The Full Moon of June 7, 2009: The Astrological Perspective

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Full Moon of June 7, 2009

This Full Moon is in 17° Sagittarius and it looks to be a very interesting month indeed. In astrology, the Full Moon is thought to bring forth the potentials promised by earlier horoscopes.  The Full Moon chart will only do something if an earlier horoscope promises it. Before we talk about the effect of this Full Moon on current events, let’s talk about a few of the characteristics of the Full Moon chart that will be effective worldwide.

Saturn at 15° Virgo squares the luminaries, creating a configuration all in mutable signs. Because two of the signs are ruled by Mercury, we look to it to get additional information; it is moving very slowly in Taurus, having just come out of retrograde motion, and it is conjunct the malefic fixed star Algol. Mercury is also square Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter receives the moon by rulership, so we can see that the Mercury-Jupiter square will be important during this Full Moon.

The Full Moon chart set for Washington DC is below.

June 7 Full Moon, Washington D.C., 1:12 PM EST

General Trends

Using Morin’s method of determining the ruler of the chart, we see that Saturn is the indisputable ruler of this Full Moon horoscope. Obviously, this does not bode well, because Saturn is a malefic, and it brings unpleasant things like illnesses, poverty, exalts, panics, disasters, and death. It is configured in the 12th house, so we will expect respiratory diseases (Saturn in the Mercury sign), and the revelation of secrets and scandals, things to do with prisons, charities, the homeless, and large animals. It is disposed by Mercury in the eighth house of death, and it is on Algol, so there is a strong determination to violent death in this Full Moon chart. Because Mercury is the planet of communication and speech, it signifies a revelation of secrets or scandals, quite possibly of a sexual or financial nature. Mercury is disposed by Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus. The 12th and eighth houses dominate here, indicating some kind of tragedy. The prison/torture scandal will gather momentum.

Bad, But Not Terrible…

However, let’s remember that this Full Moon horoscope only be effective if it is linked to another, preceding chart. The Aries ingress horoscope set for Washington DC is below.

2009 Aries Ingress in Washington, DC, March 30, 7:43 AM EDT

It also has a strong emphasis on the 12th house, with Venus and Mars ruling it, and in mutual reception. The similar 12th house emphasis again speaks of imprisonment, secrets, and scandals. However, Saturn is not involved as a ruler in this chart, and therefore some of the worst effects in the previous paragraph will not be seen in Washington DC or by extension, the United States.

In other words, it is a positive that there isn’t great similarity between the Aries ingress and the June 7 Full Moon chart. A good rule of thumb is that the more similar the two charts are, the more likely it is that the Full Moon horoscope will bring forth its full promise.  As a result, I would expect only those characteristics of the Full Moon chart that coincide with that of the Aries ingress to actually occur this coming month. So there may well be the revelation of secrets and scandals, and issues having to do with prisons. But at least for the US, the worst will not happen.

…For Most Locations

Locations that had Saturn ruling the Aries ingress will not be so lucky, however, and there we would expect some of the worst effects (death, tragedy, etc.) to occur during this Full Moon.  Unsurprisingly perhaps, this is the case in India and Pakistan, where more suffering will certainly ensue. There, Mars is on the seventh house of war, and Saturn is on the ascendant. In these locations, the full unpleasantness of Saturn will likely manifest this coming month.

Full Moon of July 2008: Astrology and Politics of the Full Moon

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Full Moon of July 2008: Astrology and Politics

The Full Moon of July 17-18, 2008 is powerfully linked to the United States chart, and we can expect some major events flowing from this Full Moon. Some of the likely effects of the July Full Moon are:

  • Aggression against open and hidden enemies in foreign countries (or the educated/religious groups)…
  • Constrained by weak national finances.

No Full Moon can act in a vacuum, however, and we need to look at a few other charts, including the foundation horoscope of the United States, before we can clarify the likely effects of the July Full Moon.

