China’s Big Transfer of Power: November 8, 2012

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Chinese Man Tending Cattle
Thomas Hill

It appears that at least one major player on the global scene has not learned the lesson of Facebook’s bungled IPO:


It appears that in planning the once-a-decade transfer of power to a new group of politicians, China has done exactly that. Originally, the plan was to transfer in October, presumably around the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic (Oct. 1, 1949). It seems that the upper-echelon negotiations have dragged on longer than expected. There is a solar total eclipse on November 13, 2012, and for reasons explained below, we will see this particular eclipse is not very favorable for China.

As we saw with Facebook’s IPO on the day of an eclipse, big changes or launches made around an eclipse tend to require revision later, and often have the project end as a massive flop. I first read about this phenomenon in Bill Meridian’s book, the Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, and have been watching for manifestations ever since. Meridian discusses his own experience with taking a new job shortly before an eclipse. The new job promptly fizzled out, and he had to find new work soon after.

The November 13, 2012 solar eclipse is a rather unpleasant piece of work, especially when we overlay the horoscope for the eclipse on the horoscope of China.

First, let’s look at just the eclipse horoscope, set for Beijing, China.  The eclipse occurs at 21 Scorpio, an inauspicious part of the sky. This is where the star Zubeneschemali, in the North Scale of the Balance constellation resides. However, historically, the Scales used to be known as the Claws of the Scorpion. The Scorpion is portrayed in a Babylonian boundary stone as reaching for a cup; perhaps the Cup of Life, or of victory. The Scorpion, of course, is the animal that slew the mighty Orion, so the sense is that the Scorpion is a killjoy. Those hoping to win the prize may be disappointed as the Scorpion taketh away.

The eclipse also has Saturn on the Ascendant, suggesting trouble and distress. Saturn falls on the right shoulder and staff of Boötes, the celestial herdsman or ox-driver. This suggests trouble for the “shepherds” of the country; if we had a benefic planet (Venus or Jupiter) on this star, the picture would be rather brighter, and would promise improvement to the country. The presence of Saturn is somewhat more problematic. Also, transiting Saturn squares China’s Moon at 0 Aquarius – this change will not be great for the population as a whole.

Solar Total Eclipse, Beijing, China
November 14, 2012, 6:07:59 am, AWST (-8)

The November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse in China

This eclipse is particularly significant for China for two reasons. One, it falls in the important first house in Beijing, so will have an effect on the Chinese people. The first house rules the people and the nation as a whole, so eclipses placed in this house will have an evident impact. Two, it contacts the horoscope of China in some major ways.

We use the horoscope for the start of the People’s Republic of China as October 1, 1949, 10:00 am, Beijing, China. The time is from the memoir The Private Life of Chairman Mao, written by his doctor, Li Zhisui, who said that Mao and his comrades first took the podium in Beijing at 10:00 am to announce their glorious victory over Nationalist forces. (The book was brought to my attention by a recent article in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.)

The 1949 horoscope has 22 Scorpio rising, so the eclipse at 21 Scorpio falls exactly on the Ascendant. This alone would be enough to suggest a disruptive influence interfering with the transfer of power. Eclipses on the Ascendant/Descendant axis of a country or organization suggest transformation at a profound and immediately evident level – certainly, the handing over of the reins would qualify.

However, we can expect conflict at the uppermost echelons of China. Note that the eclipse Midheaven falls on China’s Mars (and, if you use the modern planets, Pluto – yes, China has a natal Mars-Pluto conjunction). So, that shows power struggles (Mars/Pluto) among the leadership (Midheaven). However, note the interesting aspects to Mercury, ruler of the Midheaven. The eclipse Venus is conjunct Mercury, and the eclipse Jupiter trines Mercury. So, there will be some very nice monetary benefits for those coming into power. You may have seen the New York Times’ expose of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s personal wealth of $2.7B, most of which was accumulated since his rise to high position in the 1990s. It’s good to be the king!

