Astrology Book Review: The Judgments of Nativities (Abu ‘Ali Al-Khayyat, trans. James Holden)

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Prophet Elijah. Astrology Book Review: The Judgments of Nativities

This essential work has been re-released by the AFA more than 20 years after the first edition appeared in print. The Judgments of Nativities is a classic of natal astrology, and a remarkably lucid and systematic exposition of traditional astrological principles. Many astrologers keep their copy of The Judgments of Nativities close to hand, and most copies from the 1988 edition are disintegrating at this stage from frequent use. Thus, the re-release is a most welcome step by the AFA, who obviously took great care in the presentation of their new edition. The new edition font is clear and easy to read, while the cover is a handsome glossy red abstract design. Inexpensive printing options have clearly advanced a great deal in the last 20 years!


The content in the 2nd edition is unchanged, as far as I could tell. The translator’s 1988 preface is still there, providing a good, beginner-friendly introduction to this 1000-year-old astrology text. In the introduction, Holden actually gives a summary of the history of astrology, placing Al-Khayyat’s book in proper historical context. The book is suitable for intermediate astrology students, since some previous knowledge of concepts like triplicity rulers, for instance, is assumed. An excellent text on natal astrology according to the Arabs.

Contents & Structure

The Judgments of Nativities starts with material on rearing of children and the length of life; the traditional astrologers, including Al-Khayyat, always started their analysis by determining whether the native will survive infancy, and if so, the length of his life. There is also material on the native’s quality of mind (what we might call personality today), and several example charts apparently taken from Greek sources. The examples illustrate the triplicity lord method, indicating the success of the native by looking at the condition of the sect ruler’s triplicity lords.

Al-Khayyat then goes house by house to determine the quality of the different areas of the life. There are many aphorisms sprinkled throughout this portion of the text with a distinct Hellenistic provenance, such as “if any one of the fortunes is in the 11th sign from the Part of Fortune, it signifies the acquisition of money and of assets from good things.” There is also some interesting material on determining the parents’ length of life.

Chapters 39-50 are cookbook style materials on the placement of the planets in the houses and signs, with some material on the placement of the Part of Fortune. The latter materials appear to be specific to profection of the Part of Fortune, rather than just natal placements.

There are some excellent appendixes in this text. Appendix I goes through the many example horoscopes provided in the text, figuring out their approximate dates (they are from the 1st and 5th/6th centuries AD. Appendix II is from Masha’allah’s Book of Nativities, giving additional techniques for calculating the native’s length of life, so the reader can compare Al-Khayyat and Masha’allah’s methods, which are very similar, but not identical.


As always, James Holden’s translation is clear and easy to read, bringing this old text closer to modern readers. Because of Al-Khayyat’s thorough and succinct approach, this text is highly recommended for astrologers who want to get started with traditional natal astrology. An extremely accessible and cohesive text.


The Judgments of Nativities

Abu ‘Ali Al-Khayyat, translated by James H. Holden, M.A.

American Federation of Astrologers, 2008, 146 pages, paperback.

USD 23.95

Available from,, and

Astrology Book Review: A Rectification Manual – The American Presidency (Regulus Astrology/Dr. H.)

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Scholar - Astrology Book Review

A Rectification Manual, 2nd ed., is an ambitious, no-holds-barred traditional astrology book on this often difficult subject.  Rectification is the process whereby an astrologer uses known facts about an individual (appearance, past life events, personality traits) to determine their birth time or even birthdate.  The pseudonymous author, Dr. H., rectified the horoscopes of all U.S. Presidents through George W. Bush, using traditional techniques and comprehensive life event databases. 

His goal is twofold; first, he wishes to have birth times rectified “within 30 seconds of accuracy for 90%” of the included horoscopes, so that the reader can rigorously test astrological techniques on reliable charts of well-documented individuals.  Second, his goal is to restore the rigorous methods of pre-20th century rectification to their rightful place.  He succeeds most impressively in both aims, producing perhaps the most rigorous and detailed book on traditional horoscope delineation, prediction, and rectification available today.  Gryphon Astrology has interviewed Dr. H., where he gave more information about his methods and projects.


