was a relief, since last winter was very dry, and California was starting to run out of water. For a major agricultural state (California is the world’s fifth largest food/agricultural supplier), this is a problem.

I wish I had been posting on my blog around the start of winter, because the seasonal chart (the Capricorn ingress of the Sun) promised wet, stormy, violent weather in California But, from an astrological perspective, all is not lost. The rest of the season promises to be just as rainy as the start, particularly the last month. Below is a horoscope set for San Francisco, California, for the astronomical start of winter.

Capricorn Ingress 2007-2008.  California Weather: The long term forecast

Note the Moon-Saturn square close to the angles. Despite Saturn being a dry planet in a dry sign, the Moon’s moisture adds a strong testimony of rainy weather. Mars’s aspect to Saturn gives all this rain a violent and over-the-top character (Mars is in the watery sign Cancer). Since Mars is involved, all of the planets aspecting it (Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun) must also get involved. Mercury brings winds, the Sun and Jupiter promise more rain and thunderstorms. The only planet that deigns not to get involved is Venus.

Below is a chart for December 30, which preceded the worst storm northern California had in five years (on January 4, 2008). Note the close activation of the ingress planets and angles by the lunation angles, and by the opposition between Mars and Jupiter, with a very moist Moon contacting all of the angles also.

California Winter Storm 2008 Long Term weather forecast

We will see a milder reprise of some of this intense weather during the last month of winter, when the Sun is in Pisces. The Pisces ingress horoscope Saturn is conjunct the ascendant of the Capricorn ingress, and this chart also shows very wet and windy weather, as evidenced by the Moon and Mercury contact. Without Mars and Saturn directly involved, I don’t think it will be as dangerously stormy as at the start of winter, but I certainly would not break out the sunbathing gear yet!

Pisces Ingress 2008 - California weather, long term weather forecast for California

Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast: Week of October 26, 2007

October 25, 2007 by  

Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast: Week of October 26, 2007 - Wooded Path in Autumn

We haven’t looked at the long term weather forecast for several weeks now, and thought it was high time to revisit the weather. It has been a colder-than-usual autumn out here in the West, with more rain than normal. Read the forecast for Autumn 2007 here (readers not on the West Coast can sign up for the free quarterly Gryphon Astrology newsletter, which provides international weather forecasts for each season).

The horoscope for the Full Moon of October 26 is below, set for San Francisco, California.

Full Moon October 26, 2007 - Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast

Venus in Virgo on the 4th house cusp square Jupiter in Sagittarius indicates that this week will be temperate and dry, bringing in a mostly uneventful few days. Mars in Cancer in the Ascendant might bring in some slightly warmer weather, however. As is to be expected, the charts show that our weather will get wetter as November goes on (much more likely the first week of November), so if you like being outdoors, gather ye rosebuds while ye may this coming week.

This week, Mercury retrograde will transit the position it held in the Libra Ingress horoscope, so we may get some wind into the mix as well.

Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

September 14, 2007 by  

Landscape with Windmills, illustrating Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

For Autumn on the West Coast, the long-term weather forecast is wet and windy. The two most prominent planets in the Libra ingress horoscope are the Moon and Mercury, signifying moisture and wind, respectively.

With the Moon in the seventh house (no, Jupiter does not align with Mars!) in an air sign, we will likely have rain or snow, though this will be rather tempered by Jupiter’s close sextile. This is good news for much of California, where last winter and spring have been rather dry, and our water stores are starting to run low.

In the all-important fourth house, we have Mercury in an air sign trine Mars. This indicates vigorous, fast winds from the West. This combination can also give rain and humidity, though not unpleasantly cold temperatures. Mercury in the fourth house can indicate earthquakes.

The horoscope for the Libra ingress set for San Francisco, California, is below:

Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

More weather predictions for specific dates in the West are included in the free Gryphon Astrology Newsletter, as are long-term weather forecasts for locations worldwide.

