Lunar Eclipse of July 7 2009: Astrological Effects on the U.S.

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The lunar eclipse of July 7 will intensify the current US debate regarding an overhaul of health care, and this time will also emphasize the trouble in which much traditional media find itself. there may also be additional discussion of the government accessing private citizens’ data, and also a highly publicized cutting of social services for the public, in the name of reduced funds.

The lunar eclipse will happen just above the horizon in Washington DC, at 9:21 AM GMT, July 7. The French astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin said that locations where the body being eclipsed is angular will see the strongest effects from the eclipse. In Washington DC, the lunar eclipse has the Moon in the seventh house, and above the horizon, so it will be visible as well as angular. This eclipse is especially important because the Moon, which is being eclipsed, was the ruling planet of the U.S. horoscope for this summer. The ascendant of the lunar eclipse horoscope will be in the sign Cancer, which is the sign most prominent for the summer horoscope for the United States. This means that the lunar eclipse will bring to bear some of the effects promised in the Summer 2009 horoscope for the United States. Many of the issues below were highlighted for the U.S. for this summer, and this lunar eclipse, due to the similarity between this horoscope and the summer horoscope, will activate these topics and make them more apparent and intensely debated.


The Lunar Eclipse and the US Healthcare Debate

The chattering classes, especially in July and early August 2009, will be all abuzz about the impending Congressional bills regarding an overhaul of American healthcare. This battle will be fought very much in the press, and in the court of public opinion. A health care bill will be passed this summer, but Pres. Barack Obama will not get everything that he wants in the bill. It will be very difficult to get the bill through in the form that he envisions, and his ability to dictate the terms of the bill will be hobbled by the fact that there is not enough money to pay for the changes that he wants. the resulting bill will be an improvement on the existing state of things, but it will likely be far short of a major change from the current system.

President Obama’s political opponents are very much aware of the power of public opinion, and they will use all of their considerable media influence to shape the debate.  Prepare for a blitz of attack advertisements following this lunar eclipse.

The Decline of Newspapers and the Power of Technology

American newspapers have not been doing well financially, as they find they cannot compete with online media outlets. There will be renewed attention to this situation, and some traditional media will embrace or merge with Internet or other electronic news formats.  The idea of branding will be especially important, in that a well-known media or Internet brand will change dramatically, or even close down entirely.

A new and noxious electronic virus may be making the rounds and getting public attention as the lunar eclipse nears.

Swine Flu Regains the News

There will be additional attention to matters of public health, which this summer likely means the swine flu. The flu will continue to grow in strength, and the media and public hysteria will grow in step with the spread of the illness.

To find more astronomical data about the July 7 Lunar Eclipse, visit the NASA Eclipse Page, and download the July 7 Lunar Eclipse fact sheet (pdf).

Solar Eclipse of August 2008: U.S. Recession Looms Large

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Solar Eclipse of August 2008: US Recession Looms Large? 

The solar eclipse of August 1st, 2008, will occur in Washington, D.C., right at sunrise.  This timing makes it a potentially powerful eclipse, because it means it falls right on the ascendant at Washington.  However, an eclipse in itself means nothing without links to larger horoscopes for longer cycles. 


As readers of this blog know, I like to use the 1762 Grand Conjunction chart for the birth horoscope of the United States.  We can see that this year’s Aries ingress, the horoscope for the moment that the Sun enters first degree of Aries, puts the ingress Mars in Cancer (the sign of its fall), right inside the grand conjunction second house of money.  So here we have an affliction to the national solvency.  What activates this financial problem is the fact that Mars opposes the grand conjunction Moon in Capricorn.  This Moon is a bit of a weak spot for the United States, as it is in the sign of its detriment, Capricorn.


