Mars in Libra: August 19 – October 4, 2008

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Mars enters Libra, the sign of its detriment, and will zip through the sign in about six weeks. Generally speaking, this is a bad time to do martial tasks, such as fighting, physically exerting yourself, or working with tools. Theoretically at least, you can put off that renovation project and exercise routine you’ve been dreading. However, the good news is that Mars will be in a Cardinal sign in Libra, and it will be moving very fast. So any martial activity that you want to happen quickly might be helped by Mars’s placement in the next month and a half.

Mars in Libra

Libra is the beginning of the dark time of the year, when night begins to outweigh daylight in the northern hemisphere. The fiery planets, the Sun and Mars, are ill at ease in Libra, while Saturn, the planet of darkness, is exalted there. Libra is also the beginning of the cold and dry quarter of the year, associated with the melancholic temperament. None of this makes fiery Mars very happy, as he is already uncomfortable being placed in an air sign. Mars is all about action, and Libra is altogether too cerebral for the Lord of War.

Further, Libra is considered one of the human signs, because it has to do with the human quality of reason. To Mars, this is an alien concept, further weakening the planet. Ibn Ezra, in The Beginning of Wisdom, writes that Libra rules “the marketplace people, judges, mathematicians, musicians, and merchants who deal with food and drink.” None of these occupations are particularly congenial to physically-oriented Mars.

The one bright spot of Mars’s transit through Libra is its conjunction to the very benefic fixed star Spica at 24° Libra, which brings Venusian and Mercurial blessings.

Mars Aspects in Libra for 2008

September 7 – Mars square Jupiter in Capricorn. This is a very expensive combination, and might be useful for intimidating your opponents. Jupiter is weak in Capricorn, but exalts Mars, so this might be a good day to verbally confront those higher in social standing than yourself.

September 8 and 23 – Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra. This might be another day for verbal confrontation; there might be a lot of talking and weighing arguments, but not necessarily with a tangible result.

September 11 – Venus conjunct Mars in Libra. This is an attractive combination, because Venus is in its own sign. It’s a good day for romance, and generally making your roof. Mars in Libra may be a little wimpy, but a good time should be had by most.

September 26 – Mars conjunct Spica at 24 Libra. A bright spot of beauty during Mars’s otherwise uncomfortable sojourn through Libra. A good day to try your luck in most things if your natal ascendant is Aries or Scorpio.

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Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will My Boyfriend Marry Me?”

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Girl with White Cat illustrating Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will My Boyfriend Marry Me?”

Horary Astrology Question:

We are both divorced with 2 children each, 3 of which live with us. We are hoping to move house and set up a cattery at the new home so I can be at home more. B is great (most of the time!) very un-emotional and does not show or talk about his feelings, his father died tragically when he was 11.  I would love dearly for some commitment from him but fear it will never happen.  We have been together for 8 years now.  I think he thinks that setting up the cattery is enough commitment, he owns the house, etc., and I feel I have put all my eggs in one basket (again) and will end up on my own.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear L.,

Your situation is difficult; a certain pattern has been set up that will be difficult to change without an effort on your part. But, let us see what the astrology says.

The horary horoscope for your question is below: 

Horary Astrology Horoscope illustrating Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will My Boyfriend Marry Me?”

We have an early degree on the ascendant, indicating the situation is as yet underripe. This is somewhat puzzling, because the relationship has been going on for eight years, hardly an immature situation. It may be a reference to the fact that there will never really be a “right” time to take this relationship to the next level, and it may remain in this embryonic state always.

We see that you are very much interested in marriage, and even though before, you were content just to have a stable companion, you are now ready to get married. We see that the Moon in Taurus, which represents your emotions in the situation, is in the sign and triplicity of Venus; Venus rules the Arabian Part of Marriage at 11 Libra.

The most dramatic element in this chart is the extent to which all of the main significators; your planets and his, are in strong dignities of Saturn. Whatever Saturn represents has a huge influence over the situation, and will eventually decide whether you will marry your boyfriend or not. Moreover, we see that Saturn is right inside the seventh house cusp of partners, where it is strongly tied to your boyfriend.

So what does Saturn represent? It can be his children, as it rules the fifth house from the seventh, or it can be something hidden or secret, perhaps the emotional trauma you speak of. Whatever it is, it is harmful to you and your hopes of marriage. Saturn is in the detriment of Jupiter, your main significator, and also in the fall of Venus, the planet the rules marriage and his horoscope. Unfortunately, your boyfriend is very much under the influence of whatever Saturn represents — both of his planets, Mercury and the Sun, are in Aquarius, in Saturn’s sign and triplicity. I wonder if Saturn doesn’t represent the cattery; it rules his sixth house, but because of Saturn’s negative reception to you and to Venus, I would strongly recommend not setting up the cattery, for fear of perpetuating an already difficult situation.

