2011 Predictions for the United States

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Spring - 2011 Prediction from the U.S. Horoscope

Here is a look at the predictive annual horoscope for the United States each year to get a sense of what lies ahead for the next 12 months.  This year looks interesting, especially on the economic front.  Based on this horoscope, I do not think we are as far out of the housing/debt crisis as we would like to believe.

Prediction 1: Financial Fallout from Housing Crisis

There will be a new wave of major financial consequences from the housing boom of the last decade,and this topic will dominate the news in 2011 and early 2012. We will see substantial debate anddemagoguery about the American real estate and banking connection. Unfortunately, we as a nation are still not done paying for the financial excesses of past years. Farmers, especially, will be heavilyaffected by the financial difficulties we are facing. Credit may well tighten up again this year, and  the mood of the nation will be somber and sad.
The Saturn-Moon conjunction in the 1st house indicates a serious tone in the public discourse; in individual horoscopes, it can indicate depression, and we see a similar feeling, just on the macro levelfor the United States in 2011. The official message will be one of optimism, as shown by Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the 7th house, but the mood of the people (and the reality) will be significantly less happy.

Saturn is well-placed in the horoscope, as it is in the sign of its exaltation, Libra, but it is retrograde. The old astrologers say that Saturn in Libra indicates a time of great building of houses; with the planet beingretograde, however, this building up is reversed, and we see an overabundance of buildings. This will not be a good year for the housing market, and indeed, we are seeing even the best housing marketsexperience drops in price in late 2010. The United States horoscope is experiencing a Saturn return this year, indicating a time when the accounts are coming due for the country’s finances. Saturn rulesthe nation’s second house of money, and his return to its place in the United States nativity indicates closing of one chapter in our financial history, with a final accounting before the new cycle begins.

Jupiter in the national horoscope indicates the banking industry, as well as farming, and real estate.Jupiter and Saturn are opposed in the 1st and 7th houses, showing the housing business being negatively impacted by public pessimism and an unwillingness of buyers to pay, as they wait for lower prices. Inother words, we will see housing prices come down further this year. The housing crisis will continue tobe a drag on the banking industry as well. Oppositions of planets from the cardinal signs indicate “huge evils,” as Jean-Baptiste Morin, the 17th century astrologer, writes.

Many of the evils described by Saturn – debt, inability to pay, insolvency – are related to the common people’s desire to be placed on an equal footing with great men, as the old astrologers have it. The Moon is with Saturn in the 1st house; the Moon signifies the masses and the common man, while Saturn represents the rich and powerful. With the two planets together, the poor wish to be the same as the rich, and as we can see, they are willing to bankrupt themselves to be seen as such.

2011 Aries Ingress Horoscope

Prediction 2: Sex Scandals

Not that there is ever a dearth of sex scandals, but this year shall be particularly notable for hidden vices coming to light. Guido Bonatti writes that Saturn in Libra oriental (as it is in this horoscope)shows the “desire of shameful, criminal men.” In the natal U.S. horoscope, Saturn is occidental,bringing “infamy…upon fornicators, and those abusing shameful sexual intercourse.” These are challenging configurations for public figures, so expect to see lots of public shaming in 2011.

Prediction 3: Public Health Concerns

With Saturn in the 1st house in Libra, we can expect to see health problems that especially affect the poor. Bonatti says that especially “slaves” will be harmed, so likely we will see people at the very lowest strata of society be subject to health concerns of a Saturnian kind. Saturn brings illnesses having to dowith the cold humors, such as tuberculosis, colds, flus, edema, and so on.

Prediction 4: Trouble for the President

2011 will not be an easy year for the U.S. President; there will be lots of contentions between him and his opponents. He might face health challenges as well this year. With the malefic South Node on the midheaven, and the ruler of the 10th house of kings being the Moon conjunct Saturn, we can see that he might have a number of things on his mind, namely people who rise up against him. There could be significant protests this year against his policies, for example.


Iran: The Astrological Path to the Revolution and War, Part II

July 28, 2008 by  

As we discussed last week, this series aims to look for astrological triggers that reliably foretell serious conflict in Iran. Given the current uncertainty about a possible war with Iran, looking at past indications of war in that country should be useful to help us predict any future wars there. Last week, we looked at the two key charts for the 1961—1981 period in Iran: the coronation chart of Reza Khan (1926) and the Great Conjunction of 1961. Both of these charts held clues to the timing and nature of the 1978-1979 revolution in Iran.

