China’s Big Transfer of Power: November 8, 2012

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Chinese Man Tending Cattle
Thomas Hill

It appears that at least one major player on the global scene has not learned the lesson of Facebook’s bungled IPO:


It appears that in planning the once-a-decade transfer of power to a new group of politicians, China has done exactly that. Originally, the plan was to transfer in October, presumably around the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic (Oct. 1, 1949). It seems that the upper-echelon negotiations have dragged on longer than expected. There is a solar total eclipse on November 13, 2012, and for reasons explained below, we will see this particular eclipse is not very favorable for China.

As we saw with Facebook’s IPO on the day of an eclipse, big changes or launches made around an eclipse tend to require revision later, and often have the project end as a massive flop. I first read about this phenomenon in Bill Meridian’s book, the Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, and have been watching for manifestations ever since. Meridian discusses his own experience with taking a new job shortly before an eclipse. The new job promptly fizzled out, and he had to find new work soon after.

The November 13, 2012 solar eclipse is a rather unpleasant piece of work, especially when we overlay the horoscope for the eclipse on the horoscope of China.

First, let’s look at just the eclipse horoscope, set for Beijing, China.  The eclipse occurs at 21 Scorpio, an inauspicious part of the sky. This is where the star Zubeneschemali, in the North Scale of the Balance constellation resides. However, historically, the Scales used to be known as the Claws of the Scorpion. The Scorpion is portrayed in a Babylonian boundary stone as reaching for a cup; perhaps the Cup of Life, or of victory. The Scorpion, of course, is the animal that slew the mighty Orion, so the sense is that the Scorpion is a killjoy. Those hoping to win the prize may be disappointed as the Scorpion taketh away.

The eclipse also has Saturn on the Ascendant, suggesting trouble and distress. Saturn falls on the right shoulder and staff of Boötes, the celestial herdsman or ox-driver. This suggests trouble for the “shepherds” of the country; if we had a benefic planet (Venus or Jupiter) on this star, the picture would be rather brighter, and would promise improvement to the country. The presence of Saturn is somewhat more problematic. Also, transiting Saturn squares China’s Moon at 0 Aquarius – this change will not be great for the population as a whole.

Solar Total Eclipse, Beijing, China
November 14, 2012, 6:07:59 am, AWST (-8)

The November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse in China

This eclipse is particularly significant for China for two reasons. One, it falls in the important first house in Beijing, so will have an effect on the Chinese people. The first house rules the people and the nation as a whole, so eclipses placed in this house will have an evident impact. Two, it contacts the horoscope of China in some major ways.

We use the horoscope for the start of the People’s Republic of China as October 1, 1949, 10:00 am, Beijing, China. The time is from the memoir The Private Life of Chairman Mao, written by his doctor, Li Zhisui, who said that Mao and his comrades first took the podium in Beijing at 10:00 am to announce their glorious victory over Nationalist forces. (The book was brought to my attention by a recent article in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.)

The 1949 horoscope has 22 Scorpio rising, so the eclipse at 21 Scorpio falls exactly on the Ascendant. This alone would be enough to suggest a disruptive influence interfering with the transfer of power. Eclipses on the Ascendant/Descendant axis of a country or organization suggest transformation at a profound and immediately evident level – certainly, the handing over of the reins would qualify.

However, we can expect conflict at the uppermost echelons of China. Note that the eclipse Midheaven falls on China’s Mars (and, if you use the modern planets, Pluto – yes, China has a natal Mars-Pluto conjunction). So, that shows power struggles (Mars/Pluto) among the leadership (Midheaven). However, note the interesting aspects to Mercury, ruler of the Midheaven. The eclipse Venus is conjunct Mercury, and the eclipse Jupiter trines Mercury. So, there will be some very nice monetary benefits for those coming into power. You may have seen the New York Times’ expose of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s personal wealth of $2.7B, most of which was accumulated since his rise to high position in the 1990s. It’s good to be the king!

People's Republic of China Horoscope, Beijing, China

People’s Republic of China Horoscope, Beijing, China
October 1, 1949, 10:00 a.m. AWST (-8)

Some Predictions for China

Based on the above, I would suggest the following:

1.  The power may be handed over, but perhaps not completely, or the arrangement will not prove permanent.

2. There will be conflict (more than the usual machinations) among the upper tiers, and it may even become public.

3. Those coming into power will obtain tremendous financial benefits. Quelle surprise!

Solar Eclipse of August 2008: U.S. Recession Looms Large

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Solar Eclipse of August 2008: US Recession Looms Large? 

