Iran: The Path to the Revolution (Part I of the Iran Series)

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With all the talk about a potential war on Iran, it is useful to look at historical patterns in Iran that foretold upheaval or war in that country.Then, we can apply what we learned from these astrological omens for Iran to the astrological conditions today.This is the most honest and most painful way to do mundane astrology, and it involves lots of charts.Lots and lots of charts!The sheer number of horoscopes involved is the reason this series will run in installments.

Iran Dynasty – Reza Khan Coronation in 1926

Coronation horoscopes tend to work pretty well to symbolize the beginning of a royal dynasty, sometimes even the beginning of the country as a whole.One example is the frequently-used coronation of William the Conqueror in England, which is often taken for the beginning of the British Empire.The Book of World Horoscopes states that Reza Khan, the commander who deposed the existing Shah in a coup d’état, was crowned on April 25, 1926, at 4:10 p.m. local time.

Reza Khan Coronation Horoscope

Reza Khan Coronation Horoscope

Apart from the angles of the coronation horoscope, there are two other sensitive points: the Moon in Libra, which rules the 10th house of the King, and Venus itself, ruling the first house of the people and the country as a whole.The warlike theme of this dynasty is indicated by the ruler of the preceding lunation at 21 Aries, Mars.Mars in the coronation horoscope is partile square Saturn, in perfect mutual reception by sign.Mars rules the seventh house and is placed in the fifth, indicating harm to the dynasty by the open enemies, who will also be the nation’s children, or young people.

Underscoring this theme is the fact that we have Mercury, the natural ruler of young people (as students, as ruler of the ninth house), placed right in the seventh house of the dynasty’s opponents. However, when we have the two malefics afflicting each other as we see here, not only will young people be the enemy of the dynasty, but they too will come to harm.

1961 Great Conjunction: First Hints of the Revolution

An astrologer examining the once-every-20-years Great Conjunction chart set for Tehran in 1961 would feel a little worried.The conjunction Mars is in Cancer, the sign of its fall, and conjunct the midheaven — the house of the King — in the coronation horoscope.The King falling by violence is the most obvious interpretation of this combination.This is the same Mars that foretold conflict and bloodshed in the pre-coronation lunation horoscope.Mars afflicts the Moon by a square aspect.The Grand Conjunction Moon is conjunct Venus in Aries.Venus is the planet of Islam, here in detriment, in the Martial sign of Aries, at the very lowest point of the horoscope.The King is definitely in trouble, and will be brought down through the Islamic religion.

Grand Conjunction 1961, Tehran, Iran. 00:02 GMT.

Grand Conjunction 1961, Tehran, Iran. 00:02 GMT.

The young people who would become enemies of the status quo do not fare well in the Grand Conjunction chart, either.Mercury is in the sign of its detriment and fall, Pisces, and is partile conjunct the malefic South node, right on the weak sixth house cusp of the coronation horoscope.

The Midheaven of the Grand Conjunction is conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica, perhaps indicating that the King will escape the worst.However, with the extreme afflictions from Mars, this is rather cold comfort.


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Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War?

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Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War?

The lunar eclipse on August 18 holds many clues about the possibility of a Western war with Iran. There has been much saber rattling from both Iran and Western nations, and the speculation about a possible military confrontation is running high. A major military intervention would definitely be seen in Iran’s horoscope, as it would cause substantial disruption to the country.

The partial lunar eclipse in August is very important for Iran astrologically; it occurs in the sign Aquarius, which traditionally rules middle Iran, and the eclipse will also be visible in Iran. Eclipses can activate “hot” points in a chart, and if a war in Iran was impending, this eclipse would definitely be involved.  [For examples of the way an eclipse can activate a horoscope, read this analysis of China and the August eclipse.]