Upheaval in Iran: The Great Eclipse Search

Both solar and lunar eclipses are a malefic influence on world affairs, and typically act as triggers of Bad Things happening in the world. They act most powerfully on the angles of state horoscopes, and any planets closely aspecting those angles. This is because the angles represent the four cardinal elements of a state: the people (1st house), the land and the king’s enemies (4th house), the enemies of the state (7th house), and the government (10th house). When eclipses afflict these points, the balance between these four elements is lost, and chaos reigns.

1926 Coronation of Reza Khan

1926 Coronation of Reza Khan

If we do a search on eclipses hitting the angles of the Reza Khan coronation chart, we find several possible candidates:

1. Lunar Eclipse – December 1963 on 4th/10th axis

2. Lunar Eclipse – June 1964 on 4th/10th axis

3. Solar Eclipse – March 1968 on 1st/7th axis (also aspecting the Moon, the Shah’s significator)

4. Lunar Eclipse – March 1978 on 1st/7th axis (aspecting the Moon)

5. Solar Eclipse – October 1978 on 1st/7th axis (aspecting the Moon)

Eclipses in the 1961 Great Conjunction

An astrologer would carefully watch other astrological testimony around the 1978 eclipses, because we have two direct hits to the angles, mere months apart. However, the same is true for the first two eclipses on the list. The next step would be to look for confirming evidence in the 1961 Great Conjunction horoscope.

1961 Great Conjunction - Tehran, Iran

1961 Great Conjunction - Tehran, Iran

Only four eclipses contact the angles in the 1961 chart, and of those, two are anywhere near in time with respect to the Coronation chart eclipses:

1. Solar Eclipse – December 1977 on 4th/10th axis (aspecting the Moon)

2. Solar Eclipse – April 1978 on 4th/10th axis (aspecting the Moon)

We have a repeating theme here, from 1977 through 1978. It wasn’t that difficult to narrow down the most difficult time for Iran from 20 years to two years.  So, we have the “when,” for a Bad Thing to occur in Iran, but we still lack a “what,” other than expecting the “what” to be malefic as per the nature of eclipses.

In Part III of this series, we will look at the horoscopes for 1977 and 1978 to determine the nature of the problems the eclipses promised.


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Aries Ingress 2007: The Astrological Predictions of 2007

March 22, 2007 by  


The Solar New Year officially began on March 20 this year at 12:09 am Universal Time, as the Sun entered the first degree of the first zodiac sign, Aries. The Arabian astrologers said that determining what would happen in a given location in a solar year (March 20 2007 through March 20 2008) would be indicated in the Aries Ingress chart set for that location. Of course, the positions of the planets for the Aries Ingress are the same the world over, so the key indicators are house rulership and position, which vary by location. Below is the Aries Ingress set for Washington, D.C.:


First, we must find the planet that is the Lord of the Year, which is the planet situated in the strongest house, with the angular houses being the best. In our case, that is the Moon in Aries in the angular 7th house. Moon in the sign of Mars in the 7th house of open enemies gives the year a distinctly warlike flavor. The good news is that the Moon is about to exit Aries and enter its exaltation in Taurus (a Venus-ruled sign). I wonder if this gives us a light at the end of the tunnel in the Iraq war.

To determine the effects of the Ingress on the government, we would look at the Lord of the King, or ruler of the 10th house. In this case, that is the Moon as well. It is opposite the antiscion (“shadow”) of a very weak Mercury in Pisces, which is in detriment and in fall. So we can say that the Moon is afflicted in a hidden way (the nature of the antiscion) by whatever Mercury represents. Mercury rules the 9th and 12th houses of foreign countries/people and hidden enemies, respectively. Interestingly, the 9th is the King’s 12th, so Mercury indicates the President’s secret enemies as well. This may mean a renewed push to end the war, with the doings of the country’s and the President’s secret enemies accelerating the end of the war.

Mercury is on the fixed star Fomalhaut, which is a star indicating renunciation, which may be one more indicator that a cycle is coming to a close, though all is not well. The somewhat malefic fixed star Vindemiatrix is on the Ascendant. This star is associated with overreaching that leads to a bad end. It is also known as the Widowmaker.