Make no mistake about it; A Rectification Manual is an intermediate-to-advanced text.  Intermediate astrologers, especially those unfamiliar with traditional astrological techniques, will likely find plenty here that is new, but the author gives sufficient detail and examples that with a little effort and patience, one can follow along with ease.   The best way to approach A Rectification Manual is a a workbook, not only for rectification, but also for delineation and prediction once accurate birth data has been calculated. 

The author writes in the Preface how to use the book: “Choose a single President.  Read at least two biographies – one for the subject directly and another for a family member or other significant professional colleague.  Create an event database and work sequentially through delineation and prediction techniques outlined in Parts One and Two.  After recreating measurements presented in the rectification database, test additional events against the full battery of predictive techniques…There is no better way to learn astrology than to study actual people and past events.” Yes, it sounds like work, but the more one puts into this book, the more one will get out of it, with rich dividends.

Contents & Structure

A Rectification Manual is composed of two main sections; the first is delineation, predictive methods, and rectification methods, while the second contains empirical tests of hotly-contested astrological methods, and rectification details for each American president, a longevity prediction and significator table for each president, and trial rectification data for all of the First Ladies. 

Part I deals with Delineation, that is, the process by which one assesses the potentials in the natal horoscope.  Chapter 1, Planets in Signs, uses case studies to show the effects of planetary sign placement, with a special section devoted to the minor dignities of bounds/terms and dwads (2.5˚ divisions).  Chapter 2, Modern Planets, discusses the role of the outer planets in natal delineation (hint: it’s more of a bit part than a role), utilizing primary directions of the outers to show the ways in which they can be integrated into delineation. 

Chapter 3, Planets in Houses, discusses house systems and why they matter, concluding with a case study of Thomas Jefferson.  The author uses both quadrant houses, such as Alcabitius, and whole signs, similar to Robert Zoller’s approach.  Chapter 4, Arcus Vitae (“Arc of Life”), explores the method of determining an individual’s longevity using the hyleg/alcochoden method, and then finding the candidates for the anareta, or killing planet.  In traditional astrology, the primary direction of key points in the horoscope to the killing planet, or vice versa, determines the most likely time of death.

Part II describes various predictive methods available to the astrologer once the natal delineation is complete.  Chapter 5 deals with “The Problem of Under-specification.”  The author describes this as the problem of life events “improperly attributed to various predictive techniques because the modern predictive toolbox [consisting of transits, progressions, and solar arc directions] is incomplete.”  Here, the author explores the massive 1834 fire that destroyed a large portion of Andrew Jackson’s Nashville estate.  Dr. H. first uses modern techniques, then traditional methods to delineate the fire in Jackson’s horoscope.  Chapter 6, Temporal Indicators, uses several traditional methods, including differentiating between New Moon and Full Moon births, to describe the ways in which one’s characteristic traits or luck changes throughout one’s life. 

Chapter 7, Planetary Period Methods, explores the very old, accurate methods of dividing the life into several periods, each ruled by a planet.  The strength or weakness of the planet gives a broad-brush description of the given life period.  The author uses the triplicity ruler method, Firdaria, and planetary days and hours.  Chapter 8, Directions and Progressions, introduces Dr. H’s Primary Direction Sequence, generating a set of dates by computing the same primary direction with zero and full latitude for both the natal and the directed planets.  The dates correlate with key events corresponding with the natal promise of the planets in question. 

Chapter 9, Solar Returns: Profections and Time Lords, explores the technique of profections (assigning each year of life a whole-sign or equal-sign house, starting with the Ascendant), and the interlocking relationship between annual profections and the solar return.  Chapter 10, Solar Returns: Delineation and Prediction, describes the author’s findings on some popular variants of this predictive technique; precession and relocation.  He then goes on to show the steps of delineating the solar return and using it for timed predictions for the following year.  Chapter 11, Solar Returns: Arabic Parts describes the Parts’ use in prediction in the solar return, and also their role in rectification.  Because the Parts change very quickly, they are invaluable in determining the position of the Ascendant/Descendant axis.  There are 23 presidential nativities given in this chapter, including the Part of Fortune calculation for Richard Nixon.  Nixon’s Fortuna fell in the 12th natal house, showing “money from secret and illegal dealings.” (205)  The Part of Fortune was activated in the solar return for 1952, when Nixon was accused of conflicts of interest relating to an unreported campaign fund. 

