Venus in Pisces January 27, 2015: The Sweet Sea

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Venus in Pisces: Aphrodite Anadyomene Fresco from Pompeii

Aphrodite Anadyomene Fresco from Pompeii, 1st century CE

Venus in Pisces, Her Exaltation

Venus dances into Pisces on January 27* and will remain there until February 20*. Her presence will affect primarily those with planets in Pisces, but she will bring beauty, romance, seduction, and love into all horoscopes, depending on the natal house containing Pisces.

Venus has a natural affinity for the sea. As Ovid wrote of the goddess of love:

“I [Aphrodite] should find some favour with the sea, for in its holy depths in days gone by from sea-foam I was formed, and still from foam I take my name in Greece**.”

(Ovid, Metamorphoses 4. 521, trans. Melville)

This year’s transit of Venus through Pisces is especially auspicious. She is occidental of the Sun, and during this part of her cycle she moves closer to the earth, with the closest contact at her inferior conjunction. Venus’s proximity strengthens all matters of love and pleasure. She is much more amorous when occidental than when oriental. Also, she will be far from the Sun during her transit through Pisces, unafflicted by his beams. This is uncommon, as Venus is always within about 45 degrees of the Sun. We have a rare opportunity this year to experience Venus at once beautified in Pisces and unobscured by the Sun.

Venus and Mars

As Venus passes through Pisces, she will draw ever nearer Mars, to whom she is highly attracted. As a pair, they represent romantic love contrasted with the traditional marriage of convenience. Recall that historically, marriage was no place for romance, so Aphrodite and Ares’ passion was by definition illicit. Venus and Mars will conjoin in early Aries. Until they consummate their attraction, their flirtation in playful, dreamy Pisces will intensify.

Venus makes a stressful square aspect to Saturn on January 30*, which will be covered in greater detail in a separate article. After January 30*, it is smooth sailing for Venus on the Pisces seas.

Exaltation Degree of Venus in Pisces

Each planet has a special degree somewhere in the sign of its exaltation where it is “super-exalted” and highly potent. Venus’s magic reaches its apex in the degree of her exaltation, 26-26.59 degrees of Pisces, which Venus transits on February 17*. Here her influence is most elevated and perfect.  This is an auspicious day on which to borrow her glamour for makers of talismans or those seeking favorable elections for love.

Love symbolized by Venus in Pisces waxes and wanes like the sea tides. It is at once inconstant and enchanting, a spell that captivates because of its transience. Poet Algernon Charles Swinburne called her

The sweet sea, mother of loves and hours,
Shudders and shines as the grey winds gleam,
Turning her smile to a fugitive pain.
Mother of loves that are swift to fade,
Mother of mutable winds and hours.
A barren mother, a mother-maid,
Cold and clean as her faint salt flowers.

(from “The Triumph of Time,” Poems and Ballads)

Natal Venus in Pisces

Natal Venus in Pisces gives an appreciation for art and beauty, even sentimentality. Unless she is afflicted, her exalted position lends one a certain purity of feeling.

Aleister Crowley, in Your Place among the Stars, wrote of natal Venus in Pisces:

The native dissolves himself into the beloved, making a true union, and the greatest sorrow that can be experienced by a person with this position is when the beloved fails to appreciate his devotion to the full. Venus in this sign is not particularly fastidious; she is too ready for the pleasure the yielding gives to others. In some respects this is the highest possible development of Venus. (p 310)

Venus in Pisces is not in the least intellectual; she is intuitive, and this intuition is the outcome of her extraordinary nobility. Her willingness to pay the price, however great, gives her the privilege of a knowledge almost divine in its immediateness. (p 311)

*All times and dates are for Pacific Time. To see these dates in Universal Time, visit the Swiss Ephemeris for 2015.

**Aphros means “foam” in Greek.

Astrology of Eclipses: Solar Eclipse of March 19, 2007 in 28 Pisces

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Solar Eclipse of March 19, 2007 will occur 28 Pisces

The solar eclipse of March 19, 2007 will occur at 28° Pisces, so the following areas traditionally ruled by Pisces may experience effects linked to the eclipse:

Alexandria (Egypt) and northern Egypt in general, Calabria (Italy), the Republic of Georgia, Compostella (Italy), Anatolia/Ankara (Turkey), Libya, Regensburg (Germany), Reims (France).

