Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Best Time to Start Business?

May 21, 2007 by  

The Magician

Horary Question:

My husband and I are starting a feng shui business and website this year. What would be a good time, day for beginning this venture? We are looking for a day to start the business and website that would bring balance, opportunity for travel and influencel, prosperity, good health and communication. We both will be 45 this year.

Over the past two years, our family moved out of working and living with a non-profit educational institute that we dedicated 18 years of our life to. I choose to give the health of my marriage, family and daughter and health of myself. These areas had suffered from the lack of attention. Now feng shui has helped offer peace, balance, health and we are looking to offer this to others. We have both been teachers of metaphysics over the past 18 years and are now moving through a transition with the feng shui with our careers.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

Thank you for writing to me. The nice thing about horary astrology is that we can also use it to determine a good time frame for you to act. We cannot determine or search for the specifics that you requested, as that is only possible through an electional astrology reading, which is considerably more time-consuming. With an electional reading we can adjust the knobs much more; add this, subtract that. It’s like the difference between having a stereo with only the volume control, and a stereo with a full mixing board setup. We can, however, find the overall best time for you to start your business. It just will not have all the nuances and fine timing we would get through an electional reading.

I cast a horary chart for the time that I understood your question, and the horoscope for the moment is below:

Horary Astrology - When Should I Start My Feng Shui Business?

In your question, you asked about both your business and a website to promote the business. The business would be ruled by the 10th house, while the website will be ruled by the fifth house, as it is more specifically your creation. The fifth house rules all of our creations, whether they are human children or brain children. In his horoscope, the planet Mars rules both houses; since the business and the website are largely one, this seems especially appropriate. We will want to find a time when Mars is strong.

The good news is that Mars is currently in very good shape, as it has recently entered its own sign of Aries. However, we can always try to make it even stronger. In about 11°, Mars will move forward to trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. Now, Jupiter is retrograde, but it is still quite strong in the fifth house (remember, this is the house that rules the website), so Mars’s connection to it seems like an especially auspicious time to launch the business. I would take the 11° to symbolize weeks, though if 11 months seems more realistic, that is the better timing.

The other nice thing is that in 11°, Mars will move much closer to the midheaven, where it is very powerful. Currently, it is tucked away in the ninth house. Now, the ninth house represents knowledge and higher understanding, which seems appropriate for a feng shui business. However, planets cannot exert their power very easily from the cadent houses, and with Mars moving ahead 11° toward the powerful 10th house cusp, it shows your business (if started around this time) becoming an influential force in the world.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Question – Will My Business Succeed?

January 29, 2007 by  

Woman Holding Balance

Horary Question:

I have been considering opening a business related to house-cleaning and repairs. It will be a partnership between 3 people and we will hire and train personnel to do the job. This idea has been on my mind for some time now, but only today, talking with one of the prospective partners, I had the idea of asking that question before I venture into something that would demand a lot of work, not to mention lots of time and money. If I open this business will it be successful? Will we make money out of it? Will it grow?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear I.,

Yours is certainly an interesting question, and I only wish that everyone had such foresight before jumping into new ventures. When I do the horary reading for your question, I will look at the overall success of the prospective company, as well as the kind of money that you can make from it. I cast a chart for the moment I understood your question, an ancient method known as horary astrology that you can learn about on my website. The horary chart for your question is below:

Business Success?

First, we see that the benefic North node is on your first house itself. I see this as a positive indication, one that is not too specific, but that gives the chart a more positive spin overall. We will want to look primarily at the 10th and 11th houses, representing your business and money from it, respectively. The 10th house is ruled by Jupiter, which is in its own sign of Sagittarius in the ninth house. Your business will do quite well and grow over time, as Jupiter is so strong.