2008 in Iran and Influences from the Lunar Eclipse

The astrological year is measured from the time the Sun enters the first degree of Aries, i.e. the first day of spring. This year shows problems for Iranians economically, and the tightening international sanctions and economic fallout from the hostility between Iran and the West is shown by Mars in the sign of its fall in Iran second house of economic assets. Mars afflicts both the ruler of the people, Mercury, and Saturn, the ruler of the government.

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War? - Aries Ingress 2008 for Tehran, Iran

Aries Ingress 2008 Horoscope for Tehran, Iran

It will be a difficult year for the Iranian government, as shown by the ruler, Saturn, which is also the ruler of the lunar eclipse. Because Saturn is being afflicted by a very unpleasant Mars, the economic woes are going to weigh on the government more and more. Masha’allah, the ancient Persian astrologer, wrote that it was especially difficult for the king when his significator was the same as the ruler of an eclipse, and was afflicted by the malefics. All of these conditions are fulfilled in this horoscope, though the soft aspect between Mars and Saturn might show problems coming less from conflict than from a gradual tightening of the screws, as with economic sanctions.

Overall, I don’t see a strong potential for war in Iran this year. There may be an earthquake, however, as evidenced by Saturn in an earth sign in the fourth house, ruled by Mercury, the planet of earthquakes.

Lunar Eclipse and the Iranian People

It looks as though the tensions between Iran and the West will affect the well-being of the average Iranian most of all, apart from giving the Iranian government some sleepless nights. We have four planets in the fourth house in a Mercury sign, in an earth sign, and three of the planets are aspected by Jupiter in an earth sign. Again, there is a possibility of an earthquake; if it happens, it would be within three months or so of the eclipse. This seems more realistic than the probability of war.

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War? - Lunar Eclipse of August 2008 set for Tehran, Iran

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008 set for Tehran, Iran

Full Moon of July 2008: Astrology and Politics of the Full Moon

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Full Moon of July 2008: Astrology and Politics

The Full Moon of July 17-18, 2008 is powerfully linked to the United States chart, and we can expect some major events flowing from this Full Moon. Some of the likely effects of the July Full Moon are:

  • Aggression against open and hidden enemies in foreign countries (or the educated/religious groups)…
  • Constrained by weak national finances.

No Full Moon can act in a vacuum, however, and we need to look at a few other charts, including the foundation horoscope of the United States, before we can clarify the likely effects of the July Full Moon.

The Grand Conjunction (GC) of 1762 is a horoscope that has worked well in the past in conjunction with Full Moon charts, so we shall use it again. This year, the progressed Ascendant of the GC is at 25° in Sagittarius, having entered the terms of Mars. This is inauspicious for the people of the country (the Ascendant), as Mars is malefic. William Lilly says that the terms of Mars “provoke and stir up the anger of Martial men against [the native],” and there is a tendency to impulsive and harmful actions. The Ascendant also squares natal Venus, causing the people general harm, illness, and affliction by the lowest classes of society. The Full Moon chart has its seventh house of open enemies conjunct the GC progressed Ascendant.

Full Moon of July 2008 and the Grand Conjunction horoscope of the USA

The Full Moon Highlights Conflict Abroad, with the Educated, and the Religious

The Full Moon horoscope strongly emphasizes the ninth house of foreigners and foreign countries, as does the Cancer ingress of 2008.   The ninth house also rules religious people, learned people, and institutions of higher learning.  We may well see afflictions to the educated or the religious in the United States or abroad, or conflict among them.

  • Following the July Full Moon, there will be an increased emphasis on strife with foreigners, educated people, and the religious, as we have progressed Mars on the cusp of the GC ninth house.
  • The Full Moon itself is at 26° Capricorn, just inside the GC ninth house,
  • The Full Moon is exactly conjunct the Cancer ingress Moon at 25 Capricorn, with the Cancer ingress Jupiter at 19° Capricorn, just outside the GC 9th cusp.

Full Moon July 2008 - Horoscope set for Washington, D.C.