The bigger concern I have is that neither of his planets seem particularly interested in either marriage or your planets, showing something of an indifference to you. If there is true mutual interest between two people, even a roadblock such as Saturn in this chart can be overcome. I am concerned, however, that there are some fundamental weaknesses in this relationship, and it will be difficult if not impossible to marry this man without addressing these issues first.

We see that the Moon is opposite the antiscion of the Sun, and the aspect will become exact about the same time that the Moon trine’s Saturn. It looks as though you will have to make a momentous decision in the near future, one that will make you rethink this relationship, and hopefully will bring out some of the problematic undercurrents more into the open where you can address them.

As always, I like to ask that in return for your free reading, you update me (either by email, or in the comments on this page) on what happened. I don’t mind being wrong, but I like to learn from what I did well or badly.

—Readers who wish to get a horary reading from Nina Gryphon may purchase one at top left, or learn more at the Gryphon Astrology Readings page.

Mercury Retrograde Turns Direct – November 1, 2007

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Mercury Retrograde Turns Direct - November 1, 2007 - The Warriors

Mercury turns direct in Libra on November 1, causing the astrological world to heave a sigh of relief. If you were holding off on Mercurial projects (mailings, business deals, legal affairs, leaving your house), now is a good time to resume what you want. In the few days following Mercury’s second station – another term for the point at which Mercury turns direct – Mercury will still be moving slowly as it picks up speed. But there is a silver lining to this: Mercury will be conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica, which should make your work go more smoothly.

Mercury is happier in Libra than in Scorpio (which Mercury enters on November 11) because the airy nature of Libra is much more compatible with Mercury’s communication- and movement-oriented personality. Also, Mercury rules the air triplicity by night, so for optimal Mercury strength, it’s best to start your Mercury projects after sundown before Mercury enters Scorpio on 11/11.

Mercury in Scorpio is not as favorable as Libra, though by no means terrible. There are some areas of incompatibility between Scorpio and Mercury. For one, Scorpio is one of the mute signs, which does not go with talkative Mercury. Similarly, Mercury is not as quick and cerebral in the water signs – Mercury’s winged sandals don’t help him as much in the water as they do in the air. While there are a few powerful fixed stars in Scorpio, acting while Mercury is on Spica is a rather better bet.

Planets in Astrology: Mercury and the Sun & Mercury in Libra

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Planets in Astrology: Mercury and the Sun & Mercury in Libra - illustrated by Love Letter

Mercury gets very close to the sun on October 23, and it will be in the heart of the Sun (or cazimi) precisely at 11:56 p.m. GMT on that day. Cazimi planets are within 17 1/2 degrees of the Sun on either side, and are considered extremely strong due to the powerful infusion of the solar rays. If Mercury is just a little bit farther from the Sun than this, it is considered combust, and is seriously afflicted.

As a result, the short period of Mercury cazimi is highly auspicious for all mercurial undertakings. This includes writing, mailing important documents, buying and selling, etc. This fortunate configuration will happen between roughly 8:40 p.m. GMT on October 23 and 3:40 a.m. GMT on October 24.

Shortly after the cazimi period, Mercury will reenter Libra (it is retrograde, so it’s regressing from Scorpio back into Libra), where it has some strength by night. This is because Mercury rules the night triplicity of all the air signs, including Libra. Mercury has special affinity for the air signs, as it is a planet of communication and intellect, and the air signs resonate very well with this, especially Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury.

All in all, your mercurial projects should improve if you start them between the October 24 and November 11, which is when Mercury reenters Scorpio, for good this time.

To identify the best times for your new project or important event, you may wish to look into an electional astrology reading.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra October 12 – November 2, 2007

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Hindu Merchants illustrating Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra October 12 – November 2, 2007

Mercury will go retrograde at 9° Scorpio on October 12, and turn direct on November 2 at 23° Libra. By the end of the year, Mercury will be zipping along near top speed, flying through the zodiac.

Unlike some, I personally don’t believe that Mercury retrograde sends the world into complete chaos, but there are people who seem to be more affected by it than others. If you find you’re one of these unlucky few, it will be best not to mail important documents during Mercury being retrograde, or close major deals. Alternatively, prepare for administrative and bureaucratic processes to take longer than usual, and make sure you have at least one copy of everything.