Chapter 12, Lunar Nodes and Eclipses, are shown by the author to portend beginnings and endings, and so are some of the best predictive tools in astrology.  Their transits and those of the lunar nodes are useful for rectifying the angles of the horoscope.  Chapter 13, Transits, tests out the most useful transit aspects, orbs, and transiting planets’ contacts to planets, cusps, and parts. 

Part III gets to the titular subject of Rectification.  Chapter 14, Preparing the Event Database, walks the reader through the steps necessary to prepare a good list of life events by means of which rectification can occur.  Chapter 15, The Three Stages of Rectification, explains each of the key three steps of any rectification endeavor: Determining the Ascendant sign; calculating the ascending degree within 1-4 degrees; determining the exact degree and minute of the Ascendant.  Chapter 16, Rectification Case Studies, demonstrates the three rectification steps on five presidential nativities.  The Afterword shows the way in which nativities continue to work after death, for example through publications, or dramatic posthumous revelations, such as those about Thomas Jefferson’s relationship and children with his slave Sally Hemings.

The Appendixes comprise about one half of the Rectification Manual’s page count, to give you a sense of their importance.  Appendix A details the author’s study of directing planets through Egyptian and Ptolemaic bounds.  The Egyptian bounds come out the more accurate system.  Appendix B tests competing systems of calculating the Part of Fortune and Firdaria.  Appendix C, The Presidential Database, contains the rectified birth data of all of the U.S. Presidents through George W. Bush, and the 2008 Presidential nominees and their vice-presidents, while Appendix D details the rectified birth data of the Presidential spouses.  Finally, the author supplies a ten-page bibliography and handy biographical index.


This is an excellent study text for astrologers wishing to learn traditional techniques and see them in practice.  The ancient texts don’t give very detailed examples of the methods they describe, but this book fills much of that void, experimentally verifying the efficacy of competing methods.  A Rectification Manual works well as a drop-in reference book, too, for the more advanced reader.  For example, if one wishes to learn more about the interaction of solar returns and profections, one can turn to the apposite chapter and read up on that method and its application.  The author writes such that the chapters are largely self-contained – to the extent possible – making the book very useful for such mini-lessons.  Highly recommended.


A Rectification Manual – The American Presidency

By: Regulus Astrology LLC (Dr. H.)

Regulus Astrology (publisher), October 2008, 2nd edition, 791 pages


Available through 

(more information on the data presented in the book, including errata, is available on the Regulus Astrology website)

Mercury in Leo: July 26 2008

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Mercury will enter the fiery sign of Leo on Saturday, July 26, thereby entering combustion. This is a harmful state where a planet is a little too close to the Sun (about 8.5 degrees on either side), and is afflicted by the Sun’s extreme heat. Mercury will stay combust until about August 6th. Read on for the best ways to use Mercury in Leo.

Half-Voiced Mercury in Leo

Leo is one of the half-voiced signs; halfway between being fully vocal and totally mute. It is therefore not the best sign for Mercury, who loves to vocalize and communicate. Also, Mercury tends to not do as well in the bestial signs, of which Leo is one. Mercury brings the gifts unique to humanity: speech, commerce, reading and writing, etc. Being in an animal sign is not exactly his best location, nor being in a fixed sign like Leo. Mercury likes movement and action, and the fixed signs are a little too staid for his fluid nature.

That said, Mercury in Leo is a pretty good placement: half a voice is better than none for Mercury, whose normally smooth speech may change to growls or purrs in Leo. While it is not Mercury’s finest moment, it is still a sign where Mercury can express itself reasonably well. Also, the “bound” or part of the sign, 11 Leo to 17 Leo, is ruled by Mercury, so there is some affinity between this cold and dry planet and Leo, the hot and dry sign! At least they share one quality, that of dryness.

This brings us to an important observation of Mercury in Leo. This is not the most emotional placement. It does not mean that a Mercury in Leo native has no empathy; it just will not come from this planet-sign combination. The dry quality gives a lack of sentiment – an overabundance of moisture increases it. Mercury is not a touchy-feely planet. It is the rational, organizational part of ourselves that is not naturally at ease with feelings. The heat of Leo might give passion or enthusiasm, sometimes mistaken for emotion, but the inward, receptive soul of the native will not be touched when he expresses passion.

