Astrology and the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012

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Eclipse of May 20, 2012 - the beguiling of Merlin

The annular solar eclipse of May 20, 2012 at 0 Gemini is one of two solar eclipses of 2012 (the other occurs in November, as eclipses run in pairs six months apart). An annular solar eclipse is named after the Latin word “annulus” or “ring”, and this type of eclipse occurs when the Moon is on the far side of its orbit and appears too small to cover the entire solar disk. As a result, at totality, a narrow ring of solar light is visible around the Moon. Approximately one-third of all eclipses are annular. From first to last penumbral contact, the eclipse will last 3 hours and 33 minutes. The totality of the eclipse will last 5 minutes and 46 seconds.

The eclipse will be visible in Southeast Asia, southern Japan, the Pacific Ocean, and western North America (view a Google Map of the eclipse path here). The traditional perspective on eclipses is that they influence primarily the places where they are visible; from an astrological perspective, eclipses are especially active where they are angular in the horoscope. The duration of the eclipse’s effects in years is equal to the duration of the eclipse, or 3 1/2 years. Thus, we will see the effects of the eclipse through the end of 2015.

The eclipse occurs closely conjunct to the 1st magnitude fixed star Mirfak (alpha Perseus, meaning “the Elbow” in Arabic), which is traditionally seen as the side of Perseus, the famed killer of the Medusa and the sea monster Cetus. The star can be said to give bravery and strength, though it is placed in a warlike constellation ruled by Jupiter and Saturn, according to Ptolemy. Jupiter is for justice, but Saturn is for death. In general, this eclipse may bring earthquakes or big storms – the eclipse occurs in Gemini, an air sign, and its ruler, Mercury, is in an earth sign with Jupiter. Certainly Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus can indicate disturbances and movement in the earth.
Let us look at possible effects of this eclipse on the various localities where it will be visible.

China (Southeastern), Macau, and Hong Kong: China has been involved in an altercation with the Philippine Navy in the South China sea over the last few weeks. Chinese vessels stopped the Philippine government from arresting Chinese fishermen accused of illegally fishing in the resource-rich Scarborough Shoal area. The Chinese online media has been talking up preparations for war, which China’s Defense Ministry has denied. The thought is that China is asserting itself to look in control during its political transition this year. The presence of the eclipse indicates further warlike behavior, as the ruler of the eclipse is Mercury with Jupiter, but as Mars is not prominent in the eclipse chart, we do not believe a war with the Philippines will actually start. This is supported by a lack of contacts between the eclipse and China’s 1949 foundation horoscopes.

The Philippines, however, have the eclipse right on the Midheaven (3 Gemini), and the Eclipse Mars (10 Virgo) falls on the natal Philippine Mars-Moon conjunction in the 1st house. The conflict will continue in the Philippines’ backyard, and while it will not make a ripple in the Chinese horoscope, the tensions – and potential conflict – in the Philippines will likely be high.

Japan: We expect changes in Japan following this eclipse. The country has shut off all of its nuclear reactors in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and has recently announced the nationalization of Tepco, the private company that operated the Fukushima Daiichi site. The entire management and board will be replaced as Japan attempts to clean up and contain radiation. The warlike posture of Perseus will show itself as people will demand accountability for this unnecessary disaster.

United States: The eclipse will pass through Northern California, within a spitting distance of Sacramento, the state’s capital. The California governor, Jerry Brown, had announced that the California budget shortfall had grown to $16B, in contrast to the estimated $9B, and that in addition to more program cuts, an increase in taxes will be needed. This is a state that already has the highest sales tax in the nation, and the highest top income tax rate. The economic difficulties that currently envelop California will continue with an added hit of drama. There may be increased earthquake activity following the eclipse. The eclipse will be visible from Las Vegas, Nevada and will pass through New Mexico – Albuquerque, as well as Los Alamos.

