Weather Astrology: Forecast for San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula), February 17-23

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Sunshine After Rain

February 17-23, 2007

It looks like a pretty wet week. Venus in Pisces will make sure we have at least a good layer of fog/clouds, and will likely bring some rain. However, by itself, Venus is pretty moderate, so we wouldn’t expect extreme rain. Note that Venus is conjunct the Ascendant and squares the 4th house cusp, which makes it that much more certain rain will come. I am somewhat concerned by Pluto exactly conjunct the Midheaven, however, which may make any weather that much nastier. I am still trying to understand exactly when the outer planets become relevant in weather charts. We’ll see if a tight conjunction to the MC by Pluto will do something.

Mercury (ruler of the 4th house) is in Pisces, which would give a somewhat wetter prognosis, but tucked away in the cadent 12th house, it might not do a whole lot with regard to bringing moisture.

As far as wind goes, the previous week’s prognosis still applies here: breezes and moderate westerly winds (Mars gives the western wind, but here it is moderated by a partile sextile from Venus…whew!).

Astrological Weather: Forecast for the San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula), Feb. 2-10

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Italian Landscape Viaduct Rainbow

I have always been fascinated by the ability of astrology to beat modern sciences at their own game. Nowhere is this more evident than in the practice of astrometeorology, or the prediction of weather using planetary cycles. In modern meteorology, it is extremely difficult to make accurate forecasts for more than three days in advance due to the chaos effect (also known as the butterfly effect). The farther out you go in time making a prediction, the more random factors interfere. These errors compound over time, causing long-range predictions to be highly unreliable.

With astrology, that is not an issue, because the positions and movements of the planets are known as far in advance as one desires. Therefore, using astrology, one can make a weather prediction for that July 4 picnic we planned for 2010, if necessary. I find this tremendously exciting, and so decided to inaugurate an experimental column using astrology to predict weather in the San Francisco Bay area, on the Peninsula.

First, let us take a look at the overall temperature this winter — it will certainly be colder than normal, as we have already experienced. Mercury and Saturn are active in the chart for this winter, both of which are cold planets, with Saturn having a particularly nasty bite to it. Because this is a mundane chart, dealing with events in the world, rather than specific individuals, I believe that using fixed stars (and yes, their close cousins, the outer planets) is highly beneficial. We see malefic Pluto right on the descendant angle for the chart for this winter, indicating that the cold we expect will be destructive. From observations of weather charts, I have noticed that the outer planets seem to act very much like fixed stars, being most determinative when they are closely conjunct something important. There are a number of Mars-type fixed stars scattered around the seasonal chart, further indicating the violent and harmful nature of the cold this winter.

Second, let us observe the level of wind we can expect in the next few weeks. I expect that it will be somewhat windy, though not drastically so, until about mid-February. While the chart for wind shows some activity, I expect that this will be somewhat moderated by the more beneficial influences in the chart, and should not cause significant difficulties.

Finally, we can examine the level of moisture (clouds, snow, rain, etc.) here on the Peninsula between February 2 and February 10. I do not expect this week to be particularly rainy, but it will definitely be cloudy/foggy. We may get some showers, but due to our local climate, the moisture will primarily manifest as a good cloud cover.

UPDATE (Feb. 13, 2007): The entire week, the National Weather Service has been predicting wild storms to strike the San Francisco Bay area; the storm did not materialize in the time period they thought.  The week was cloudy with a few sprinkles here and there, and then it really dumped it on February 10, appropriate to next week’s forecast.  Astrology 1: NWS 0. 

Advance outlook for February: Wetter, wilder, and woolier as the month goes on, culminating in the third week of the month.

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