It is said that eclipses are the most noticeable in their effects when they are both visible in the place and that place is ruled by the sign in which the eclipse occurs. This eclipse will be partly visible in Asia (including China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, North and South Korea, and west from there), and the Arctic. We should see the eclipse as far west as the very edge of Saudi Arabia. So all of the countries where the eclipse will be visible are potentially affected as well. The effect of the eclipse will last for about three years and nine months.

As an example, below is the horoscope for the solar eclipse set for Kabul, Afghanistan, where the solar eclipse will be visible. The horoscope is set for March 19, 2007, 7:13 a.m. local time, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Solar Eclipse March 19, 2007 - Kabul Afghanistan

The effects of the eclipse on Kabul will begin by mid July, 2007, and the culmination or strongest effect will occur within the first 15 months after the eclipse, so by June, 2008, we would expect to see some effects.

For all of the locations affected by the eclipse, here are some of the characteristics associated with Pisces. According to Lilly and Ptolemy, eclipses in watery signs primarily affect fish, all bodies of water, and navigation. Pisces specifically is associated with floods. Because Pisces is a double bodied sign, it especially threatens the rulers of the affected countries, and the ruling classes in general.

Further, because the eclipse is occurring around the ascendant, we would expect it to affect matters newly begun, so to the extent that Afghanistan’s government can be considered a thing newly begun, it may be especially prone to the effects of this eclipse.

The ruler of the eclipse is Jupiter, which rules the sign of Pisces, where the solar eclipse is occurring. Jupiter causes everything, good and bad, to increase. According to Lilly (spelling and punctuation modernized by me): “[Jupiter] multiplies all living creatures which are behooveful for man, and portends destruction to such animals as are hurtful to man…Rivers swell with no immoderate floods, plenty of all manner of fruit appears, religious men increase in the church, many whereof attain to very high preferments, or have great honors conferred on them; ministers grow proud and haughty. The laws are executed and upright judges are employed by the states. New customs or privileges are conferred on the people…”

Overall, this doesn’t seem too bad, though I wonder whether this indicates a growing influence of religious figures on the politics of Afghanistan.

Planets in Your Horoscope: Sun in Pisces

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Return of Neptune

The Sun enters Pisces on February 19, 2007

The Sun has finally ended its journey through its detriment in the sign of Aquarius, and it’s now popping into fertile Pisces. The Sun isn’t terribly strong in Pisces, but it is a lot better than in Aquarius. The dignities and debilities of the Sun as it moves through the signs it can help us understand the whole concept of planets being stronger in some signs that in others. The Sun is in its own sign in Leo, which is the height of summer, when the Sun feels very powerful indeed. It is exalted in Aries, which is the spring, when the Sun naturally feels very bright and strong, though it probably seems stronger than it really is, which is the very nature of exaltation.

However, Aquarius is in the depths of winter, when the Sun is just a glowing distant point in the sky, if that. The Sun is in its fall in Libra, which is autumn, when the Sun appears to dramatically shrink in strength and size. So the Sun in Pisces is kind of an intermediate point between the weakness of the Sun in Aquarius and the in-your-face strength of the Sun in the spring, in Aries.

So what are you to do if you want to start a project that is ruled by the Sun, or if you want to start a project ruled by a house that is ruled by the Sun in your natal horoscope? Obviously, waiting until the Sun enters Aries on March 21, is ideal. However, if you have waited this long, it is far better to start the project when the Sun is in Pisces than when it was in Aquarius.

To clarify, it may be helpful to look at some activities traditionally ruled by the Sun. The Sun rules bosses, royalty, and all highly placed people. So if you’re going to ask for a raise, it would make sense to have the Sun strong, so that the boss is feeling benevolent toward his underlings and is actually in a position to grant you what you wish. The Sun also rules gold, so if you’re into gold mining, perhaps now would be a good time to start.

