Astrology 101: The Eighth House and Its Meanings

August 10, 2008 by  

Concluding our tour of the malefic houses of the horoscope, the eighth house is thoroughly and completely malefic; it is associated with death and fear. The only neutral meaning of this house is that of other people’s assets, including inheritances; if we want to know whether our spouse will be wealthy, we might look, among other indicators, to the eighth house. This is because it is the second house from the seventh — our partners’ money.

The reason that the eighth house is malefic is because it does not form a major aspect to the ascendant, through which light enters the horoscope. Therefore, the eighth house is harmful to the life force, along with the sixth and twelfth houses.


Despite what some astrologers may claim, we will all die, and it is unlikely to be a fun experience. Traditional astrology acknowledges that the quality of death varies dramatically from person to person. Strong planets in the natal eighth house represent a saving grace that helps us cheat death, or they might give an easy, peaceful death. Malefic planets in the eighth house promise the contrary. A heavy emphasis on the eighth house in predictive techniques, such as the solar return, or in progressions or directions, can indicate death. Most often, the other malefic houses, the sixth and the 12th (possibly the fourth, being the house of endings) will be activated as well.

For example, the French astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin had an ominous solar return in 1656, well into his 70s. The solar return ascendant was conjunct the cusp of his natal eighth house, and the solar return Sun conjoined the natal 12th house cusp, along with Jupiter, ruler of the natal eighth house of death. The solar return Jupiter, ruling the eighth house of death in the natal chart, was exactly conjunct the solar return ascendant. The ruler of the natal sixth house of illness, Mercury, was conjunct the solar return Sun. Morin died in November 1656. [Data from The Art of Forecasting Using Solar Returns by Anthony Louis.] We can see that the eighth house alone may not predict death in the natal horoscope, and other malefic houses will often be involved as well.


This meaning of the eighth house tends to show up most strongly in horary charts, and disproportionately often, the ruler of the ascendant is in the eighth house, showing the querent’s fear about the issue at hand. Phobias, as such, are more of a 12th house affair. The eighth house experience of fear is more temporary and event-specific.

To round out the parade of horribles, the eighth house also rules the organs of excretion (in contrast with the organs of reproduction, ruled by the 7th house).

Other People’s Money

A couple of years ago, I did an informal study of a couple dozen natal horoscopes of those who made their money through marriage or relationships. I expected to see a strong eighth house, reflecting the spouse’s assets. However, I was disappointed, because it was usually the native’s second house or other personal indicator of wealth that was strong, not the eighth house. It was usually the natal second house or related indicators that were connected to the seventh house ruler, the Lot of Marriage, etc. The eighth house never really stood out in these horoscopes.

There is an important lesson here for astrologers. The eighth house as other people’s money is really only indicative in horary charts, where someone might ask about the assets and wealth of a prospective spouse, customer, or business partner. In the natal context, we would revert back to the usual indicators of personal wealth.

What has been your experience with the eighth house in your chart or that of others?

Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “How Long Will My Wife Live?”

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Death of the Virgin - Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “How Long Will My Wife Live?”

Horary Astrology Question:

My wife has been housebound for over eight years, she has had a heart attack in 1999 and a quadruple bypass, is arthritic, diabetic, needs constant care, is overweight, immobile, on tons of meds, needs insulin twice daily, and her memory is slipping, I, her husband for 57 years and caregiver, would be grateful to know how long she will have to suffer.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear B.,

Thank you for writing to me. What a difficult situation yours must be; taking care of a seriously ill person is not easy, especially when there is little chance for a complete recovery. I cast a horary chart for the time that I understood your question, and the horoscope is below:

When will she die? Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “How Long Will My Wife Live?”

Your wife is shown by the ruler of the seventh house of partners, Mars. How is Mars? Not so good; it is in Taurus, in the sign of its detriment. Now, we see that Mars is about to move into Gemini, where it is considerably less afflicted than in Taurus. However, the context of her health problems is such that we would not really expect a major recovery for her.