We also need to look at the 11th house, which shows the money from your prospective business. The house is ruled by Saturn in Leo in detriment in the sixth house. Saturn could probably not be any worse, which would indicate that you may have trouble making money, perhaps despite having lots of customers. It is unfortunately all too possible to run a business such that you have a lot of work without getting paid very much for your efforts. That may be the case here. However, I would also look at Mars in its exaltation in Capricorn just on the cusp of the 11th. Mars is very strong, and gives us a sense that something will be propping the profits up. Mars rules the second house of your partners, so your partners’ money. It may be that even though the business is not terribly lucrative, your partners would be willing to prop it up for a while with their own investment or something similar.

I noticed that the Moon is now void of course, meaning it will not make any aspects in its current sign of Gemini. This can mean that nothing will happen, and you may choose not to go forward with your project. We see that the Moon’s last aspect has been a trine to Mercury, the planet ruling your seventh house of partners. Mercury is in the sign of Saturn, so we can see that your partners are primarily concerned about the possible profits from the business. It may be that your partners have decided not to go forward because they do not see the potential profits.

Given the above guidance, I think your business has a great deal of potential, but I would highly recommend that you have the money angle nailed down to the last possible detail. So many people start businesses without considering whether the money they make will be enough to keep them and the business rolling. Any planned growth will also take an additional influx of cash. If there are three of you, you can do more work, but of course you will need to make more money to pay everyone fairly.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Will I Keep My House?

January 5, 2007 by  

Elegant Company in a Summer House


How do I get out of my very serious financial situation? I had to pay my ex-husband out for the family home and truly paid more than was fair and I have got into trouble paying it back and borrowed from hither and thither to make it happen to keep a roof over my university sons’ heads and now I am in serious financial difficulty. I don’t want to sell the house but was wondering whether there is any indication of a windfall or some other money coming my way that would help me not have to move and pay out the house. Thanks. My situation is truly dire.


Nina Gryphon:

I’m sorry to hear about your financial difficulties; I know how these things can somehow snowball out of control very quickly. Let us see whether anything good is coming your way, or whether you should start doing some damage control. Either way, at least you will not be operating in the dark.

As always, I set a chart for the time I understood your question, a technique known as horary astrology, which allows us to see the likely development of the question. This is different from natal astrology, which uses your own birth horoscope. The advantage of horary is that it is quicker and more to the point, and will often give a very good quick and dirty response when you just need the facts. Your horary chart is below:

Lose My House?  Horary Chart

We can see that your financial situation is difficult indeed. First, we see that Saturn in Leo (where it is in its detriment), retrograde to boot, is sitting right on your ascendant. So something is definitely weighing on you — since Saturn signifies poverty and hardship in general, we can see that this is very much at the forefront of your mind.

Also, the malefic South node is closely conjunct your second house cusp of money. Not only that, but Mercury, which rules your money, is combust (probably the worst affliction that can happen to a planet) by being so close to the Sun. You’re figuratively burning your money, just like Mercury is burning due to its proximity to the Sun. Obviously, this isn’t anything you don’t already know, but it just goes to show that this chart very closely reflects your actual situation.

However, all is not lost. We see that the moon will shortly trine a very powerful Jupiter and its own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is considered the Great Benefic, and it is extremely helpful when it is in its own sign, because that it has more power to help. Jupiter rules the fifth house of profit from real estate. This may mean you will sell the house, or it may simply mean that you can make money from your house in some other way, such as renting part of it out. Either way, you will end up with a good chunk of change because Jupiter is so strong.

Mercury, which I already said rules your money, will very shortly sextile the Part of Fortune, another sign that some money is coming your way soon. The thing we need to determine is where this money will be coming from. It may be coming from a significant other or simply “any old person.” Have you considered speaking with your ex-husband about keeping the house to make your sons’ lives easier? It seems that he has something at stake here as well, as they are presumably his children, too.

The real underlying question here is whether you will lose your house. There is the possibility that you will sell it, because Mars is going to trine Saturn in 3° (this can be three months or three years, depending on how fast these things move in your part of the world). Saturn is this nasty thing we discussed earlier, or can simply mean a buyer. My suspicion is that you will end up selling the house, but you will make more money from it than you expected, and you may have to downgrade only a little bit.

