Horary Astrology: Do Invalid Questions Exist?

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Note: A reader asked me recently whether a horary question about someone I do not personally know (i.e. Madeleine McCann) is valid.  I am not sure where the concept of some questions being invalid came from, as it does not appear in traditional literature; I assume it arose at some point in the 20th century.  Below are some thoughts on this issue. 

Let’s unpack what you mean by “valid.”  Does an invalid question mean that the answer will sometimes or always be incorrect if people ask a certain type of question?  I’ll assume that is what you meant.
Now, let’s take the logic a little further; let’s assume that hundreds of horary astrologers not connected to the McCann situation have asked “Is Madeleine still alive?”  For the sake of argument, let’s posit she is still alive.  Do we really think that all those charts came up with “no” as an answer?   That seems unlikely, so we can assume that questions asked by querents unconnected with the matter will at least sometimes lead to correct answers.  But when?  Does that mean astrology worked at some of those times but not at other times?  That does not seem right.
Does astrology stop working when we ask certain types of questions?  If “as above so below” is true – and Hermes Trismegistus assures us that “true without falsehood, certain, most certain” – then the stars should always reflect reality here on earth without exception.   I have gotten accurate results to questions about situations in the news that interest me, so these questions are clearly valid at least some of the time.
This raises a second question: Even if there really are valid/invalid questions, how far removed from a situation do we have to be for a question to be valid, and who decides where the line is drawn?   Immediate family to the McCanns?  Neighbors who sometimes saw Madeleine?  Friends?  How about acquaintances of the family?  Family of friends of the McCanns?  Any line that we draw between valid and invalid questions must be arbitrary, and not supported by traditional literature to my knowledge.
Why is it insufficient that this is a topic that affects me emotionally?  Presumably, Madeleine’s parents, would be mainly motivated to ask out of their emotional involvement with their daughter.  Is their question invalid?  Or are we letting post-Enlightenment materialism creep in by assuming that there must be a physical connection between us to have a valid question?  It’s well proven scientifically that emotions affect our bodies, so whether little Madeleine lives or dies does, in fact, impact me more immediately than we think.  The only requirement is that we care at least a tiny bit about what happened to this little girl.
I have recently become very conscious of the fact – and this is not about you at all – is that in all areas of life, there are people who set themselves up as authorities who are eager to tell us what is and is not possible and we are very eager to take their word for it.  The Buddha said: “One is one’s own refuge, who else could be the refuge?”  Also, “be a light unto yourselves.”  We cannot take statements of possibility for granted, but rather, let us do the actual hard work to test assumptions.  What is our reward?  The truth, the only thing worth striving for.

Astrology of Missing People: Is Madeleine McCann Still Alive?

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Faithful readers of the Gryphon Astrology blog have read my 2007 post about little Madeleine McCann who vanished without a trace from her parents’ vacation apartment in Portugal, on May 3, 2007.  Recently, Scotland Yard stated they have evidence that Madeleine is still alive and they are investigating this line of inquiry.  Perhaps they read this blog!  In 2007, I wrote that the little girl is most likely alive.

As this is an emotional topic for me (and many readers), I impulsively cast a horary chart when I learned of Scotland Yard’s announcement, asking “Is Madeleine McCann alive?”  The chart is below:

Madeleine McCann Astrology Chart

Short answer: Yes, Madeleine is still alive.  There is a good possibility she will be found.

Long answer:  This is clearly a question about children; we have a Mercury-ruled sign rising, Gemini.  Mercury rules young children, especially those between 4-10.  We also have the Moon and Venus on the Ascendant, so further evidence that this is about a little girl.  Madeleine is represented by the 1st house (William Lilly assigned missing persons we don’t personally know to the 1st house), its ruler, and planets in it.  Any past connection to planets associated with the eighth house would indicate death.

Mercury, ruler of the 1st house, is in the auspicious 11th house, which, according to Lilly, means the person is still alive, however many reports there are of their death.

Saturn rules the 8th house of death in this chart; there is no past connection between Saturn and Madeleine’s planets (Mercury, Venus, or the Moon).  Lilly also says to watch out for oppositions between these planets, which we fortunately do not see here.

Now, the Moon does apply to a trine of Saturn, translating the light of Venus to Saturn.  However, we are optimistic that Madeleine is not in danger.  Saturn is in the 5th house, which is not malefic, and having Venus on the Ascendant is highly protective for the little girl.  Interestingly, Venus will not trine Saturn anytime soon; she will go retrograde a hair before the aspect perfects.

We do see that the Moon has separated from Venus, ruler of the 12th house, which means a past imprisonment or fear of imprisonment.  But interestingly, we do see Mercury and Venus applying to a sextile, and are cautiously optimistic that this brings some news of Madeleine.  This aspect perfects on May 4th, William Lilly says to look at when the ruler of the 11th (Mars) and the ruler of the Ascendant (Mercury) come into aspect to determine when we hear about the missing person.  Mercury trines Mars on the 13th of May.   Let us hope we hear about Madeleine on one of these dates.