If you have Sun in Pisces in your natal horoscope, it is a placement of medium goodness, as the Sun does not have a strong dignity in Pisces, which is a condition known as being Peregrine. The old authors say that Peregrine planets can be good or evil, but are more easily led into evil. Thus, the aspects to the Sun will be very important in determining the final condition and general user-friendliness of your natal Sun. Also, the condition of your natal Jupiter will be important, as it is the planet dispositing the Sun, and therefore will have a great amount of influence on your natal Sun. This is whether it aspects the Sun or not, though with an aspect, the amount of influence Jupiter has over the Sun will be stronger yet.

— If you wish to find the best time to start a new project, get married, or conceive a baby, you can learn more about the benefits of electional astrology, which helps you choose the right moment based on your natal horoscope.

Planets in Your Horoscope: Mercury in Pisces

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The Messenger

Mercury enters Pisces on February 2, 2007

Mercury entering Pisces is one of those run-for-the-hills combinations. In Pisces, Mercury is both in its detriment and in its fall, so it is doubly debilitated. Mercury is very strong in the opposite sign of Virgo, where it is both exalted and in its own sign. Therefore, it will be very weak in Pisces. Pisces is an amorphous, fertile sign, which is antithetical to Mercury’s logical nature. Also, Jupiter is such an expansive sign, that Mercury is quite lost in the signs ruled by Jupiter (Mercury is also in its detriment in Jupiter’s other sign, Sagittarius). Mercury in Pisces is something like electing an accountant to be pope. It just wouldn’t work.

If Mercury is in Pisces in your natal chart, you’re about to have a Mercury return. Let me know if this coincides with anything interesting happening for you. I have not yet observed Mercury returns to be powerful in my own chart, or those of my clients, but I am always open to new information. Mercury is not well placed in Pisces natally, but it does not necessarily doom you to a life of inarticulate expression, despite what a few ancient astrologers say. Hopefully, Mercury is aspected by a strong planet or conjunct a strong fixed star, to help pull it out of the soup.

If Mercury rules an important house in your natal chart, Mercury’s passage to Pisces would be a good time not do anything related to that house. If Mercury rules your second house of money, this is probably not the time to invest, but you may be stuck with doing your taxes since it is that time of the year. If that is the case, have somebody else do your taxes. Somebody whose second house is not ruled by Mercury, preferably. All you will have to do is sign on the dotted line, and even with Mercury misbehaving, that should not be too problematic.

Planets in Your Horoscope – Electional Astrology: Venus enters Pisces

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Venus Rising from the Sea

Venus will transit Pisces on January 28, 2007 through February 20, 2007

Watery, fertile Pisces is perhaps the loveliest placement for Venus, the planet of love. While Venus is exalted in Pisces, it is not the strongest place for Venus – that honor must go to Taurus and Libra, which are the signs ruled by Venus. However, Venus delights in the water domicile of benevolent Jupiter the most, perhaps because Jupiter, ruler of fertile Pisces, delivers fertility and blessings in abundance. In this way, Venus (the Lesser Benefic) can temporarily experience the greater goodness of Jupiter (the Greater Benefic).

This is especially good news for Valentine’s Day, on which you would hope to have the planet of love in a strong position. Of course, the placement of Venus is a good day on which to do all things love- and sex-related. Here is more information about the astrological weather for Valentine’s Day, in case you have (or want to have) major plans for 2/14.

If you were born with Venus in Pisces, this is an excellent placement for Venus – the more prominent its placement is in your horoscope, the more strongly you will feel its harmonious influence. You are also about to have a Venus return, which is not an earth-shaking event, but will likely give you a day or two of harmony and good luck (provided your natal Venus is not horribly afflicted by a trine from Saturn in Cancer or something).

If Venus rules an important house in your horoscope, her passage through Pisces is a good time to start activities associated with those houses. Of course, you would want Venus strongly placed in the chart, which would require additional fiddling with the exact time and date, but just having Venus in the right sign would put you ahead of the competition.

Note that after passing through Pisces, Venus will enter Aries, which is unfavorable for the goddess of love. Venus in armor? I should think not! So if you have any Venusian things to do, do them before Venus leaves Pisces.

—If you wish to find the right time to start an important project (marry, conceive, start writing that novel), you can learn more through my page on electional astrology.

