Free Horary Astrological Reading: Back in the USA?

August 24, 2008 by  

I am petitioning to work as a nurse in California. Can you see when I will be back in the US? And will I be able to shift to medicine (I’m a graduate of nursing and medicine) and be a doctor when I am there?


Dear M.,

The horary chart for your question is pretty clear; that is what happens when you have a clear question (other free reading requesters, take note 🙂). The astrological chart is below:

You are ruled by Saturn, ruler of the first house of self, and by the Moon. We see that the benefic North node is just inside the ascendant, which is a generally positive indication, though not the final word. Saturn is hanging out in the seventh house, trine Jupiter, but not making any immediate aspects. We do notice that the Sun has just moved into Virgo, and Saturn is now combust. This can indicate that you do not see clearly in the situation; it may be that you do not get updates on the application process, so you really know where you stand. You may also not know exactly what is involved in becoming certified as a doctor in the US as compared to your home country.

We see that the Moon is translating light between Saturn and Venus. It looks as though Venus conjunct Mercury in Virgo in the seventh house represents the United States. The seventh house can indicate “over there,” and with Venus so strongly influenced by Mercury both by sign and by aspect, there is a definite medical flavored to Venus. The Moon applies to Venus by a square aspect, indicating delays, obstacles, and struggles. However, you should be able to get back to the US sooner or later. The aspect between the Moon and Venus will perfect in about 6 1/2 degrees; because we are dealing with double signs, we could be looking at your returning seven or eight months from now. This could actually be weeks, but that seems a little rapid for what a bureaucratic process.

Will you be able to be a doctor in the US? Of course you are able to; all you have to do is just pass a bunch of exams. I think this will be a little trickier, though, because you are represented by Saturn in Virgo, which is in the detriment of Jupiter, the planet governing your career. You might not be focusing enough on what it takes to make your American M.D. credentials happen. If you want to be a doctor here, it is absolutely essential that you focus on getting the right qualifications, which I am told is not easy or simple. The medical profession protects itself, so you must prove your worth.

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Astrology 101: The Sixth House of Slaves, Disease, and Pets

July 21, 2008 by  

Astrology 101: The Sixth House of Slaves, Disease, and Pets

The sixth house is traditionally considered malefic and harmful to life. This is because it is one of the houses (including the 8th and the 12th) that does not get the light which enters the chart from the Ascendant. In the natal horoscope, the sixth house is primarily associated with those lower on the social scale who work for the native (or slaves), disease, and small animals.

The Sixth House and Slavery Today

The ancient astrologers quite literally saw the sixth as the house of slavery and slaves. Many pages are dedicated to determining whether a native’s parents were slaves or whether he himself would end up a slave. At first glance, we can think that slavery is no longer applicable to our lives today. However, we do well to remember that even though slavery is illegal throughout the world, it is quite rampant even in the United States, though it is now called human trafficking. Therefore, for the average practicing astrologer to see a chart with indications of slavery for the native or others in his life is not at all unlikely.

Even outside of the explicit slavery context, many people all over the world hold jobs that are very low in prestige and income, and are quite menial. Again, as an example, if we saw an indication of the native’s parents being slaves, and we could rule out the fact of slavery, we might say that the parents were always employed in menial or miserable conditions.

In the traditional society, the sixth house also represented one’s clients, people who depended on the native for favors and patronage. The word client has different connotations today, but in a traditional society, people with reasonable assets were expected to take care of and aid those below them. Similarly, today, the sixth house represents one’s employees and staff.

Disease in the Sixth House

Some modern authors say that the sixth house rules health and disease, but this is sloppy thinking. Because the sixth house is associated with largely unpleasant things, or lowly people and animals, the positive concept of health does not belong in the sixth. Rather, the sixth house in the natal horoscope can show one’s propensity toward disease, and the types of diseases to which the person is prone. Mostly, the type of disease to which the person is predisposed will be shown by an overall analysis of the whole chart, but the sixth house, if implicated, can give clues to the kinds and sources of illness the person may expect.