People's Republic of China Horoscope, Beijing, China

People’s Republic of China Horoscope, Beijing, China
October 1, 1949, 10:00 a.m. AWST (-8)

Some Predictions for China

Based on the above, I would suggest the following:

1.  The power may be handed over, but perhaps not completely, or the arrangement will not prove permanent.

2. There will be conflict (more than the usual machinations) among the upper tiers, and it may even become public.

3. Those coming into power will obtain tremendous financial benefits. Quelle surprise!

The Full Moon of June 7, 2009: The Astrological Perspective

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Full Moon of June 7, 2009

This Full Moon is in 17° Sagittarius and it looks to be a very interesting month indeed. In astrology, the Full Moon is thought to bring forth the potentials promised by earlier horoscopes.  The Full Moon chart will only do something if an earlier horoscope promises it. Before we talk about the effect of this Full Moon on current events, let’s talk about a few of the characteristics of the Full Moon chart that will be effective worldwide.

Saturn at 15° Virgo squares the luminaries, creating a configuration all in mutable signs. Because two of the signs are ruled by Mercury, we look to it to get additional information; it is moving very slowly in Taurus, having just come out of retrograde motion, and it is conjunct the malefic fixed star Algol. Mercury is also square Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter receives the moon by rulership, so we can see that the Mercury-Jupiter square will be important during this Full Moon.

The Full Moon chart set for Washington DC is below.

June 7 Full Moon, Washington D.C., 1:12 PM EST

General Trends

Using Morin’s method of determining the ruler of the chart, we see that Saturn is the indisputable ruler of this Full Moon horoscope. Obviously, this does not bode well, because Saturn is a malefic, and it brings unpleasant things like illnesses, poverty, exalts, panics, disasters, and death. It is configured in the 12th house, so we will expect respiratory diseases (Saturn in the Mercury sign), and the revelation of secrets and scandals, things to do with prisons, charities, the homeless, and large animals. It is disposed by Mercury in the eighth house of death, and it is on Algol, so there is a strong determination to violent death in this Full Moon chart. Because Mercury is the planet of communication and speech, it signifies a revelation of secrets or scandals, quite possibly of a sexual or financial nature. Mercury is disposed by Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus. The 12th and eighth houses dominate here, indicating some kind of tragedy. The prison/torture scandal will gather momentum.

Bad, But Not Terrible…

However, let’s remember that this Full Moon horoscope only be effective if it is linked to another, preceding chart. The Aries ingress horoscope set for Washington DC is below.

2009 Aries Ingress in Washington, DC, March 30, 7:43 AM EDT

It also has a strong emphasis on the 12th house, with Venus and Mars ruling it, and in mutual reception. The similar 12th house emphasis again speaks of imprisonment, secrets, and scandals. However, Saturn is not involved as a ruler in this chart, and therefore some of the worst effects in the previous paragraph will not be seen in Washington DC or by extension, the United States.

In other words, it is a positive that there isn’t great similarity between the Aries ingress and the June 7 Full Moon chart. A good rule of thumb is that the more similar the two charts are, the more likely it is that the Full Moon horoscope will bring forth its full promise.  As a result, I would expect only those characteristics of the Full Moon chart that coincide with that of the Aries ingress to actually occur this coming month. So there may well be the revelation of secrets and scandals, and issues having to do with prisons. But at least for the US, the worst will not happen.

…For Most Locations

Locations that had Saturn ruling the Aries ingress will not be so lucky, however, and there we would expect some of the worst effects (death, tragedy, etc.) to occur during this Full Moon.  Unsurprisingly perhaps, this is the case in India and Pakistan, where more suffering will certainly ensue. There, Mars is on the seventh house of war, and Saturn is on the ascendant. In these locations, the full unpleasantness of Saturn will likely manifest this coming month.

Iran: The Astrological Path to War (Part VI)

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Last week, we narrowed down the possible dates for a war in Iran to 1980/1981, and for the death of Iranian Supreme Leader Khomeini we got 1988/1989.  This week, we look more closely at these years and find out which year is the relevant one.

When Would the Iran War Start – 1980 or 1981?