The Grand Conjunction (GC) of 1762 is a horoscope that has worked well in the past in conjunction with Full Moon charts, so we shall use it again. This year, the progressed Ascendant of the GC is at 25° in Sagittarius, having entered the terms of Mars. This is inauspicious for the people of the country (the Ascendant), as Mars is malefic. William Lilly says that the terms of Mars “provoke and stir up the anger of Martial men against [the native],” and there is a tendency to impulsive and harmful actions. The Ascendant also squares natal Venus, causing the people general harm, illness, and affliction by the lowest classes of society. The Full Moon chart has its seventh house of open enemies conjunct the GC progressed Ascendant.

Full Moon of July 2008 and the Grand Conjunction horoscope of the USA

The Full Moon Highlights Conflict Abroad, with the Educated, and the Religious

The Full Moon horoscope strongly emphasizes the ninth house of foreigners and foreign countries, as does the Cancer ingress of 2008.   The ninth house also rules religious people, learned people, and institutions of higher learning.  We may well see afflictions to the educated or the religious in the United States or abroad, or conflict among them.

  • Following the July Full Moon, there will be an increased emphasis on strife with foreigners, educated people, and the religious, as we have progressed Mars on the cusp of the GC ninth house.
  • The Full Moon itself is at 26° Capricorn, just inside the GC ninth house,
  • The Full Moon is exactly conjunct the Cancer ingress Moon at 25 Capricorn, with the Cancer ingress Jupiter at 19° Capricorn, just outside the GC 9th cusp.

Full Moon July 2008 - Horoscope set for Washington, D.C.

The Cancer ingress Moon and Jupiter thus besiege progressed Mars, perhaps indicating increased financial difficulties in funding the Iraq conflict. The Moon rules the natal second house of the country’s money, while Jupiter rules the 11th house of the treasury. Both planets are weak in their essential state, showing that any war efforts are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Full Moon of July 2008 will likely bring this dilemma into sharp focus.

Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast: Week of October 26, 2007

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Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast: Week of October 26, 2007 - Wooded Path in Autumn

We haven’t looked at the long term weather forecast for several weeks now, and thought it was high time to revisit the weather. It has been a colder-than-usual autumn out here in the West, with more rain than normal. Read the forecast for Autumn 2007 here (readers not on the West Coast can sign up for the free quarterly Gryphon Astrology newsletter, which provides international weather forecasts for each season).

The horoscope for the Full Moon of October 26 is below, set for San Francisco, California.

Full Moon October 26, 2007 - Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast

Venus in Virgo on the 4th house cusp square Jupiter in Sagittarius indicates that this week will be temperate and dry, bringing in a mostly uneventful few days. Mars in Cancer in the Ascendant might bring in some slightly warmer weather, however. As is to be expected, the charts show that our weather will get wetter as November goes on (much more likely the first week of November), so if you like being outdoors, gather ye rosebuds while ye may this coming week.

This week, Mercury retrograde will transit the position it held in the Libra Ingress horoscope, so we may get some wind into the mix as well.

The Full Moon of October 26, 2007 in Political Astrology

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Wreck in the Moonlight, illustrating Full Moon October 26, 2007 and its astrological meaning

Astrologically speaking, the Full Moon at 2° Taurus/2° Scorpio this month is very significant for the United States, and not for the better. This full Moon promises protracted violence, strife, and financial insolvency for the nation. The horoscope for the Full Moon, set for Washington, D.C., is below:

Full Moon October 26, 2007 and its Astrological Meaning.  Full Moon in the Horoscope.

The stationary Mars in Cancer (in the sign of its fall, so quite malefic) is conjunct the Midheaven of the preceding solar eclipse of September 11, 2007, and opposite the Moon in Capricorn in the Grand Conjunction chart of 1762. Finally, this full Moon is exactly on the cusp of the crucial 10th house of the King, when set for Washington, D.C.. This establishes the importance of this particular full Moon, which we can expect to trigger some fairly disturbing events. Note that this malefic Mars is aspecting Saturn on the malefic South node, which is conjunct the second house of money.