If the sixth house afflicts some of the life-giving planets and houses seriously enough, we will know that the native does not make it to adulthood, or even to childhood. Such is the power of the sixth house and its ruler to afflict one’s well-being.

The Sixth House and Small Animals

Ibn Ezra says that the sixth house rules animals which are not “mount for man,” and this definition includes most animals that people have as pets today. But how can pets be so bad so as to deserve the malefic sixth house? I believe that the sixth house ultimately rules people and animals assisting us in household tasks. Thus, dogs and cats and even birds meant to guard and enrich our homes are ruled by the sixth house. Believe it or not, some people still have a use for their cats other than hairball production: cats keep their houses mouse-and rat-free!

But enough from me. How has the sixth house manifested in your own horoscope?

Horary Astrology: Free Astrology Readings – “What Career Should I Pursue?”

July 31, 2007 by  

Artist’s Studio - Horary Astrology: Free Astrology Readings – “What Career Should I Pursue?”

Horary Astrology Question:

I´m a 16 year old high school student who has been concerned about finding the right future job. I´m graduating in three years and I have absolutely no idea what to do when I leave school. I want a job that would be really fulfilling and that I could give my best to. What is the field I could be really good at?

I´m interested in many areas, particularly arts in any form, but I don´t know whether I´m good enough to work as an artist or if I should focus on “normal ” jobs.

I´d really like to know what my ideal job would be (and if I ever get to do it) so I could start preparing myself for it while still in school (like taking courses). To find a job I could literally fall in love with is probably my ultimate material goal and I take it very seriously, so I want to make sure I won´t mess up on my future decision.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear E.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the time that I understood your question, and the horoscope is below:

Which Career to Pursue? - Horary Astrology: Free Astrology Readings – “What Career Should I Pursue?”

There are really three main possibilities for work: physical work, mental work, and artistic work. We have to look at which of these is the strongest in this horoscope, to determine which of these is your best choice. Mars represents physical work, and it is quite weak; it is in the sign of its detriment, in the sixth house. Even if we take the houses in this chart as descriptive rather than good or bad, as we normally do, I would not choose a planet in its detriment as indicator of a good career. What about mental work? We have Mercury in Cancer just inside the eighth house cusp. Because the eighth house rules other people’s money, there is the possibility that you could go into accounting, or investment banking, or anything where you handle other people’s finances.

However, it is Venus that is most compelling in this horoscope, indicating that something art related would indeed be best for you. Venus is conjunct the Royal star Regulus, and it is placed in the ninth house of religion, higher knowledge, and foreign countries. You seem to think that you can only be an artist in the classical sense of the word, but there are many Venus-related jobs that are not art as such. For example, you could be an interior decorator, singer or musician, do anything clothes-related (either selling clothing or designing it), jeweler, or other work that has to do with beauty or women’s goods.

We also notice that the Arabian Part of Vocation is at 9° Virgo, close to the South node. This suggests that your sense of what you want to do is as yet undeveloped, perhaps because you have not tried the possibilities you are considering. I suspect that doing something Venus related is going to be the most rewarding for you over the long term, but in the meantime you may do some work of the nature of Mercury in Cancer, which, as I explained, has to do with other people’s money.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – When Will My Daughter Get a Job?

June 11, 2007 by  

Burgher of Delft and Daughter - Horary Astrology - Will My Daughter Get Work Soon?  illustrating Horary Astrology.

Horary Question:

Will there be a job opportunity for my daughter soon? She is a single mother, has applied in numerous places but nothing has opened to her. I’m retired and have helped her to the limit of my fixed pension. She is determined to accept any job.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear H.,

Thanks for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the moment I understood your question. The horoscope for the horary is below:

Horary Astrology - Will My Daughter Get Work Soon?  illustrating Horary Astrology.

Your daughter is shown by your fifth house of children, and its ruler, Venus in Leo. Venus is peregrine, without strength, in that part of the zodiac. This can indicate that a person is wandering, which is another meaning of peregrine; this is true – your daughter is wandering between jobs. Peregrine can also indicate that the person may not have the skills employers are seeking. Ideally, we would see your daughter’s significator strong, showing that she is qualified for the jobs she seeks. Still, there is no reason she shouldn’t get hired. It’s just that she is not a shoo-in.