The solar eclipse of August 1st, 2008, will occur in Washington, D.C., right at sunrise.  This timing makes it a potentially powerful eclipse, because it means it falls right on the ascendant at Washington.  However, an eclipse in itself means nothing without links to larger horoscopes for longer cycles. 


As readers of this blog know, I like to use the 1762 Grand Conjunction chart for the birth horoscope of the United States.  We can see that this year’s Aries ingress, the horoscope for the moment that the Sun enters first degree of Aries, puts the ingress Mars in Cancer (the sign of its fall), right inside the grand conjunction second house of money.  So here we have an affliction to the national solvency.  What activates this financial problem is the fact that Mars opposes the grand conjunction Moon in Capricorn.  This Moon is a bit of a weak spot for the United States, as it is in the sign of its detriment, Capricorn.


For those using the popular Sibly horoscope for the U.S., there is substantial grist for the mill as well.  This year’s Aries Ingress puts Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign of its fall, right on the 2nd house cusp of the chart, opposing the natal Sun.  Money problems?  You bet.  It is said that benefics in weak signs, like Jupiter in its fall, look good on the outside, but are rotten within.  So with the hyperinflated mortgage market in the U.S., which is now coming home to roost, along with the high gasoline prices.


Solar Eclipse of August 2008: U.S. Recession Looms Large


So even without resorting to an eclipse, we can see from this year’s Aries ingress that it will be a difficult year financially for the United States.  An official, statistical recession may or may not occur, but I can assure you it will (and already does, for many) feel like one.  August’s set of eclipses, both lunar and solar, emphasize the financial difficulties felt in the United States.  The lunar eclipse ascendant conjoins the Grand Conjunction Moon in Capricorn, again activating the Moon-Mars opposition out of the second house of finance.  The lunar eclipse itself falls right on the Moon in the Sibly chart, with Mars conjunct the natal Midheaven.  This indicates harm to the people, and to the government.  The solar eclipse (chart below) Jupiter still hugs the Sibly 2nd house cusp, showing continued financial distress.

Solar Eclipse of August 2008: U.S. Recession Looms Large

Even more amazingly, both the solar and lunar eclipses have the 4th/10th house axes fall on the 6th/12th house axis of the Great Conjunction.  Both eclipses have the Midheaven in the last degrees of its signs, showing the exit of the King.  To translate that from Astrospeak into normal English, the end of a governmental era draws to a close during the second half of this year, and none too gracefully.  I expect the country’s financial woes to become more acute as the year goes on, in fact, very shortly after the solar eclipse of August 1.  Because of the 10th house involvement with the malefic 6th and 12th houses, the financial crisis will be quite harmful to the current administration, and I expect its term to end on a significant down note.

Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008: The China Olympics in Beijing

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The astrological effects of the August Solar Eclipse on The China Olympics in Beijing. What will happen? Find out in this timely article.

Following right after a solar eclipse on August 1, 2008, the China Olympics are the most anxiously awaited Olympic Games in recent history. From an astrological perspective, some pre-Olympic anxiety is not a surprise, as a solar eclipse immediately preceding the China Olympics is a little scary. Echoes of the 2008 earthquake might overshadow the China Olympics this year, and I hope that the Olympic games and buildings are all as safe as possible to prevent any problems.

Solar Eclipse: Effects on China’s Horoscope and the Olympic Games

China has some earthquake-prone spots in its horoscope, all of which were triggered during two of the biggest earthquakes China has ever seen, including the one this year. Those planets are Venus in Cancer right on the powerful 10th house cusp, Mercury, the ruler of earthquakes, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the 8th house of death. These points will all be active during the China Olympics this year, which causes me some concern. Starting the China Olympics so soon after an eclipse is a bold move indeed.

In September, shortly after the August 1st solar eclipse visible in Beijing, China’s secondary progressed Mercury squares the Sun from the fifth house of games. Mercury opposed Jupiter-Saturn this March, which soon manifested in China as an earthquake. Secondary progressions in China’s chart will only manifest if they are triggered by something else, such as the August solar eclipse. We would expect some activity in China’s horoscope because the country is hosting the Olympic Games, but we would want to see more benefic activity, rather than the earthquake sensitive points being emphasized yet again.

Below is the horoscope for the August solar eclipse set for Beijing, China. The eclipse Mercury conjoins China’s natal Sun, and the Midheaven of the solar eclipse opposes the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction; precisely the point activated earlier this year by progressed Mercury.

Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008. Beijing, China. 6:11 pm local time.

The fact that the solar eclipse is visible in Beijing makes it active in that area. The connections between the eclipse horoscope, China’s horoscope, and the earthquake triggers are all in place.