To round out this parade of horribles, William Ramesey (citing the Arab astrologers) writes that Mars in the 12th house means “the people shall be much terrified and troubled by their enemies, from whence shall proceed slaughter and effusion of blood.” While I believe we should hope for the best, this is not an auspicious chart, connecting slaughter and financial insolvency. It is not a far leap to make the connection between these testimonies, the Iraq war, and the current financial troubles of the United States. The dollar may well plumb new depths.

As lunation charts also have everything to do with the weather, with the Full Moon so prominent in the sky, the week starting on October 26th may be a somewhat wet/cloudy week for the nation’s capital.

Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon

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Entrance to Harbor in Moonlight - Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon

The Full Moon will occur at 3° Aries this month, and the full Moon opposition falls in the second and eighth houses in Washington, DC. The second and eighth house emphasis indicates a strong focus on money this month, on the national and political level. Of course, money has been in the news very often for the last several years, both in terms of the expenditures on the war in Iraq, and more recently, the subprime mortgage meltdown.

Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon - Horoscope

However, I do not expect major changes in either of these areas this month. Certain issues will present nagging problems to the government, and to the president specifically, as indicated by Mercury’s trine to Mars, ruler of the 10th house of the King. Mercury rules the eighth house of the enemy’s money, as well as deaths of US individuals, and Mercury is also in the detriment of Mars, harming whatever Mars represents.

How is the nation doing throughout all of this? The people of this country are ruled by the first house, and its ruler, Saturn. Saturn is about to conjoin the South node on the cusp of the eighth house. So the same issues that are posing a problem to the president are causing trouble to the people, with the additional emphasis on a fearful attitude. William Lilly says that the eighth house rules fear, and that certainly seems to be the mood for the upcoming month.

I noticed that the seventh house cusp of the nation’s open enemies is conjunct the Royal fixed star Pollux. This star is of a Mars nature, and Robson says that it indicates “dignified malevolence,” so we can expect new challenges from the country’s enemies, who may well become ever bolder.

Astrology of the Full Moon: The Full Moon of July 30, 2007

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Astrology Moon Chart - Astrology of the Full Moon of July 30, 2007 - Rishi Calling Up Storm

This Full Moon horoscope looks relatively uneventful for Washington, DC (and I use that word advisedly!). We do not have any planets very close to the angles, with probably the best contender for an angular planet being Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 10th house. Jupiter rules the 10th house and 11th houses of the King (in our case, the president) and his advisors/the Army, respectively. Jupiter is of course very strongly placed, being angular and in its own sign. However, it is also retrograde, indicating some kind of retreat or change of direction.

This change will likely be triggered by the Sun’s trine to Jupiter (symbolically speaking, not necessarily by transit). The Sun is strong in its own sign of Leo, and it rules the seventh house of the nation’s open enemies. So the nation’s open enemies are forcing the government to take a different direction. The US government still has the advantage, as it is much more strongly placed in the 10th house than the cadent Sun, but the Sun is in a fixed sign, so it is not wavering in its purpose.

Full Moon of July 30, 2007 - Astrology Moon Chart - Horoscope for Washington, D.C.

This theme is repeated, somewhat less pleasantly, by the Moon’s application to sextile Jupiter. The Moon rules the sixth house of illness, subordinates, and general nastiness and unpleasantness. In terms of a mundane horoscope, these are all the areas where the well-being of the country harmed. Because the Moon symbolizes all of these bad things and applies to contact Jupiter, this is another indicator of unpleasant/unfavorable circumstances forcing the government’s hand in reassessing their situation.

August Weather – U.S. East Coast

I don’t often comment on weather outside of the Western states in the United States, but this full Moon horoscope really caught my eye. As we go south along the East Coast from Washington, DC, the extremely nasty square between Mars in its fall in Taurus and Saturn in detriment in Leo becomes angular. Angularity empowers these two planets to do their thing, and this combination presages violent, windy storms for the month, with the effects being felt relatively far up north on the East Coast. The effects seem particularly acute in Florida, and the adjoining states. Of course for this location, a stormy August is nothing new!