Her next job is showed by the 10th house from the 5th, and its ruler, the Moon. Now, we see that the Moon is in Pisces, the exaltation of Venus (and in fact, it has just left the super-exaltation degree of Venus). I take this to mean that she will leave her pleasant but unemployed state soon, just like the Moon will shortly leave Pisces. The Moon will enter Aries, which is the detriment of Venus – she will find work, but she will not enjoy it.

When will this likely happen? Well, we have two possibilities: the Moon will enter Aries in about 3 degrees, and it will make its next aspect as a trine to Venus in 6 degrees. Since the Moon is in a mutable sign, it will go a little bit slower than normal. So we could say, between 4-6 weeks, two months on the outside.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Go for the Interview?

June 8, 2007 by  

Work - Illustrating Horary Astrology - Should I Go for the Job Interview?  Illustrating Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Go for the Interview?

Horary Question:

I currently live in Michigan. My husband has been laid off, on and off for the last year and a half. I’ve tried finding jobs here, but nothing over minimum wage. We have had to move into my in-laws’ home, and due to many reasons, desperately want out. I’m currently attaining a bachelor degree for Paralegal Studies, I will be done in 11 months.

We heard about the big boom in Wyoming and I applied for some jobs. I received a call to go there for an interview. It is for the state of Wyoming and my dream is to work for the government at a state or federal level. The problem is that it would really strap us financially for me to go on a maybe. At this moment in time my husband has a great job making great money, but it may only last until this one job is done. He may find another company, or he may not. In Wyoming, he cannot make what he can normally make here, but if hired there, it would be a permanent job, not just for a specific job.

I would also have great benefits. I’m afraid to move, we have children ages 11 and 5, and moving means moving them from friends and family. I’m torn, this is the job of my dreams, we may be ok here, but maybe not. I don’t know if I should go or not, and if I go, what if I get the job, and my husband does not get paid what he would here in a normal economy?

Should I go for the job interview and if I get it, move to a state 1300 miles away?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear J.,

Thanks for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the moment I understood your question. The horoscope for the horary is below:

Horary Astrology - Should I Go for the Job Interview?  Illustrating Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Go for the Interview?

You are represented by the ruler of the first house of self, Venus. The job is shown by the ruler of the 10th house of work, the Moon. Venus is peregrine in 1 Leo, which means it does not have any essential dignity (or debility) in that part of the zodiac. So you are moderately qualified for the job; not totally amazing, but you would do fine, given the opportunity. The interesting thing is that Venus is in Leo, where it is not at all interested in the Moon (the job). Venus was recently in Cancer, where it was very interested in the job, but that has passed as Venus changed signs. I suspect that as the reality of moving to Wyoming, and the implications for your family, had hit, you became somewhat less excited about this job.

However, Leo does rule the job’s wages, so your main interest at present is in the pay. Unfortunately, the pay is not that great; at least, I don’t think it would meet your needs. The Sun, ruling the wages, is peregrine and cadent, so it would not really be enough.

So, despite all of this, will you get the job? I would say that you will not, as there is no aspect between the Moon and Venus. The Moon is in the exaltation of Venus, which means they are very interested in you (though they may think you are more qualified than you really are). But the Moon is also in the triplicity of Mars (ruling the 7th house of your competitors), so the job likes the others quite a bit as well. Also, the competition for the job is quite stiff – Mars is in its own sign of Aries, and is strengthened by being angular. The other applicants are very qualified and are in a good position to make that known to the employer.

So, in sum, I don’t think it’s worth it to go for the interview.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Will My Career Recover?

June 4, 2007 by  


Honored Guest - Horary Astrology: Will My Career Improve? Illustrating Free Astrology Article.

Horary Question:

I had risen from the ranks over a period of 25 years to the top of my chosen selling career in the pharmaceutical industry.But suddenly in 2001, I hit a snag in my upward journey and after a couple of false starts I fell flat and to the bottom from where I have still not recovered.

