Celebrity Astrology: The Divine Maria Callas

June 10, 2007 by  

Singer with Glove - Illustrating Natal Astrology - Maria Callas Horoscope

One of the most valuable pieces of knowledge that natal astrology can give us is an understanding of others’ motivations. Yes, we can get a good feeling for how one’s personality manifests, but this is but a robe over the basic shape of the personality. To illustrate how this can be found, we will look at the horoscope of Maria Callas, a woman famous for both her intense dedication to her art, and her tumultuous, colorful personality. Her performances in La Traviata are renowned, as well as her spectacular singing in Medea.

Her renowned temperament and dramatic flair were a major attraction of her larger-than-life public persona, but what motivated her? This is where we get a sense of the level at which a person lives. Maria Callas’s horoscope is below:

Astrology - Maria Callas Horoscope - Natal Astrology - Significator of Manner

If we examine the temperament, we get sanguine (airy)/choleric (fiery) blend, with the former slightly predominating. This combination would give us an outwardly-focused, dynamic, ambitious, warm personality, someone very much living for the public, but emotionally self-contained.

Still, these are just adjectives. They are meaningless without us understanding the essential quality that they describe. For this, we turn to what William Lilly (and other traditional astrologers) calls the significator of manner. I will not give the complete method here, as that is easily available in William Lilly’s writings. It is more interesting to see the principle in action. The first step is to determine whether any planets occupy the first house, particularly around the Ascendant. These are our prime candidates for the significator of manner.

In Callas’s horoscope, we have the Sun in Sagittarius (on the royal star Antares) right on the Ascendant. Ptolemy says that the involvement of the Sun adds probity, industry, and honor to the native’s inherent motivations. Certainly, with the Sun in its triplicity on the Ascendant, a major motivation is going to be for glory, recognition, and honor. Lilly and Ptolemy say that the luminaries can only participate, rather than determine, manner. So we must look at Mercury, also in the first house. Mercury is the planet most influenced by others, so we also examine its dispositor, Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Ptolemy writes that a strong Jupiter connected with Mercury “will render men fit for much business, fond of learning, and of geometry and the mathematics; poetical, public orators, acute, temperate, well-disposed, skilful in counsel, politic, beneficent, able in government, pious, religious, valuable in all useful professions, benevolent, affectionate in their families, ready in acquiring knowledge, philosophical, and dignified.” The problem is that Mercury is in its detriment in Sagittarius, so it will make one inconstant, foolish, and frivolous. Mercury is angular, compared to Jupiter’s cadent 12th house placement, and so the negative characteristics will come through more easily.

How does this square with what we know of Callas? She was known to be temperamental and divaesque, which matches the Mercury in mutable, fiery Sagittarius, combined with the Sun on the Ascendant. However, the real power of the significator of manner is to help us understand what drives and motivates the native. Mercury (especially when debilitated) gives the love of change for its own sake, combined with the Sun’s need for glory and fame. Still, the Sun’s and Jupiter’s essential strength and lack of serious afflictions help ensure that the native lives out her life at a high-functioning, positive level. Morinus tells us that strong benefics in the malefic houses (here, Jupiter in the 12th house of self-sabotage and secret enemies) prevent the worst that those houses might ordinarily bring. So we can say that Callas’s changeability and need for acclaim caused her repeated problems (she famously walked out of many contracts with the world’s top opera companies), but her career did not suffer long term. Rather, her artistic career ended prematurely due to her vocal deterioration, perhaps also indicated by the weak Mercury, ruler of the voice.

Celebrity Astrology: Dancing with the Stars and Apolo Anton Ohno

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Dance in the City

The fact that Ohno won, explains exactly why it is not enough to just look at astrological transits. Astrologers have a written a lot about why Joey Fatone or Laila Ali had the superior astrological transits during the finale of the show. However, this is not satisfactory, as few could come up with a very decisive judgment on the matter. From an astrological transit perspective, Ohno did not have things sewn up. No beautiful Jupiter transit was happening in Ohno’s horoscope, and certainly nothing that would particularly distinguish him from two other very qualified dancers.

