Mercury Retrograde Turns Direct – November 1, 2007

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Mercury Retrograde Turns Direct - November 1, 2007 - The Warriors

Mercury turns direct in Libra on November 1, causing the astrological world to heave a sigh of relief. If you were holding off on Mercurial projects (mailings, business deals, legal affairs, leaving your house), now is a good time to resume what you want. In the few days following Mercury’s second station – another term for the point at which Mercury turns direct – Mercury will still be moving slowly as it picks up speed. But there is a silver lining to this: Mercury will be conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica, which should make your work go more smoothly.

Mercury is happier in Libra than in Scorpio (which Mercury enters on November 11) because the airy nature of Libra is much more compatible with Mercury’s communication- and movement-oriented personality. Also, Mercury rules the air triplicity by night, so for optimal Mercury strength, it’s best to start your Mercury projects after sundown before Mercury enters Scorpio on 11/11.

Mercury in Scorpio is not as favorable as Libra, though by no means terrible. There are some areas of incompatibility between Scorpio and Mercury. For one, Scorpio is one of the mute signs, which does not go with talkative Mercury. Similarly, Mercury is not as quick and cerebral in the water signs – Mercury’s winged sandals don’t help him as much in the water as they do in the air. While there are a few powerful fixed stars in Scorpio, acting while Mercury is on Spica is a rather better bet.

Planets in Your Horoscope: Mercury Retrograde on June 16, 2007

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The Letter

Mercury will turn retrograde on June 16 at 11° Cancer. Yes, as we all know, the world will grind to a halt for a few weeks. At least for astrologers; the rest of us, not so much. But do not fear, even if you are Mercury-rx-phobic, there is a bright spot during Mercury’s retrogradation. Fortunately, we can use electional astrology to choose the right moment to minimize Mercury’s weakness. Mercury will be cazimi, i.e.: “in the heart of the Sun” on June 28, between approximately 3:23 pm and 10:23 pm Universal Time. You can read more about the meaning of cazimi and its meaning in your natal horoscope.

In short, a cazimi planet is very strong (William Lilly used to say “wondrous strong”) because when it is in the middle of the Sun, nothing else can harm it. It is as though the heat of the Sun destroys all enemies that may want to harm the planet in cazimi. The zone of cazimi extends 17.5 minutes (not degrees) from the Sun, in either direction. As a result, the duration of this beneficial state is usually quite short, and if we want to take advantage of it, we have to plan carefully.

Unfortunately, when Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer this time, it will not retrograde back into Gemini, which would give it some added strength, since Gemini is Mercury’s own sign. As a result, we only have this seven hour window in which to do mercurial things.

Some of the mercurial things there would do very well in cazimi would be the submission of applications, communicating with superiors (which are symbolized by the Sun), and generally applying to those in authority. It would be better if one could wait until Mercury was not retrograde, but the world is not always so accommodating.

Mercury Direct – March 8, 2007

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Love Sickness

Mercury turns direct on March 8, 2007

Mercury has been retrograde since February 14, backing out of Pisces into the late degrees of Aquarius. When it turns direct, it will soon reenter Pisces, the sign of Mercury’s detriment and fall. When a planet turns direct after being retrograde, this stage is known as second station. First station occurs when a planet goes from direct motion to retrograde motion. This is because when we look at the planets in the sky, stationing planets seem to grind to a halt until they slowly gain speed in the opposite direction.

William Lilly wrote that a planet in the first station (turning retrograde) is like a sick person taking to his bed. You are going along full speed, when you get a slight tickle in your throat, it gets worse and worse, until you have a full-blown flu, you station and go to bed.

A planet in second station (going direct after a period of being retrograde) is like a sick person leaving his bed for the first time. He is still shaky and feeling kind of yucky, but things are improving and he will soon be back to his normal self.

These metaphorical ways of looking at the motion of a planet can be very helpful in horaries having to do with health or medical conditions. They can give us a sense of whether someone is improving or getting worse. We can also see, especially when the retrogradation spans two signs, as it did with Mercury, whether one person will be returning to some kind of earlier state. We can see that in today’s free horary reading about the feelings of someone who appears to be going back to an earlier relationship.

If you are afraid of the effects of Mercury retrograde, this will be a fine time for you to leave your house. You are free to roam about until June 16, when Mercury turns retrograde yet again.