I was so secure during my career that I did not bother to save for my retirement.Now I find that not only that I have been dumped to the lowest rung in my career but also am not making enough to make ends meet.

Will I shine again and make any progress in my career?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear G.,

Thank you for writing to me.I cast the horoscope for the moment that I understood your question, which is a method known as horary astrology.The horary chart for your question is below:

Will My Career Improve? Horoscope Illustrating Free Astrology Article.

First, we can see that you are in a difficult emotional state; the Moon, which symbolizes your emotions, has just entered Capricorn, the sign of its detriment. So you’re not doing well, and feel rather discouraged.The major part of the problem, as you say, is that you are disappointed with your earnings.The Sun, your significator, is in the 11th house of your wages, so this is obviously a major concern for you.The Sun is Peregrine at 11° Gemini, meaning it has no strength in that part of the zodiac. So you are at once unhappy, and consumed with thoughts of your finances.

This is understandable, as your finances don’t look that good.Mercury, which signifies your wages, is slow in motion, and also Peregrine.It is also about to enter the malefic 12th house. So you are having a really difficult time getting money to come to you; the work is hard, with little reward for a lot of effort.

The difficulty here is that we do not see Mercury getting stronger in the near future, which would indicate an improvement in your wages.Instead, you may well decide that this particular avenue is not worth pursuing.We see that the Moon will oppose Mercury, which shows regret or rejection.However, you are going to get some kind of career-boosting opportunity in the near future.This is indicated by Mars, significator of your job, trine a very strong Jupiter in the fifth house.

Now, Jupiter rules the fifth house of creative works, and also the ninth house of higher learning, long journeys, and learned/religious people. So for example, if you get some kind of job offer abroad, or get a chance to enter partnership with a physician, for example (a doctor is a good example of a ninth house type of person), take it.This will be some avenue that will change your career for the better, though you may not recognize it as such right away.

So in short, I do not see your finances improving in the near future, but there will be a chance to improve your career, which will presumably lead to better earnings in the future.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Look for a New Job?

June 1, 2007 by  

Off to Work - Illustrating Horary Astrology Article: Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Look for a New Job?

Horary Question:

Reorganisation at my job has left some junior managers redundant. They want to hire a new outside manager for our team. Our manager was offered her job back but decided to leave. I feel that the people who spoke up for us are going and they want new people who will want us to work unsocial hours. Should I look for a new job?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear M.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast the horoscope for the moment that I understood your question, which is a method known as horary astrology. The horary chart for your question is below:

Horary Astrology - Horoscope. Illustrating Horary Astrology Article: Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Look for a New Job?

Since your question is about work, we have to look at the 10th house of the profession. The degree on the 10th house cusp is 29° of Aquarius, indicating an imminent change in your work situation. So your current job will come to an end not too long from now, and it will be symbolized by Saturn, ruler of the late degree on the 10th house. The following job is represented by Jupiter in Sagittarius. So how is your current job? Saturn is in its detriment in Leo in the cadent third house, so it is bad. Very bad.

The new job looks considerably better. It is represented by the Great Benefic in its own sign near the cusp of the seventh house. The new job is considerably stronger than the old one. I don’t like the fact that Jupiter is retrograde, but it may simply indicate that a job you had rejected as a possibility before may now seem a whole lot more attractive. This would be supported by the fact that the Moon, your co-significator, is separating from a conjunction with Jupiter.

We see that your job has gotten a lot less pleasant recently; Mercury has entered the sign of Cancer, where it is in the detriment of Saturn (hating your current job), and exalting Jupiter (expecting great things of your next job). The good news is that your boss seems to like you, though unfortunately he or she cannot do a whole lot for you. This is because your boss is symbolized by the Sun in your sign, Gemini, but in the 12th house, from where it can do very little.

You probably will not stay in the job much longer — the Moon is about to trine Saturn, which rules the Arabian Part of Resignation and Dismissal, so I would expect you to leave in about a month or so. This is just as well, as the next job looks rather better than this one.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Change Jobs?

May 30, 2007 by  

Kramskoy - Illustrating Horary Astrology Article: Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Change Jobs?