We also see a strong link between the Cancer ingress preceding the August solar eclipse, and China’s horoscope. Combust Venus and the Sun in the ingress are conjunct China’s natal Venus in the 10th house, and Mars is in the same position in both charts. The Cancer ingress Moon opposes the natal Mercury. Note how the same planets are emphasized over and over by the solar eclipse.

Cancer Ingress preceding August 2008 Solar Eclipse. Beijing, China.

The Cancer Ingress Horoscope for 2008 in Beijing China

Update (August 5, 2008): Much has already happened in China since the Solar eclipse: A 6.1 Richter earthquake on August 5th, and China’s deadliest terrorist attack since the 1990s on August 4th.

Solar Eclipse of February 7, 2008: Its Astrological Meaning

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Sheep in a Winter Landscape, illustrating Solar Eclipse of February 7, 2008

The solar eclipse on February 7th will be visible in southeastern Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica, so we would expect primarily these places to feel the effects of the eclipse. Regardless of the visibility of the eclipse, additional places that may be affected (though less so) would be those ruled by Aquarius, which is the sign where the solar eclipse occurs. These Aquarius-ruled places include Croatia, Westfalia and SW Bavaria (Germany), the Arabian world, Moscow, Central Asia, and Wallachia (Romania). The eclipse will be exact in the 18th degree of Aquarius, and in our chart below, set for Wellington, New Zealand, the solar eclipse is exactly trine the Ascendant.

Note that the planetary positions for the eclipse will be the same everywhere in the world; it is the house positions and rulerships that will change depending on location.

Solar Eclipse of February 7, 2008

The effects of the eclipse should last approximately 13 months, until March 2009. For our example chart set for New Zealand, the solar eclipse’s effects should culminate between December 2008 and March 2009. The times of culmination will be different in different countries, based on the position of the eclipse.

What kinds of events are these? The Lord of the Eclipse is Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, which causes widespread chronic diseases due to an excess of cold, poverty, misery, and a “scarcity of such cattle as are useful for mankind,” according to William Lilly. Given that New Zealand is sheep country, this would be a helpful advance warning particularly for that region; but again, any of the countries listed above may be affected. With Saturn being in an earth sign, we might also see a destruction of crops and useful plants by disease and pests.

Further, according to Lilly, solar eclipses in this part of Aquarius create “thefts publicly countenanced,” robberies, earthquakes, public corruption and monopolies.

Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007: Solar Eclipse and Astrology

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Dresden with Full Moon - Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007: Solar Eclipse & Astrology

Another Solar Eclipse is upon us, this time falling at 18 Virgo, exact at 12:44 pm Universal Time. The Solar Eclipse will be visible in the lower portion of South America, specifically Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. We would expect these countries to be the most strongly affected by the solar eclipse.

In addition, countries and areas traditionally associated with Virgo (also Pisces, the opposite point of Virgo) may also experience difficulties. Virgo is associated with Africa, Athens, Babylonia/Mesopotamia, Basel (Switzerland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Crete, Croatia, southwest France, Jerusalem, and (Milan) Italy.

The most notable features of this eclipse are as follows:

1. The Lord of the eclipse (Mercury) conjunct the malefic fixed star Vindemiatrix, which is also known as the widowmaker, and is associated with trouble through overreaching.

2. Mercury is sextile a benefic Jupiter in Sagittarius, which should mitigate some of Mercury’s negative effects. However, despite Jupiter’s strength, it is in the detriment of Mercury, so the positive influences of Jupiter are not going to be as helpful to Mercury.

3. The eclipse itself is square Mars in Gemini, which is a negative testimony.

The duration of the effects of the eclipse will be just over four years, with the effect manifesting depending on the solar eclipse’s location in a given place. Some of the effects associated with solar eclipses in Virgo are increases in thieves/Pirates, an increase of dry diseases, especially those of the lungs and breath, religious schisms, high winds and earthquakes, and the drying up of streams and rivers (attributed to Mercury’s occidental position). This particular part of Virgo is associated with famine, plague, sedition, and drought. Lovely, isn’t it?

For the sake of interest, let us take a quick look at the eclipse as cast for Washington, DC. Here, we would expect the greatest effects within the first year, as the eclipse is in the general vicinity of the Ascendant. The sorts of effects would be the same as I listed above, with an added emphasis on Mars in Gemini, which also rules the 10th house of rulers and kings. Probably the most important point is the continued difficulty posed to the government, since a solar eclipse by its nature is bad for the ruler, as the Sun – the ruler – is robbed of its light (if other testimonies concur, since not all solar eclipses indicate problems for all governments). Here, the eclipse squares the ruler of the 10th house of kings, Mars in Gemini.