We do not have an exact birth time for Apolo Ohno, but we do know his date of birth, and his place of birth. As a result, we can run a noon chart for him, which is satisfactory for things relating to fame. I have a strong suspicion that he was, in fact, born around noon. Apolo Ohno’s noon horoscope is below:

Astrology Horoscope - Apolo Anton Ohno

We noticed that the progressed Moon conjoins natal Venus on May 24, just a couple of days after the contest. His natal Venus is not particularly strong, as it is in Aries, the sign of its detriment. Moreover, it is in a mutual reception with a detrimented Mars. Nonetheless, Venus is associated with dancing and artistic pursuits, so if it is strongly placed in the natal chart by house, the progressed Moon hitting it will likely bring some kind of positive Venusian experience. Natally, I strongly suspect that Apolo has Venus prominently placed or linked to the ascendant. His teen pop idol cuteness is a dead giveaway. The fact that Venus was activated during his win further shows that his popularity among teenage girls (Venus rules women, especially young women) was a major factor in his victory.

Celebrity Astrology: Kim Clijsters – The Retirement of a Tennis Ace

May 7, 2007 by  

Tennis Anyone?

This weekend, Kim Clijsters announced her immediate retirement from tennis. Given that Clijsters is 23 years old, retirement seems a tad early. Still, tennis professionals such as Clijsters have a 15 to 20 year intense career behind them by their mid-20s, so her wanting to do something different is rather understandable. I was curious to see how Clijsters’s highflying sports career is shown in her horoscope, and also whether we can see her retirement in the chart. The best birth data we have for her was that she was born at 2:17 a.m. on June 8, 1983 in Bilzen, Belgium. It is not super reliable, and hence given a Rodden rating of C, but it is all we have; if you know of a documented birth time for Clijsters, I would love to hear about it.

The horoscope for Kim Clijsters is below:

Kim Clijsters Horoscope

Since her fame and profession are related to playing tennis, we would expect both Mars and the fifth house to be dominant in some way. Mars tends to be important for professional athletes, and so is the fifth house of games. Indeed, Clijsters has Mars conjunct the Sun in the hot and moist sign Gemini. Therefore, the hot and active nature of Mars and the Sun is accentuated, and we can see that playing sports would be a very appropriate outlet for someone with this much nervous energy!

The fifth house of games is engaged as well; Jupiter rules the 10th house of the career and fame, and it is trine Venus in Leo, another hot sign, in the fifth house. Note that this Venus, being in Leo, is ruled by the Sun, which is so very Marsy. So this is a very intense, high energy chart, but luckily, the outlet of sports is available here.

Note, by the way, how the strong, exalted Moon in Taurus is conjunct the second house cusp of money, and squares Venus (ruler of the second house of money) in the fifth house of games. The Moon is ruled by Venus, so we can say that games will bring money. I wonder if Clijsters gambles much? The Moon is also square the Part of Fortune, further indicating money from games. The fact that the Moon is exalted rather than in its own sign of Cancer, indicates that Clijsters will seem to have more money than she really does, though she will still have plenty.

Clijsters’s solar return horoscope for this year is particularly interesting. We know that Jupiter rules her career, so we will take a look at what is going on with her career in 2007. Jupiter is in the second house of money in Scorpio, exactly opposed by Venus in Taurus in the eighth house. Venus rules her natal house of money, so we get a sense that her money, which is in very good shape (Venus is in its own sign of Taurus) is hindering her career. Perhaps she feels she has made enough money and now wants to enjoy it. Certainly a worthwhile reason to retire!

Celebrity Astrology: Who Will Win Dancing with the Stars – Joey Lawrence?

October 4, 2006 by  

Joey Lawrence Horoscope - Dancing with the Stars - Tambourine Dancer

I have a confession to make. I am a big, big fan of Dancing with the Stars, the reality show on ABC where B- and C-list celebrities (or at least ones I never heard of) are paired with professional dancers, and must learn a new ballroom dance every week to impress both the judges and the audience. Is there a way to tell who would win, astrologically speaking?

Of course, being an astrologer, after I watched the show a few times, little wheels in my head started turning. We could probably look at noontime horoscopes for the contestants, which would be interesting, and we could see how good everyone’s odds were, relative to each other. I would love to have your feedback on each contestant, especially if you watch the show, because then you can also take each contestant’s skills into account. What do you think, based on the astro charts for the contestants?