The 1980 Aries Ingress Mars is on Regulus, a fierce, bombastic royal star, conjunct the expansive North Node.This combination is quintessential warlike puffery; “I’ll see your gas weapons and raise you a few thousand foot soldiers!”This configuration occurred around the world, of course, but in Iran, we saw it in the Ingress 1st house of the nation as a whole.Mars rules the Khomeini 1st house of the Iranian people, so they will be deeply affected.

And, of course, they were, with the Iran-Iraq war resulting in 100,000 Iranian young men dead.Still, Mars in Leo has little essential strength – this was a war that Iran could ill afford.Just a year after the revolution, Iran obviously believed that it could quickly end the conflict and instill a much-needed shot of Iranian national unity in the process.I suspect that this is the reason the war ballooned to the unbelievable dimensions it did; Iran was still in the “Regulus” mindset, where creating and maintaining an image of military might became paramount.The 1980 Aries Ingress indicates that the border skirmishes of 1980 didn’t have to turn into a full-blown war.But the Mars in Leo egos on both sides simply would not back down.

The 1981 Aries Ingress looks much more serious; 1980 was the dress rehearsal, with everyone excited about the war.The 1980 Ingress was like the opening of Gone with the Wind, with Southern society folk excited about the prospect of beating the Yankees, with the young men parading around in their brand-new military uniforms.The Sun-Mars conjunction is right on the Khomeini Ascendant.Note that Mars is in its own fiery sign of Aries, so the war is in full swing, it is also combust, indicating that the Iranian people both could not see what they were getting into, and they were also afflicted by their ruler (the Sun).Though I cannot find data on this, 1981 must have been the year that Iranians began getting drafted in significant numbers, since the Mars-Sun conjunction is on the Ascendant, ruling the people.

The 1980 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was on the malefic fixed star Vindemiatrix, associated with widowhood and regret.The Jupiter-Saturn-Vindemiatrix conjunction is still active in the 1981 Aries Ingress, and falls on the Khomeini 7th house cusp of open enemies.The Moon in the Aries Ingress opposes the Khomeini Moon and Ascendant, and is immediately applying to oppose the Ingress Mars.Oppositions are particularly warlike, and this Ingress simply screams “war!”Finally, the 1980 Great Conjunction Mars opposes the Ingress Midheaven.When we see a planet afflicting the IC/MC axis, it afflicts the Asc/Desc axis by mundo aspect, so all four angles of the Ingress chart are electrified by this Mars.

Death of Khomeini

Last week, we determined that Khomeini would likely die in 1988 or 1989.The 1988 Ingress is suggestive of death; the Moon rules the turned 8th house of death in the Khomeini chart, and applies to trine Saturn (the ruler of the King).Jupiter conjoins the Moon, however, so we might assume that Khomeini at least got a reprieve in 1988.The 1989 Ingress does not look as positive, however; Saturn is right on the 4th house cusp of the grave in the Ingress.The Moon applies to trine Saturn – this time, there are no helpful interpositions.Moreover, the Moon is conjunct the Khomeini chart Saturn.Without a doubt, 1989 would be the fateful year for Khomeini.He died in June 1989.

Coming Next Week: Using the methods shown in all the previous parts of this series, we will start examining the 2000-2020 period for Iran and determine whether war is likely.


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Iran: The Astrological Path to War (Part IV of the Iran Series)

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This series looks for indications of war in Iran’s horoscope, both to examine past events and to identify the possibility of war in the future. Last week, we examined Iran’s 1977 and 1978 horoscopes for indications of the Shah’s fall and of the revolution. This week, we examine the horoscopes for the Islamic Republic, with an eye out for indications of the devastating Iran-Iraq war. We hypothesize that the same indicators promising the Iran-Iraq war will also forecast any major future conflict in Iran.

Khomeini Arrives in Iran

Just as Reza Khan’s dynasty had a founding chart, that of the 1926 coronation, the start of the Islamic Republic can be traced to Khomeini’s disembarking in Iran after a period of exile.Khomeini returned to Tehran on February 1, 1979.