Suggested Spiritual Work

This situation puts me in mind of a traditional way of not getting evicted from a house. You might want to give it a try. Take a bath, though not a soapy one, just one into which you have added some salt and some holy water, if you’re religious. As you bathe, pray for being able to stay in your house. Once you’re done with the bath, save some of the used bathwater and wash your floors with it. Because your situation seems to be so urgent, I would do this bath/floor wash frequently, maybe once a week or more. Let me know how it goes.

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Free Astrology Advice: Will I Marry Soon? Will My Finances Stabilize?

September 15, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Marriage and Money- the Lavoisiers


Will I marry soon? There are a couple of men in my life (kind of), but neither seems very keen on marriage. I recently broke up with my fiancee over money, and I am not sure whether my finances will be stable in the future, either. What lies ahead?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear K.,

Many of my clients want to know if and when they will marry. I always say that the odds are in their favor, since there are 3 billion men in the world, and surely at least a handful are suitable for marriage. The key of course is to meet them, and that is simply a numbers game; getting out there regularly and meeting the type of men you want to attract.

If you have been reading this blog at all in the last week, you will have noticed that a lot of the questions I get have to do with jobs. I have noticed that types of questions come in groups, depending on the planetary configurations. Regardless of how the planets are aligned, there are always a lot of questions about love, though more specific love situations still come in groups. Apart from jobs, the last few days have been all about marriage and reconciliation.

Free Astrology Advice - Marriage and Money?

Having set a chart for the time I received your question, you are signified by Mercury, lord of the 1st house. Mercury is very strong right now, it is in Virgo where it is in its own sign and exalted. You are in a good place for marriage and desirable. The only possible downside is that since Mercury is in its own sign and exaltation, it is not very interested in any other planet besides itself. Too, the potential husband is shown by Jupiter (Lord 7) and Mercury in Virgo is in the detriment of Jupiter – the woman is not very interested in the potential husband as a person. Mercury is about to run into the malefic South Node, showing something unpleasant happening – this might be the marriage. That is, the marriage may happen, but it may not be the best decision.

Her emotions are shown by the Moon, which is in the exaltation of the Sun (the man as Man). Emotionally, she really wants to find a mate, and that is the main attraction here. How does the Sun feel? The Sun is very interested in Mercury (the Sun is Virgo), so the potential husband is interested in her. So we have some level of interest here, which is very good. There are some difficulties, as described above, but with some effort, this will not be a deal-breaker. The next step is to see whether the opportunity for marriage will actually arise.

There is an applying conjunction by antiscion between the Moon in Aries (the woman) and the Sun in Virgo (the man) in about 1 degree. This is very good, and shows that the woman will marry soon. The marriage will not be perfect, but the horoscope says she will marry.

What about financial stability? The ruler of the second house of money is Venus. Venus is very weak nowadays, in its fall in Virgo. Here, it is in the malefic 12th house, making the woman’s money weak indeed. Notice Virgo is a moveable sign, showing money coming and going, and general instability. Venus will not be leaving Virgo for a while, nor will it get helped by another good planet. Unfortunately, she will still have to scrimp and save, since the money will be tight for a while.

Horary Astrology Horoscope: Work – Should I apply for this job?

September 5, 2006 by  

Horary Astrology  - Should I take this job?  Portrait of money changer and wife.

This is an example of a horary astrology reading I performed for a client in mid-July, 2006. Below is the horary reading analysis as well as some remedial measures with which I helped the client.


An accountant who had been unemployed for a few months wished to know whether it was a good idea to apply for a 9-month, temporary job with a shipping logistics company. He felt somewhat hesitant, as the job was very demanding, and essentially required him to act as one half of a two-person team. The client was not thrilled about this, but needed money. The application process was rather lengthy, and he did not wish to make the effort for a job he may not want.


The job is shown by the planetary ruler of the 10th house, Mars. It is essentially weak and placed in the malefic 8th house. This does not bode well for the quality of the job itself.