So I thought I would kick off a new series of blog posts, one each about a contestant still on the show as of the time of the post. I will start with the chart of Joey Lawrence, an actor who has been on Americans’ TV sets since the 1980s, when he was a child.

Joey Lawrence’s horoscope is here:

Joey Lawrence Horoscope - Dancing with the Stars

Since we are curious about his ability to win the contest, we would want to look toward his 10th house of fame and success. The Sun is right on the midheaven, but because this is a noontime chart, we would expect the Sun to be somewhere in the general vicinity of the top of the chart. Just inside the 10th house, we see Jupiter in Taurus, ruled (as is the entire 10th house) by Venus in Aries in the ninth house. So we are going to be very interested in the doings of Venus, Jupiter, and to a lesser degree the Sun (more because the Sun is naturally related to fame, than because it is right on the midheaven).

Venus and Jupiter are naturally benefic planets, which might put Joey Lawrence ahead of the game. If Venus and Jupiter look good, they bring success without too much effort or at least without serious difficulties. When we look at Joey Lawrence’s progressions for 2006, we see that the Moon will sextile Jupiter in December. Given that the sextile is a beneficial aspect, and Jupiter is a benefic planet, we can see one positive testimony for Joey Lawrence winning the contest here. However, I wouldn’t get too excited about this because it’s not an earthshaking, amazing aspect. It’s just pretty good.

The nice thing is that Joey’s progressed Moon has just left Aquarius and entered Pisces, the sign of Jupiter and the terms of Venus. That’s not bad! His progressed Sun, has just recently moved into Gemini, which is neither bad nor good, so I would like to see a little more support from the Sun as well.

Joey Lawrence’s solar return for 2006 is here:

Joey Lawrence Horoscope - Dancing with the Stars - Solar Return

We can see that Venus and Jupiter trine each other from the fifth house of pleasure (including dancing) and the first house of the self, respectively. This seems like a very promising aspect for Joey Lawrence winning the contest. The thing that worries me a bit is Saturn in its detriment in Leo right inside the 10th house of success, square the Sun which is about to set in the seventh house. This might put a serious damper on Joey Lawrence’s chances of winning, unless the other contestants’ charts look worse.

Final verdict on Joey Lawrence? Looks promising for a win, but with a considerable chance of messing up.

Celebrity Astrology: Donald Trump and the Art of Selling Real Estate

September 28, 2006 by  

Real Estate Sales - Saint Joseph

Since starting my advice column with an astrology question about selling real estate, I have received countless questions about whether people will be able to sell their houses. This is always a concern, unless one is living in a red-hot market, but especially now, after this recent solar eclipse on September 22, when the housing market is expected to head south in the United States.

The thing to remember when looking at horoscopes about house sales, whether we are looking at horary or natal charts, is that we always have to look at what is going on with the fourth house. The fourth house rules real estate, the home, and immovable property in general. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the house, or whether it is just an investment property, or a beach house where you spend a week a year. Immovable property is always the fourth house. For clients whose natal charts I analyze in private consultations, fourth house activity in the natal horoscope, as well a second house activity, which shows income, are always reliable indicators of selling real estate. This is similar to the shorter horary astrology charts that I analyze on the blog.

Donald Trump and Real Estate Sales

I will demonstrate what I mean by looking at the chart of someone very well-known for real estate transactions. Below is the natal chart of Donald Trump, the American a real estate developer and businessman. By way of background, Trump first proposed to reconstruct the rundown Commodore Hotel in New York City in 1976. His proposal enraged other real estate developers, because Trump was able to start work on the hotel with special tax breaks from the New York City government. In 1978, Trump sold his stake in the Commodore Hotel to Hyatt Hotels, and broke ground on the construction project.

Trump’s solar returns for 1978 (both the solar return ending that year, and the solar return beginning that year) show not only an intense focus on fourth house matters, but also the profit that he realized in 1978, before even beginning construction. Thus the above principles are satisfied, and that we see real estate matters affected and finances being affected as well.