For those using the popular Sibly horoscope for the U.S., there is substantial grist for the mill as well.  This year’s Aries Ingress puts Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign of its fall, right on the 2nd house cusp of the chart, opposing the natal Sun.  Money problems?  You bet.  It is said that benefics in weak signs, like Jupiter in its fall, look good on the outside, but are rotten within.  So with the hyperinflated mortgage market in the U.S., which is now coming home to roost, along with the high gasoline prices.


Solar Eclipse of August 2008: U.S. Recession Looms Large


So even without resorting to an eclipse, we can see from this year’s Aries ingress that it will be a difficult year financially for the United States.  An official, statistical recession may or may not occur, but I can assure you it will (and already does, for many) feel like one.  August’s set of eclipses, both lunar and solar, emphasize the financial difficulties felt in the United States.  The lunar eclipse ascendant conjoins the Grand Conjunction Moon in Capricorn, again activating the Moon-Mars opposition out of the second house of finance.  The lunar eclipse itself falls right on the Moon in the Sibly chart, with Mars conjunct the natal Midheaven.  This indicates harm to the people, and to the government.  The solar eclipse (chart below) Jupiter still hugs the Sibly 2nd house cusp, showing continued financial distress.

Solar Eclipse of August 2008: U.S. Recession Looms Large

Even more amazingly, both the solar and lunar eclipses have the 4th/10th house axes fall on the 6th/12th house axis of the Great Conjunction.  Both eclipses have the Midheaven in the last degrees of its signs, showing the exit of the King.  To translate that from Astrospeak into normal English, the end of a governmental era draws to a close during the second half of this year, and none too gracefully.  I expect the country’s financial woes to become more acute as the year goes on, in fact, very shortly after the solar eclipse of August 1.  Because of the 10th house involvement with the malefic 6th and 12th houses, the financial crisis will be quite harmful to the current administration, and I expect its term to end on a significant down note.

Astrology of a Lunar Eclipse: The Lunar Eclipse of August 28, 2007

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Lunar Eclipse Horoscope - Astrology of a Lunar Eclipse: The Lunar Eclipse of August 28, 2007

The next eclipse is almost upon us, and this time it will be a total lunar eclipse at 5° Pisces-Virgo. This lunar eclipse is going to be rather more dramatic in its effects than the solar eclipse, even though the geopolitical effects of solar eclipses typically last much longer.

The affected countries and areas (those ruled by Virgo and Pisces) will include Africa, Babylonia/Mesopotamia (Iraq), Croatia, Greece, Jerusalem, Paris, and Portugal. In addition, all places where the lunar eclipse is visible have the potential to be affected.

The eclipse falls right on the ascendant-descendant axis in Washington, DC, which is considered a powerful placement for an eclipse. The effects of the eclipse will last until late winter 2008, and will be most noticeable through late October, 2007. Whenever an eclipse falls on the angles in a given location, the effects there will be powerful. This eclipse is close to the fixed star Fomalhaut, which brings renunciation and sacrifice, an entry to the dark night of the soul, and an eventual re-emergence.

Lunar Eclipse Horoscope - Astrology of a Lunar Eclipse:  The Lunar Eclipse of August 28, 2007

The Lord of the eclipse is Jupiter in Sagittarius, which tends to increase everything, including legal activity (as in creation and enforcement of laws), benefits to religious people, and those associated with higher learning. But Jupiter is opposed from the 10th house by Mars, the god of war, so we will have the law opposed to war this fall. This is expected, as the debate over Iraq grows ever sharper in Congress, particularly around the September deadline imposed earlier this year. The war continues to harm the U.S. executive branch, as Mars squares the ruler of the 10th house of kings, Mercury.

Saturn in Leo, the sign of its detriment, also falls a little bit too close to the Ascendant. This will produce a difficult time for all involved, with a pervading sense of gloom, even despair. This is not a fortunate placement.

Interestingly, the lunar eclipse falls on Vice President Dick Cheney’s natal Ascendant at 2 Virgo, and it will be shortly followed by Saturn’s transit over the Ascendant in late September. This is not an auspicious combination, and added attention to health and social standing would be beneficial.