The Cancer ingress Moon and Jupiter thus besiege progressed Mars, perhaps indicating increased financial difficulties in funding the Iraq conflict. The Moon rules the natal second house of the country’s money, while Jupiter rules the 11th house of the treasury. Both planets are weak in their essential state, showing that any war efforts are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Full Moon of July 2008 will likely bring this dilemma into sharp focus.

Astrology of the Full Moon: The Full Moon of May 31 – June 1

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The Full Moon of May 31/June 1 (depending on your location) happens at 10 Sagittarius. This is quite a powerful full Moon, for reasons that I will explain below. This is particularly true in the horoscope (see below) set for Washington, DC.

Full Moon May 31 - June 1, 2007

First, note that this full Moon is exactly square the lunar eclipse of March 3, 2007. This is the same lunar eclipse that fell on the Ascendant-Descendant axis in Washington, DC, a very powerful placement indicating dramatic changes in the country. So this full Moon triggers the sensitive points of the lunar eclipse, bringing the potentials promised by the lunar eclipse to life, and perhaps providing more specific timing as to the dramatic changes in question.

The full Moon promises an ending and a beginning; the Moon is conjunct the fixed star Antares, the heart of the scorpion. This is one of the Royal stars, but it is rather malefic, as you can imagine. Specifically, it brings about endings, and has a tendency to bring down people through their own vices. The Sun, being directly opposite the Moon, is conjunct the Royal fixed star Aldebaran, which is not as bad as Antares, in that it promises new beginnings.

The eclipse aspects Mars in Aries just inside the fourth house cusp, indicating that the United States will be very much dealing with the war in Iraq, with intensifying pressure from both the pro-war and antiwar camps. The overall flavor of the country is that they wish to withdraw; the ruler of the first house, indicating the people, is Jupiter retrograde. In this case, we can read retrogradation as the desire to return. The fact that Jupiter is so powerfully placed right on the ascendant indicates that the people are in a position to make themselves be heard.

It is also interesting to seeing this eclipse falling on the Mars-Jupiter opposition in Baghdad’s horoscope. Most likely, we will see both the fighting and the political brinksmanship escalate to previously unseen levels.

Astrology of Politics: Jupiter Trine Saturn on March 16, 2007

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Old Man and Grandson

It seems as though it was only yesterday that we talked about the effects of Jupiter square Saturn on the Republican Party here in the United States. Jupiter and Saturn now trine one another, so we see yet another step in the evolution of the seed potentials sown in 2000, when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined. The horoscope for Jupiter trine Saturn, set for Washington, DC (in GMT) is below:

Jupiter Trine Saturn - March 16, 2007

Notice how Jupiter, which is quite strong because it is in its own sign of Sagittarius, a strongly placed right at the bottom of the chart in the angular fourth house. Saturn, by contrast, could not be weaker. It is in Leo, retrograde, and in the 12th house. However, Saturn in the 12th house is in the house of his joy, and Saturn can be quite strong in the 12th because it is as though he has his back against a wall and will not budge. This reminds me very strongly of the current political situation in Washington, DC, with the president and the Cabinet being extremely defensive about their foreign policies.

However, in the United States grand conjunction chart, Jupiter rules the 10th house of the ruler. Therefore, any aspects to Jupiter that Saturn in its detriment makes can be seen as afflictions to the country’s ruler. It is fascinating to see that the ruler of the country, Jupiter, is in the fourth house, which is the very bottom of the chart, and it is afflicted out of the 12th house of self undoing, secrets, and hidden enemies.

The unusual thing with this particular trine is that Jupiter and Saturn will continue to move together and be sort of locked in this trine for the next three months, when the exact aspect will occur again in May 2007. This is fairly unusual, that the two planets are going to be in aspect for so long, giving us the sense that any pressures in place around March 16, will remain in place through May.