The Astrology of Missing People: Madeleine McCann

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Little Girl in Big Straw Hat - Illustrating Horoscope - Madeleine McCann - Astrology of Missing Persons

The Madeleine McCann case is the latest mystery in the Astrology of Missing People topic; the story has been covered by the news somewhat here in the United States, but not nearly as much as in Europe. One of the readers of this blog, Magwitch, has brought the Madeleine McCann disappearance to my attention. Magwitch writes:

I was re-reading your blog entry from January concerning the whereabouts of missing student May Zhou. At the start of the article you say that “the fate and whereabouts of missing people” is an area of astrological interest for you. That got me wondering; has there been much in the news in your part of the world about the missing 4 year old child Madeleine McCann?

Madeleine was apparently abducted from her parents’ holiday apartment at the Ocean Club Resort, Praia da Luz in Portugal on Thursday 3rd May. The story is absolutely massive here in the UK and across most of Europe and the press seem keen to keep it as front page news even 3 weeks after the event. Sadly there appears to be no progress on Madeleine’s whereabouts at the moment.

Full details about Madeleine and the search to find her are available at http://www.findmadeleine.com

Madeleine was last seen by her parents on May 3, 2007, at 9:30 p.m. local time***(see important update at end of post), near the town of Lagos, Portugal. To try to determine whether she is dead or alive, and her whereabouts, we cast a horoscope for the time of her disappearance, which is below:

Horoscope - Madeleine McCann - Astrology of Missing Persons

We will examine the chart according to the rules laid out by astrologer William Lilly in his book, Christian Astrology. First, we shall see whether little Madeleine is still alive, and then we will analyze the horoscope for her location.

Is Madeleine McCann Alive?

We take the ruler of the first house, Mars, and the Moon, as Madeleine’s significators. Mars is in Pisces, in the fourth house. Mars is not afflicted, as it is in the sign of its triplicity, and it is not making aspects to troublesome planets. So far, so good.

The Moon, however, is not in such good shape: it is in Scorpio, the sign of its fall, so little Madeleine is in trouble. The Moon is void of course, meaning it will not make any more aspects in its current sign, and is about to enter Sagittarius. Normally, this would mean that Madeleine’s situation is about to get better, since the Moon is not nearly as afflicted in Sagittarius as it is in Scorpio. However, we would really want to see the Moon entering its own sign, to indicate that Madeleine will return home. I will discuss this more later when we talk about her whereabouts.

Death is shown by the ruler of the eighth house, Mercury, and to a lesser extent, by Venus, which is right on the cusp of the eighth. We also need to look at the Arabian Part of Death, which falls at 25° Gemini. It is encouraging to see that neither the Moon nor Mars are aspecting Mercury, ruler of the eighth house. However, and this is significantly troubling, Mars is about to square the Part of Death, from its location in the fourth house. Also, William Lilly writes that if the missing person’s significators are in the fourth house, “these are testimonies that the party absent be dead.”

I am also concerned to see Venus, ruler of the 7th house, so closely conjunct the Part of Death in the eighth house. While Venus is not one of Madeleine’s significators, whenever we see the Part of Death in play like this, it adds in a small way to the evidence of death. The seventh house would rule her abductors, and I do not like to see them connected to her death by such a close aspect. So, while the evidence for death here is not as overwhelming as in the May Zhou case, I am inclined to believe that Madeleine may not be alive.

Where Is Madeleine McCann?

We can also use this horoscope to find her location. Praia da Luz, Portugal, is about 90 miles from the Spanish border. The fact that the Moon is about to enter Sagittarius made me think that Madeleine’s abductors took her across the border to Spain. Spain is ruled by Sagittarius, and the Ascendant, where the Moon is located, represents the East direction. The emphasis on water signs (Mars is in Pisces and the Moon is in Scorpio) might show her in or near the water, particularly standing water.

***Important Update (5/26/07):

One blog reader (Suzanne – thank you!) has found out that Madeleine was last seen around 9 pm, not 9:30 pm. This changes the above chart in one important respect: The Part of Death falls at 13 Gemini. As a result, neither of Madeleine’s significators, Mars or the Moon, aspects the Part. This takes out a major part of our concern that Madeleine has come to an untimely end. I am far more optimistic about her being alive now, than when I looked at the 9:30 pm chart. Unfortunately, I cannot tell from the above chart whether she will be found again. I still feel very strongly that the water is important here, as I am sure it would be very easy to take away the child by boat without a trace, or even hide her in a boat. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her safe return, folks!

I left the old chart up for comparison, and because it is still extremely close to the 9 pm chart (which has the Ascendant at 21 Scorpio).