The eclipse horoscope set for Sacramento, California, is below:

Iran: The Astrological Path to War (Part V)

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Our goal in the Iran series is to discover whether Iran is headed for war. To do so, we will explore the astrological indications of Iran’s previous war, that with Iraq. Last week, we looked at the foundation chart for the Islamic Republic of Iran, that of Khomeini returning from exile in 1979. We also examined the great conjunction of 1980 set for Tehran, Iran. Both of these horoscopes have sensitive points that may be activated when war is imminent; the Great Conjunction horoscope indicated that war during the following 20 years (between 1980 and 2000) was a real possibility.

We would also keep an eye out for any indications of Khomeini’s death, since he was already an old man when he assumed power, and the likelihood of him dying between 1980 and 2000 was quite high.

Today, we will use eclipses to determine just when war and Khomeini’s death were indicated. Twenty years is a long time, and eclipses are a handy way to narrow down our time horizon.

1981: Indications of War

Two solar eclipses aspecting the Khomeini chart promised war. They both activated the Sun conjunct Mars in that horoscope. There was another such eclipse in 1990, but it did not produce anything, except an American invasion of Iran’s neighbor. It appears that at least two such eclipse hits are necessary to produce an effect in Iran:

February 1981 – the eclipse activated the Sun

July 1981 – the eclipse activated the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter

Two lunar eclipses, in July 1981, and January 1982, activated the Midheaven of the Tehran Great Conjunction of 1980 around the same time as the eclipses hit the Khomeini chart.

Because the first eclipse occurred in February 1981, we would look at the Aries Ingress horoscope for March 1980, and for March 1981. The actual invasion by Iraq occurred in September 1980. We will look at the Ingress charts next week

Khomeini’s Death

No fewer than three eclipses in 1988 and 1989 hit Saturn in the Khomeini chart (January 1988, March 1989, and August 1989). Why is Saturn important? It rules the 10th house of the King, or the Supreme Leader, in this case. Three hits to the King’s significator in the Reza Khan coronation chart were more than enough to depose and eventually kill the Shah. Khomeini died in June 1989.

We will look at the Aries Ingress horoscopes for the 1980, 1981, 1988, and 1989 next week. The goal is to follow the thought process of an astrologer examining these charts in 1980, who did not have the benefit of hindsight, like ourselves. Only then can we hope to predict major events with confidence and accuracy.


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Iran: The Astrological Path to the Revolution and War, Part II

July 28, 2008 by  

As we discussed last week, this series aims to look for astrological triggers that reliably foretell serious conflict in Iran. Given the current uncertainty about a possible war with Iran, looking at past indications of war in that country should be useful to help us predict any future wars there. Last week, we looked at the two key charts for the 1961—1981 period in Iran: the coronation chart of Reza Khan (1926) and the Great Conjunction of 1961. Both of these charts held clues to the timing and nature of the 1978-1979 revolution in Iran.

Upheaval in Iran: The Great Eclipse Search

Both solar and lunar eclipses are a malefic influence on world affairs, and typically act as triggers of Bad Things happening in the world. They act most powerfully on the angles of state horoscopes, and any planets closely aspecting those angles. This is because the angles represent the four cardinal elements of a state: the people (1st house), the land and the king’s enemies (4th house), the enemies of the state (7th house), and the government (10th house). When eclipses afflict these points, the balance between these four elements is lost, and chaos reigns.

1926 Coronation of Reza Khan

1926 Coronation of Reza Khan

If we do a search on eclipses hitting the angles of the Reza Khan coronation chart, we find several possible candidates:

1. Lunar Eclipse – December 1963 on 4th/10th axis

2. Lunar Eclipse – June 1964 on 4th/10th axis

3. Solar Eclipse – March 1968 on 1st/7th axis (also aspecting the Moon, the Shah’s significator)

4. Lunar Eclipse – March 1978 on 1st/7th axis (aspecting the Moon)

5. Solar Eclipse – October 1978 on 1st/7th axis (aspecting the Moon)

Eclipses in the 1961 Great Conjunction

An astrologer would carefully watch other astrological testimony around the 1978 eclipses, because we have two direct hits to the angles, mere months apart. However, the same is true for the first two eclipses on the list. The next step would be to look for confirming evidence in the 1961 Great Conjunction horoscope.