Astrology of Current Affairs: Full Moon of November 5, 2006 – U.S. Midterm Elections

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Full Moon November 5 - Horoscope and the Midterm Elections

The Full Moon of November 5, 2006 will fall right before the United States midterm elections. For readers outside of the United States, these are the elections that determine which party will have a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Since all of the branches of government are currently controlled by the Republican Party, everyone is eagerly watching the midterm elections to see whether this total control by one party will continue or not.

We can look at the astrological chart for the upcoming Full Moon to see which party has the better position. In this post about the Jupiter-Saturn square horoscope, I discussed that horoscope in light of the midterm elections. The Full Moon falling just before the elections (and just after the Jupiter-Saturn square) should pick up on the themes in the Jupiter-Saturn square horoscope. In that chart, we saw that the ruling party is not looking too good, as it was shown by Venus in its detriment in Scorpio combust by the Sun. The Moon, which always shows the people, favored the Democrats, but both parties were going to have difficulty getting their constituents out to the polls. The mood of the country is not exactly enthusiastic.

The horoscope for the November 5 Full Moon is here:

Full Moon November 5 - Horoscope and the Midterm Elections

We see that here, the ruling party is shown by Mercury, ruler of the 10th house. Their opponents, the Democrats, are shown by Jupiter, ruler of the fourth which opposes the 10th. Mercury is not doing terribly well; it is on the 12th house and it is retrograde. It is also about to conjoin a rather afflicted Venus. This is rather unpromising for the Republicans on the whole. However, while being retrograde can be an affliction to a planet, also be aware that it can be a descriptor. That is to say, it can show the Republicans returning to power once more.

Jupiter is looking rather better than Mercury. It is close enough to the Ascendant to be considered angular, and being conjunct the Ascendant is the strongest position in the horoscope that a planet can occupy. The fact that Jupiter is applying to the Ascendant could show that the Democrats are not yet in power, but they are moving in that direction rapidly. The Ascendant also shows the people and the country as a whole in political horoscopes. Also, Jupiter will enter its own sign, Sagittarius, in about 4° from its current position. So Jupiter is going toward strength, while Mercury is going toward weakness. However, I would strongly caution against interpreting this to mean that the Democrats will retake majority control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It may mean that they will retake one of the two, but the chart does not describe the exact amount of strength that the Democratic Party can expect.

One reason for my caution is the Moon, showing the will of the people. The Moon is in the term of Mercury, and is not interested in Jupiter very much. As in the Jupiter-Saturn horoscope, the Moon is in a cadent and malefic house. This time, it is also in a fixed sign. So we can’t help but get the feeling that American voters will choose to stay home and eat potato chips, or at least stick to the tried and true. The overall sense of the Jupiter-Saturn chart is that the voters will prefer the Democrats, and don’t forget that that chart is good for about five years from October 25, 2006. However, voters are notoriously fickle, and this Full Moon chart may just be enough to move them not to vote or vote more conservatively.

Current Affairs: Horary Astrology – Will Dennis Hastert Resign?

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Horary Astrology - Will Hastert Resign? - Napoleon I

As an astrologer, I find political scandals fascinating, such as the recent one with Mark Foley. What tends to interest me about such political fallouts is the way in which blame spreads like wildfire, leaving nothing untouched. This being an election year, it is as though the ground was first thoroughly soaked in gasoline. I was particularly interested to see how House Speaker Denny Hastert was going to fare, with increasing pressures on him to resign his job.

I cast a horary to see what would happen to Hastert. I noticed the late degrees of the rising sign, which made me wonder whether the decision had not already been made, even though the question has been asked on October 3.

The horary chart for the question “Will Hastert resign due to the scandal?” is here:

Horary Astrology - Will Hastert Resign?