Predictions for 2007: Mercury Retrograde in in February and March 2007

January 5, 2007 by  

Mercury and Argus

Mercury will retrograde on February 14 at 10° Pisces and station again at 25° Aquarius on March 8

If you read this blog at all regularly, you may have noticed I don’t make a very big deal about Mercury going retrograde. I used to worry about it a lot more, but then I realized that the only people affected by Mercury retrograde seemed to be astrologers, so I let it go. Let’s face it, hiding away for three weeks at a time is just not very appealing or practical.

That all being said, it is still important to be aware of Mercury’s effects vis-à-vis your own natal horoscope. If you are starting a book, applying to graduate school, or doing anything major that is Mercurial in nature, it’s best to wait until Mercury is safely away from its retrogradation period. Note that I did not include communicating, e-mailing, or generally being a normal human being in the list of activities above. Feel free to do so during Mercury retrograde periods, and everything will be okay.

However, there may come a time when you absolutely need to act on a major deal during Mercury retrograde. If that’s the case, I would wait until Mercury is in a more favorable sign. In this upcoming Mercury retrograde period, this means that I would stay away from Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and wait until it entered Aquarius on February 28. And then, I would rather act by night, when Mercury rules the triplicity. Sometimes people ask me what “by night” means exactly: it’s when it’s so dark you cannot distinguish a black thread from a white one, or so the old astrologers supposedly said.

— Readers who are interested in finding the best time to take that important step may learn more about Nina’s private reading options at the Reading Requests page.

Astrological Predictions for 2007 – Saturn in Leo/Saturn in Virgo

January 4, 2007 by  

Saturn in Virgo/Saturn in Leo - Phaeton, Saturn and the Four Seasons

Saturn will move into Virgo on September 3, 2007.

For the last two years or so, the slowest and heaviest planet, Saturn, has been passing through the sign of Leo. In Leo, Saturn is very weak — it is in the sign of its detriment. This is because Saturn rules the opposite sign, Aquarius, so in Leo, Saturn is exactly at the opposite end from its home.

Saturn is not an easy planet to deal with at any time. Even people who have a strong natal Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra (signs where Saturn is very strong), are always complaining about how unpleasant Saturn can be. And this is Saturn when he is happy! So you can imagine just how unpleasant Saturn is when it is in an inhospitable sign like Leo.

Why is Saturn so unhappy in Leo? Leo is a hot, dry and barren sign. These qualities are inimical to Saturn, which is considered moist, and above all else, very cold. Putting Saturn in Leo is sort of like dropping an ice cube into a roaring fire — the ice cube will not do too well. Also, Leo is a fixed sign, creating a fire that is very difficult to put out, as it is lasting. So Saturn is extremely uncomfortable in the sign of Leo.

What does this mean for you? If Saturn rules any important houses in your chart, you’ll find that undertaking projects involving matter is ruled by those houses will be a lot easier once Saturn exits Leo and moves into Virgo in September. As an example, if Saturn rules your 10th house of career, and you wish to look for a new job, starting in September would be more productive than starting now.

Saturn will station at 8° Virgo on December 19th, 2007.

However, Saturn will turn retrograde in Virgo in December, so using the above example, you may want to start your job search well before the retrograde date. No planet is happy when it is retrograde, as it is moving backwards.

If you would like to have your horoscope analyzed to find the best possible time to start a new project, you may wish to schedule a private reading with me. The details and prices are at the Gryphon Astrology website.

Guest Astrologer: Astrometeorology – Hurricane Season 2006

June 11, 2006 by  

Hurricane Season 2006 - Four Elements

Dear readers, this week I am very pleased to present a continuation of the hurricane theme from last week by Thomas Decker, a German traditional astrologer whose skills I greatly respect. In the future, I plan to mix things up a bit, and publish articles by other traditional astrologers to give you a sense of the great variety within traditional astrology. If you are interested in having your article appear on this blog, contact me at nina “at” gryphonastrology.com. Enjoy!

—Gryphon, AKA Nina

By Thomas Decker

At the beginning of the hurricane season I asked a horary question whether there might be another devastating storm in the Gulf of Mexico region. The general tenor of the chart was yes and probably at the beginning of September. But this particular chart does not answer the question where this might be. Other methods are required.