1961 Great Conjunction - Tehran, Iran

1961 Great Conjunction - Tehran, Iran

Only four eclipses contact the angles in the 1961 chart, and of those, two are anywhere near in time with respect to the Coronation chart eclipses:

1. Solar Eclipse – December 1977 on 4th/10th axis (aspecting the Moon)

2. Solar Eclipse – April 1978 on 4th/10th axis (aspecting the Moon)

We have a repeating theme here, from 1977 through 1978. It wasn’t that difficult to narrow down the most difficult time for Iran from 20 years to two years.  So, we have the “when,” for a Bad Thing to occur in Iran, but we still lack a “what,” other than expecting the “what” to be malefic as per the nature of eclipses.

In Part III of this series, we will look at the horoscopes for 1977 and 1978 to determine the nature of the problems the eclipses promised.


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Astrology of Eclipses: North Korea’s Nuclear Test – Lunar Eclipse of September 7th

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North Korea’s Nuclear Test - Mars and Ignorance

The Lunar Eclipse of September 7th was partly visible in North Korea (around the time of Moon set), and indeed, we are starting to see its indications with North Korea’s alleged nuclear test. Moreover, the Lunar Eclipse at 15 Pisces fell right opposite North Korea’s Sun at 17 Virgo. In the horoscope of a country, the Sun always has to do with the government and leadership, and of course the opposition aspect has to do with confrontation, disharmony and breaking up.

We would expect this Lunar Eclipse to have significant repercussions for North Korea’s leadership, though the consequences will be even worse for the North Korean people. In a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is obscured by the Sun; the Moon always signifies the people of a kingdom. Thus, we have the picture of a people being harmed by their government. This does not happen at every eclipse, of course, but because the Lunar Eclipse contacted the North Korean Sun, we would expect some serious effects.

There are many things I do not love about North Korea’s natal horoscope, which has a Sun-Moon square, showing disharmony between the people and the government. It is this square that the Lunar Eclipse of September 7th triggered, so we can expect the North Korean people to suffer for the actions of its government. In real world terms, we expect any aid from other countries to North Korea to be withdrawn, since Jupiter rules sustenance. Not surprisingly, the nuclear test in a water sign (Pisces), ruled by a moist planet (Jupiter) in Scorpio (a water sign) will likely harm the aquatic life significantly, as well as vegetables and plants. Note, too, the ominous location of the eclipsed Moon – in the 8th house of death.

Saturn in Leo (the sign of its detriment) is on the Ascendant, and since the Ascendant rules the people in political horoscopes, we see serious strain on North Koreans here as well. Saturn as such rules deprivation, so we can expect the North Koreans to suffer from other countries’ retaliatory measures. Saturn in this chart rules the 7th house of open enemies, which in North Korea’s case includes just about all other countries. So suffering will come to North Korea from open enemies.

The test itself occurred on October 9th, which was right on schedule; we would expect the effects from the Lunar Eclipse to begin between September 27th – October 7th, 2006, and reach their peak between October 15th – October 29th, 2006. Indeed, North Korea started threatening a nuclear test in the first few days of October.

The horoscope for North Korea’s Lunar Eclipse on September 7th is here:

North Korea Horoscope - Lunar Eclipse September 7th

Astrology of Eclipses: Lunar Eclipse of September 7th – Dengue in India

October 6, 2006 by  

As I mentioned in my original post on the astrology of the September 7th Lunar Eclipse, one of the problems with having the eclipse in a water sign (Pisces) ruled by a moist planet (Jupiter) in another water sign (Scorpio) is the distinct possibility of water-borne disease among the common folk. With this year’s huge dengue outbreak in India, William Lilly’s words come to mind:

An eclipse of the Sun or Moon in the watery triplicity presages a rot or consumption of the vulgar sort of people […] In Virgo or Pisces…it shows that very many fountains shall be corrupt and grow impure, and the river waters not wholesome.