Hastert himself is shown by Mars in Libra in the turned sixth house. The sign of Libra is ruled by Hastert’s opponents (7th from the 7th). By being in their sign, Hastert is very much at their mercy, which explains why Mars is so debilitated in Libra. Beyond being in a malefic house, Mars is also combust, which is the greatest affliction that can happen to a planet. Being close to the Sun is considered very harmful, due to the Sun’s excessive heat. What’s more problematic here, is that the Sun is moving faster than Mars, getting even closer to Mars. So Mars is going to be even more debilitated as time goes on, though it will be a slow process.

However, we do not see Mars about to change signs, nor do we see any change in sign by the job, ruler of Hastert’s 10th house of career (Saturn in Leo). Too, the fact that the 10th cusp is in a fixed sign, and its ruler is in a fixed sign makes me think that there will be no immediate resignation. I also cast the Part of Resignation and Dismissal, and its dispositor, Venus, is not aspecting either the job or Hastert himself.

The applying opposition between the moon and Saturn might suggest resignation, as opposition is the aspect that breaks people or things apart. However, Mars is applying to Saturn by sextile (Hastert going to the job), which makes me think that Hastert is more likely to get reelected for the position should the Republicans retain control of the House. The Sun applying to Mars however, shows increasing pressure on Hastert, so even if he gets reelected for the Speaker position, it looks as though his troubles are far from over.

Update: I have thought about the applying Mars-Saturn sextile some more, and because both planets are so very essentially weak (both are in detriment),  I find it less likely that Hastert will get reelected for the Speaker position next year.  To have an effective aspect between two planets, the planets need some manner of essential strength; these two are very weak, indeed, and Saturn (the job) does not care for Mars (Hastert) at all.  Odds of Hastert’s reelection are low.

Just the other day, I read a very relevant quote in On the Psychology of Military Incompetence:

It is a sad feature of authoritarian organizations that their nature militates against the possibility of learning from the experience through the apportioning of blame… Since authoritarianism is itself the product of psychological defenses, authoritarian organizations are past masters at deflecting blame. They do so by denial, by rationalization, by making scapegoats, or by some mixture of the three. However it is achieved, the net result is that no real admission of failure or incompetence is ever made by those who are really responsible; hence nothing can be done about preventing a recurrence.

Celebrity Astrology: Mark Foley’s Fall from Grace in His Horoscope

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Celebrity Astrology - Mark Foley's Horoscope - Fallen

As we all try to recover from the shock of learning about Mark Foley’s predilection for underage boys, it occurred to me to take an astrological look at what was going on with Foley’s horoscope at the time of his resignation on September 29. I’ve always been very interested in the indications of a fall from grace, especially for people, like Foley, who ascended rather rapidly.

We have to remember when we look at horoscope that the average person lives about 75 years. Therefore, very few of the things we see in the horoscope are statically determined. We can see both an ascent to fortune, as well as a decline in fortune, all in the same life. For some people, this happens more than once. I believe this is the case for Mark Foley, whom I would expect to have a fairly dramatic chart. We would expect to see great benefits on the one hand, and serious problems on the other.

Mark Foley was born on September 8, 1954, in Newton, Massachusetts. Because we are looking at his public life, we will use the chart set for noon time. As I have demonstrated and explained on this blog, such as with the horoscope of Steve Irwin, these charts are highly suitable and highly accurate when you look at the public aspects of a person’s life.

Mark Foley’s horoscope is below:

Mark Foley's Horoscope

Because we are looking at Mark Foley’s career, we will focus primarily on the 10th house of fame and career. The ruler of the 10th house is Mercury in Libra, on the verge of entering the 11th house. This is considered a very benefic placement, as the 11th house is considered extremely positive, but Mercury itself is Peregrine, and therefore without dignity. As a result, all by itself, Mercury will not give very much fame, or the fame it does give will not be altogether positive.