This chart is stunning in its symbolism of opposition to the Shah: its ascendant at 4° Aries is exactly opposite the coronation ascendant at 4° Libra.Moreover, the Khomeini chart also has the Moon just inside the ascendant at 7° Aries, opposing the coronation Moon at 5° Libra.

There are plenty of indicators of future violence in this horoscope.The Khomeini Moon and ascendant are near violent stars of the nature of Mercury, Mars, and Saturn.We also want to keep an eye out for the eighth house cusp near the South Scale, which indicates violence and evil.The chart’s close conjunction between Mars and the Sun is also important, indicating the warlike nature of the Republic’s rulers, and their propensity to get Iran involved in conflict.

The Iran-Iraq War and the Great Conjunction of 1980

The Great Conjunction of December 31, 1980 triggered most of the violence-prone points in the Khomeini chart.

The Great Conjunction itself fell on the malefic fixed star Vindemiatrix, a.k.a. the Widowmaker.This was the case worldwide, but in Tehran, Jupiter and Saturn opposed the Khomeini ascendant and Moon (both indicators of the country’s people).Jupiter and Saturn also activated the Sun-Mars conjunction by trine aspect.The Great Conjunction Moon is in fall in Scorpio, a Mars sign, conjunct the Khomeini eighth house of death.Finally, the Great Conjunction MC is at 21° Cancer, halfway between Castor and Pollux, the mortal and immortal twins, respectively.Both stars are violent.

In contrast to the Great Conjunction which presaged the Shah’s fall, the 1980 Great Conjunction does not show danger to the government.However, there is plenty of suffering directed at the Iranian people, since it is mostly the first house of the people, its ruler, Mars, and the Moon (natural ruler of the people), which are heavily afflicted.

Next week, we will look at more specific timing for the conflict predicted in the 1980 Great Conjunction in Tehran, Iran.

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Iran: Astrological Path to Revolution and War, Part III

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Last week, we used eclipses to narrow down the most likely time for conflict in Iran. The time frame was the 20-year period between two Great Conjunctions, 1961-1980. Very heavy eclipse activity activating both the 1961 Great Conjunction horoscope and the Reza Khan coronation horoscope (1926) pointed toward 1977 and 1978 as the most dangerous two years in the ’61-’80 period for the Shah and the country.

So, we have the timing of potential upheaval, and our next task is to find the nature of the events. We look to the 1977 and 1978 Aries Ingress horoscopes. These are the charts cast for the moment that the Sun enters Aries, showing important events and influences for the coming year.

1977 Aries Ingress set for Tehran, Iran

This horoscope looks ominous for the Shah. A very debilitated Saturn afflicts the 10th house of the King, trine the Moon in Aries. The Moon represents the people, and Aries is the fall of Saturn. The people will cause the King to fall; in a Mars-ruled sign – the fall occurs by violence.

The 1977 solar total eclipse that triggers the Great Conjunction and coronation charts occurs at 19 Libra. It is ruled by Venus, which rules the King’s open enemies (the hard-liner Muslims, ruled by Venus). Venus is in the 6th house with the malefic South Node in the Aries Ingress, conjunct the 10th house of the eclipse chart. The King is afflicted in 1977.

1978 Aries Ingress set for Tehran, Iran

The violence intensifies. The Shah in this horoscope is ruled by Mars, ruler of the 10th house. Mars in Cancer, the sign of its fall, is conjunct the 7th house of the country’s open enemies. The Shah is in his enemies’ power and is in real danger of falling. This conjunction is activated by Mars in the 1977 Solar Eclipse. Moreover, the Midheaven of the April 1978 eclipse is conjunct the Mars-7th house conjunction as well.

Further, we have the Moon, which rules the Shah in the coronation horoscope, trine Venus in detriment, and applying to Mercury in Aries. Mercury rules the 8th house of the Shah, the radical 5th house. Physical death, perhaps, but also the death of the dynasty, and the end of a royal era in Iran. The Shah died in 1980, but his future was already made clear in the Aries Ingress horoscope for 1978.

Next week, we will look at a whole new set of horoscopes for Iran, this time for the Islamic Republic, in order to determine the current sensitive points in Iran’s horoscope, including indications of the Iran-Iraq war. This will help us determine whether war in Iran is likely in the near future.