Worldwide, the volatile, unstable Mercury-Mars square will produce wars, rebellion, and violence, particularly in areas where the planets are on the angles.

Astrology of the Full Moon: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of March 3

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City at Moonrise

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of March 3, 2007

The full Moon on March 3 will also be a total lunar eclipse at 13° Virgo. You can read more about my analysis of the lunar eclipse and its effect on Iraq. However, we also need to look at the effect of the eclipse on individual and national horoscopes.

Below is the full Moon/lunar eclipse chart set for Washington, DC:

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse March 3, 2007, Washington, DC

We see that the eclipse is angular and because it is right on the ascendant/descendant axis, it will not be visible in DC. However, this does not mean that the eclipse will be without effects in the United States; in fact, when we see that an eclipse is on the first/seventh house axis, it can affect the given country powerfully. This axis concerns primarily the people of a nation rather than its rulers, as the people of the country are shown by the first house and the rulers by the 10th.

The ruler of this lunation is Mercury, which is retrograde and in the malefic sixth house, but at least it is in its own triplicity, so it is not entirely without its virtue. Mercury also rules the first house of the people and the 10th house of the rulers. Its next aspect will be an opposition to a very nasty Saturn retrograde in the 12th house. Saturn also disposits this afflicted Mercury, and thus has power over it.

The sixth house as such can indicate disease or enslavement. This eclipse may bring these issues to light, particularly as they affect the American population at large. We also note that the applying Jupiter-Saturn trine falls in the fourth and 12th houses. I would take this as a general indication of important political shifts affecting the US population as a whole.

This full Moon/lunar eclipse chart is not particularly auspicious, with its emphasis on the sixth and 12th houses, both of which are highly malefic.

Effects of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of 3/3/07 on Individual Horoscopes

If an eclipse falls within a degree or two of important points in your natal chart, you may feel some effects. The exact nature and duration of the effects will have to do with the strength or weakness of the natal points that the eclipse activates. Therefore, if your horoscope shows that you will win a lot of money in the national lottery, an eclipse triggering some sensitive point in your chart may well set that event in motion. On the other hand, if your horoscope shows a tendency toward violent mental illness, an eclipse may presage a serious attack. As a result, it is impossible to tell the exact effect of an eclipse on your chart without first having thoroughly analyzed the horoscope.

In the absence of a complete natal workup, one easy way to tell the general nature of a certain point in your horoscope is to examine how your life has been affected in the past when those points were contacted by transit or secondary progression. As an example, if you have noticed that every time your Sun is triggered, you receive some money, then we would assume that an eclipse contacting that same Sun would have a similar and powerful effect.

— Readers who are interested in a natal reading that would encompass the effects of the upcoming eclipses on their natal charts, may learn more about this option on Nina Gryphon’s astrology readings page.

Astrology of Eclipses: Iraq and the Lunar Eclipse of March 3, 2007

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The lunar eclipse of March 3, 2007 will be visible from all continents, and the entire event will be visible in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Asia, Australia, and the Americas will only see portions of the eclipse. The eclipse will occur at 13° Virgo with the totality (the total obscuration of the Moon’s disk) lasting about 37 minutes. According to Ptolemy, all countries and cities ruled by the sign in which the eclipse occurs will be affected. However, those places where the eclipse is visible are especially strongly influenced.

Places traditionally ruled by Virgo:

Africa, Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy), Assyria, Babylonia (part of today’s Iraq), Basel (Switzerland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Brindisi (Puglia, Italy), Croatia, Cuma (Asia Minor), Erfurt (Germany), Gallia (France, Belgium, etc.), Jerusalem, Lyon (France), Mesopotamia (see Babylonia), Milan (Italy), Papia (Italy), Paris, Rheine (Westphalia, Germany).