Since we are asking about death, we will need to look at when your wife’s planet, Mars, will aspect Venus, which rules her eighth house of death. The timing for this aspect will indicate approximately the time of your wife’s passing away. We see that shortly after entering Gemini, Mars will square Venus in Virgo. This will happen at about 0.3° Gemini/Virgo. This means that Mars has about a degree to go before making that aspect with Venus. Since Mars is in a cadent house and a fixed sign, this would indicate an approximate timing of one month (!), while Venus being in a mutable sign in a succedent house, also points to a timeline of months rather than years. Venus only has to travel half a degree to get to the aspect, but it is moving very slowly, and it is in a mutable sign, which tends to add a little bit to our estimate. As we do not have your wife’s birth horoscope to confirm this, we should be very conservative about this prediction, and say that we are looking at one year instead of one month; in either case, we would expect her to pass away within a year.

—Readers who wish to get a horary reading from Nina Gryphon may purchase one at top left.

Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Will My Friend Live or Die?

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Self Portrait with Death

Horary Question:

An acquaintance of mine had a brain aneurysm. He had brain surgery in early May, but is still in a coma. If he lives, to what extent will he recover? Will he live or die?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear G.,

Thanks for your question – I had a moment of indecision about how to analyze this horary, since I wasn’t sure whether the person in question was a friend or acquaintance. If the former, we would take a look at the 11th house of friends; if your relationship is not that close, we’d give him the 7th house of “other people.” I plumped for the latter, since we are usually not that ambivalent about someone’s status if they are really a friend. The horary chart for your question is below:

Horary Question - Will My Friend Live or Die?

First, we see that Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house, is in its own sign. This is generally a good sign, except for medical horaries, because Jupiter is a hot and moist planet, but Sagittarius is a hot and dry sign. As a result, the nature of the sign is inimical to the well-being of the planet this is caused by the overabundance of heat (in terms of the old Greek/Arabic medical model). So we see that the person is actually sick, and the significator of the disease is the same as the significator of the person. Turning to Saunders, he says that:

Jupiter in the last 18° in Sagittarius is hot in the extremity of the fourth degree, and dry in the beginning of the fourth degree, causing diseases of red choler mixed with blood, that are without remedy… diseases of exceeding heat and drouth [dryness], consuming the radical moisture and humidity of the body.

The situation is indeed serious. Whenever we have a planet in the fourth degree, the disease has the potential to be deadly – the situation is in extremis. An aneurysm, an abnormal enlargement of blood vessels inside the brain, with the potential to burst and bleed into the brain, is a classic hot and dry disease, one afflicting the blood.

So we know the person is in dire straits. Jupiter is retrograde, and will go direct at 9° Sagittarius, in August. If Jupiter was direct in the chart and about to go retrograde, then the prognosis would not be very favorable. I do not think that the man will die, though it may be a while before he starts recovering, as it will be a while before Jupiter goes direct. Jupiter is not applying to aspect with Mars, ruler of the radical eighth house, nor Venus, ruler of the turned eighth house. We also do not see an applying problematic aspect to Jupiter. Interestingly, Jupiter had previously trined a very nasty Saturn in detriment in the 12th house, but the aspect is separating, so the person is getting away from danger.

You also asked to what extent will he recover. I think he will be functional, again indicated by Jupiter’s forward movement. But Jupiter will stay for a long time in Sagittarius, which is not hospitable for a hot and moist planet, so this makes me think that he will not get back to his previous level of functioning.

—Readers who wish to get a reading from Nina Gryphon may learn more at

Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – How Will My Military Deployment Go?