Horary Question:

I have been working as a freelance translator for four years, but things have slowed down dramatically since the last couple of months. No clients, insecurity and financial difficulties, etc.

Moreover, I am restless and dissatisfied with this job. I would like to do something else but I cannot imagine another activity which could give me the freedom I need.

The only job I am thinking about is astrology. I have begun formal training this year and I wonder if I should make the first move and organize some consultations.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear M.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the moment that I understood your question, and the drawing of that horoscope is below:

Horary Astrology – Should I Change Jobs?

We see that you are represented by Mercury, ruler of the first house of self. Mercury also rules the midheaven, which is the house of work. This is very appropriate, because you are self-employed, so in a sense, you and the job are one. So whatever happens to you, also happens to your job. We see that Mercury has recently changed signs, and has exited its own sign of Gemini, in order to enter the sign of Cancer. Whenever we get a horary question about a prospective change, we look at which position was better; the previous one or the current one. In this case, there’s no question that your old job, that is being a translator, was considerably better for you than being an astrologer. Mercury is very strong in Gemini, but in Cancer, it is Peregrine, meaning it has no essential dignity or strength. The fact that Mercury is slowing down in motion gives us yet another indicator that you are going to run into trouble if you leave your old occupation. As Mercury has already changed signs, this tells me that you might be asking me the question after the fact, at least after you have already made up your mind to become an astrologer.

However, we also need to look at the Moon, which is your co-significator. The Moon is very weak; it is in a cadent house, and it is in the sign of its detriment, Scorpio. The Moon is about to leave the region known as the Via Combusta, or the fiery road, which indicates that a period of emotional disturbance is coming to an end. Since Mars rules the eighth house of your clients’ money, we see that this emotional disturbance was connected with clients’ money not coming to you. As time goes on, I think you will find that your misgivings about your old job were somewhat exaggerated or overly emotional.

We also see that the Moon will next square Saturn in Leo, which is particularly malefic, as it is in the sign of its detriment. So the overall feeling in this horoscope is that hanging up your old job would lead to trouble. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with doing astrology as a sideline, perhaps during times when you don’t have many translation clients. However, Mercury’s loss of strength tells us very clearly that you might be acting too hastily in rejecting your translation business altogether.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – What Career Should I Pursue?

May 24, 2007 by  

Woman Writing At Table

Horary Question:

I am at a life and career crossroads. I’ll be 50 years old this year and have work experience in many areas: managerial and administrative positions (in finance and academia), dressmaking and design, and writing (teaching; creative and expository writing). I also have considerable experience in reading and teaching tarot and astrology (modern western), and counseling and teaching women’s mysteries.

At this point in my life, I do not want to be “split” like this anymore. At 50, I am beginning to understand the need to conserve and focus my energy. And as far as work is concerned, I would like to create a situation where I am able to focus on one area of work which will put my developed skills to good use and also allow me to work into my elder years (I have no intention of ever “retiring”).

The choices I’m considering are:

1) to add to my astrological knowledge (take courses in horary and tradtional astrology) so that I can offer consultations and contribute through writing and teaching in this area,

2) to continue developing my tarot reading and teaching practice,

3) to focus on creative writing (poetry, fiction, and erotica) and publishing

Which of these areas is most likely to provide a good income as well as a sense of purpose into my elder years? (income and purpose are equally important to me here)


Nina Gryphon:

Dear D.,

Thank you for writing to me. Career questions are always very interesting, as the horoscope shows very clearly where the person’s talents and strengths lie. As always, I cast a horary chart for your question, and your horoscope for this is below:

Horary Question - Which Career to Pursue?

First, we have to figure out which of your three options is represented by which planet or house. Both astrology and tarot would be represented by Mercury, which is linked with the divinatory arts, and also with the ninth house, which represents higher knowledge. So, to the extent it’s necessary, we will need to distinguish further to separate these two. Creative writing is also represented by Mercury, but the concept of producing creative works is really a fifth house activity. The fifth house rules all of our creations. The third house is also associated with writing, but it really represents the act of writing, of putting letters together on a page. Writing in the sense of composition, of creating written works, is properly a fifth house activity.