Modern states and countries (those founded since about 1700) are not going to be found in the above lists, so we must include all places from which the eclipse will be visible. This lunar eclipse will be visible from all continents, so we cannot exclude any country.

Lunar Eclipse’s Effect on Iraq, March 3-June 4, 2007

Given the terrible situation in Iraq today, it is particularly disturbing that the lunar eclipse will affect modern-day Iraq (Babylonia/Mesopotamia), because the country falls under the rulership of Virgo. Moreover, you can see in this horoscope for the founding of Baghdad that the eclipse will be about 5° from the midheaven of Baghdad itself. The potential for serious and dramatic changes stemming from this eclipse is substantial. The horoscope for the lunar eclipse as seen from Baghdad, Iraq is below:

Lunar Eclipse March 3, 2007

The effect of the eclipse will be felt for a little more than three months after the fact, so we can expect any event related to the eclipse to occur between March 3 and June 4, 2007. The eclipse is at the top of the chart, which means that the effects will be particularly strong between April 3 and May 3, 2007, the second month of the period in question.

The Lord of the eclipse is Mercury, because he rules the sign of Virgo. Mercury is somewhat debilitated in the above chart, as it is retrograde, but at least it is in its own triplicity in Aquarius. Interestingly, in Baghdad’s founding horoscope, Mercury rules the country’s enemies or invaders. As I explain in this article about Baghdad’s horoscope, the city was founded at a time chosen to prevent conquest of the city by enemies.

I do believe we are going to see some serious changes in the way that Iraq is administered during the three-month period, and may even see the beginning of withdrawals from Iraq. Mercury is retrograde in the eclipse chart, which makes me think that there will be some backpedaling regarding the United States’ involvement in Iraq. Moreover, the same eclipse falls right on the ascendant-descendant axis in Washington, DC, often a sign of dramatic changes in the country in question.

Astrology of Eclipses: North Korea’s Nuclear Test – Lunar Eclipse of September 7th

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North Korea’s Nuclear Test - Mars and Ignorance

The Lunar Eclipse of September 7th was partly visible in North Korea (around the time of Moon set), and indeed, we are starting to see its indications with North Korea’s alleged nuclear test. Moreover, the Lunar Eclipse at 15 Pisces fell right opposite North Korea’s Sun at 17 Virgo. In the horoscope of a country, the Sun always has to do with the government and leadership, and of course the opposition aspect has to do with confrontation, disharmony and breaking up.

We would expect this Lunar Eclipse to have significant repercussions for North Korea’s leadership, though the consequences will be even worse for the North Korean people. In a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is obscured by the Sun; the Moon always signifies the people of a kingdom. Thus, we have the picture of a people being harmed by their government. This does not happen at every eclipse, of course, but because the Lunar Eclipse contacted the North Korean Sun, we would expect some serious effects.

There are many things I do not love about North Korea’s natal horoscope, which has a Sun-Moon square, showing disharmony between the people and the government. It is this square that the Lunar Eclipse of September 7th triggered, so we can expect the North Korean people to suffer for the actions of its government. In real world terms, we expect any aid from other countries to North Korea to be withdrawn, since Jupiter rules sustenance. Not surprisingly, the nuclear test in a water sign (Pisces), ruled by a moist planet (Jupiter) in Scorpio (a water sign) will likely harm the aquatic life significantly, as well as vegetables and plants. Note, too, the ominous location of the eclipsed Moon – in the 8th house of death.

Saturn in Leo (the sign of its detriment) is on the Ascendant, and since the Ascendant rules the people in political horoscopes, we see serious strain on North Koreans here as well. Saturn as such rules deprivation, so we can expect the North Koreans to suffer from other countries’ retaliatory measures. Saturn in this chart rules the 7th house of open enemies, which in North Korea’s case includes just about all other countries. So suffering will come to North Korea from open enemies.

