Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Can I Stay Where I Am?”

September 25, 2007 by  

Unwilling Traveler - Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Can I Stay Where I Am?”

Horary Astrology Question:

I’m a college student and I’m hopefully getting a job that I actually want in October but not completely sure. If I can’t, I have to go live with my Mom in a town where I would know no one. I’ve fallen in love with this town and I would like to know if I’m going to be able to somehow make ends meet and stick it here.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear K.,

I know how you must feel; I have a few places in the world where I would like to live, but our desires and reality are not always the same thing. I cast a horary astrological chart for the time of your question, and the horoscope for that is below:

Horary Astrology Horoscope - Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Can I Stay Where I Am?”

I’m afraid that you may not be able to stay where you are. The Lord of the first house of self, Mars, is about to change signs, which is one testimony of an impending move. The fact that Mars is about to move into the sign of its fall, Cancer, makes me think that you are going to be in a situation you don’t like. The Moon, your co-significator, is in the double sign Pisces, which also is a hint that you may not be able to stay were you want.

This makes me wonder about the job that you are expecting. Mercury, ruler of the 10th house of work, is in the detriment of Mars, and will shortly trine Mars. If Mercury was not so badly disposed toward Mars, I would say you will get the job. However, because the job seems to dislike you, you will either not get the job, or the job will simply not be very good and you will not keep it.

Either way, as far as the job goes, good riddance. The 10th house cusp of career is extremely afflicted, telling us that there is something seriously wrong with this job. Saturn is on the 10th house cusp, as is the South node, both of which are highly malefic influences, and you give discouraging testimony regarding this job prospect.

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Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “Will I Get a Ph.D. Degree, and When?”

September 1, 2007 by  

Little Schoolgirl illustrating Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology Question:

After completing my MBA in 2001, I applied to a number of universities over the years to pursue a Ph.D. degree but, at best, I was on a waiting list. I have always felt this is something I need to attain. I am currently pursuing an industry designation but I still desire a higher academic education.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the time of your question:

Get Ph.D.? Horary Astrology Question

Your education is signified by the ninth house, which rules higher knowledge and advanced learning. The ninth house is ruled by Venus, which is retrograde in the 12th house, in Leo. Venus is not terribly strong in Leo, and its retrogradation is also an affliction. The 12th house location is considered very weak as well, as the 12th house is malefic. Venus is also applying to a sextile with Mars, which is not considered tremendously helpful, as Mars is a malefic planet.

Perhaps going for your Ph.D. may not be the best idea, given the extent of Venus’s afflictions. But let’s see whether you will end up going for the degree anyway. Mercury is your significator, as it rules your first house of the self. Mercury is very strong, because it is in Virgo, the sign of its domicile and exaltation. However, Mercury is in the fall of Venus, showing your disappointment with getting the Ph.D. admission in the past.

Ideally, I would want to see an aspect between Mercury and Venus, indicating you obtaining the degree. However, we also note that both of your significators; Mercury and the Moon, will enter sign is ruled by Venus (ruler of higher education in this chart), so there is a possibility of attaining your Ph.D. in nine or 10 years. However, without a direct aspect between our two main planets, I think this is a remote possibility, instead indicating your wanting to return to school at that time.

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