Even the gray clouds of Mercury have a silver lining, however, and this time is no exception. Note that Mercury is in its own triplicity by night when it is in Libra. So if you must do something mercurial (commerce, mailing, important writing projects, etc.) during this period, you can wait until Mercury regresses into Libra on October 24, and then act after sundown/before sunrise.

Alternatively, you can wait until Mercury stations around 23° Libra, where it is conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica, and gets extra juice that way.

Despite these dire warnings, there is some historical evidence that our ancestors dealt with Mercury retrograde much more boldly than ourselves. I would draw your attention to Marcantonio Michiel’s statue of the god Mercury, made for a Venetian merchant in the 16th century. The statue is interesting astrologically, because it has a plaque on its side listing the zodiacal positions of all the planets, suggesting a purpose beyond mere decoration. Mercury itself is retrograde, an interesting choice of timing for a Mercury statue. Perhaps the merchant patron was concerned about his ships coming back from their voyages, an excellent example and use of Mercury retrograde. (Watch for an article about the Mercury statue soon.)

Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

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Landscape with Windmills, illustrating Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

For Autumn on the West Coast, the long-term weather forecast is wet and windy. The two most prominent planets in the Libra ingress horoscope are the Moon and Mercury, signifying moisture and wind, respectively.

With the Moon in the seventh house (no, Jupiter does not align with Mars!) in an air sign, we will likely have rain or snow, though this will be rather tempered by Jupiter’s close sextile. This is good news for much of California, where last winter and spring have been rather dry, and our water stores are starting to run low.

In the all-important fourth house, we have Mercury in an air sign trine Mars. This indicates vigorous, fast winds from the West. This combination can also give rain and humidity, though not unpleasantly cold temperatures. Mercury in the fourth house can indicate earthquakes.

The horoscope for the Libra ingress set for San Francisco, California, is below:

Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

More weather predictions for specific dates in the West are included in the free Gryphon Astrology Newsletter, as are long-term weather forecasts for locations worldwide.

Astrology – Map of the Planets: Mercury in Libra, September 5, 2007

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Mercury - illustrating Mercury in Libra

Mercury will enter Libra on September 5th, where it is not nearly as strong as in Virgo. Libra is a decent sign for Mercury, as Mercury is in its own triplicity in Libra by night. However, Mercury’s strength in Libra cannot compare with Virgo, as Virgo is the best possible sign for Mercury, since Virgo is the sign where Mercury is in its own house and exaltation.

Mercury does especially well in two of the mutable signs; Gemini and Virgo. The changeability of Mercury is very much in keeping with the changeable nature of the double signs. Overall, Mercury tends to do better in the air signs, as they represent the intellect, which Mercury is strongly associated with, and are dynamic enough to satisfy Mercury’s need for change.

Electional Astrology and Mercury in Libra

If you are planning to do anything Mercury related, such as traveling, sending important letters or messages, buying or selling, Mercury’s travel through Libra is a fine time to do so, though starting your activities at night would be more auspicious. As I mentioned, this is because Mercury rules the night triplicity of Libra. In particular, you may want to look at times when Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Spica, and extremely benefic and protective fixed star. This happens on September 21 and 22nd this year.

In particular, Mercury will sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius on September 13, after which it will sextile Venus in Leo on the 17th, and then it will trine Mars in Gemini on September 26. All other things being equal, the sextile to Venus is probably the most auspicious of these aspects. Jupiter is the Great Benefic, and therefore is normally very positive, but its location in Sagittarius means that it is in the detriment of Mercury, and so Jupiter is not inclined to help Mercury much.

Famous People with Mercury in Libra

Cesar Borgia, Emily Post, Genghis Khan, Henry III, Warren Buffett, Will Smith, Guy Richie, Jack La Lanne, Dwight Eisenhower, Mickey Mantle, Art Garfunkel, Rita Hayworth.

Planets in Your Horoscope: Venus in Libra on Spica – Love in Astrology

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Venus in Libra on Spica - Love in Astrology

In the next day and half, Venus will conjoin the benefic fixed star Spica at 23° Libra. This is a position of extreme strength for Venus, because Venus rules the sign of Libra, so it is already strong in its own home, as it were. Conjoining Spica makes it as though Venus’s home was a fairytale castle to boot. This means that the next day and half will be an extremely auspicious time to begin anything Venus-related. Some ideas are: musical or artistic endeavors, reconciliation, marriage, sex, decorating, and anything involving women. In practical terms, this means that this is an especially good time to do spiritual work related to any of the above areas. If you’re looking for love, for example, around sunrise might be a very good time to light a candle for love, and pray to your deity or deities of choice for a favorable outcome.