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Iran: The Path to the Revolution (Part I of the Iran Series)

July 24, 2008 by  

With all the talk about a potential war on Iran, it is useful to look at historical patterns in Iran that foretold upheaval or war in that country.Then, we can apply what we learned from these astrological omens for Iran to the astrological conditions today.This is the most honest and most painful way to do mundane astrology, and it involves lots of charts.Lots and lots of charts!The sheer number of horoscopes involved is the reason this series will run in installments.

Iran Dynasty – Reza Khan Coronation in 1926

Coronation horoscopes tend to work pretty well to symbolize the beginning of a royal dynasty, sometimes even the beginning of the country as a whole.One example is the frequently-used coronation of William the Conqueror in England, which is often taken for the beginning of the British Empire.The Book of World Horoscopes states that Reza Khan, the commander who deposed the existing Shah in a coup d’état, was crowned on April 25, 1926, at 4:10 p.m. local time.

Reza Khan Coronation Horoscope

Reza Khan Coronation Horoscope

Apart from the angles of the coronation horoscope, there are two other sensitive points: the Moon in Libra, which rules the 10th house of the King, and Venus itself, ruling the first house of the people and the country as a whole.The warlike theme of this dynasty is indicated by the ruler of the preceding lunation at 21 Aries, Mars.Mars in the coronation horoscope is partile square Saturn, in perfect mutual reception by sign.Mars rules the seventh house and is placed in the fifth, indicating harm to the dynasty by the open enemies, who will also be the nation’s children, or young people.

Underscoring this theme is the fact that we have Mercury, the natural ruler of young people (as students, as ruler of the ninth house), placed right in the seventh house of the dynasty’s opponents. However, when we have the two malefics afflicting each other as we see here, not only will young people be the enemy of the dynasty, but they too will come to harm.

1961 Great Conjunction: First Hints of the Revolution

An astrologer examining the once-every-20-years Great Conjunction chart set for Tehran in 1961 would feel a little worried.The conjunction Mars is in Cancer, the sign of its fall, and conjunct the midheaven — the house of the King — in the coronation horoscope.The King falling by violence is the most obvious interpretation of this combination.This is the same Mars that foretold conflict and bloodshed in the pre-coronation lunation horoscope.Mars afflicts the Moon by a square aspect.The Grand Conjunction Moon is conjunct Venus in Aries.Venus is the planet of Islam, here in detriment, in the Martial sign of Aries, at the very lowest point of the horoscope.The King is definitely in trouble, and will be brought down through the Islamic religion.

Grand Conjunction 1961, Tehran, Iran. 00:02 GMT.

Grand Conjunction 1961, Tehran, Iran. 00:02 GMT.

The young people who would become enemies of the status quo do not fare well in the Grand Conjunction chart, either.Mercury is in the sign of its detriment and fall, Pisces, and is partile conjunct the malefic South node, right on the weak sixth house cusp of the coronation horoscope.

The Midheaven of the Grand Conjunction is conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica, perhaps indicating that the King will escape the worst.However, with the extreme afflictions from Mars, this is rather cold comfort.


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Iran at War in 2014.  The final prediction about Iran’s future.

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War?

July 10, 2008 by  

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War?

The lunar eclipse on August 18 holds many clues about the possibility of a Western war with Iran. There has been much saber rattling from both Iran and Western nations, and the speculation about a possible military confrontation is running high. A major military intervention would definitely be seen in Iran’s horoscope, as it would cause substantial disruption to the country.

The partial lunar eclipse in August is very important for Iran astrologically; it occurs in the sign Aquarius, which traditionally rules middle Iran, and the eclipse will also be visible in Iran. Eclipses can activate “hot” points in a chart, and if a war in Iran was impending, this eclipse would definitely be involved.  [For examples of the way an eclipse can activate a horoscope, read this analysis of China and the August eclipse.]