Solar Eclipse September 11, 2007

[Addendum 8/18/2007: The above chart is very close for the eclipse chart set for Lima, Peru.  In Lima, the “widowmaking” Mercury is about 3 degrees away from the Ascendant.]

Astrology of Eclipses: Solar Eclipse of March 19, 2007 in 28 Pisces

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Solar Eclipse of March 19, 2007 will occur 28 Pisces

The solar eclipse of March 19, 2007 will occur at 28° Pisces, so the following areas traditionally ruled by Pisces may experience effects linked to the eclipse:

Alexandria (Egypt) and northern Egypt in general, Calabria (Italy), the Republic of Georgia, Compostella (Italy), Anatolia/Ankara (Turkey), Libya, Regensburg (Germany), Reims (France).

It is said that eclipses are the most noticeable in their effects when they are both visible in the place and that place is ruled by the sign in which the eclipse occurs. This eclipse will be partly visible in Asia (including China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, North and South Korea, and west from there), and the Arctic. We should see the eclipse as far west as the very edge of Saudi Arabia. So all of the countries where the eclipse will be visible are potentially affected as well. The effect of the eclipse will last for about three years and nine months.

As an example, below is the horoscope for the solar eclipse set for Kabul, Afghanistan, where the solar eclipse will be visible. The horoscope is set for March 19, 2007, 7:13 a.m. local time, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Solar Eclipse March 19, 2007 - Kabul Afghanistan

The effects of the eclipse on Kabul will begin by mid July, 2007, and the culmination or strongest effect will occur within the first 15 months after the eclipse, so by June, 2008, we would expect to see some effects.

For all of the locations affected by the eclipse, here are some of the characteristics associated with Pisces. According to Lilly and Ptolemy, eclipses in watery signs primarily affect fish, all bodies of water, and navigation. Pisces specifically is associated with floods. Because Pisces is a double bodied sign, it especially threatens the rulers of the affected countries, and the ruling classes in general.

Further, because the eclipse is occurring around the ascendant, we would expect it to affect matters newly begun, so to the extent that Afghanistan’s government can be considered a thing newly begun, it may be especially prone to the effects of this eclipse.

The ruler of the eclipse is Jupiter, which rules the sign of Pisces, where the solar eclipse is occurring. Jupiter causes everything, good and bad, to increase. According to Lilly (spelling and punctuation modernized by me): “[Jupiter] multiplies all living creatures which are behooveful for man, and portends destruction to such animals as are hurtful to man…Rivers swell with no immoderate floods, plenty of all manner of fruit appears, religious men increase in the church, many whereof attain to very high preferments, or have great honors conferred on them; ministers grow proud and haughty. The laws are executed and upright judges are employed by the states. New customs or privileges are conferred on the people…”

Overall, this doesn’t seem too bad, though I wonder whether this indicates a growing influence of religious figures on the politics of Afghanistan.

Astrology of Eclipses: September 22nd Solar Eclipse and Effects on the United States

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Astrology of Eclipses - Solar Eclipse of September 22, 2006 - The Earth Element

Since I wrote the blog post on the September 22nd Solar Eclipse’s effect on various countries and also the post on the effects of Eclipses on individuals’ charts, I have been getting lots and lots of questions about the effects of the Eclipse on various countries.

Here is the most important thing to remember about the effects of Eclipses on the affairs of a country, in the words of William Lilly: “…all Eclipses are held to extend their effects most forcibly when above the Earth, weakly and not so vigorously when under the Earth…” In other words, if your country is in the path of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, and the Eclipse is therefore visible from there, the effects will be very strong.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse will only be visible from South America, the Caribbean, and western/southern Africa.

Interestingly, however, the effects of an Eclipse can still be very strong on an individual’s horoscope, even if the Eclipse cannot be seen from his or her place of birth.  Perhaps the individual horoscope is more sensitive to the Eclipse than the horoscope of an entire nation.

If the Eclipse is not visible from your country, there may still be some noticeable effects in national affairs, particularly if your country is ruled by Virgo (the sign in which the upcoming Solar Eclipse will occur), or its horoscope has important sensitive points, like the Ascendant or Midheaven, near the 29th degree of the common signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

The United States and the September 22nd Solar Eclipse

One example of such a country is the United States. The Eclipse will not be visible from the United States, so we would not expect the very strongest astrological effects in this country. Too, the Eclipse is not in an angular house, such as the 4th, so the effects area again not shown to be very strong.

