Long-Term Weather Forecast with Astrology: September 2008 in the U.S.

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The resident astrology weather forecast gnome, Godric, recently seemed very pleased with himself. I asked why, and he pointed to this post, where he predicted the storms off of Florida, namely Tropical Storm Fay. Since I believe in instilling astrological humility, I asked Godric whether he could also predict the name of the storm in advance. He looked ashamed and ran off. I believe he’s working on the name prediction method right now. Despite his hard work on this, with the help of an airy sylph spirit, Godric was able to put together the following forecast for the U.S.

California weather for September 2008:

August 30 – Nice, cool weather, with fog or clouds. Saturn in the Midheaven with Jupiter conspire for classic autumn weather.

September 7 – Dry and mild, with some west wind.

September 15 – More western wind, still with fair weather. Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Libra conspire for autumnal weather.

September 22 – Western wind but the weather should be fair and warm. More Mars, Mercury, and Venus influence.

USA weather through September 22, 2008:

West Coast & Western Midwest: Fine, seasonal weather, with nothing out of the ordinary. Starting on September 22, we will see some winds and fair, warm weather, as indicated by Venus on the Ascendant, combined with Mercury and Mars in Libra.

Midwest (Minnesota down to the Gulf): Hot, but not insanely hot. Expect some moisture, too, especially in the north, but not heavy rain. Showers and clouds should be enough. Starting on September 22, you will see more seasonal weather, much like what you’d expect this time of year.

East Coast: Clouds, rain, and storms. Saturn, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo are all in the Midheaven, promising clouds, winds, and rain respectively. Because all planets are in a Mercury-ruled sign, wind is especially emphasized. The Caribbean is not going to have a good time. The clouds and/or cool weather will continue past September 22.

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. July 14 – 21, 2007

July 8, 2007 by  

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. July 14 – 21, 2007 - illustration: After the Rain

This is going to be a pretty wet week, according to our resident long term weather forecast gnome. First, in the interior western states (Nevada and the like), the New Moon in Cancer, a moist sign, falls right on the ascendant. When I was traveling in Europe a few weeks ago, I experienced firsthand the meaning of a lunation in a moist sign (Gemini) falling on angles: it rained torrentially much of the time. At least I was somewhat prepared!

The horoscope for the New Moon of July 14, set for San Francisco, California, is below: 

Long Term Weather Forecast/Astrometeorology: Western U.S. July 14 – 21, 2007 - illustration: New Moon Horoscope

At the very least, depending on the locale, there will be fog or clouds, and for any locations where summer rain is at least a possibility, it will very likely manifest at this time. The old texts say that the last 10° of Cancer are actually very dry, so perhaps the forecast isn’t quite as gloomy as all that. However, it doesn’t get any moister than Cancer. The wetness will peak on July 17 and 18th, when the transiting Moon conjoins the Cancer Ingress ascendant, and the lunation fourth house cusp, respectively. At least these two dates don’t fall on a weekend.

The second interesting element here is Mercury in Cancer on the ascendant, just leaving second station. Mercury in Cancer would bring us colder winds, especially around the 21st of July, when it conjoins the ascendant of this lunation horoscope. Mercury also rules the all-important fourth house cusp, further underscoring its influence for the week.

Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 14-21, 2007

June 13, 2007 by  

Cloudy Day on a Fjord - illustrating Astrometeorology - Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 14-21, 2007

As expected last week, the weather warmed up a bit toward the end of the last lunar cycle. San Francisco hit a sweltering – for San Francisco – 77F (25C) on Wednesday, thanks to hot Venus in Leo on the 4th house cusp in the last lunation horoscope.

The horoscope for the upcoming lunation is below:

New Moon Horoscope June 14 2007 - illustrating Astrometeorology - Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 14-21, 2007

The New Moon (Moon conjunct Sun) in Gemini is inside the 7th house cusp, bringing us some moisture. The New Moon is in a moist sign, so we may get some rain, or at the very least, more clouds/humidity/fog. This depends on the type of moisture typical in your location. The connection to Mars in Aries, which also rules the important 4th house, may bring some unsettled weather. The old authorities say that Mars in Aries causes wind, but not rain, as well as thunder and lightning. So there will be an increase in moisture this week, “restless” weather, and possible – though not probable – thunderstorms.

Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 8-13, 2007

June 8, 2007 by  

Summer Day by the Sea, illustrating Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 8-13, 2007

Summer is nearly upon us, but weather in much of the West has been relatively cool and windy this Spring (as shown in the Aries Ingress horoscope for 2007). Let us see what this coming week holds, and whether the colder weather will continue. The lunation horoscope set for San Francisco, California, is below:

Moon Horoscope - June 8, 2007 - 3rd Quarter Moon Horoscope - Summer Day by the Sea, illustrating Astrometeorology: Weather Forecast for the West, June 8-13, 2007

We have a very warm, occidental Venus in Leo near the 4th house cusp, so that will be our chief weather factor for the West this week. Venus in Leo will give a warm, pleasant temperature, and a stillness in the air, with occassional warm breezes. Rain is unlikely. During the coming week, it will be especially warm around June 13th, with transiting Venus conjoining the lunation’s 4th house cusp, and the transiting Moon conjoining the Ascendant on the same day, triggering this pattern.

Read the Summer Weather Forecast for 2007

Astrometeorology: Summer Weather Forecast for the West – Cancer Ingress 2007

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Summer’s Tale - illustrating Cancer Ingress 2007 - Horoscope Illustrating Free Astrology Article - Astrometeorology - Summer for the West Forecast 2007

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 21, 2007, which inaugurates the Summer season worldwide. The positions of the planets are the same the world over for the moment of the ingress, so the important features here are house positions and house rulerships, which will vary by location.

For this season, we will still give priority to our Aries ingress horoscope from the spring. This is for two reasons: one, the Aries ingress addresses the conditions for the entire year, so it is an “umbrella” chart that we must consult before making more specific predictions. Two, the old astrologers used to say that when the Aries ingress ascendant is in a mutable sign, we need to look at the Aries ingress and the Libra ingress only, to get a good feeling for each half of the upcoming year. This Spring, we had Virgo ascending here in the West during the Aries Ingress, so the Aries and Libra ingress is this year will be most important. So the Cancer ingress might be helpful, but it is not that important in a year such as this one.

The Cancer Ingress horoscope for San Francisco, California, is below:

Cancer Ingress 2007 - Horoscope Illustrating Free Astrology Article - Astrometeorology - Summer for the West Forecast 2007

Our Aries ingress indicated that it was going to be windy and temperate in 2007, due to Mercury in Pisces conjunct the seventh house cusp. So we have to keep this in mind as we look at the Cancer ingress horoscope. In this chart, we see that Jupiter rules the fourth house cusp, which would give us a warm and dry summer (no surprise there), though nothing extreme, due to Jupiter’s benefic nature. Also, Jupiter is trine Venus in Leo, which gives another hint of a warm but not unpleasant season. Last year’s deadly heat wave is not likely to return this year (it was indicated by the Sun near the ascendant in that year’s Cancer ingress, by the way).

Most likely, we will have a pretty breezy summer, due to Mercury’s continuing influence. For those of us in the earthquake-prone San Francisco Bay area, July may well give us a little bit of a rattle, as Mercury rules both winds and earthquakes.

Astrometeorology: The Weather in the West (May 23-30)

May 22, 2007 by  

The Wind

It certainly has warmed up in the last couple days, and the haze and fog has largely gone away (for a little while, anyway). Now that the Sun has moved away past the Aries ingress midheaven, it will cool off again.

Well, folks, I think we are in for more of the same. The upcoming week is going to be pretty dry, and I doubt it’s going to be as hazy as the previous week. For this quarter Moon, we have the ruler of the fourth house, Jupiter, trine Saturn, which gives us a sense that the dryness will persist, whether we like it or not. There are few indications of moisture for this week.  The lunation chart, set for San Francisco, is below: 


Transiting Moon will conjoin the lunation ascendant on the 23rd, but this will bring in more wind than rain, and perhaps some haze. The Moon will also activate our angular Mercury in the Aries ingress chart, further emphasizing the windy theme of this spring. The following few days, especially the 23rd through the 25th, will continue to be fairly windy. This is because the transiting Sun will square the Aries ingress Mercury, and then the Aries ingress ascendant.

In the next few days, I will be preparing the summer forecast for the West, which promises to be interesting, though not quite as much as this upcoming winter! In any case, if I have already posted the Summer 2007 weather forecast, and you miss it, just click the astrometeorology or weather links on the left to pull all the weather related posts.

Astrometeorology: The Weather in the West (May 16-22)

May 17, 2007 by  

California Spring

The Aries Ingress chart for this Spring indicated a cooler, more windy Spring than usual. It certainly has been windier than normal so far! This week will be dry, even oppressively so, but with persistent mist, clouds, or humidity (depending on your location). The Lunar phase chart for the US West coast has Saturn in Leo on the Ascendant, with our usually-ignored friend Neptune in opposition on the 7th house cusp (yes, the outers seem to influence weather). Hot Mars in Aries trines the Ingress IC, and rules the Lunation chart IC, warming up the air and drying things out even more, so we wouldn’t expect rain.