2008 in Iran and Influences from the Lunar Eclipse

The astrological year is measured from the time the Sun enters the first degree of Aries, i.e. the first day of spring. This year shows problems for Iranians economically, and the tightening international sanctions and economic fallout from the hostility between Iran and the West is shown by Mars in the sign of its fall in Iran second house of economic assets. Mars afflicts both the ruler of the people, Mercury, and Saturn, the ruler of the government.

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War? - Aries Ingress 2008 for Tehran, Iran

Aries Ingress 2008 Horoscope for Tehran, Iran

It will be a difficult year for the Iranian government, as shown by the ruler, Saturn, which is also the ruler of the lunar eclipse. Because Saturn is being afflicted by a very unpleasant Mars, the economic woes are going to weigh on the government more and more. Masha’allah, the ancient Persian astrologer, wrote that it was especially difficult for the king when his significator was the same as the ruler of an eclipse, and was afflicted by the malefics. All of these conditions are fulfilled in this horoscope, though the soft aspect between Mars and Saturn might show problems coming less from conflict than from a gradual tightening of the screws, as with economic sanctions.

Overall, I don’t see a strong potential for war in Iran this year. There may be an earthquake, however, as evidenced by Saturn in an earth sign in the fourth house, ruled by Mercury, the planet of earthquakes.

Lunar Eclipse and the Iranian People

It looks as though the tensions between Iran and the West will affect the well-being of the average Iranian most of all, apart from giving the Iranian government some sleepless nights. We have four planets in the fourth house in a Mercury sign, in an earth sign, and three of the planets are aspected by Jupiter in an earth sign. Again, there is a possibility of an earthquake; if it happens, it would be within three months or so of the eclipse. This seems more realistic than the probability of war.

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008: Iran at War? - Lunar Eclipse of August 2008 set for Tehran, Iran

Lunar Eclipse of August 2008 set for Tehran, Iran

Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon

September 18, 2007 by  

Entrance to Harbor in Moonlight - Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon

The Full Moon will occur at 3° Aries this month, and the full Moon opposition falls in the second and eighth houses in Washington, DC. The second and eighth house emphasis indicates a strong focus on money this month, on the national and political level. Of course, money has been in the news very often for the last several years, both in terms of the expenditures on the war in Iraq, and more recently, the subprime mortgage meltdown.

Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon - Horoscope

However, I do not expect major changes in either of these areas this month. Certain issues will present nagging problems to the government, and to the president specifically, as indicated by Mercury’s trine to Mars, ruler of the 10th house of the King. Mercury rules the eighth house of the enemy’s money, as well as deaths of US individuals, and Mercury is also in the detriment of Mars, harming whatever Mars represents.

How is the nation doing throughout all of this? The people of this country are ruled by the first house, and its ruler, Saturn. Saturn is about to conjoin the South node on the cusp of the eighth house. So the same issues that are posing a problem to the president are causing trouble to the people, with the additional emphasis on a fearful attitude. William Lilly says that the eighth house rules fear, and that certainly seems to be the mood for the upcoming month.

I noticed that the seventh house cusp of the nation’s open enemies is conjunct the Royal fixed star Pollux. This star is of a Mars nature, and Robson says that it indicates “dignified malevolence,” so we can expect new challenges from the country’s enemies, who may well become ever bolder.

Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007: Solar Eclipse and Astrology

August 1, 2007 by  

Dresden with Full Moon - Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007: Solar Eclipse & Astrology

Another Solar Eclipse is upon us, this time falling at 18 Virgo, exact at 12:44 pm Universal Time. The Solar Eclipse will be visible in the lower portion of South America, specifically Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. We would expect these countries to be the most strongly affected by the solar eclipse.

In addition, countries and areas traditionally associated with Virgo (also Pisces, the opposite point of Virgo) may also experience difficulties. Virgo is associated with Africa, Athens, Babylonia/Mesopotamia, Basel (Switzerland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Crete, Croatia, southwest France, Jerusalem, and (Milan) Italy.

The most notable features of this eclipse are as follows:

1. The Lord of the eclipse (Mercury) conjunct the malefic fixed star Vindemiatrix, which is also known as the widowmaker, and is associated with trouble through overreaching.