May 14, 2007 by  

Guerrilla Warfare - Picket Duty

Horary Question:

I am an active duty Marine, volunteering to deploy to Afghanistan. This is my first deployment; I have been on active duty for 19 years. I am scheduled to deploy in July for 6 months. I anticipate requesting to stay longer. How will my deployment go?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear L.,

First off, thank you for doing what you’re doing. It takes serious guts to go into the lion’s den, as it were, which I (and countless others) respect and appreciate. I cast a horary chart for the time that I understood your question, and the horoscope for this is below:

Horary Astrology - How Will My Military Deployment Go?

In this chart, you are represented by Mars, the ruler of the first house of self. Your co-significator is the Moon. Given that you are a soldier, being represented by Mars, the planet of war, is especially appropriate here. Mars is currently in Pisces, but it will soon enter its own sign of Aries. This matches up with what you said about leaving in July. The transition from Pisces into Aries will happen in about 2°, and you are leaving in about two months. I like the fact that Mars is going to enter its own sign, I think that in Afghanistan, in action, you will feel as though you’re in your own element. Aries is not a warm and fuzzy sign, but that is where Mars is very happy, because it can be at its warlike best.

Now, I assume that your question is really about whether you’re going to be safe or not. I think you’re going to be okay, mainly because we see Mars going into its own sign, which strengthens it a great deal. However, I would caution you about the late summer/early fall period (August-October) of this year. This is because the Moon, your co-significator, will come into aspect with Mercury, the ruler of the eighth house of danger and death. This does not mean that you will die; but you will be in particular danger during these months. To the extent you can, exercise the utmost caution at this time, and do not take unnecessary risks.

Let us take a look at the big picture. You mentioned you’re thinking of requesting an extension of your deployment. I do not know how this works exactly, but it sounds as though your stay in Afghanistan is separated into discrete time blocks of six months or whatever. I will comment on each of these blocks separately. The first block is indicated by Mars going through Aries, and as I stated above, I think you will do very well during this time. The next block is ruled by Taurus; Mars passing through Taurus is in the sign of its detriment, so your experience during the extended time is going to be considerably more difficult and dangerous. Based on this, I would advise you at least think very, very hard about requesting an extension.

Good luck to you, and I hope you keep me posted.

—Readers who wish to get a reading from Nina Gryphon may visit her webpage at

Death in the Horoscope: James Kim (Progressions)

December 11, 2006 by  

One of my astrological interests has long been determining death in the chart; many other astrologers (and people in general) prefer not to go there. This may have to do with our modern attitude toward death. We are simply not very comfortable with it. And yet, it is a huge part of life, and I feel is best to come to terms with it sooner rather than later. This is one reason why I have been very interested in the chart of James Kim, the Californian who died in Oregon a few weeks ago, while trying to get help for his stranded family. Specifically, I wanted to understand exactly what it was in his chart that would show such an unfortunate fate.

Last week, I looked at potential influences in his natal horoscope, and today, I will look at what was going on in his progressed chart, which is simply the natal horoscope moved forward to a specific point in time. That point will have been the approximate date of death.

James Kim Horoscope - Inner Circle: Natal, Outer Circle: Progressed


We see an odd combination of factors at work in his horoscope, with factors showing bodily danger but also indications of fame. It is fair to say that Kim was never so famous as after his death. Most ominously, we notice that progressed Venus, which rules the natal eighth house of death, opposes the natal Moon in the malefic sixth house. I did not like this Moon much in the natal chart due to its essential weakness and bad location. Regardless of what Kim’s horoscope looked like and where that Moon is actually placed (since we are using only a noon chart), it is clear that a potentially difficult contact to it would be very serious.

We also see that the progressed Sun is entering the highly malefic 12th house – as the Sun is the indicator of life, entering the house of self undoing is not a good thing.

And yet, we also see indications of fame, at least in the noon chart, which seems to be fairly efficacious for this purpose. The Sun is about to sextile the Midheaven, a traditional indicator of fame or enhanced public standing. The progressed Moon is approaching the Midheaven, another hint of renown. I imagine that it can had not died, this would have been a very good year for him in his career. Sadly, it proved otherwise.