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. August 5 – 11, 2007

August 4, 2007 by  

Above the Clouds - Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. August 5 - 11, 2007

Our resident long-term weather forecast gnome has gotten a case of the summer lazies recently, and no amount of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream could persuade him to type up one of his weather predictions. He had earned a break for correctly predicting a rare day of summer rain here in California, so I didn’t insist. But our gnome’s glory lost its luster after a while, and my nagging grew ever more strident, so he deigned to submit a new long-term weather prediction for the U.S. West Coast:

The following week has Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Leo (in their fall and detriment, respectively) straddling the Midheaven. An interesting and unpleasant combination, especially given that Saturn squares a nasty Mars in Taurus to boot! Because the aspect is separating, it is not as strong as we would normally expect, but it’s worth keeping an eye out. Saturn square Mars is thought to bring thunderstorms and hail in the summer.

More immediately interesting is Venus in Virgo, which is said to give cold and dry air, combined with some rain (because Venus is occidental from the Sun). Here in the San Francisco Bay area, rain is somewhat less likely than in other parts of the, West (due to the naturally dry summer climate), but heavy fog or clouds are quite within the realm of possibility. Watch for it especially around August 6, as the transiting Moon conjuncts the 7th house cusp of our lunation, the Midheaven of the Aries Ingress and the Midheaven of the Cancer Ingress. Mars passing across the MCs of both Ingress charts might even bring some thunderstorms in the West on August 7th and 8th, supporting the stormy Saturn-Mars testimony.

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. August 5 - 11, 2007

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. July 14 – 21, 2007

July 8, 2007 by  

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. July 14 – 21, 2007 - illustration: After the Rain

This is going to be a pretty wet week, according to our resident long term weather forecast gnome. First, in the interior western states (Nevada and the like), the New Moon in Cancer, a moist sign, falls right on the ascendant. When I was traveling in Europe a few weeks ago, I experienced firsthand the meaning of a lunation in a moist sign (Gemini) falling on angles: it rained torrentially much of the time. At least I was somewhat prepared!

The horoscope for the New Moon of July 14, set for San Francisco, California, is below: 

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. July 14 – 21, 2007 - illustration: New Moon Horoscope

At the very least, depending on the locale, there will be fog or clouds, and for any locations where summer rain is at least a possibility, it will very likely manifest at this time. The old texts say that the last 10° of Cancer are actually very dry, so perhaps the forecast isn’t quite as gloomy as all that. However, it doesn’t get any moister than Cancer. The wetness will peak on July 17 and 18th, when the transiting Moon conjoins the Cancer Ingress ascendant, and the lunation fourth house cusp, respectively. At least these two dates don’t fall on a weekend.

The second interesting element here is Mercury in Cancer on the ascendant, just leaving second station. Mercury in Cancer would bring us colder winds, especially around the 21st of July, when it conjoins the ascendant of this lunation horoscope. Mercury also rules the all-important fourth house cusp, further underscoring its influence for the week.

Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 14-21, 2007

June 13, 2007 by  

Cloudy Day on a Fjord - illustrating Astrometeorology - Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 14-21, 2007

As expected last week, the weather warmed up a bit toward the end of the last lunar cycle. San Francisco hit a sweltering – for San Francisco – 77F (25C) on Wednesday, thanks to hot Venus in Leo on the 4th house cusp in the last lunation horoscope.

The horoscope for the upcoming lunation is below:

New Moon Horoscope June 14 2007 - illustrating Astrometeorology - Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 14-21, 2007

The New Moon (Moon conjunct Sun) in Gemini is inside the 7th house cusp, bringing us some moisture. The New Moon is in a moist sign, so we may get some rain, or at the very least, more clouds/humidity/fog. This depends on the type of moisture typical in your location. The connection to Mars in Aries, which also rules the important 4th house, may bring some unsettled weather. The old authorities say that Mars in Aries causes wind, but not rain, as well as thunder and lightning. So there will be an increase in moisture this week, “restless” weather, and possible – though not probable – thunderstorms.

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