2. Mercury is sextile a benefic Jupiter in Sagittarius, which should mitigate some of Mercury’s negative effects. However, despite Jupiter’s strength, it is in the detriment of Mercury, so the positive influences of Jupiter are not going to be as helpful to Mercury.

3. The eclipse itself is square Mars in Gemini, which is a negative testimony.

The duration of the effects of the eclipse will be just over four years, with the effect manifesting depending on the solar eclipse’s location in a given place. Some of the effects associated with solar eclipses in Virgo are increases in thieves/Pirates, an increase of dry diseases, especially those of the lungs and breath, religious schisms, high winds and earthquakes, and the drying up of streams and rivers (attributed to Mercury’s occidental position). This particular part of Virgo is associated with famine, plague, sedition, and drought. Lovely, isn’t it?

For the sake of interest, let us take a quick look at the eclipse as cast for Washington, DC. Here, we would expect the greatest effects within the first year, as the eclipse is in the general vicinity of the Ascendant. The sorts of effects would be the same as I listed above, with an added emphasis on Mars in Gemini, which also rules the 10th house of rulers and kings. Probably the most important point is the continued difficulty posed to the government, since a solar eclipse by its nature is bad for the ruler, as the Sun – the ruler – is robbed of its light (if other testimonies concur, since not all solar eclipses indicate problems for all governments). Here, the eclipse squares the ruler of the 10th house of kings, Mars in Gemini.

Solar Eclipse September 11, 2007

[Addendum 8/18/2007: The above chart is very close for the eclipse chart set for Lima, Peru.  In Lima, the “widowmaking” Mercury is about 3 degrees away from the Ascendant.]

Astrology of a Lunar Eclipse: The Lunar Eclipse of August 28, 2007

July 16, 2007 by  

Lunar Eclipse Horoscope - Astrology of a Lunar Eclipse: The Lunar Eclipse of August 28, 2007

The next eclipse is almost upon us, and this time it will be a total lunar eclipse at 5° Pisces-Virgo. This lunar eclipse is going to be rather more dramatic in its effects than the solar eclipse, even though the geopolitical effects of solar eclipses typically last much longer.

The affected countries and areas (those ruled by Virgo and Pisces) will include Africa, Babylonia/Mesopotamia (Iraq), Croatia, Greece, Jerusalem, Paris, and Portugal. In addition, all places where the lunar eclipse is visible have the potential to be affected.

The eclipse falls right on the ascendant-descendant axis in Washington, DC, which is considered a powerful placement for an eclipse. The effects of the eclipse will last until late winter 2008, and will be most noticeable through late October, 2007. Whenever an eclipse falls on the angles in a given location, the effects there will be powerful. This eclipse is close to the fixed star Fomalhaut, which brings renunciation and sacrifice, an entry to the dark night of the soul, and an eventual re-emergence.

Lunar Eclipse Horoscope - Astrology of a Lunar Eclipse:  The Lunar Eclipse of August 28, 2007

The Lord of the eclipse is Jupiter in Sagittarius, which tends to increase everything, including legal activity (as in creation and enforcement of laws), benefits to religious people, and those associated with higher learning. But Jupiter is opposed from the 10th house by Mars, the god of war, so we will have the law opposed to war this fall. This is expected, as the debate over Iraq grows ever sharper in Congress, particularly around the September deadline imposed earlier this year. The war continues to harm the U.S. executive branch, as Mars squares the ruler of the 10th house of kings, Mercury.

Saturn in Leo, the sign of its detriment, also falls a little bit too close to the Ascendant. This will produce a difficult time for all involved, with a pervading sense of gloom, even despair. This is not a fortunate placement.

Interestingly, the lunar eclipse falls on Vice President Dick Cheney’s natal Ascendant at 2 Virgo, and it will be shortly followed by Saturn’s transit over the Ascendant in late September. This is not an auspicious combination, and added attention to health and social standing would be beneficial.

Worldwide, the volatile, unstable Mercury-Mars square will produce wars, rebellion, and violence, particularly in areas where the planets are on the angles.

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