The cause for fame will be Venus in Scorpio, which rules Mercury’s sign, Libra. Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio, and it is conjunct Saturn, a malefic planet in Scorpio. The causes for fame will be bad ones, in general. And indeed, whenever Mark Foley entered the national newspapers in a big way, it was always about his sexuality, and rumors flew about his sexual orientation as early as 1996. By 2003, Foley aborted a political campaign because of increasing evidence indicating he was gay, which did not mesh with his conservative image. It should not come as a surprise that Venus and Saturn are in the 12th house of self-undoing, secrets and hidden enemies.

Claudius Ptolemy, about 2000 years ago, wrote some choice phrases describing the sexual preferences of people with Venus-Saturn combinations. However, I am sure many people have Venus conjunct Saturn without preying on children; though no doubt Venus in detriment, Saturn Peregrine, and Mars sextile that whole mess does not help matters.

If we look at Mark Foley’s progressions for 2006, we will notice that his progressed ascendant entered Capricorn this summer, the sign ruled by Saturn conjunct Venus in the 12th house. The terms of the signs are especially important in progressions, and we see that in entering Capricorn, the ascendant also entered the terms of that detrimented Venus in Scorpio. Given that it takes 20 to 30 years for the Ascendant to go through a sign, its change of signs often portends an important time. Since Saturn and Venus are so debilitated in Foley’s natal horoscope, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Mark Foley’s solar return for 2006 does not look auspicious, either. Mercury is cadent in the third house, from where it cannot do much good, though it is in its exaltation and sign in Virgo. The solar return ruler of the 10th house of fame is Mars, in its detriment in Libra in the fourth house. The moon, ruler of the first house opposes Mercury from Pisces, the sign of Mercury’s detriment and fall. This shows that Foley will be the author of his own fall from fame.

Astrology of the Full Moon: Full Moon of October 6th 2006

October 2, 2006 by  

Full Moon October 6, 2006 - Contemplation

People sometimes ask me whether full moons or new moons have an effect similar to that of an eclipse. The effect, would of course be much weaker, since an eclipse is a rare, unique astronomical event, and a new or full moon comes about every 14 days or so. However, as you will find in this article about lunar eclipses, and this article about solar eclipses, we know that both lunar and solar eclipses have effects that can stretch out for quite a while after the actual eclipse.

In the case of lunar eclipses, potential effects can occur up to several months after the lunar eclipse, whereas for solar eclipses, effects can occur up to 3 1/2 years after a given solar eclipse. Depending on the length of visibility of the eclipse, which allows us to time the approximate appearance of effects of the eclipse, we can get accuracy to about within a week in the case of a lunar eclipse, or within a month in the case of a solar eclipse.

However, especially in the case of solar eclipses, when in a given time period does an effect of the eclipse take place? One way to time the effects of an eclipse would be to use lunations, that is, full or new moons. We would be looking for various triggers to the eclipse point. Thus, if we were looking at an eclipse occurring at 29 Virgo, it is the most recent solar eclipse, we want to see at what time there would be contacts to that point, particularly within the period of time with which we are concerned. Often, however, a chart for a full or new moon will speak for itself, as we see below.

The Full Moon of October 6th, 2006

Below is a chart for this full moon of October 6th, set for Washington, DC. Obviously, in your own home country, the chart looks somewhat different, because the location varies.

Full Moon October 6, 2006 Horoscope

To see the effects of this full moon, we would first look for the Lord of the Lunation, which is the planet ruling the luminary that is above the earth. This will give us a sense of whether the effects of the full moon will be strong or mild, or negative or positive. In this case, we have the moon above the earth, in Aries, so the Lord of the Lunation will be Mars in Libra.

Mars in Libra is in its detriment, because it is on the side opposite from the sign of its rulership, Aries. In Libra, the sign of Venus, Mars cannot adequately express its martial nature. Therefore, it will express itself in highly negative ways, rather than positive ones. Mars is always a malefic, but doubly so when it is in an unfavorable sign such as Libra. This will be the last full moon before the November elections in the United States. Mars in an air sign is a clear indication of the toxic campaign environment we can be expected to endure. Air signs are the most concerned with the world of humans, and with communication and speech in general. We can thus expect cruel and harsh speech.