Mercury in Leo Secrets

Combustion essentially hides a planet from view in the rays of the Sun. Mercury in Leo, combust, is thus doubly heated – once from the Sun and once from its sign. The combination gives us secret and heated communications, which are none too eloquent, but drive their point home. One growl from the lion is unmistakable in its import. If you wish to talk to someone secretly, or to do something hidden, now through August 6th may be the best time to do so. This is especially true if Mercury rules your horoscope.

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Astrology Book Review: The Book of World Horoscopes

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This week, we’re reading The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, the second fourth edition (two of which were self-published) of an instant classic. Campion undertook the monumental task of assembling foundation horoscopes of most of the world’s countries, and published his collection in 1988. However, with empires falling and many new countries emerging out of the rubble, the necessity of a new edition soon became apparent.

The Book of World Horoscopes starts out with a substantive Introduction, which lays out the philosophical underpinnings of mundane astrology. In it, among other topics, Campion discusses the U.S. horoscope and its attendant controversies. The author writes: “This modern Gordian knot is crying out for a conceptual sword,” and suggests an interesting approach that might take us away from the barren search for the moment of the U.S. into more fruitful and practical areas of research. Specifically, Campion recommends the approach prevalent in Great Britain, which is to use any of a number of event charts, including the coronations in 973 and 1066, and a few others. Finding the common points between a series of historical charts could be useful in the U.S. horoscope as well.

National Horoscopes Aplenty

Campion then goes through the national horoscopes, often several charts per single country, if doubt exists, or if many event charts are used as in the Great Britain example above. The book is organized in alphabetical order by country name. Each horoscope gets a descriptive paragraph or two identifying the source for the time, date, and place. The horoscope for Afghanistan, for instance, is set for midnight of July 17, 1973, when the King’s brother-in-law struck a coup d’etat. The author acknowledges that there are several possible horoscopes for Afghanistan, which has had a succession of governments over the last 35 years.

Indeed, it is this honesty and dogged focus on not favoring one horoscope over another that helps the book get to the nearly 700-page monster that it is. The readers are given pros and cons of all feasible horoscopes that Campion identified for each country, and quite a smorgasbord it is. For some of the better-documented countries like the United Kingdom, Russia, and the U.S., we get a dozen charts or more. Data fiends, rejoice! However, even many of the less-followed countries merit more than a single chart under Campion’s watchful eye; Zimbabwe has three horoscopes, with a very substantial essay including some of that country’s additional potentially chart-worthy events.

The 12 Appendixes

By the time he reaches Zimbabwe, Campion is truly on a roll, giving the impression he didn’t want to stop just yet. Some of the best materials in this book are the extras in the Appendixes. Campion gives an Appendix of inauguration horoscopes, another on the beginnings of the political parties, Appendix 3 contains city and town horoscopes, Appendix 4 has the inception charts for several key financial events, such as the start of the New York stock exchange, the EU, NAFTA, and OPEC. There are 12 (yes) appendixes total, with several focusing on war and military horoscopes, another on the traditional sign assignments for different regions of the world, and for the continents. A personal favorite is the appendix of World Horoscopes, as proposed by various astrologers through the ages. The chapter also includes other speculative horoscopes, such as that for the birth of Christ.

Finally, we are treated to a 150-page listing of degrees for all the mundane horoscopes listed in the book. For instance, we know the upcoming Solar Eclipse will occur at 9 Leo, so we look up the degree and note that Israel’s chart for de jure independence, May 15, 1948, has the Moon at 9 Leo, and we can then investigate the eclipse’s impact on Israel’s chart further.

The Book of World Horoscopes is very substantial, and would be a fine addition to any astrologer’s library, providing hours (or is it years?) of browsing and experimentation. There are those who will say that it is imperfect, but consider the chaos it replaces. We can certainly critique many of the author’s decisions for inclusion or exclusion of charts, but we now have a starting point from which to do so.

The Book of World Horoscopes

By: Nicholas Campion

Published by the Wessex Astrologer

38.00 GBP (about double that in USD)

671 pages, paperback.