If you don’t know what dengue is (I know I had to look it up), it is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes, not terribly different from malaria, sometimes fatal. Last year, the World Health Organization reported 900 cases of dengue in India; this year, there are 3000 so far.

As to the timing of the outbreak, here is the quote from the earlier post on the Eclipse:

India – begin between September 17 – 27, 2006, strongest between October 1 – 15th, 2006

Also note that the September 7th Lunar Eclipse was right on the Midheaven in New Delhi (the horoscope set for New Delhi is in the original lunar eclipse post); it did not fail to manifest. Jupiter brings trouble to the people in power, and this year, a few members of the Indian Prime Minister’s family came down with dengue symptoms. As well, parts of India are experiencing epidemic proportions of the similar but usually rarer disease chikungunya. I am glad not to be living in the tropics right now.

Astrology of the Full Moon: Full Moon of October 6th 2006

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Full Moon October 6, 2006 - Contemplation

People sometimes ask me whether full moons or new moons have an effect similar to that of an eclipse. The effect, would of course be much weaker, since an eclipse is a rare, unique astronomical event, and a new or full moon comes about every 14 days or so. However, as you will find in this article about lunar eclipses, and this article about solar eclipses, we know that both lunar and solar eclipses have effects that can stretch out for quite a while after the actual eclipse.

In the case of lunar eclipses, potential effects can occur up to several months after the lunar eclipse, whereas for solar eclipses, effects can occur up to 3 1/2 years after a given solar eclipse. Depending on the length of visibility of the eclipse, which allows us to time the approximate appearance of effects of the eclipse, we can get accuracy to about within a week in the case of a lunar eclipse, or within a month in the case of a solar eclipse.

However, especially in the case of solar eclipses, when in a given time period does an effect of the eclipse take place? One way to time the effects of an eclipse would be to use lunations, that is, full or new moons. We would be looking for various triggers to the eclipse point. Thus, if we were looking at an eclipse occurring at 29 Virgo, it is the most recent solar eclipse, we want to see at what time there would be contacts to that point, particularly within the period of time with which we are concerned. Often, however, a chart for a full or new moon will speak for itself, as we see below.

The Full Moon of October 6th, 2006

Below is a chart for this full moon of October 6th, set for Washington, DC. Obviously, in your own home country, the chart looks somewhat different, because the location varies.

Full Moon October 6, 2006 Horoscope

To see the effects of this full moon, we would first look for the Lord of the Lunation, which is the planet ruling the luminary that is above the earth. This will give us a sense of whether the effects of the full moon will be strong or mild, or negative or positive. In this case, we have the moon above the earth, in Aries, so the Lord of the Lunation will be Mars in Libra.

Mars in Libra is in its detriment, because it is on the side opposite from the sign of its rulership, Aries. In Libra, the sign of Venus, Mars cannot adequately express its martial nature. Therefore, it will express itself in highly negative ways, rather than positive ones. Mars is always a malefic, but doubly so when it is in an unfavorable sign such as Libra. This will be the last full moon before the November elections in the United States. Mars in an air sign is a clear indication of the toxic campaign environment we can be expected to endure. Air signs are the most concerned with the world of humans, and with communication and speech in general. We can thus expect cruel and harsh speech.

In the sign of Venus, and in the fifth house, Mars is in the house of pleasure. There may be sexual revelations or scandals, which will come to light during this time. Mars is also sextile Saturn in Leo in its detriment in the third house, which is the house of speech. This further emphasizes the nastiness and mudslinging we can expect.