The client is symbolized by Saturn (ruler of the 1st house of the self), which is quite weak because it is in Leo, a sign of its detriment. Is the client a particularly desirable employee right now? Not likely.

Mars is also in Leo, so also in Saturn’s sign of detriment; Mars really hates Saturn. The job hates our client, so we can make a preliminary guess that he may not get the job, or even if he gets it, he will hate it.

The watery Moon, symbolizing the client’s emotions, would not do very well in the 10th house – it would be in Scorpio, where it is in its fall. Emotionally, this job would be terrible for the querent.

The money from the job is pretty good, shown by the second sign from the 10th – Sagittarius. It is ruled by Jupiter, which is strongly placed, and quite overflowing with blessings (in the fertile water sign of Scorpio). The money is pretty good – it’s not a huge salary, but it’s pretty good.

The final nail in the coffin is that the job and our client will not have the opportunity to actually meet. Mars (the job) and Saturn (our client) will not aspect each other. Neither will Mars and the Moon (the client’s cosignificator) meet. So we can conclude the client should not apply for the job, because he probably wouldn’t get it – and seeing the quality of the job, thank goodness for that!

Spiritual Work:

Seeing my answer, the client understandably got somewhat agitated. Though the horoscope supported his gut feeling about the job, he wanted to know how he could attract the kind of job he wanted.

My advice was two-fold. First, I recommended a series of herbal cleansing baths. In this case, we saw in the chart that he was not in the best state psychically – perhaps he felt he could not compete with others in line for the job, or the coworkers once he got the job. I recommended a 13-herb uncrossing bath, performed daily before sunrise (not an easy task in the summer) for 13 subsequent mornings, starting just after the full Moon, so that the bad influence would decrease.

Second, after the bath series was done, I asked him to send me a personal item, and I put together an extra-strength mojo bag for him. The goal was to help him find a job soon that he enjoyed, that would pay well, and that had potential for advancement. The exact contents of the bag are a trade secret, but it included such traditional items as a Mercury dime for fast good luck, Five-finger grass for dexterity and favorable reception by other people, and Solomon’s Seal root for wisdom and success. I also sent him some oil with which to feed the mojo and use when he searched for work.

UPDATE! On August 21, the client called me, saying he had found a well-paying job in a large company, and his boss was an old friend from high school. He was absolutely ecstatic.

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Horary astrology chart - Work: Should I apply for this job?

The Second House: Money, Money, Money in the Horoscope

July 31, 2006 by  

Money in the Horoscope

Dear Readers,

This has been a good – but busy – week:

1. I completely revamped my astrology website

2. I did the first episode of The Gryphon Astrology Radio Show

The radio show was a great deal of fun, and our theme was the 1st/7th house axis, which is always interesting and super-important to everyone, including our clients. To hear the show and look at the charts that we analyzed, click here.

The next show will air on Sunday, August 6th, 2006, and our theme will be the second house. If you have a money-related question (horary or natal) you’d like to submit to the show and hear it analyzed on the air, email me at

—Gryphon AKA Nina

I have to confess, the second house is one of my favorites in the whole chart. No foofy talk here about self-actualization and archetypal realization; this is all verifiable, real-world information. The second house tells you immediately the reality of someone’s existence; even if they drive a late-model European sports car, one look at their second house will tell you if there is money in the bank to back that up, or if the Porsche is bought on 1000 easy payments of just $9.95 a month, at 20% interest. I like to think of it as the traditional astrologer’s X-ray vision, if you will. I like the second house so much that I even wrote an article about finding wealth in the chart for the fall ’06 issue of Astrologia Restaurata; if you read German, so much the better.

William Lilly, who by all accounts was not totally averse to the second house himself (especially the packed second houses of his spouses), spends a good amount of time on the topic in his Christian Astrology.

In general, Lilly writes that one must look at the 2nd house and any associated planets either in the house or ruling the house – or both, and then observe what other planets, if any, influence those significators for good or ill.