In the sign of Venus, and in the fifth house, Mars is in the house of pleasure. There may be sexual revelations or scandals, which will come to light during this time. Mars is also sextile Saturn in Leo in its detriment in the third house, which is the house of speech. This further emphasizes the nastiness and mudslinging we can expect.

Astrology of Current Affairs: Lunar Eclipse and the Military Coup in Thailand

September 21, 2006 by  

Lunar Eclipse - Horoscope Thailand - Alexander's Army

The Thai Army ousted Prime Minister Thaksin on Tuesday in a bloodless coup, claiming that governmental corruption and the inability of the government to deal with Muslim insurgencies had become too great to tolerate. How did the recent military coup in Thailand come about, astrologically speaking? Was it attributable to the recent Lunar Eclipse, or was it some kind of early harbinger of the upcoming Solar Eclipse? Having examined Thailand’s astrological chart (the one most commonly used by Thai astrologers), I believe we are seeing the effect of the September 7th Lunar Eclipse.
As I wrote in an earlier post about the September 7th Lunar Eclipse, the Eclipse was visible throughout most of Asia. Nonetheless, not all Asian countries will experience a coup due to the Lunar Eclipse, so there must have been something unique about the Eclipse’s contacts to the Thai horoscope. Some of it, of course, will have to do with the inherent nature of the country – some countries go for decades, even centuries, peacefully, while others have constant violent clashes. This has much to do with the nature of the country’s horoscope, as well as with the V-E-R-Y slow transits of “fixed” stars across the chart.

Horoscope - Thailand Coup and the Lunar Eclipse

Looking at Thailand’s horoscope, we can see that the fixed star Markab, which is now at 23 Pisces, is conjunct the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Pisces. Markab is a rather bright star, and is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. Robson says that it gives “honor, riches, fortune, danger from fevers, cuts, blows, stabs [can be operations nowadays] and fire and a violent death,” and specifically when with Mercury, it means “friends turn into enemies.” We can see that in this Mercury-Venus conjunction, it is the rather nasty Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces that will run the show. This is probably because it is solidly in the strong 11th house, compared to poor Venus, which is a bit too close to the malefic 12th house, and thus cannot act very well.

The September 7th Lunar Eclipse occurred at 15 Pisces, and it was probably a bit too far for Venus to have a say, but was close enough to Mercury to activate it and Markab. Unfortunately, the consequences were not going to be pleasant, precisely because of Mercury’s weakness. The Eclipse is ruled by Jupiter, which we can take to be the Thai Army. The Army is the Government’s resource, so it will be the second house from the 10th. Saturn is the Government, so we take the next sign, which is Pisces, and is ruled by Jupiter. So the Eclipse will affect everything Jupiterian in this country – here, that is the Army, and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet (also second from the 10th). The PM’s Cabinet has been getting arrested one by one or has not been returning to Thailand, if they were fortunate enough to be abroad at the time of the coup.

The fact that Pisces is a double-bodied sign bodes ill for the ruler of an affected country:

Because the eclipse is in a double-bodied sign (Pisces), the greatest activity will occur with rulers of the affected lands, and their governments, also any people in power in general. (From this post on the September 7th Lunar Eclipse.)

Whoever elected Thailand’s horoscope (it has certainly been elected, as all sensible countries and cities have done) took good care that the Thai people were in control of the priesthood and the Cabinet/the Army, rather than under the Government’s control. Venus, Lord 1 – the people, are in Jupiter’s sign. Jupiter rules the 9th house (religion and the priesthood) and rules the second sign from the 10th (Cabinet and Army). In these changing times, the focus is much more on the power of the Army and the Governmental ministers, than on the power of religion. That is perhaps something the astrologers who constructed Thailand’s chart did not consider.

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