The first step is to try to find a focus of activity and so it seems that a rough triangulation would be the appropriate method. The Cancer Ingress chart for Cancún, Mexico, Santiago de Cuba and Miami Beach give a general region where most tropical storms and hurricanes seem to cross. This is really very rough, other points could also be used. The charts of Cancún and Miami show some indications of danger. In the Cancún Ingress chart the MC is at 9 degrees Aries which is one degree away from the position of the last total solar eclipse on March 29th. The Miami chart has Mercury and Procyon rising.

More detail is required, however, as judgement cannot be made on an Ingress chart alone. The New Moon charts of August 23 and the Full Moon/lunar eclipse charts of September 7 need also to be considered. Here activity directly on the angles would support any testimony given by the Ingress chart. A cursory view shows some danger but nothing extreme. That doesn’t exclude storm activity. In the Cancún New Moon chart Mars is applying to conjunction with the MC, an indication of danger. In the lunar eclipse chart of Cancún Mars repeats this pattern, he is once again within one degree of the MC. This is like a multiplication.

But based on the Cancún chart I tried to find an area where there is even more focused activity. There must be somewhere where Mars might be exactly on the MC. As the New Moon occurs only at 0 degrees Virgo, we have to look for somewhere a little bit further west and a bit more northward. And so I examined the charts of Houston, Texas. So let us look at these charts.

Houston Chart 2006

The Cancer Ingress chart of Houston has Sirius, the Dog-star rising. Sirius was important to the Egyptians as he marked the flooding of the Nile. The Nodes are directly on the MC/IC axis of the chart in exact square to the Sun in the 12th house. The North Node and the MC are conjunct Scheat a fixed star of the nature of Mars and Mercury. Scheat is associated with drowning. A conjunction with one of the nodes usually brings with it far reaching change in the sense of before and after. The North Node tends to multiply anything for better or worse. In combination with a malefic fixed star associated with drowning this does not portend well. Already all of the exact aspects and the tie in two fixed stars is testimony to look closer. While the Cancún charts are like warning lights, this chart is already like a siren.

Let us continue with the New Moon chart for Houston. Mars at 20 degrees Virgo forms an exact sextile, in mundo, to the position of the Sun in the Cancer Ingress chart. This position of Mars we need to remember as it plays a central role in the Lunar eclipse chart. What we see here is an activation of the Ingress T- square of the Sun to the MC/IC and Lunar Nodes.

Houston August 2006

The Houston Lunar eclipse chart of September 7 has Antares, the heart of the Scorpion rising. This is an extremely malevolent star associated with destructiveness and violence. In this chart the position of 20 degrees Virgo which was occupied by Mars in the New Moon chart is now occupied by Mercury and the MC. Mercury which is at 20 Virgo 59 is applying immediately to a conjunction to the fixed Star Denebola at 21 degrees Virgo. This means that Denebola is about to culminate in one degree. Denebola at the tip of the Lion’s tail is associated with misfortune from the elements. Mars at 29 Virgo is about to conjunct the IC and South Node of the Cancer Ingress chart. The eclipse itself is in Virgo, a human sign. This means that human beings will be directly affected. William Lilly in his Annus Tenebrosus say of a Lunar eclipse in the second decanate of Virgo that “…it prepares destruction and Calamities…”

Houston Lunar Eclipse 2006 Horoscope

As to timing, the one degree application of both Mars and Mercury to respective critical points would show that within a week of the eclipse a very dangerous storm will approach Houston and Galveston, Texas.

If we were to try to formulate all of this in William Lilly’s language we might say: “Citizens of Houston take warning. The month of September may be one of many troubles from storms, flooding and general malevolence of the elements” It certainly wouldn’t hurt to take the necessary precautions.


The hurricane season is the theme here. Everyone knows that through global warming hurricanes will increase both in number and intensity. No one knows where and when. Just as meteorological methods of prediction are used to try to narrow down this area of the unknown it seems justifiable to use the time honoured astrological approach particularly if extra precautions, such as the strengthening of storm protections can be taken in time, and anyone in authority can thereby be convinced that this is indeed necessary. The astrological testimonies mentioned above are so strong that it is a responsibility to make them known. If there should be an error in this judgement, you are called on, dear reader, to correct it.