Death in the Horoscope: James Kim

December 8, 2006 by  

Death of the Pharaoh’s Firstborn Son - Death in James Kim’s Horoscope

James Kim’s death is shocking and tragic, and it stands as a harsh reminder of the dangers of untamed nature. When an astrologer sees a tragically early death such as this one, the inevitable question always arises: Could an early death be located in James Kim’s natal horoscope? The answer is yes, and ancient astrologers spent much of their time doing just that, looking for death in all manner of birth charts. People, and especially children, up to a hundred years ago in the West, and still in many places today, often died unexpectedly and prematurely. As a result, many parents wanted to know whether their children would outlive infancy, or whether a potential wife would survive birth of any children.

Below is James Kim’s horoscope set for Louisville, Kentucky, for noon. I do not have the precise time of James Kim’s birth, and noon charts are quite satisfactory when it comes to public events. However, if you have a reliable source for his time of birth, do let me know (

James Kim’s Horoscope

Indicators of an Early Death in James Kim’s Horoscope

There are several alarming factors here, none of which would be problematic on its own, but when we get to about five indicators that show health problems or threats to life, we start to worry.

First, we notice that Venus, ruler of the first house of the body, is conjunct the malefic South node, and afflicts (and is afflicted by) the Sun. The Sun, of course, is the Lord of life, and afflictions to it will often show that the individual’s grasp on life is tenuous to some degree. Second, this whole mess opposes Mars in Aquarius in the fifth house of pleasure. Mars in Aquarius is in the detriment of the Sun, so we can see that Mars, a violent planet, afflicts the Sun not only by opposition, but also by negative reception. Mars opposite Sun, especially when combined with other difficult indicators, can give us accident proneness. Aquarius signifies places that are high and wild. Given the fact that James Kim met death in the wilderness, we can see the influence of Mars in Aquarius in full force.

There are also additional indicators specific to this noon chart, so while they are helpful, they must be taken with a grain of salt. Together, however, they are quite suggestive. We notice that the Lord of the ascendant, which is the Lord of life, also rules the eighth house of death. The Moon is in the malefic sixth house; as the secondary indicator of life, this is not good. Finally, we notice that the antiscion of the Sun is conjunct the cusp of the eighth house of death. Yikes!

Prima Hyadum: The Chief of the Weeping Sisters (Pleiades)

I am also concerned about the fact that Saturn, which in this chart is placed in the eighth house of death, is conjunct Prima Hyadum, a malefic fixed star. It is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury, so one interpretation would be death (Saturn in the 8th) from journeys (Mercury). Further, it is said to give “tears, sudden events, violence, fierceness, poisoning, blindness, wounds or injuries to the head by instruments, weapons or fevers, and contradictions of fortune.” Because Saturn moves so slowly, many people have Saturn on this violent fixed star. However, Saturn’s location in the eighth house indicates that Saturn and any associated stars will describe the manner of death.

The next installment in the series will discuss the progressions in James Kim’s horoscope at the time of his death, and the way that the natal chart was triggered to indicate an untimely, tragic death.

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Will My Father Die This Year?

October 23, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will My Father Die This Year?


I would like to know: is my dad going to die before the end of the year, and when is he likely to go?

My dad has been sick for almost a decade now, and probably does not have much longer to live one way or another. It’s pretty much a Terri Schiavo situation, only my mother is on the pro-life side and I am on the “let him go, he’s suffered enough” side. I am resigned to the fact that this illness will drag out for as long and slowly and painfully as it is possible to do because she will not change her mind on that. The last time I talked to his doctor, he said that my father could probably not survive beyond late October/early November. (This is around his birthday and my Saturn Return, so it seems rather likely to me that it will be soon.)