So we have two planets that we are examining; Mercury, which rules both tarot in astrology here, and Mars, which rules the fifth house of creativity. Both planets are very strong essentially, because each is in its own sign. So we see that you definitely are gifted to do any of these three. So in terms of satisfaction or the sheer ability to do this work, you could choose any of those options. Similarly, as far as fulfilling your soul’s purpose – any of these choices would put you where you need to be. As long as you are using your gifts, which you clearly are, with such strong planetary placements as these, you are on the right track.

However, not all of these fields will present the most opportunities for your growth and worldly success. For that, we have to see which of the planets is strongly placed such that it has maximum influence over its reality. This will show us which of your talents are in the best place to manifest strongly in your life. Mars, representing creative writing, is it. It is just inside the Midheaven, the house of career/fame, and in its own sign. Clearly, this Mars is in control. Mercury, on the other hand, could not be more weakly placed. It is in the cadent 12th house, tucked away in the back of the garage, as it were. It will be easier for you to make yourself known for your writing, and to make it into a career, than for the other two areas of endeavor.

Now, as far as money, the writing will do it for you. The second house from the fifth, indicating money from writing, is ruled by Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, where it is strong. The income from writing looks positive, then. Jupiter is retrograde, so there might be difficulty getting the income stream going, but it is in the 5th house of creativity as well, so we get a strong sense that money will come from your creations.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Return to Traditional Employment?

May 16, 2007 by  

Woman with Pomegranates

Horary Question:

I resigned from my job last year after 7 years. I felt my situation there had become intolerable and that I should take this as a signal to finally take the plunge and try a new career direction. I’ve had an idea in the background for a couple of years of moving into full-time share trading – a few friends do it successfully. I have a lot of knowledge and recently completed a formal exam in this area. What is lacking is actual experience at this time.

When I made the move I was aware that it would take some time to find my feet as experience doesn’t come overnight, however, I now wonder if I was in fact just a little too naive as I guess I did dive into the deep end without a clear idea of where the shore is.

Of course, now I’m starting to panic about my choice (the fear of the unknown and untried) and fear is nagging me to return to traditional administration work for the safety of the pay cheque albeit to the detriment of my soul.

I still have financial resources that can be stretched for another few months, but I do wonder if I’m deluding myself and whether my choice has been misguided.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.,

I can certainly understand your dilemma; working at a job you dislike can certainly drive you to take all sorts of risks. Sometimes these risks work out, sometimes they do not. I cast a horary chart for the moment I understood your question. The chart is below:

Horary Astrology - Should I Return to Full Time Work?

You are represented by the ruler of the first house of self, the Moon. The Moon is exalted in the zodiacal sign Taurus, so it is fairly strong. The main problem is that the Moon is combust due to its close proximity to the Sun, and is getting worse because it is getting closer and closer to the Sun. Combustion can show that a person is refusing to face reality, or cannot see it, because the blinding light of the Sun is in the way. The Sun represents money, as it rules your second house of assets. This is a very clear picture of the fact that while you are enjoying being independent (Moon in exaltation), the call of the emptying wallet is getting louder (the Moon moving closer into combustion with Sun). How is your money? Not so good; the Sun is peregrine and conjunct the malefic fixed star Algol (the head of Medusa, which turns living things into stone).

The problem is that the ruler of Taurus, symbolizing your present work, is Venus in Cancer in the 12th house. Venus is rather weak, both by essential dignity and by placement in the chart. Worse, it is not about to improve, since it is headed out of its current minor dignity into complete peregrination. Your current work cannot do much to help you, regardless of how much you are enjoying yourself. The interesting thing is that the Moon is also on its way out of Taurus, so we would expect that you enter a new job in a few months. That new job is symbolized by the ruler of the next sign, Mercury in Gemini. Mercury is in its own sign, and is therefore rather strong. The Moon is Peregrine in Gemini, so while the next job will be pretty solid, I do not expect you to be having a great time. However, it should definitely improve your financial situation substantially, which is the prime concern for you.

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