First, before making any predictions, we need to look at the rulers of the appropriate houses in Trump’s natal chart. As for his finances, they will be ruled by Mercury, which is the ruler both by domicile and by exaltation of the second house of money. Real estate will be ruled by Mars, which rules his fourth house of immovable property. Note that Mars is extremely strong in Trump’s chart; it is the only angular planet, and it is on the royal fixed star Regulus. Therefore, whatever Mars symbolizes will be kinglike and blessed with great success and renown. Regulus, interestingly, also can cause fall from power.

Donald Trump Horoscope - Selling Real Estate

In the first solar return starting in 1977 and ending on Trump’s birthday in 1978, Venus and Mars are conjoined in Taurus in the fourth house. Venus rules Trump’s 10th house of career. Venus is in its own sign, while Mars is in its detriment in Taurus. This is as good a portrait as any of his decision to take on the Commodore Hotel reconstruction. The real estate itself is shown to be very weak, because it is shown by this weak Mars. However, Trump’s career, as shown by Venus, is greatly benefiting from running into this bad Mars. The fact that the conjunction trines the solar return ascendant does not hurt, either.

Donald Trump Horoscope - Selling Real Estate - Solar Return 1977

It is the following solar return, however, that really fulfills the promise of Trump’s natal chart. In that solar return, we see Venus in Cancer, again, just inside the fourth house cusp. Whenever we see this repeating theme, especially in subsequent solar returns, we sit up and pay attention. In this solar return, Mars has just entered Virgo. Just before entering Virgo, Mars was on Regulus and just before that, Mars was conjoined with Saturn in Leo, showing that Mars was previously been in bad condition, but then rapidly improved, at least in Trump’s vision. We can see that the hotel (for that is what Mars signifies), is now split into multiple parts, since Virgo is a double sign. This indicates Trump’s sale of a stake in the hotel to Hyatt.

Donald Trump Horoscope - Selling Real Estate - Solar Return 1978

Mars is in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, ruler of Trump’s finances. How is Mercury in the solar return? Mercury is in its own sign in Gemini in cazimi with the Sun. Cazimi means “in the heart of the Sun” and therefore is highly beneficial for Mercury. Mercury and the Sun are both positioned in the second house of wealth. Was this a good year financially for Trump? Yes, definitely.

You can see that real estate sales are easy to find in the chart, whether you’re selling your primary residence or a real estate investment property, as Trump did. However, finding it in the chart is of no help if you cannot sell the darn thing, no matter how hard you try. Below are some suggestions for selling real estate. These suggestions are commonly employed by real estate agents in the United States, and possibly elsewhere, though I have no information about this practice in other countries.

Celebrity Astrology: Wealth in the Horoscope of Cardinal Richelieu

September 26, 2006 by  

Wealth in Horoscope - Richelieu

Finding the level of wealth and the sources for money in the natal horoscope has always been fascinating to me. Most of us will end up at a similar economic level that we were born into, plus or minus some amount. In other words, we will probably never leave the class into which we were born. Some would argue that money and class are two separate topics, but when I say class, in this article I refer to the level of economic prosperity. One of the challenges in looking at a natal horoscope with regard to wealth is that we must realize that we are not looking at an absolute prediction. This means that the horoscope will show gain or loss relative to the level at birth. This is why we typically do not see huge changes in class one way or another. Most horoscopes show preservation of the financial status quo with minor variations up or down.

This is why, when we do see a horoscope with strong promises of wealth, we sit up and pay attention. One such horoscope is that of the Cardinal Richelieu, France’s first Prime Minister, way back in the 17th century. Today, he is best known for his Machiavellian ability to direct the government of France (largely considered for its benefit), however, he made a fortune as Cardinal. He had come from minor nobility, so he was a better positioned for the gain of wealth than most people in France at that time. Regardless of this, however, his horoscope still indicates a clear ascent to wealth.

Horoscope - Cardinal Richelieu - Wealth in the Horoscope

We must look to Richelieu’s second house of wealth, which in this chart is in 27° Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which in Richelieu’s chart is just inside the first house in its own sign, triplicity, term, and face. Thus, Mars is incredibly strong in Richelieu’s chart, and its prominent position in an angle shows that it is well able to act. This alone bodes well for Richelieu’s finances throughout his life, compared to the level toward which he was born.