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Celebrity Astrology: Halloween and Justin Timberlake’s Horoscope

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Halloween and Justin Timberlake’s Horoscope

It is that time of year — Halloween — and the eternal question, “what should my Halloween costume be?” rises to the minds of those of us who have procrastinated all year. Of course, because this is an astrology blog, we will try to pick our Halloween costumes via astrology. There are two approaches to Halloween that we can take. I am a big proponent of working your strongest and best planet whenever you can, so we can look at the symbolic meanings of your best planet, colored by its sign in house, and choose your costume based on that. We can argue this both ways, however, because Halloween is the holiday where the dark side comes out to play. So perhaps this would be a good chance to let your worst planet come out, at least for an evening.

A good example that we can practice on is the horoscope for Justin Timberlake, the cute ex-boy singer formerly of N’Sync.

Justin Timberlake’s horoscope is below:

Halloween and Justin Timberlake’s Horoscope

The planet with the most essential dignity is Saturn in Libra, which is conjunct Jupiter in the second house and trine the Sun in Aquarius. The planet with the least dignity is Mercury in Pisces, where it is both in its detriment and in its fall.

If Justin Timberlake wanted to go as his best planet for Halloween, we would have to recommend a traditional Grim Reaper costume, as Saturn rules death and the color black. Conjunct Jupiter, and exalted, we would think that Justin would make a particularly good big Grim Reaper. Both exaltation and the presence of Jupiter can serve to make things bigger. So this would be an opportunity for Justin to go really scary, and put on a pair of really tall elevator shoes, or a pair of stilts, or even better, carry a friend on his shoulders.

If we wanted to go for a less scary costume, we could have Justin go as Father Time, another good Saturnian symbol. I rather like this idea, because of Saturn’s trine to the Sun, which is the natural ruler of fathers. Father Time is thought to be a mythological predecessor to Santa Claus, who of course is purely Jupiterian, as his sole function is to go around the world and dispense presents. So that would tie in the Jupiter symbolism as well. Alternatively, Justin could go as a fat Father Time.

That’s all well and good. But what if Justin wanted to go as his worst planet? Mercury is his weakest planet, but it is also the most prominently positioned, because it is the only one of two angular planets in his horoscope. Mercury rules a lot of things in the modern world, which perhaps says a lot about how our world has become more and more mercurial. Mercury is weak in Pisces, because in the water sign, the fast and direct approach of Mercury is muddied and confused. The duality of Pisces means that Mercury in that sign speaks with forked tongue. In short, in Pisces, Mercury deceives.

A really good costume for Justin would be to go as a member of his own entourage, and disguise himself. This is because Mercury rules servants. To really drive the point home, he could go as his lawyer, because lawyers are ruled by Mercury as well. And of course, Mercury in Pisces is deception, so this isn’t just a simple issue of dress up, but rather of actively deceiving other people.

A few years ago, I went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and in retrospect I think that was because the Moon is my strongest planet, and the Moon rules travelers/pilgrims, as well as women.

What are you going to be for this Halloween? And how does that tie into your own horoscope?

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Does He Love Me? Will We End Up Together?

September 27, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Love Conquers


The man in whom I am interested and I run a dating site, and we are both moderators. He currently dates several women and had a horrific divorce last year. I can see a future with this man romantically. Sometimes he seems sooo interested, and sometimes not at all but then he’ll say something that just throws me. My intuition says we’ll end up together. I don’t force any issues. I am patiently waiting, though sometimes I want to leap. I am able to control it most of the time. It is REALLY hard for me to focus these days and that has never been me. He’s all I can think of. What do you think?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.:

Not that I advocate Sun sign astrology on this blog, since most of the time it’s pretty simplistic and only scratches the surface. That said, in my experience Scorpios are not the easiest to read, even though they think it protects them; most of the time it just complicates their lives. I have always advocated full disclosure, for the sanity of all. But then I would not get about 80% of the free reading requests I do for the advice column on this blog.

So let us see what is going on with your situation. As always, I have cast a chart for the moment I understood your question. This method is known as horary astrology, and it is probably the oldest known form of astrology, built on the premise that the answer is contained in the horoscope for the time of the question. It works best with specific questions, rather than “what the heck is going on and what does my future hold?” types of questions.

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Does he love me?  Will we end up together?