Astrology of Current Affairs: Lunar Eclipse and the Military Coup in Thailand

September 21, 2006 by  

Lunar Eclipse - Horoscope Thailand - Alexander's Army

The Thai Army ousted Prime Minister Thaksin on Tuesday in a bloodless coup, claiming that governmental corruption and the inability of the government to deal with Muslim insurgencies had become too great to tolerate. How did the recent military coup in Thailand come about, astrologically speaking? Was it attributable to the recent Lunar Eclipse, or was it some kind of early harbinger of the upcoming Solar Eclipse? Having examined Thailand’s astrological chart (the one most commonly used by Thai astrologers), I believe we are seeing the effect of the September 7th Lunar Eclipse.
As I wrote in an earlier post about the September 7th Lunar Eclipse, the Eclipse was visible throughout most of Asia. Nonetheless, not all Asian countries will experience a coup due to the Lunar Eclipse, so there must have been something unique about the Eclipse’s contacts to the Thai horoscope. Some of it, of course, will have to do with the inherent nature of the country – some countries go for decades, even centuries, peacefully, while others have constant violent clashes. This has much to do with the nature of the country’s horoscope, as well as with the V-E-R-Y slow transits of “fixed” stars across the chart.

Horoscope - Thailand Coup and the Lunar Eclipse

Looking at Thailand’s horoscope, we can see that the fixed star Markab, which is now at 23 Pisces, is conjunct the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Pisces. Markab is a rather bright star, and is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. Robson says that it gives “honor, riches, fortune, danger from fevers, cuts, blows, stabs [can be operations nowadays] and fire and a violent death,” and specifically when with Mercury, it means “friends turn into enemies.” We can see that in this Mercury-Venus conjunction, it is the rather nasty Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces that will run the show. This is probably because it is solidly in the strong 11th house, compared to poor Venus, which is a bit too close to the malefic 12th house, and thus cannot act very well.

The September 7th Lunar Eclipse occurred at 15 Pisces, and it was probably a bit too far for Venus to have a say, but was close enough to Mercury to activate it and Markab. Unfortunately, the consequences were not going to be pleasant, precisely because of Mercury’s weakness. The Eclipse is ruled by Jupiter, which we can take to be the Thai Army. The Army is the Government’s resource, so it will be the second house from the 10th. Saturn is the Government, so we take the next sign, which is Pisces, and is ruled by Jupiter. So the Eclipse will affect everything Jupiterian in this country – here, that is the Army, and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet (also second from the 10th). The PM’s Cabinet has been getting arrested one by one or has not been returning to Thailand, if they were fortunate enough to be abroad at the time of the coup.

The fact that Pisces is a double-bodied sign bodes ill for the ruler of an affected country:

Because the eclipse is in a double-bodied sign (Pisces), the greatest activity will occur with rulers of the affected lands, and their governments, also any people in power in general. (From this post on the September 7th Lunar Eclipse.)

Whoever elected Thailand’s horoscope (it has certainly been elected, as all sensible countries and cities have done) took good care that the Thai people were in control of the priesthood and the Cabinet/the Army, rather than under the Government’s control. Venus, Lord 1 – the people, are in Jupiter’s sign. Jupiter rules the 9th house (religion and the priesthood) and rules the second sign from the 10th (Cabinet and Army). In these changing times, the focus is much more on the power of the Army and the Governmental ministers, than on the power of religion. That is perhaps something the astrologers who constructed Thailand’s chart did not consider.

Astrology of Eclipses: September 22nd Solar Eclipse and Effects on the United States

September 20, 2006 by  

Astrology of Eclipses - Solar Eclipse of September 22, 2006 - The Earth Element

Since I wrote the blog post on the September 22nd Solar Eclipse’s effect on various countries and also the post on the effects of Eclipses on individuals’ charts, I have been getting lots and lots of questions about the effects of the Eclipse on various countries.