Astrological Predictions for 2007: Saturn’s Effects on Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, and Pisces

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Old Man Reading

As any reader of this blog knows, I am not fond of Sun sign or transit predictions. Usually, they are pretty generic, simply because the rest of the complex factors in the horoscope are not taken into account. Give me a good progressed chart or solar return over transits any day. But even I cannot deny that the transits of Saturn are always felt, if not in actual events, they do set an oppressive or dark mood.

This year, Saturn will cover the range between 18° Leo through 8° Virgo. If you have any important planets or points in this range, you will likely feel Saturn, which of course, is the most oppressive, and generally unpleasant planet. If you know your horoscope pretty well, you will know if your ascendant or midheaven is in the above range of degrees.

If you were born between approximately August 12 and September 1 (plus or minus a day on either end), Saturn will be conjoining your Sun this year. Hurray. This is considered the least pleasant transit of all, simply because the Sun is such an important part of us — it represents our physical vitality, our standing in society, plus any meanings it acquires by its location in or rulership of a house.

If you were born between February 12 and March 1 (again plus or minus a day on either end), Saturn will be opposing your Sun. This is also unpleasant, because there is a sense here that you’re fighting Saturn; whether he is incarnate as a literal bad guy whom you’re battling, or simply faulty wiring in your house. Of course, Saturn always wins — this doesn’t mean that you will lose your battle against said bad guy or wiring, just that you will have to earn every success you do get, probably many times over.

However, I would hasten to add that Saturn is only going to do its nasty bit on you if your progressions, solar returns, and other methods indicate this as well. Transits are pretty much at the bottom of the celestial pecking order. As a result, they cannot do a thing to you unless more important indicators give them the nod.

Finally, remember that Saturn itself does not cause anything to happen. Rather, he just indicates that we have been remiss in something in our lives. If you haven’t been brushing your teeth, Saturn’s transits indicate cavities. It’s not Saturn that gave you cavities; you did. Saturn just indicates when the karmic bill comes due.

— Readers who are interested in a complete prediction for this coming year, may submit their request for private reading through the Reading Requests page.

Planets in Astrology: Venus in Virgo vs. Venus in Pisces

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Venus in Virgo, Venus in Pisces.  Profane and sacred love.

Venus will move into Virgo in about 12 hours’ time, and this does not bode well for it. Venus is quite weak in Virgo, as it is the sign of its fall. It makes sense when you think about it. Venus is exalted – very strong – in the romantic, no-boundaries, artistic, hedonistic sign of Pisces. Think of Venus in Pisces as Venus the glamorous Parisian courtesan. Venus in Virgo, however, is a bit tougher. Imagine what would happen if you tried to put our Venus-courtesan in a dowdy dress, a pair of eyeglasses, and told her to report to her accountant job on Monday at 8 a.m. If she even shows up, she’ll not do a great job. This is Venus in Virgo.

So what does this mean for you? If you have Venus in Virgo in your natal horoscope, it’s probably not your strongest card, but that is okay, because you have some other strong planet somewhere to help you make up for whatever Venus lacks. If you have Venus in Virgo natally, you can look forward to a transiting Venus return in the next month or so. That is, Venus will return to the same place it occupied at your birth, and a good way to examine just how Venus functions in your horoscope 24/7. If the return is a pleasant experience, you can figure that Venus works well for you despite it being in fall. If it is less than optimal, then Venus needs a little help. You might achieve that by strengthening other planets in the chart that are linked to Venus, and/or by doing Venus things, like wearing Venus herbal oils strengthened with other positive planetary influences in your chart.

If you have Venus in Pisces natally, congratulations! This is an excellent place for Venus. You, too, can benefit from directing the Venusian energies in your life. You will experience Venus opposing its natal place this month, and, like the Venus in Virgo folks, you can observe its effects on you and adjust accordingly. Because Pisces is so amorphous and free-flowing, a little structure might be beneficial. Not too much, but just a little. You would do well to introduce some focus to all that free love. Herbal oils with the influence of a powerful planet would direct your already-good Venus even better.
To learn about ways to strengthen your Venus and other weak planets, email