In this horoscope, you are represented by Venus in Virgo in the 11th house. Venus in Virgo is in its fall, so it is not very strong. This probably refers to the fact that you are feeling all out of sorts in focusing on this man. Venus is also placed in the 11th house of hopes and wishes, so we can see that your hopes and high expectations for this relationship are giving you trouble. Your emotions are shown by the moon in Taurus in the eighth house. The moon is conjunct the fixed star Algol, which shows you losing your head. In sum, it looks as though you are really head over heels for this guy, though a lot of it has to do with your projecting your own dreams onto him. We need to look at what’s going on with him, to see whether he can fulfill your dreams.

He is shown by Mars in Libra in the 12th house. Libra is Venus is sign, so we know that by being in Libra, Mars is very interested in Venus. Venus, of course, represents you in this horoscope. Mars has only recently entered Libra, showing that his feelings for you are a relatively new development. Just before entering Libra Mars was in Virgo, where he was very interested in the ruler of Virgo, Mercury. We already saw that Mercury represents your hopes and wishes, but often planets will take on multiple roles in a chart. You said he has gotten out of a relationship recently, so Mercury could represent a significant other. Whether this is his ex-wife or someone more recent, is largely irrelevant, because he is over it for the moment. The relationship may briefly resume, but I do not think it will last, primarily because his main focus is on you.

His “male biological needs” aspect is shown by the Sun. The Sun is in Virgo, so it really likes this other person. In Virgo, the Sun is in fall of Venus, so I am not sure that his physical attraction to you is as strong as his mental attraction to you. What’s interesting, however, is that shortly, the moon (your emotions) will trine Mercury. Mercury is in the moon’s way, as it were, before moon can trine Mars. In a sense, then, whatever Mercury represents prohibits the two of you from getting together in a long-term, meaningful way. As I said before, Mercury takes on two roles in this chart. One is your hopes and wishes, so it may simply be that your hopes for this relationship are higher than what he can deliver; or that Mercury represents some other person who will shortly come back into his life. The two are not mutually exclusive, obviously.

So where does that leave you? I think the two of you will continue to be able to work together in the future, but I just do not see the physical attraction on his part that would make a relationship possible. The good news is that even though he may “date” others, you will be on his mind primarily, perhaps because of your work relationship, and constant presence. Unfortunately, I know of very few men under the age of 100 who will get into relationships without some amount of physical attraction present.

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Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: When Will I Find Work?

September 25, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Work - St. Joseph


I finished my internship/volunteer work in June and I started to send resumes out. Although I got a few answers and three interviews, nothing is coming my way. Nothing! I will have an interview next Monday and I am trying to be positive. I will be in a very bad financial situation really soon and I am a single mother and no family around. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I would appreciate your insight.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear F.,

In the last few weeks, I have been getting more and more questions from people desperately seeking employment. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I suspect that this is a reflection of the global economy. While the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list has grown more exclusive, in that it includes only billionaires for the first time, my own observation has been that average people are struggling simply to make ends meet. I find this particularly disturbing when I see young people with your level of education (seven years) trying their hardest just to find some employment for which they are qualified.

But, let us take a look at your chart and your particular situation. I cast a horoscope for the moment in which I understood your question, and a picture of the horary chart is below.

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Job Search

You are represented by Mercury in Virgo in the second house, and because Mercury is so strong in Virgo (in its own sign and exaltation), this shows that you are highly qualified and a desirable employee. Sometimes, in employment horary charts, we find the individual in question shown by a planet in poor condition, reflecting that for whatever reason, they are currently not an ideal employee. This is not the case for you, however, and I do not think you are doing anything wrong as such. We see that your money is represented by the second sign from the first, that is Libra and its ruler Venus. Venus is weak essentially, in its fall in Virgo and it is positioned just inside the first house, showing its power to harm you.

You’re also shown by the Moon, which is in its exaltation on the 10th house cusp of work. Again, the good state of the Moon shows that you are highly employable. The moon is on the fixed star Algol which can show that you are in danger of losing your head — most of the time, this is meant figuratively. As a result, I would strongly caution you not to panic despite your financial difficulties, and be sure to look at any job you are considering as objectively as you can. Venus, apart from indicating your own finances, shows the job itself. Often, one planet will do double or even triple duty in a horary chart, provided that the meanings do not conflict.