Here is the most important thing to remember about the effects of Eclipses on the affairs of a country, in the words of William Lilly: “…all Eclipses are held to extend their effects most forcibly when above the Earth, weakly and not so vigorously when under the Earth…” In other words, if your country is in the path of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, and the Eclipse is therefore visible from there, the effects will be very strong.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse will only be visible from South America, the Caribbean, and western/southern Africa.

Interestingly, however, the effects of an Eclipse can still be very strong on an individual’s horoscope, even if the Eclipse cannot be seen from his or her place of birth.  Perhaps the individual horoscope is more sensitive to the Eclipse than the horoscope of an entire nation.

If the Eclipse is not visible from your country, there may still be some noticeable effects in national affairs, particularly if your country is ruled by Virgo (the sign in which the upcoming Solar Eclipse will occur), or its horoscope has important sensitive points, like the Ascendant or Midheaven, near the 29th degree of the common signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

The United States and the September 22nd Solar Eclipse

One example of such a country is the United States. The Eclipse will not be visible from the United States, so we would not expect the very strongest astrological effects in this country. Too, the Eclipse is not in an angular house, such as the 4th, so the effects area again not shown to be very strong.

Nonetheless, as we will see below, there are special contacts between the Eclipse and the horoscope that might sensitize this horoscope to the Eclipse. In a previous post about the September 11th attacks, I wrote about why the horoscope for the Grand Conjunction prior to 1776 is extremely effective for predicting events affecting the United States. The astrological chart for the Grand Conjunction is here:

U.S. Horoscope - Eclipse of September 22, 2006

The upcoming Solar Eclipse will occur in 29 Virgo, opposite the United States’ Sun at 27 Pisces. The Sun rules the 4th house of the chart, signifying land, farms, mines, and houses. In a chart for an entire country, real estate might be one meaning for this house. The Sun is in the 11th house, which signifies the King’s (or the President’s, in this case) money and Cabinet. Thus, both of these areas of concern may be affected by the upcoming Eclipse. We may therefore see shake-ups in the President’s advisors, as well as changes to the nation’s real estate market.

There will be other effects as well. The antiscial degree of 29 Virgo is 1 Aries. In the above chart, we have Mercury at 3 Aries, so we expect that whatever is signified by Mercury will be affected by the Eclipse, but in a hidden way. Mercury rules the 1st house, which signifies the common people. It also rules the 5th house, showing ambassadors and profit from the land, whether through rent, harvest or mines. This may yet be another indicator that the housing prices will continue to drop, more precipitously in some areas than in others.

As mentioned in my first post about the September 22nd Eclipse, Mercury is the Lord of the Eclipse and thus will affect all Mercurial things, such as taxation revenue, controversy in laws, high winds and tempestuous weather generally, earthquakes, and a rise in thieving and piracy.

Because the Eclipse is not visible from the United States, we cannot easily time how long its effects will last, or when they will begin. The timing method traditionally used only works if we can see the Eclipse from the given area. However, according to Ptolemy, an Eclipse will begin to have effects within a year and a day of the date of the Eclipse, and the effects will not last longer than three and half years.

Astrology of Eclipses and Celebrities: Eclipses in the Chart of George W. Bush

September 19, 2006 by  

Apollo and Diana

Since we entered Eclipse season, and especially with the upcoming Solar Eclipse, I am getting lots of questions about how the Eclipses affect individuals’ horoscopes. So in this article, I will talk about the ways that the upcoming Eclipse may affect your own birth chart, and look at an example from a well-known person’s chart.

As you can tell from my previous posts about the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse, any Eclipse will have some kind of effect on the greater affairs of the world. The medieval astrologer Cardan wrote: “Eclipses operate more forcibly on Cities, Provinces, and Kingdoms than on Particular persons of private condition, or even upon Kings and Princes, for their effects rather respect the multitude.” This is certainly true, but we can often find very major events happening in people’s lives after Eclipses that contact their own natal horoscope.