The test itself occurred on October 9th, which was right on schedule; we would expect the effects from the Lunar Eclipse to begin between September 27th – October 7th, 2006, and reach their peak between October 15th – October 29th, 2006. Indeed, North Korea started threatening a nuclear test in the first few days of October.

The horoscope for North Korea’s Lunar Eclipse on September 7th is here:

North Korea Horoscope - Lunar Eclipse September 7th

Astrology of Eclipses: Lunar Eclipse of September 7th – Dengue in India

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As I mentioned in my original post on the astrology of the September 7th Lunar Eclipse, one of the problems with having the eclipse in a water sign (Pisces) ruled by a moist planet (Jupiter) in another water sign (Scorpio) is the distinct possibility of water-borne disease among the common folk. With this year’s huge dengue outbreak in India, William Lilly’s words come to mind:

An eclipse of the Sun or Moon in the watery triplicity presages a rot or consumption of the vulgar sort of people […] In Virgo or Pisces…it shows that very many fountains shall be corrupt and grow impure, and the river waters not wholesome.

If you don’t know what dengue is (I know I had to look it up), it is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes, not terribly different from malaria, sometimes fatal. Last year, the World Health Organization reported 900 cases of dengue in India; this year, there are 3000 so far.

As to the timing of the outbreak, here is the quote from the earlier post on the Eclipse:

India – begin between September 17 – 27, 2006, strongest between October 1 – 15th, 2006

Also note that the September 7th Lunar Eclipse was right on the Midheaven in New Delhi (the horoscope set for New Delhi is in the original lunar eclipse post); it did not fail to manifest. Jupiter brings trouble to the people in power, and this year, a few members of the Indian Prime Minister’s family came down with dengue symptoms. As well, parts of India are experiencing epidemic proportions of the similar but usually rarer disease chikungunya. I am glad not to be living in the tropics right now.

Astrology of Eclipses: Results of Lunar Eclipse of September 7, 2006

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Astrology of Lunar Eclipses - Russia and Georgia - Soldiers Cheating

As you can read in my article on the astrological effects of the September 7th lunar eclipse, you will find that both Russia and the Republic of Georgia were expected to be affected toward the end of September through October 1.

When will the effects of the lunar eclipse be felt?

Egypt, Republic of Georgia, Turkey and Russia – begin between September 7 – 17, 2006, strongest between September 17 and October 1, 2006

If you have been following the news at all, you will know that Georgia has arrested four Russian officers for alleged espionage in recent days. Russia has retaliated against Georgia severely, and this week the Kremlin has suspended all forms of transportation between Russia and Georgia. In addition, Russia has slapped Georgia with economic sanctions, despite Georgia’s release of the four officers into Russian custody.

The ruler of the September 7 eclipse is Jupiter, a moist planet in Scorpio, moist sign. The sanctions that Russia imposed on Georgia are restrictions on Georgian export of its wine, and its bottled water. This confrontation goes to show that the effects of eclipses are almost always negative, even if the eclipse is ruled by a benefic planet such as Jupiter.

Astrology of Current Affairs: Lunar Eclipse and the Military Coup in Thailand

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Lunar Eclipse - Horoscope Thailand - Alexander's Army

The Thai Army ousted Prime Minister Thaksin on Tuesday in a bloodless coup, claiming that governmental corruption and the inability of the government to deal with Muslim insurgencies had become too great to tolerate. How did the recent military coup in Thailand come about, astrologically speaking? Was it attributable to the recent Lunar Eclipse, or was it some kind of early harbinger of the upcoming Solar Eclipse? Having examined Thailand’s astrological chart (the one most commonly used by Thai astrologers), I believe we are seeing the effect of the September 7th Lunar Eclipse.
As I wrote in an earlier post about the September 7th Lunar Eclipse, the Eclipse was visible throughout most of Asia. Nonetheless, not all Asian countries will experience a coup due to the Lunar Eclipse, so there must have been something unique about the Eclipse’s contacts to the Thai horoscope. Some of it, of course, will have to do with the inherent nature of the country – some countries go for decades, even centuries, peacefully, while others have constant violent clashes. This has much to do with the nature of the country’s horoscope, as well as with the V-E-R-Y slow transits of “fixed” stars across the chart.