The good news is that Venus is in the first house, showing that the job really, really likes you. And if you want it, it is yours. Ideally, we would wish to see in applying aspect between the planet signifying the job and the planet signifying you. However, that is sometimes not the case. We have two major indications of changes in your situation — your planet, Mercury, is about to move from its position in Virgo into Libra. This can mean that you are moving into an unfavorable position; perhaps this is a threat to your financial stability that is imminent. Because this will happen in less than one degree, I would expect there to be a change in your situation within a month from your question (September 12). However, something very, very interesting happens in this horoscope.

Just before (and I mean literally one minute of one degree) Mercury moves into Libra, the Moon trines Mercury, bringing you the job at the 11th hour. This happens in about four degrees, so we would expect this to happen in about four weeks from your question. You will note that we have two different time units here, one month and four weeks, so you can see that they coincide.

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Free Astrology Advice: Future of Our Relationship?

September 16, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Affair - Venus, Mars, and Satyrs

(I just couldn’t help myself and comment on this painting. Look at the Satyr at the top right. Mars is about to get one heck of a wake-up call!)


A foreign man came into my life who unwittingly became a catalyst for change and growth. Thanks to him I found a confidence in myself to go for and achieve those elusive goals in my life (appearance and career). What began as a friendship turned into an affair several years later. He drops into my life about every two years, asking if I’m still married (he is too).

My question is, will this ever become more than it is now? Which is very on and off. Yes, I am unhappily married, and am about to move into a new job that will take me to his country periodically. If it is currently all it is going to be, I want to write him off and forget about him as I move on. If it is not yet finished, I want to know. No matter what, I plan to get out this marriage at the first opportunity that is not harmful to my kids’ well-being.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear S.,

Congratulations for having your feet firmly planted on the ground. It seems to me from your letter that you have a good understanding of the nature of this relationship and your own needs, rather than using your unhappy marriage to declare him The One. It is a sign of real maturity. Let’s take a look at what lies ahead, shall we?

Free Astrology Advice - Future of Affair?

You are Mercury, lord of the 1st house, which is very strong right now, in its sign and exaltation. My sense is that here, it shows that you know your own mind, and are generally in a pretty good place mentally. Of course, as in several of the previous charts, Mercury is about to run into the South Node shortly. In this case, my guess is that it indicates the impending divorce. Mercury is in the detriment of Jupiter, which is your lover. So you know that the relationship is not everything you need.

Your emotions are the Moon in Aries, which exalts the Sun, his “male biological bits.” So for you, the relationship is primarily about the emotional support, though the exaltation suggests you are giving him a bit more credit for your transformation than is due.

Venus symbolizes your biological urge to find a mate. Venus is not very happy right now, as it is in fall in Virgo – this makes sense, as your existing mate is making you unhappy, and the lover is only around rarely. Too, Venus is in the sign of Mercury, so it is listening to what your head is saying, which is that you are not satisfied with this relationship.
What is going on with him? He is Jupiter in Scorpio. There he is in the detriment of Venus and in the fall of the Moon. He is both simultaneously harming your emotions (Moon) and your need for a good relationship (Venus).

His Sun, on the other hand, which is his sex drive, is in Virgo, and thus really likes Mercury (you). So he is interested in you physically. You are interested in him emotionally. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this is not a recipe for success – I am not sure he has more to give you. That said, the situation as it is can continue indefinitely, or as long as you want. The Moon is about to conjunct the Sun by antiscion. The old synonym for conjunction is copulation; so yes, there may well be a hidden tryst in your near future.

I don’t think he has interest in making you a bigger part of his life than you are now. However, you don’t need him any longer, either.

Free Astrology Advice: Will I Find a Good Job Soon?