Sunday the 21st and Monday the 22nd will be particularly warm and dry, as the Sun transits over the Ingress MC. Maybe even the mist won’t make an appearance on these days. Still, the unpleasant influence of Saturn in hot, dry Leo (which also squares the Lunation 4th house cusp) will stubbornly make itself felt as the week goes on, so make sure your plants and pets have enough water. With Saturn in play, we might even end up on the warm, dry side of a low-pressure front.

The chart for our current lunation is below:

Horoscope - New Moon May 2007

Weather Astrology: San Francisco Bay Area Weather Forecast for Spring, 2007

March 6, 2007 by  


In the San Francisco Bay area, our spring will be cooler and wetter than usual. This is due to Jupiter trining Saturn out of the fourth house, a combination which usually cools the air down a little. We also see cold Mercury placed in Pisces, a cold and moist sign, on an angle. This itself will bring more coolness and rain than we are used to, and due to Mercury’s close sextile to Venus in Taurus, we can be sure the weather will be pleasantly moderate, with some gentle breezes.

We also notice that the fixed star Fomalhaut (“the mouth of the fish”) is conjunct the seventh house cusp and Mercury, which we take as additional evidence of a wet spring.

Let us take a look at some salient Arabian Parts. The Part of Weather and Winds is at 21 Gemini, opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius. This combination would bring warm and dry winds, while Jupiter is trine Saturn would add a slightly stormy or unpleasant element to the wind. The dispositor is that cool and windy Mercury in Pisces, yet more evidence of a breezy spring. The Part of Fire and Heat is at 23 Cancer, and is not activated by close aspects. Its dispositor is the Moon in Aries, which itself is not aspected, so we would not expect freakishly hot weather. This is in keeping with the rest of the chart.

The Part of Clouds is at 5° Pisces, right on the descendant and conjunct Mercury, so we can expect fast-moving clouds with wind. The Part of Rains is at 11 Virgo is not closely aspected, but is again disposited by this very wet Mercury. We can expect lots of rain. The Part of Cold is at 20 Aquarius, contacted by a nasty Mars-Saturn opposition, and disposited by a detrimented Saturn. It will be a cold spring, indeed.

Astrological Weather: March Forecast for San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula)

March 2, 2007 by  

Sunset After Storm - Sicily Coast

In March 2007, we can expect mostly dry weather, with only the occasional heavy clouds or rain, and getting increasing rain toward the end of the month. Many of the astrological indicators this month are connected with the hot and dry planet Mars, as well as Jupiter, which is hotter and drier than usual, because of its location in a fire sign, Sagittarius. As a result, whenever these two planets are active, we are not going to see a whole lot of rain or major clouds/fog. We will see more rain activity from the Moon passing into the sign of Cancer and applying to Mercury in Pisces, but that will not happen until the last week of March.

Last month’s prediction of an increased chance of earthquakes in February proved accurate, as we had two small (Richter scale 3 and 4) earthquakes that could be felt in our area. For the first half of March, there’s still the possibility of an earthquake, but the indicators are not as strong as last month. Similar indicators, namely Mercury, that show possible earthquakes, also describe wind conditions. The first half of March should be somewhat turbulent, though mostly we would see steady but moderate breezes. The second half of the month shows a smaller likelihood of earthquakes, with some medium northern breezes coming through.

The overall temperature for the first three weeks of March will be colder than usual, and it will seem like the cold weather is holding on quite tenaciously. The last week of March (starting with the Sun’s entry into Aries on March 21) will warm up a little, but it may not be the best time to break out the swimsuit just yet. The warming influence of Jupiter will be tamped down by its trine to Saturn, again giving cooler than usual weather. Also, the prominence of Mercury in Pisces, a cold planet in a cold sign, promises both coolness and moisture.

San Francisco Bay Area Weather Forecast February 24 to March 2, 2007

February 27, 2007 by  



As last week, we are still looking at windier conditions than usual, though this doesn’t necessarily mean gale force winds.  Rather, steady gusts or breezes, especially coming from the west will be the norm.

We would expect this week to be fairly wet, as we are looking at Mercury in a water sign (Pisces) conjunct the Sun in Pisces in the all important fourth house.  This conjunction is squared the Moon, which is in its first quarter.  The lunar aspect is yet another hint that rain, or at least a good amount of clouds and fog, is likely to continue.

Saturn dominates the chart, given that it is at the top of the horoscope, so we might get periods of nastiness, or at the very least, a good amount of gloom and clouds.

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