Iran: The Astrological Path to War (Part V)

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Our goal in the Iran series is to discover whether Iran is headed for war. To do so, we will explore the astrological indications of Iran’s previous war, that with Iraq. Last week, we looked at the foundation chart for the Islamic Republic of Iran, that of Khomeini returning from exile in 1979. We also examined the great conjunction of 1980 set for Tehran, Iran. Both of these horoscopes have sensitive points that may be activated when war is imminent; the Great Conjunction horoscope indicated that war during the following 20 years (between 1980 and 2000) was a real possibility.

We would also keep an eye out for any indications of Khomeini’s death, since he was already an old man when he assumed power, and the likelihood of him dying between 1980 and 2000 was quite high.

Today, we will use eclipses to determine just when war and Khomeini’s death were indicated. Twenty years is a long time, and eclipses are a handy way to narrow down our time horizon.

1981: Indications of War

Two solar eclipses aspecting the Khomeini chart promised war. They both activated the Sun conjunct Mars in that horoscope. There was another such eclipse in 1990, but it did not produce anything, except an American invasion of Iran’s neighbor. It appears that at least two such eclipse hits are necessary to produce an effect in Iran:

February 1981 – the eclipse activated the Sun

July 1981 – the eclipse activated the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter

Two lunar eclipses, in July 1981, and January 1982, activated the Midheaven of the Tehran Great Conjunction of 1980 around the same time as the eclipses hit the Khomeini chart.

Because the first eclipse occurred in February 1981, we would look at the Aries Ingress horoscope for March 1980, and for March 1981. The actual invasion by Iraq occurred in September 1980. We will look at the Ingress charts next week

Khomeini’s Death

No fewer than three eclipses in 1988 and 1989 hit Saturn in the Khomeini chart (January 1988, March 1989, and August 1989). Why is Saturn important? It rules the 10th house of the King, or the Supreme Leader, in this case. Three hits to the King’s significator in the Reza Khan coronation chart were more than enough to depose and eventually kill the Shah. Khomeini died in June 1989.

We will look at the Aries Ingress horoscopes for the 1980, 1981, 1988, and 1989 next week. The goal is to follow the thought process of an astrologer examining these charts in 1980, who did not have the benefit of hindsight, like ourselves. Only then can we hope to predict major events with confidence and accuracy.


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Astrology of Eclipses: Iraq and the Lunar Eclipse of March 3, 2007

January 29, 2007 by  


The lunar eclipse of March 3, 2007 will be visible from all continents, and the entire event will be visible in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Asia, Australia, and the Americas will only see portions of the eclipse. The eclipse will occur at 13° Virgo with the totality (the total obscuration of the Moon’s disk) lasting about 37 minutes. According to Ptolemy, all countries and cities ruled by the sign in which the eclipse occurs will be affected. However, those places where the eclipse is visible are especially strongly influenced.

Places traditionally ruled by Virgo:

Africa, Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy), Assyria, Babylonia (part of today’s Iraq), Basel (Switzerland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Brindisi (Puglia, Italy), Croatia, Cuma (Asia Minor), Erfurt (Germany), Gallia (France, Belgium, etc.), Jerusalem, Lyon (France), Mesopotamia (see Babylonia), Milan (Italy), Papia (Italy), Paris, Rheine (Westphalia, Germany).

Modern states and countries (those founded since about 1700) are not going to be found in the above lists, so we must include all places from which the eclipse will be visible. This lunar eclipse will be visible from all continents, so we cannot exclude any country.

Lunar Eclipse’s Effect on Iraq, March 3-June 4, 2007

Given the terrible situation in Iraq today, it is particularly disturbing that the lunar eclipse will affect modern-day Iraq (Babylonia/Mesopotamia), because the country falls under the rulership of Virgo. Moreover, you can see in this horoscope for the founding of Baghdad that the eclipse will be about 5° from the midheaven of Baghdad itself. The potential for serious and dramatic changes stemming from this eclipse is substantial. The horoscope for the lunar eclipse as seen from Baghdad, Iraq is below:

Lunar Eclipse March 3, 2007

The effect of the eclipse will be felt for a little more than three months after the fact, so we can expect any event related to the eclipse to occur between March 3 and June 4, 2007. The eclipse is at the top of the chart, which means that the effects will be particularly strong between April 3 and May 3, 2007, the second month of the period in question.

The Lord of the eclipse is Mercury, because he rules the sign of Virgo. Mercury is somewhat debilitated in the above chart, as it is retrograde, but at least it is in its own triplicity in Aquarius. Interestingly, in Baghdad’s founding horoscope, Mercury rules the country’s enemies or invaders. As I explain in this article about Baghdad’s horoscope, the city was founded at a time chosen to prevent conquest of the city by enemies.

I do believe we are going to see some serious changes in the way that Iraq is administered during the three-month period, and may even see the beginning of withdrawals from Iraq. Mercury is retrograde in the eclipse chart, which makes me think that there will be some backpedaling regarding the United States’ involvement in Iraq. Moreover, the same eclipse falls right on the ascendant-descendant axis in Washington, DC, often a sign of dramatic changes in the country in question.