September 12, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Work - Vulcan's Forge

I have just lost my job. Life was going very well and I was promoted to the Headquarters Office on the 1st of July with a personal commendation and praise from my Managing Director. I must specify that this is a family owned group and the Managing Director had been tracking me since mid 2004 when I left my parent Company in which I had worked for 28 years because it was sold off. After this promotion, shortly before I was due to move to Headquarters Office I received telephonic instructions telling me to defer my trip till further notice. Thereafter on July 24th I received a letter terminating my services. I am bereft. I have 2 children in the crucial stages of their education studying in expensive schools. No attempt made by me to find employment has worked. Will I find a well-paying job soon?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear R.,

Yours is a difficult situation, indeed, and one that is faced by people everywhere in these days of fast corporate changes. Looking at the horoscope cast for the time I received your question, I can see that you are very well qualified and at least based on this, should have no trouble finding work suited to your level of experience. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, including contacts and sheer luck. You are symbolized by the 1st house ruler, Mercury in Virgo in the 1st house. Mercury is extremely strong in Virgo, both its sign and its exaltation. Who in their right mind would not hire someone like you? And yet the jobs (Sun in Virgo) are going to your competitors (Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house of opponents, has just separated from a sextile with the Sun). Perhaps they are less threatening and better connected – given Jupiter’s so-so state in Scorpio, their knowledge is definitely not superior to yours.

Free Astrology Advice - Find a Good Job Soon?
The difficult financial situation you describe is shown by Venus, your 2nd house ruler (house of money), which has recently arrived in its fall in Virgo. How is your money? Fallen.

You will find work, though it will be below your skill level. Very likely your financial situation may force you to swallow your pride and take a job you previously would not have considered. Mercury moves out of its sign in 7.5 degrees, into Libra, the sign of Venus (ruler of your money). Your situation will change within 7-8 weeks or months (more likely weeks, but some situations are slow, and months is more appropriate). I assume this means you will find work. It will likely not be pleasant (Mercury runs into a weak Mars in Libra right upon entering the sign), but it will pay the bills.

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Astrology Advice: Will I Sell My House This Year? Buy a New One?

September 9, 2006 by  

Astrology Advice - Real Estate Horoscope - Rest on Flight to Egypt


After 9 years of marriage, I fell in love with a man who later ruined my life. With him I have a house which we bought together, and is up for sale for the last 4 years! He lives in the house while I fled from it, a place once, for a short while, was my piece of paradise on earth. I am 50 years old, and I moved 17 times in my life, not to count the country. In the last 3 years I got close to new female friends, who are wealthy and buy apartments like they were new stockings. They were the ones who put the wish in my head to own something too. And now I am on my way – maybe – to do so. I have no money at all, my friend ruined me, I only have half of the house, which won’t sell. Will I sell the house this year, and should I venture to buy an apartment as an investment?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear G.,

That is a tough situation in which to find yourself; having friends who can afford the kind of real estate you can only dream about. And on top of that, having some real estate you’d wish you could sell right away! It sounds pretty frustrating.

For your kind of question, a horary chart (from the Greek: “of the hour”) is most suitable, and it is the horoscope cast for the moment I received your question. The answer lies within the horoscope cast for the question.

Astrology Advice - Real Estate Horoscope

The chart does not look terribly promising for selling your house this year. You are symbolized by Mercury, ruler of the 1st house, and potential buyers by Jupiter, lord of the 7th. The two are not coming to an aspect, showing that there probably will not be an agreement this year. Similarly, the Moon is Void of Course, which means that it is not going to make any aspects before leaving its current sign of Pisces. Void of Course means “no action in the time frame of the question” if other testimonies concur. Combined with the lack of an aspect between Mercury and Jupiter, the odds are not in your favor. However, there is one redeeming feature here, which is that the Moon (your co-significator along with Mercury) is about to conjoin the Arabian Part of Fortune at 28 Pisces. This shows that there may be a small chance someone will buy the house this year. But I would not bet on this, especially if you are hoping to use the money from the sale of the house to finance your apartment purchase.

Let us take a look at the proposed apartment investment. Your money is signified by Venus, ruler of the second house of finances. Venus recently moved into Virgo, the sign of its fall, indicating that your money is not in great shape, just as you mention. That would make us a little hesistant to recommend making a major purchase such as an apartment. Too, Mercury, ruler of the 1st house, about to conjoin the malefic South Node speaks against changing the situation as it currently stands. When we have a “should I or shouldn’t I” question, we look at where the planet is going as the prospective change. Since Mercury is in a good place right now (in its rulership and exaltation in Virgo), but will shortly meet with the South Node, this says strongly “stay where you are.”

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