The problem is that Eclipses are like a raw infusion of power into a chart, and not many people are prepared to deal with them appropriately, so usually the person is the unwitting victim of something unpleasant. The solar energy will make itself known one way or another. This is where talking with your friendly astrologer can be extremely helpful, because they can tell you how best to carpe labores solis (“seize the Solar Eclipse”) for the most beneficial results.

An Eclipse will only make itself felt in your life if it closely contacts a sensitive point or planet in your own horoscope. Thus, for this upcoming Solar Eclipse, unless you have something important in your horoscope in the 29th degree of the common signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces), or thereabouts, you do not have to worry. If you find that something in your chart will be activated by the Eclipse, you should look at the function of that planet or point in your life, and you will be able to see what part of your life will be affected by the Eclipse and in what way.

Astrology of Eclipses - George W. Bush Horoscope

Eclipses and the Famous: George W. Bush

The horoscope above belongs to George W. Bush. We will very often see Eclipses activate the charts of people in power shortly before they assume a position of authority. This brings us back to the essential message of the Eclipse: Act or be acted upon. Those in power are typically people who, for one reason or another, have chosen to act, and therefore can take advantage of Eclipses when the opportunity arises.

The Solar Partial Eclipse of July 31st, 2000, was visible in the northwest United States only (visibility in an area greatly enhances an Eclipse’s strength to act there), but this was apparently enough to give George Bush’s horoscope the “kick” it needed. The Eclipse occurred at 8 Leo, which falls right on George Bush’s Ascendant and Mercury. Needless to say, these are both highly sensitive points in the horoscope. Mercury rules the 11th house of hopes and good fortune, and was probably just the infusion of power that George Bush needed to become President.

Since becoming President, the other defining moment for George W. Bush has been September 11th. The Lunar Eclipse of July 5, 2001, was again only visible in the western United States, but that was enough. The Eclipse occurred at 13 Capricorn, and exactly opposed George Bush’s natal Sun in the 12th house. In his chart, the Sun rules the 1st house, signifying his personality and public image. September 11th, however problematic it was for the United States as a country, was a great boon to George Bush politically – his public approval ratings went through the roof and stayed there for quite a long time. Indeed, September 11th was without question THE defining moment of George Bush’s presidency, and was heralded by an Eclipse.

Astrology of Eclipses: Lunar Eclipse of September 7th – Turkey

September 17, 2006 by  

Lunar Eclipse Astrology - Harbor in the Levant
We can see the very interesting – and troubling – way that the astrological consequences of the September 7th Lunar Eclipse have played out in Turkey. First, there was the deadly explosion earlier this week in the city of Diyarbakir, which killed 10 people. It looks as though the group behind the explosion is the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), a group that seeks Kurdish independence from Turkey. Most of the victims of the bombing were children. In the chart set for Diyarbakir, the eclipse is in the 5th and 11th house; the 5th house is the house of children. The eclipse was in the constellation Eridanus (the River), which is Saturnian and indicates danger by water. The bomb was placed in a water cooler.

The Lunar eclipse was ruled by Jupiter, and so increases the fame of religion and religious people, both of which are ruled by Jupiter. The Pope’s comments on Islam caused scandal in the Muslim world, and have certainly increased the Pope’s fame, though not in a good way. EuroNews reported that tensions in Turkey are running particularly high, as the Pope is scheduled to visit the country in November, and the leading party representative compared the Pope to Hitler and Mussolini. The visit is now in question. Given that the eclipse’s effects in Turkey will be strongest between September 17th and October 1st, this row will not die down anytime soon, and perhaps could culminate in the cancellation or postponement of the visit. So much for soothing inter-religious tensions.

This is a chart for the Lunar Eclipse of September 7th, 2006, set for Diyarbakir, Turkey:

Lunar Eclipse Astrology - September 7th Eclipse in Turkey

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