Nonetheless, as we will see below, there are special contacts between the Eclipse and the horoscope that might sensitize this horoscope to the Eclipse. In a previous post about the September 11th attacks, I wrote about why the horoscope for the Grand Conjunction prior to 1776 is extremely effective for predicting events affecting the United States. The astrological chart for the Grand Conjunction is here:

U.S. Horoscope - Eclipse of September 22, 2006

The upcoming Solar Eclipse will occur in 29 Virgo, opposite the United States’ Sun at 27 Pisces. The Sun rules the 4th house of the chart, signifying land, farms, mines, and houses. In a chart for an entire country, real estate might be one meaning for this house. The Sun is in the 11th house, which signifies the King’s (or the President’s, in this case) money and Cabinet. Thus, both of these areas of concern may be affected by the upcoming Eclipse. We may therefore see shake-ups in the President’s advisors, as well as changes to the nation’s real estate market.

There will be other effects as well. The antiscial degree of 29 Virgo is 1 Aries. In the above chart, we have Mercury at 3 Aries, so we expect that whatever is signified by Mercury will be affected by the Eclipse, but in a hidden way. Mercury rules the 1st house, which signifies the common people. It also rules the 5th house, showing ambassadors and profit from the land, whether through rent, harvest or mines. This may yet be another indicator that the housing prices will continue to drop, more precipitously in some areas than in others.

As mentioned in my first post about the September 22nd Eclipse, Mercury is the Lord of the Eclipse and thus will affect all Mercurial things, such as taxation revenue, controversy in laws, high winds and tempestuous weather generally, earthquakes, and a rise in thieving and piracy.

Because the Eclipse is not visible from the United States, we cannot easily time how long its effects will last, or when they will begin. The timing method traditionally used only works if we can see the Eclipse from the given area. However, according to Ptolemy, an Eclipse will begin to have effects within a year and a day of the date of the Eclipse, and the effects will not last longer than three and half years.

Astrology of Eclipses: Solar Eclipse of September 22, 2006

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Astrology - Solar Eclipse of September 22, 2006 - Apollo and Diana

Having just finished with a Lunar Eclipse on September 7th, we are headed toward an even bigger astrological event: a Solar Eclipse. Since the Sun is much bigger and more powerful than the Moon, it makes sense that Solar Eclipses are much more powerful in their effects on the Earth.

The Solar Eclipse at 29 Virgo will be visible from the Caribbean, South America and western/ southern Africa. That in itself encompasses 40 countries*, so unless we examine each chart individually, we cannot know exactly in which country the effects might manifest. (If you have a special request to have me look at the chart for your country, email me at and I’ll take a peek.) Nonetheless, the above general list should help narrow it down quite a bit.

The Eclipse is visible anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours, depending on your location. Since the effects of Solar Eclipses last a lot longer than those of Lunar Eclipses; here, we are looking at nine months to three years of possible effects, depending on the location.

The Eclipses falls on the fixed star Markeb, in the constellation Argo Navis, the ship. According to Robson, Markeb “gives piety, a wide knowledge, educational work and voyages.” So far so good. Lilly writes that when the Eclipse is in Virgo, “damage follows to such fowl as men feed on.” Could we be seeing the Avian Flu occurring in the regions in question? The Eclipse is also in a double-bodied sign, like the preceding Lunar Eclipse, so again, this one also threatens people in power. Two eclipses that threaten those in power, back to back? I wonder what the next few months and years will bring for the established political order in these countries.

The Lord of the Solar Eclipse is Mercury, which is at 15 Libra. Lilly says that Mercury takes on the characteristics of those planets he aspects, but here he aspects no other planet. He is in mutual reception by sign with Venus, however, so we should keep that in mind – Venus has a generally beneficial effect on worldly affairs, producing peace and harmony. However, Venus is in its fall in Virgo, so any peace she produces will be deceptive and temporary. Mercury by himself brings lots of thieves and pirates, dry diseases like TB, changes in religion and ceremony, controversy in customs and laws. Mercury also produces winds and earthquakes, and when oriental of the Sun, increases the streams of rivers and hence, causes floods.

Lilly writes that when an Eclipse happens in an earthly sign, “there follows scarcity of Corn [in British English, this can mean any staple grain cultivated in an area, such as oats or wheat, not just maize], especially of fruit, and of all such things as are annually sown, or put into the earth.” Given that this eclipse is visible in much of Africa, where crops fail very often, this Eclipse might be fair warning for the next year or two.

In the last decanate of Virgo, an Eclipse produces much harm to writers, poets, and painters; all those people who make their living by Mercurial means.

*The list of countries where the Solar Eclipse will be visible includes: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Angola, Congo, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Zimbabwe.