Now insurance has decided to throw him out of the hospital and into a nursing home, so they can cut him off financially by the end of 2006. The move to a nursing home means that he cannot get speedy medical care and must be moved around a lot every time he gets an infection, so his health will probably go downhill even faster. In a way, I am hoping this is the case so that he won’t suffer for much longer. Also, I am afraid that if he lives through the period of time insurance is going to pay for, my mom will make herself bankrupt paying for his nursing home, as the cost is astronomical.

I’d just like to know for my own peace of mind when it is likely to occur, and if I am going to need to worry about the insurance money running out before Dad does.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear J.,

Personally, I see your heartbreaking situation as testimony to the heartlessness of our current medical system. I get a number of questions about death, usually that of a loved one who is hovering very near the grave, and the relatives want to know whether they should dig in for the long haul financially, or whether they just need a little more time and money. I suspect the reason I get so many questions on death is that many astrologers are not willing or able to answer these questions, and so they recommend me as someone who does this sort of work.

As always, I cast a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, a technique known as horary astrology. This method is very old, and involves casting a horoscope for the moment that I understood your question, with the idea that the answer to a question is contained in the horoscope for the question itself. Everything in the universe has a birth chart, and your question does as well, and it can be interpreted not unlike a regular natal horoscope of a person.the horoscope for your horary question about your dad’s death is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will My Father Die This Year?
Your dad is the main concern in this horoscope, so we will turn the chart so that his house is on the ascendant. Fathers are ruled by the fourth house, so we will look what is going on with the ruler of the fourth house, Venus, and see whether there are any testimonies of immediate death.  First, we notice that Venus is in its fall in the eighth house. The eighth house rules death, but since your dad’s planet is already in it, we can see that it is because you are thinking of death; he is not already dead. The fact that Venus is so debilitated in Virgo, shows that your dad is in a bad way healthwise.

Much of the time, we will see an aspect between the person’s significator, here, Venus, and the Lord of the eighth house or the turned eighth house; those are Mercury and Jupiter, respectively. Venus does not make any applying aspects to Mercury, and indeed the two planets are in mutual reception by sign. This means that Mercury is in the sign of Venus, Libra, and Venus is in the sign of Mercury, Virgo. When we see this, this often means that death will not occur in the timeframe provided.

Even if the eighth house ruler does not show death, we must also look at the turned eighth house, which in this case is the eighth from the fourth, or the 11th house, ruled by Jupiter. If we look at the relationship between Venus and Jupiter, we see a terrible mutual reception, as each planet is in the detriment of the other planet. Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Venus is in Virgo. However, the two planets are separating from an aspect. Venus recently sextiled Jupiter, and the meaning of this must be judged according to the situation. If your dad is in a coma, it shows that death has already occurred, in any meaningful sense of the word, and the question will be when the doctors and your mom will recognize it. If your dad is still alive, it shows that he has come as close to death as he will get for a while.

Thus far, the testimony seems to be that your dad will live out this year. There are two potential testimonies that may show a turn for the worse, but they are not as strong we would want to see for an unequivocal testimony of death.  In 6°, Venus will conjoin the malefic South Node. Whenever we see something bad happening to a person’s significator, when the question is about death, we can assume that that nasty thing symbolizes death. This would judge that in about six weeks, there is the potential for death. This testimony is strengthened by the fact that the Moon will conjoin the Sun (a New Moon), which might be a supporting testimony if death is in the cards. This will happen in about 5 1/2 degrees. So we can see that six weeks or so might give death, particularly if your father is already comatose; if nothing happens then, it is likely your father will live out the year.

— For private consultations, readers may contact Nina Gryphon at

Celebrity Astrology: Steve Irwin’s Death in the Profected Horoscope

September 11, 2006 by  

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Warrior Arab Leading Charge

As I wrote in previous posts, Steve Irwin’s horoscope for 2006 is quite challenging. Too, one can see that the danger of death was present in all of Irwin’s various horoscopes for 2006: his Solar Return, Lunar Return, and progressions.