Astrology of the Full Moon: The Full Moon of June 30, 2007

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Moonlight on the Loire - illustrating Astrology of the Full Moon:  The Full Moon of June 30, 2007

The most meaningful way to look at the astrology of the Full Moon, at least from a mundane/political perspective, is to compare the Full Moon chart to the most recent solar ingress horoscope. In our case, that is going to be the Cancer ingress chart for Summer 2007. In this way, astrology of major events is like a series of nesting dolls; going from the biggest, most important horoscope, such as that of the Grand Conjunction, all the way to the transient influence of the Full Moon.

In the Cancer ingress horoscope forecast for 2007, we determined that the U.S. President’s secret enemies, who are likely to be mercurial type people (merchants, politicians, writers, etc.), are going to cause trouble for him this summer. The full Moon horoscope for June 30 seems to confirm this prediction.

The horoscope for the Full Moon set for Washington, DC is below: 

Horoscope of Full Moon of June 30, 2007- illustrating Astrology of the Full Moon:  The Full Moon of June 30, 2007

The Full Moon occurs at 8° Cancer/Capricorn, closely conjoining Mercury in Cancer in the Cancer ingress chart. This is the same Mercury that afflicts the 10th house of the King in the ingress horoscope. So this full Moon set off that Mercury, as it were.

The full Moon horoscope itself, however, has some interesting features. We will pay particular attention to the angles, as those are unique to the place being examined, and therefore are the most meaningful. The first house represents the people in a mundane horoscope, and we see Venus conjunct a very nasty Saturn right on the ascendant. In the full Moon chart, Venus rules the 10th house of the King, while Saturn rules the seventh house of the nation’s open enemies. So the enemies of America afflict the President in some way throughout July 2007, with the President’s Mercurial secret enemies taking advantage of this fact. The fact that this affliction is occurring in the people’s house, indicates that this all plays out in a public fashion.

More specifically, this Full Moon Venus-Saturn conjunction is triggered by a transiting Mars square in late July, and before that, by the transiting Moon. It is also helpful to note that on June 30, Venus is going to be moving somewhat slowly, so that is another affliction to it, apart from that of Saturn.

Astrology of the Full Moon: The Full Moon of May 31 – June 1

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The Full Moon of May 31/June 1 (depending on your location) happens at 10 Sagittarius. This is quite a powerful full Moon, for reasons that I will explain below. This is particularly true in the horoscope (see below) set for Washington, DC.

Full Moon May 31 - June 1, 2007

First, note that this full Moon is exactly square the lunar eclipse of March 3, 2007. This is the same lunar eclipse that fell on the Ascendant-Descendant axis in Washington, DC, a very powerful placement indicating dramatic changes in the country. So this full Moon triggers the sensitive points of the lunar eclipse, bringing the potentials promised by the lunar eclipse to life, and perhaps providing more specific timing as to the dramatic changes in question.

The full Moon promises an ending and a beginning; the Moon is conjunct the fixed star Antares, the heart of the scorpion. This is one of the Royal stars, but it is rather malefic, as you can imagine. Specifically, it brings about endings, and has a tendency to bring down people through their own vices. The Sun, being directly opposite the Moon, is conjunct the Royal fixed star Aldebaran, which is not as bad as Antares, in that it promises new beginnings.

The eclipse aspects Mars in Aries just inside the fourth house cusp, indicating that the United States will be very much dealing with the war in Iraq, with intensifying pressure from both the pro-war and antiwar camps. The overall flavor of the country is that they wish to withdraw; the ruler of the first house, indicating the people, is Jupiter retrograde. In this case, we can read retrogradation as the desire to return. The fact that Jupiter is so powerfully placed right on the ascendant indicates that the people are in a position to make themselves be heard.

It is also interesting to seeing this eclipse falling on the Mars-Jupiter opposition in Baghdad’s horoscope. Most likely, we will see both the fighting and the political brinksmanship escalate to previously unseen levels.