Horoscope - Thailand Coup and the Lunar Eclipse

Looking at Thailand’s horoscope, we can see that the fixed star Markab, which is now at 23 Pisces, is conjunct the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Pisces. Markab is a rather bright star, and is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. Robson says that it gives “honor, riches, fortune, danger from fevers, cuts, blows, stabs [can be operations nowadays] and fire and a violent death,” and specifically when with Mercury, it means “friends turn into enemies.” We can see that in this Mercury-Venus conjunction, it is the rather nasty Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces that will run the show. This is probably because it is solidly in the strong 11th house, compared to poor Venus, which is a bit too close to the malefic 12th house, and thus cannot act very well.

The September 7th Lunar Eclipse occurred at 15 Pisces, and it was probably a bit too far for Venus to have a say, but was close enough to Mercury to activate it and Markab. Unfortunately, the consequences were not going to be pleasant, precisely because of Mercury’s weakness. The Eclipse is ruled by Jupiter, which we can take to be the Thai Army. The Army is the Government’s resource, so it will be the second house from the 10th. Saturn is the Government, so we take the next sign, which is Pisces, and is ruled by Jupiter. So the Eclipse will affect everything Jupiterian in this country – here, that is the Army, and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet (also second from the 10th). The PM’s Cabinet has been getting arrested one by one or has not been returning to Thailand, if they were fortunate enough to be abroad at the time of the coup.

The fact that Pisces is a double-bodied sign bodes ill for the ruler of an affected country:

Because the eclipse is in a double-bodied sign (Pisces), the greatest activity will occur with rulers of the affected lands, and their governments, also any people in power in general. (From this post on the September 7th Lunar Eclipse.)

Whoever elected Thailand’s horoscope (it has certainly been elected, as all sensible countries and cities have done) took good care that the Thai people were in control of the priesthood and the Cabinet/the Army, rather than under the Government’s control. Venus, Lord 1 – the people, are in Jupiter’s sign. Jupiter rules the 9th house (religion and the priesthood) and rules the second sign from the 10th (Cabinet and Army). In these changing times, the focus is much more on the power of the Army and the Governmental ministers, than on the power of religion. That is perhaps something the astrologers who constructed Thailand’s chart did not consider.

Astrology of Current Affairs: Early Results for September 7th Lunar Eclipse Predictions

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Astrology Lunar Eclipse September 7 - Jupiter and Thetis

As I have confessed in my earlier post about the September 7 lunar eclipse, I am a big believer in the astrological effects of eclipses. We are still in the early stages of the eclipse’s influence, but a quick glance at the news shows that the Jupiterian promise of the lunar eclipse is coming to fruition, according to each country’s circumstances:

Egypt, Republic of Georgia, Turkey and Russia – effects of the lunar eclipse begin between September 7 – 17, 2006, strongest between September 17 and October 1, 2006

William Lilly Gets It Right

William Lilly writes: “New Customs or Priviledges are conferd on the people; New Corporations, new Honours, &c.”

  • Egypt: The government has just submitted a comprehensive Middle East peace proposal to aid in creating a Palestinian state.
  • Republic of Georgia: Parliament calls for an improvement in the country’s prison conditions.
  • Turkey: Receives a long-awaited 280 Million Euro loan from World Bank for electricity generation purposes.

In the earlier post, I said “[Jupiter] increases fame and power of the mighty and of religious leaders and organizations.”

  • Russia: THE big news item – Madonna plays Moscow, Russia goes wild. Madonna’s fame and power have certainly been increased by this concert (she is not exactly a religious organization, though her show does feature a crucifxion).