I had the opportunity to study Steve Irwin’s horoscope further this weekend, and realized that there were additional indications of danger in his 2006 horoscope. The method I will present to you is called Profections, and it is very ancient, but also very simple. It involves rotating the horoscope by one house every year to see which areas of the life become highlighted. This horoscope method teaches us that nothing can happen to us that is not already in the birth chart. If it is not in my horoscope that I will win the state lottery, no solar return or any other chart can promise that to me.

Here is Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope again, set for noon, as we are looking at his public persona only.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Profected horoscope for birthday 2006

The inside wheel shows Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope, while the outside wheel shows his profected horoscope for 2006. You can see that the profected horoscope just rotates the natal horoscope and all planets by one sign (30 degrees), 44 times (since Steve Irwin turned 44 years old this February).

We have several points of caution here. The Sun, which is the life-giver, is in the malefic 6th house of illness and harm. As you can imagine, this can indicate illness and possible harm for this year. By itself, though, it does not mean that much. There are other testimonies that give additional warnings. The profected Sun is square natal Saturn (even though it’s strong here, it is still the death-bringer) and the Sun’s antiscion is on the natal Midheaven, the house of fame. This indicates that death will come from a hidden source, but will become public. The profected Venus (ruler of the natal Ascendant, the house of the body and self) is also square the natal Saturn, and even worse, it is on the 7th house cusp. In primary motion across the sky, this means that Venus has just set below the horizon. Obviously, this is not something you want to happen to your body. These are the general trends for the year that we would have observed if Steve Irwin had come to us for his annual consultation.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Profected horoscope for death

On September 4, 2006, the date of Steve Irwin’s death, the profections were rather stark. The profected Ascendant was about to conjoin the natal Saturn (see a theme developing here?), and the profected Moon, a lesser indicator of life, was now trine the natal Mars, the violent planet. As you will recall, Mars in Steve Irwin’s chart symbolized wild animals, so here we see the bodily contact between Steve Irwin’s person and a wild animal. The profected Sun is now on the 7th house cusp, again indicating the “sunset” of the body.

With so many difficult testimonies, we can see Steve Irwin’s death quite clearly. Could he have avoided the danger to himself even if he tried? Perhaps, but we can see that examining Steve Irwin’s horoscope gives a new meaning to “written in the stars.”

Celebrity Astrology: Steve Irwin’s Horoscope at His Death II

September 9, 2006 by  

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Death of Ajax

As I wrote yesterday in a post about Steve Irwin’s unfortunate death, the astrology of death is very definite. The evidence of death occurs in many forms, and with multiple testimonies. After all, death is a major event in the life.

Here we have Steve Irwin’s Lunar Return for September 4, 2006, the date of his death. The Lunar Return is simply the horoscope for the moment when the Moon returns to its exact position at birth. This occurs roughly every 28 days, and so we have a new Lunar Return every month. The Lunar Return fulfills the promise of the Solar Return (which is the annual equivalent). Steve Irwin’s Lunar Return for the date of his death is rather grim, and had he come to us for his annual consultation, we would have told him to beware this month.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Lunar Return at Death

Steve Irwin’s Horoscope: Indications of Death in the Lunar Return

In my first post about Steve Irwin’s horoscope, I discussed the potentially malefic nature of Jupiter, ruler of his 8th house of death. Saturn and Mars, being the two malefic planets, are always suspect, and even if they are strong in the natal horoscope (Saturn is Steve Irwin’s strongest planet), they will kill one just as dead. The Lunar Return repeats the ominous themes of Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope and his Solar Return for 2006.

Jupiter, the death-bringer, is in the 9th house of journeys (Steve Irwin was on a filming expedition), and it will shortly square Saturn. This sets up a deadly combination, sort of a crossfire of malefic influences. Remember that Venus rules Steve Irwin’s natal ascendant, symbolizing his body. In the Lunar Return, Venus is about to conjoin Saturn in less than 1 degree, thus wandering into the deadly crossfire between Saturn and Jupiter. Moreover, Venus is in the malefic 6th house of illness. His body is about to be seriously ill, and possibly die (Jupiter and Saturn). Venus is also about to oppose Jupiter by antiscion, showing hidden harm to the body or hidden danger of death.