Astrology of the Full Moon: Full Moon of April 2, 2007

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The Full Moon of April 2 will occur at 12.5 degrees Libra, with the ruler of the lunation being either Mars or Venus, depending on whether the full Moon is occurring at night or in the daytime in your location. No planets aspect either the Moon or the Sun, though Mercury is conjunct the Moon by antiscion. This is considered a kind of a shadow aspect between the Moon and Mercury, and its exact meaning will depend on the rulership of the houses in a particular location. Below, we give a full Moon horoscope set for Washington, DC:


We see that here the Sun is closely conjunct the midheaven, so this full Moon will have a powerful impact in this location. As I noted above, Mercury is conjunct the Moon by antiscion. Mercury rules the 12th house of the nation’s hidden enemies and self undoing, as well as the third house of communication and neighbors. Mercury is quite weak in the chart, due to its passage through Pisces, the sign of its detriment and fall.

The Moon in this chart rules the first house of the people of the country, also signifying the state of the nation in general. Therefore, we can see some kind of hidden affliction to the people by Mercury. The overall sense is that the month following this full Moon will be full of secretive doings, and perhaps secrets exposed as well. Since Mercury is so weak, we would expect the overall tenor of events to be rather sordid.

However, this Full Moon also has interesting ties to the horoscope for the Grand Conjunction (Jupiter conjunct Saturn) prior to the American Declaration of Independence. The Sun in the chart above falls exactly on the 10th house Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 12 Aries in the pre-1776 horoscope, indicating important events to follow, especially those affecting the head of state. The Solar Eclipse of March 19th falls exactly on the pre-1776 Sun at 28 Pisces, also in the 10th house, activating that house quite powerfully. This Full Moon should have interesting and powerful repercussions in the U.S. government.

Astrology of the Full Moon: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of March 3

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City at Moonrise

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of March 3, 2007

The full Moon on March 3 will also be a total lunar eclipse at 13° Virgo. You can read more about my analysis of the lunar eclipse and its effect on Iraq. However, we also need to look at the effect of the eclipse on individual and national horoscopes.

Below is the full Moon/lunar eclipse chart set for Washington, DC:

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse March 3, 2007, Washington, DC

We see that the eclipse is angular and because it is right on the ascendant/descendant axis, it will not be visible in DC. However, this does not mean that the eclipse will be without effects in the United States; in fact, when we see that an eclipse is on the first/seventh house axis, it can affect the given country powerfully. This axis concerns primarily the people of a nation rather than its rulers, as the people of the country are shown by the first house and the rulers by the 10th.

The ruler of this lunation is Mercury, which is retrograde and in the malefic sixth house, but at least it is in its own triplicity, so it is not entirely without its virtue. Mercury also rules the first house of the people and the 10th house of the rulers. Its next aspect will be an opposition to a very nasty Saturn retrograde in the 12th house. Saturn also disposits this afflicted Mercury, and thus has power over it.

The sixth house as such can indicate disease or enslavement. This eclipse may bring these issues to light, particularly as they affect the American population at large. We also note that the applying Jupiter-Saturn trine falls in the fourth and 12th houses. I would take this as a general indication of important political shifts affecting the US population as a whole.

This full Moon/lunar eclipse chart is not particularly auspicious, with its emphasis on the sixth and 12th houses, both of which are highly malefic.

Effects of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of 3/3/07 on Individual Horoscopes

If an eclipse falls within a degree or two of important points in your natal chart, you may feel some effects. The exact nature and duration of the effects will have to do with the strength or weakness of the natal points that the eclipse activates. Therefore, if your horoscope shows that you will win a lot of money in the national lottery, an eclipse triggering some sensitive point in your chart may well set that event in motion. On the other hand, if your horoscope shows a tendency toward violent mental illness, an eclipse may presage a serious attack. As a result, it is impossible to tell the exact effect of an eclipse on your chart without first having thoroughly analyzed the horoscope.

In the absence of a complete natal workup, one easy way to tell the general nature of a certain point in your horoscope is to examine how your life has been affected in the past when those points were contacted by transit or secondary progression. As an example, if you have noticed that every time your Sun is triggered, you receive some money, then we would assume that an eclipse contacting that same Sun would have a similar and powerful effect.

— Readers who are interested in a natal reading that would encompass the effects of the upcoming eclipses on their natal charts, may learn more about this option on Nina Gryphon’s astrology readings page.

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