However, the fact that his financial success is represented by a malefic (albeit a very strong malefic), the success will come but with difficulty, or through martial means. This means through strife, aggression, and war. The fact that Mars is in the first house of the self, shows that Richelieu will gain his great wealth through his own efforts, and also through who he is. So, who is he? As someone with Mars in the first house, he is going to be warlike, and will lead a martial, or militaristic life. Indeed, the fact that Richelieu became a Cardinal was largely an accident, as he had been planning to go into the military. So we can see that Richelieu will make his wealth through being warlike. This was very much the case, as he spent his career attempting to unify a fragmented country and raised money for the state by whatever means necessary.

What will be the source of Richelieu’s wealth? We already know that he would make his money himself, but of course that money still has to come from somewhere. Mars, in addition to ruling the first house (or most of it), also rules the sixth house and the seventh house. So he will make money through his servants, subordinates, and people working his lands. Those are all meanings associated with the sixth house. He also made money through partners and colleagues, and from his open enemies, which are all associated with the seventh house. Richelieu was given lands and high honors, and later founded the town of Richelieu, near which he built a large château. Likewise, he was given some rewards from the estates of the Protestant Huguenots, whom he helped persecute while in office.

His association with the Royal Court, however, was the chief reason for his wealth. We will notice that Mars is squared by Venus in Leo in the 10th house. Richelieu began his career at court via the French queen, who approved of his strict Roman Catholicism. The 10th house, of course, is the house of the King — with Venus being a female kind of King, or a queen. And yet the reception between Venus and Mars is difficult, with Mars being in Venus’s detriment, and Venus not caring for Mars much at all. Too, the fact that the aspect linking the two is a square, shows that there is tension and difficulty in this alliance. In his first two years of service to the queen, Cardinal Richelieu was exiled along with the queen from the French court, and only negotiated her return to the court with great difficulty. But once he returned to the Royal Court, he quickly ascended to become the King’s chief minister. The good ending of the story likely comes from the fact that Mars is so strong and dominates this Venus-Mars connection.

The Part of Fortune also has a role to play in Richelieu’s acquisition of wealth. It is in 3° Taurus, and therefore is disposited by Venus. This is the same Venus that is the source for Richelieu’s wealth. We are told by ancient authors that aspects to the Part of Fortune, especially from its dispositor (if it is strong), are highly beneficial for the acquisition of fortune. Here, Venus squares the Part of Fortune exactly. With a square, we again see that there are difficulties in the acquisition of the fortune, and the road to riches is not without some serious bumps. Mars opposes the Part of Fortune, giving the impression that Richelieu’s warlike personality and life was not without its financial costs. By the time Richelieu died, while still extremely wealthy, he was perhaps the most hated man in France. This reminds us that the Part of Fortune does not deal only with the financial fortune, but also with the overall fortune in life.

Celebrity Astrology (and Astrology of Current Affairs): Pope Benedict XVI’s speech – Part III

September 23, 2006 by  

Pope Benedict XVI Horoscope - Adoration

Read Part I – Benedict XVI’s natal horoscope, and Part II – When Would Benedict Ascend the Throne?

It is now 2006, so Benedict’s profected Ascendant is the cusp of the natal 8th house. The house is ruled by Mars, which as we noted above, is an inherently well-functioning malefic. This means, as above, that it will be an overall good year, but one where success will come through strife. Mars is square Mercury in Pisces, which gives us a bit of an inverse picture of the previous year. Mercury is acting as a malefic here, and there are no other aspects to Mars that would redeem the situation. So we can expect difficulties through communication and speech, as Mercury rules those.

If we look at the profected third house of speech for 2006, we note that while the overall picture for the year is a positive one (very strong Jupiter in Pisces on the radical Ascendant rules the profected third, radical 10th house), we can expect some troubles, since the malefic South Node is in the 10th house.

When will these troubles manifest? When we have a malefic planet ruling the month in question. Counting one month per house from the radical 10th (the 3rd profected house for this year), we could expect difficulties in communication in the May-July time frame (both relevant houses are ruled by peregrine Saturn), September-November (both relevant houses ruled by detrimented/fallen Mercury, which is rather more difficult than Saturn), and January-February 2007 (house ruled by Mercury). Indeed, the controversial speech came in mid-September, right in the period shown by the radical third house ruled by Mercury.