One testimony is not enough, however, to show death. In Steve Irwin’s Lunar Return, there are more disturbing elements. The Sun is very important in Lunar Return charts. Notice the Sun on the 7th house cusp. It is about to set by primary motion (the Lunar Return became exact right at sunset, in other words); given that the Sun shows the vitality, sunset is not an auspicious sign. At the same time, the Sun opposes the Ascendant (the body), showing that the body will come to harm due to the dramatic decrease in vitality. In other words, beware illness or death. The Sun is at 2 Virgo, precisely opposing Steve Irwin’s natal Sun at 2 Pisces, giving yet another testimony of a life in danger.

The most chilling and precise indication of the time of Steve Irwin’s death must be the Moon, however. The Moon is in the 8th house of death, having just moved into Libra. It will oppose Mars at 21 Virgo by antiscion in 9 degrees, again showing hidden danger of violence and death. Nine days after this Lunar Return (which is set for August 26, 2006), Steve Irwin met his untimely death in a watery grave.

Celebrity Astrology: Steve Irwin’s Horoscope at His Death

September 8, 2006 by  

Steve Irwin Horoscope - The Cup of Death

The astrology of death has always been very interesting to me, though some people are not comfortable with it. Typically, we will see several very negative astrological indications of death, using various methods. In a previous post on Steve Irwin’s unfortunate and untimely death, I discussed his Solar Return for 2006. Having had a moment to look at other indicators, the same theme tends to repeat in other charts.

Steve Irwin’s Secondary Progressions for September 4, 2006

Secondary progressions are a way of symbolically advancing the positions of planets and house cusps in the natal horoscope a year per day at their natural speeds. For example, at your first birthday, your Sun will have moved about 1 degree forward in the zodiac, because it takes 1 day for it to move 1 degree in the sky.

Steve Irwin’s secondary progressions for 9/4/2006 contain a number of some pretty stark warnings:

1. Steve Irwin’s Progressed Moon conjunct the fixed star Algol (“the Ghoul,” in Arabic) at 25 Taurus. Algol is the head of the Medusa, also known as “the most evil star out in the heavens.” It indicates a violent and sudden death.

2. Steve Irwin’s Progressed Ascendant moving onto the fixed star Bellatrix (of Mars and Mercury nature), which brings treachery, poison, and accidents “causing blindness and ruin.”

3. Steve Irwin’s Progressed Venus, ruler of the natal Ascendant on the fixed star Sharatan (of Mars and Saturn nature), which brings bodily injuries.

4. Steve Irwin’s Progressed Midheaven AND Mercury are both on the fixed star Algenib (of Mars and Mercury nature), which brings “ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad judgment” according to Vivian Robson.

5. Steve Irwin’s Progressed Sun at 17 Aries, on the fixed star Nodus Secundus (AKA the Great Serpent), which brings death by accidental poisoning. Robson says that ancient authors wrote “when a comet was [on Nodus Secundus], poison was scattered over the world.”

6. Steve Irwin’s Progressed Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house of death, partile conjunct natal Sun at 3 Pisces. Because Jupiter moves so slowly, we have to be very exact. Jupiter has been conjunct Steve Irwin’s Sun since late 2003, giving about a 4-year general window of danger. The other, faster moving planets pinpoint the actual time of death.

7. Progressed Moon opposes natal Saturn by antiscion.  Saturn, of course, is a malefic planet, while the Moon is one of the sources of life in the chart (the other one is the Sun and the Lord of the Ascendant).  Opposition, even by antiscion, is not a good thing.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Secondary Progressions at Death

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