Free Astrology Reading: Where Is My Daughter’s Necklace?

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Free Astrology Reading: Where Is My Daughter\'s Necklace?


I gave my daughter a silver heart necklace with diamonds in it as a special present. In early March this year she moved overseas to begin a new life with her partner in London. A week after she arrived, she noticed that it was missing and although we have both looked, we cannot find it. It has special meaning to us both and we would like to know if it was taken (in either country) or if it has been left or put somewhere. She wore it the last two weeks before she left on her trip but presumed she had it with her when she packed.




Dear J.,


Horary is great at finding lost objects, and it tends to work best with the querent’s feedback.  Although I like lost object charts, the blog is probably not the best medium to do them, as the communication is more one-directional than in a consultation.  Despite that, I hope this reading gives you some ideas about where to look.  The horary chart for your question is below:


Free Astrology Reading: Where Is My Daughter\'s Necklace?


First, let’s find the planetary significator of the lost necklace.  It is your daughter’s, so we would look to the second and fourth houses from the fifth house of children.  Jupiter, ruler of your daughter’s second house of possessions, describes the necklace: it is expensive, as are all Jupiter things. 


Next, let’s see if the necklace will be found.  There are no aspects between Mars (your daughter’s planetary significator) and Jupiter (the necklace), or between Mars and the Moon, which rules all lost objects.  However, we do have the Moon applying to its dispositor, Venus, which is a testimony of recovery.  We also see that Jupiter is angular, so it is more likely to be found. 


I don’t think the necklace was stolen, partly because Jupiter is angular, and it doesn’t sound like you have specific suspicions of theft.  Most things really do get lost or mislaid. 


Here are some places where the necklace could be:

  • In your daughter’s office, hallway, corridor, or some other “communication” area. [Jupiter in your daughter’s 3rd house.]
  • With your spouse, or in your spouse’s room. [Jupiter is in your 7th house of partners.]
  • With your daughter’s sibling, or in their room. [Jupiter is in your daughter’s 3rd house of siblings.]
  • It may be near a door (the planet is near a cusp), and near, on, or under the floor, as Jupiter is in an earth sign.  It may also be near where it should be, as Jupiter is near a house cusp.  Ask your daughter to do a thorough search again among her jewelry.
  • Might be opposite a window, a light source, something bright or golden (Jupiter is opposite the Sun).

Good luck with your search, and let me know what happens!


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Fertility and Conception: Free Astrology Reading. “Will I Conceive and When?”

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Fertility and conception: Free astrology reading - \

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for more than a year now and have not been successful yet.  We started fertility medicine this June.  Our doctor said we are both able to have children. When will I get pregnant and what will be the sex of the baby?


Dear M,

Horary astrology is really excellent at questions such as these; and lots of people benefit from knowing whether a treatment will be successful, especially when the treatment is costly. I think there is a good possibility that you will have a baby through this treatment. It’s not a slam-dunk as you are not super-fertile, but you already knew that, since you are on fertility treatment.  The horary chart for your question is below:

Free astrology reading: When will I conceive? Will it be a boy or girl?

At first glance, the picture is not overly encouraging. We see that several important planets in the horoscope are in barren signs; the Moon, which rules your first house of self; Mars, ruling the 5th house of children, and Saturn, ruling your husband – are all in Virgo. But all is not lost. We have the benefic planet Venus, in Cancer, the most fertile sign, right inside the ascendant (the house ruling your body). This is very positive in a question like yours.

Most important of all, the planets do seem to show conception through fertility treatment. We see that the Moon (you) has most recently conjoined Saturn. Then, we have Mars (the baby) applying to conjoin Saturn. So Saturn here acts as a collector of light from Mars and the Moon. Saturn would be the treatment, bringing you and the baby together.

When will this happen? Moon already contacted Saturn, but Mars has yet to do so; we have to see when the other shoe will drop, so to speak. Mars conjoins Saturn in about 1.5 degrees. Because Mars is in a common sign, we can stretch that a bit, and expect maybe 3-4 time units. I would expect this to be months, since the situation has been going on for a while. However – and this is important – it is possible that the conception will happen in 3-4 weeks. This is because we have such a fertile planet right inside the Ascendant. Also, the Moon will shortly sextile the Sun, which might mean a more imminent conception than 3-4 months. But it’s good to be conservative and be pleasantly surprised.

You asked about the baby’s gender. There are more testimonies for a girl; especially again because Venus in a feminine sign is so prominent.

Good luck, and please let me know what happens!