After some amount of throat clearing, Lilly says that wealth is given when the lights are with eminent fixed stars or the Fortunes. Undoubtedly, this is a very helpful sign. In our article recently about Margaret Thatcher, her Moon is on Regulus, probably THE most eminent fixed star. For a grocer’s daughter, she did well; she married one of the nobility, and managed to amass a respectable fortune during her climb to and residence at the top.

Conversely, Lilly finds that the Moon with Saturn reduces the native to poverty, “though a King.” This is most likely because the Moon is such a powerful force of sheer fertility and generation in the chart; fertility of body, but also of the pocket. With Saturn, the Moon is a shriveled up, dessicated, reduced thing; once a grape, now a raisin.

Lilly then goes on to discuss the many ways one may come to wealth or poverty, by judging the planets that either help or hinder the native’s finances. Saturn, as we might expect, has everything to do with farming, mining, treasures, real estate, usury, prisons, ancient men and farmers. We would imagine, too, profit from funeral parlors or the construction industry. Jupiter, on the other hand, brings money from “dignities ecclesiastical” and religion in general, government, and the upper classes. Too, Jupiter is associated with the law; judges, advocates and lawyers can all help or hinder the native’s wealth. Mars brings or takes money via lawsuits, warfare, quarrels, tyranny and horsemanship, while specific people bringing about increase or decrease in wealth are soldiers, lawyers and thieves.

The Sun shows gain or loss from kingdoms, nobility, public office and royal favor granted by rulers, nobility, and those in authority. Venus brings or loses money via friends, women in general, art and music, jewels and beauty products, gambling, and the wife or mother. Mercury is all about contracts, negotiations, “all manner of subtle arts,” such as computers, divination, and the sciences. The associated helpful or harmful people are scholars, philosophers, merchants, lawyers, and “witty and ingenious tradesmen.” The Moon brings or takes money via anything wet, such as drinks or the sea, women, the common people and messengers/ambassadors.

The house location of each relevant planet will show the area from which wealth or losses will accrue. Too, the strength or weakness of each planet and its interplay with financial significators will show whether the person’s wealth will grow throughout the life or whether they will suffer serious losses.

Ivana Trump Horoscope

Let us examine the chart of Ivana Trump (Donald Trump’s first of several wives), an Eastern European skier and model, who divorced Trump for a settlement of approximately $14M plus annual maintenance fees. Ivana came from rather modest circumstances in Czechoslovakia, so we would expect a fairly dramatic improvement in finances in the chart. And Ivana does not disappoint in this regard.

When we look at the second house, we see it is ruled by Jupiter, which is itself posited in the second house, but in its fall in Capricorn. The weakness of Jupiter here causes it to act as an accidental malefic, but in a Jovial fashion. That is, the finances will improve from the level into which she was born (Jupiter as ruler of 2nd in the 2nd) but will look far better than they really are (Jupiter in fall). Too, the fact that Jupiter is in a cardinal sign shows that money will arrive quickly, but can just as quickly leave by the back door. Given Ivana’s somewhat phlegmatic temperament, we can assume that any losses will be caused by the desire nature; this woman is a big spender, and is fairly changeable in her tastes, which is an expensive habit.

Where will the money come from? Jupiter types, to be sure, so the rich and the upper classes. Note, however, that Jupiter is disposed by Saturn in the 9th house, which immediately makes us think of older foreigners. This is true for Ivana’s two husbands, both of whom were older and foreign.

The Part of Marriage falls on 1 Pisces, conjunct the Sun, which rules the 9th house of foreigners, as well as the Part of Fortune; this is yet another indication that the marriage will involve foreigners, and will be intimately connected to Ivana’s good fortune throughout the life. The Moon, symbolizing travel, aspects the Part of Marriage from the first house, again suggesting travel associated with marriage.

As you can see, Lilly’s rules hold true, though it’s the application that can be tricky, and requires a patient picking out of themes in the chart.