Your position will be strengthened if you have Venus ruling any appropriate house in your horoscope that relates to your goal. Thus, if you are seeking a relationship, or even just a really good one night stand, having Venus rule your seventh house of relationships or your fifth house of pleasure will be particularly good. In this way, the beneficial influence of Venus will be directly tied into your chart.

Here are some ideas for spiritual work if you’re looking for a particular kind of relationship: first, you need to know exactly what it is you want. This can take as many as a few days to figure out. You should end up with a list of maybe a dozen qualities, physical, emotional, mental, and financial, that you want your ideal mate or partner to have. This in itself can be a powerful magical act, and speaking from personal experience, this list-making itself can act very powerfully to bring you the love exactly described on your list. Once you have this list, you will want to take a bath. I would suggest taking a bath with Love Drawing bath crystals, which are made with specific above drawing herbs.

The more effort you put into this stage of your preparation, the better your results. Think of it as channeling Venus’s energy to enter your life. The more hospitable the conditions you make in your life or Venus, the more fully her energy will manifest for you. You can light some pink or red candles, depending on how much sexual energy you want to attract. These candles should be also dressed with Love Drawing oil, which like the bath crystals, is prepared with herbs specific to this purpose. When you are in the bath, you can read aloud or recite a sacred text specific to love. In the Christian religion, the best bet is probably the Song of Solomon. You do not have to be Christian to utilize this, however. All sacred texts have an energy of their own that will enhance your intention. For best results, you should continue this ritual for at least a week, preferably around dawn. After taking the bath, you can anoint yourself with a Love Drawing oil, to seal the vibrations you have attracted. It is best to air dry, rather than use a towel, so you might want to go for a space heater around this time of year.

Every day that you do this, you will want to burn a small red candle. Personally, I prefer burning a large seven-knob candle, one knob per day. It gives a certain sense of continuity to your work, and it gives you a sense of progress. This candle should also be dressed with Love Drawing oil. Before applying the oil to the candle, you can write your wish in a few words on the candle itself with a pin.

Planets in Your Horoscope: Venus in Libra

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Venus in Libra - Doves

In a couple of days, Venus will enter Libra from Virgo, where it is now. Currently in Virgo, Venus is in its fall, because it is in the sign opposite its exaltation, Pisces. In this post, I discussed the difference between Venus in Virgo and Venus in Pisces. Libra, however, is a much more auspicious location for Venus, because Venus rules Libra.

If you have Venus in Libra, whatever area of life is ruled by this Venus naturally tends to prosper. Of course, there are provisos associated with this depending on your individual chart, because Venus may be aspected by malefic planets, or mutually receivedb which would tarnish Venus in Libra’s bright promise. In general, Venus in Libra will help you out in your life, if you have that position in your own horoscope.

If you have Venus in Libra in the first house, for example, you are most likely attractive and charming and generally Venusian. If, of course, that lovely Venus is conjunct Saturn in the first house, you will not be quite as bright and sparkly and cute, since Saturn would give you some gravity in seriousness, maybe even a tendency to melancholy. But even then, this would be a very positive combination, because in Libra, Saturn is in its exaltation. Most likely, this would give you a good, long life, though one which you might have to earn through a healthy lifestyle. Because even though Saturn is strong in Libra, Saturn is a malefic, and as such will give success only through struggle.

But let us look at the character of Venus in Libra. Venus in Libra has a different quality to that of Venus in Taurus, the other sign which it rules. Venus in Taurus is a homebody with a green thumb, who is enveloped in the gifts of nature. Venus in Libra, on the other hand, is Venus in its sociable, loving aspect. This is because Taurus is an earthy sign, and Libra is an airy sign, so the different signs are going to modify the loving and harmonious energies of Venus in different ways.

If you have your natal Venus in Libra, you will be experiencing a transiting Venus return this month. This means that the planet Venus will return to the position it held at your birth, as it does every year. This is an excellent opportunity to observe Venus’s effects in your life. If Venus in your horoscope is relatively free from affliction by malefic planets, you might have some positive experiences as Venus conjoins its natal position. This is why it’s very helpful to observe when your different planets are activated. You can see how the planets are likely to act on you in the future. With a strong Venus, the events will most likely be positive, and have a Venusian, loving overtone.

Special note: If you know your horoscope, and Venus is at 23 Libra or thereabouts, Venus is especially strong in your horoscope. This is because there is a very strong and positive fixed star at 23 Libra, called Spica, or the Virgin’s Spike. This star is extremely benevolent and protective, and is also one of the six Royal stars. It promises success and fortune, especially so if it is with a planet, rather than only being on a house cusp. If Venus is important in your horoscope, such as it rules an important house or point, likely you have already experienced some of the great success that Venus on Spica can bring.