Since the malefic Mercury is disposited by the very strong Jupiter in Pisces on the Ascendant, we would expect that the end of the whole affair will be a good one, despite its negative beginning. Perhaps this will be the beginning of true inter-religious discourse.

Natal Horoscope - Pope Benedict XVI

Celebrity Astrology: Steve Irwin’s Death in the Profected Horoscope

September 11, 2006 by  

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Warrior Arab Leading Charge

As I wrote in previous posts, Steve Irwin’s horoscope for 2006 is quite challenging. Too, one can see that the danger of death was present in all of Irwin’s various horoscopes for 2006: his Solar Return, Lunar Return, and progressions.

I had the opportunity to study Steve Irwin’s horoscope further this weekend, and realized that there were additional indications of danger in his 2006 horoscope. The method I will present to you is called Profections, and it is very ancient, but also very simple. It involves rotating the horoscope by one house every year to see which areas of the life become highlighted. This horoscope method teaches us that nothing can happen to us that is not already in the birth chart. If it is not in my horoscope that I will win the state lottery, no solar return or any other chart can promise that to me.

Here is Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope again, set for noon, as we are looking at his public persona only.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Profected horoscope for birthday 2006

The inside wheel shows Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope, while the outside wheel shows his profected horoscope for 2006. You can see that the profected horoscope just rotates the natal horoscope and all planets by one sign (30 degrees), 44 times (since Steve Irwin turned 44 years old this February).

We have several points of caution here. The Sun, which is the life-giver, is in the malefic 6th house of illness and harm. As you can imagine, this can indicate illness and possible harm for this year. By itself, though, it does not mean that much. There are other testimonies that give additional warnings. The profected Sun is square natal Saturn (even though it’s strong here, it is still the death-bringer) and the Sun’s antiscion is on the natal Midheaven, the house of fame. This indicates that death will come from a hidden source, but will become public. The profected Venus (ruler of the natal Ascendant, the house of the body and self) is also square the natal Saturn, and even worse, it is on the 7th house cusp. In primary motion across the sky, this means that Venus has just set below the horizon. Obviously, this is not something you want to happen to your body. These are the general trends for the year that we would have observed if Steve Irwin had come to us for his annual consultation.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Profected horoscope for death

On September 4, 2006, the date of Steve Irwin’s death, the profections were rather stark. The profected Ascendant was about to conjoin the natal Saturn (see a theme developing here?), and the profected Moon, a lesser indicator of life, was now trine the natal Mars, the violent planet. As you will recall, Mars in Steve Irwin’s chart symbolized wild animals, so here we see the bodily contact between Steve Irwin’s person and a wild animal. The profected Sun is now on the 7th house cusp, again indicating the “sunset” of the body.

With so many difficult testimonies, we can see Steve Irwin’s death quite clearly. Could he have avoided the danger to himself even if he tried? Perhaps, but we can see that examining Steve Irwin’s horoscope gives a new meaning to “written in the stars.”

Celebrity Astrology: Steve Irwin and Wild Animals in His Horoscope

September 7, 2006 by  

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Venus and Adonis the Hunter

Steve Irwin’s horoscope is a challenging one, and as I discussed in yesterday’s post, Steve Irwin’s 2006 Solar Return showed his tragic end quite clearly. Re-examining Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope, we can see the danger that his occupation would pose to him.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Career and Longevity

Mars in Aquarius is a good descriptor of Steve Irwin’s career. It is an oriental “career” planet, and though few people with Mars as their career planet choose to be a hunter nowadays, Mars rules Irwin’s 12th house of wild animals. Though Mars is in a weak cadent house (the 9th), it is very plugged into the chart. It squares the Ascendant/Descendant axis, and sextiles the Part of Fortune. Because of this, it will be rather easy for Steve Irwin to access this as a career. Unfortunately, anything that afflicts the 1st house (the body), as this relatively weak Mars does, also is a danger to the person in some way. Mars’s conjunction to the South Node indicates a hidden, undercover sort of danger. And, of course, it goes without saying that most Mars-type careers are inherently fairly risky.

I have already discussed the roles of Saturn and Jupiter in determining the times of danger to Steve Irwin. Another difficulty in the horoscope is the fact that Lord of the Ascendant, Venus in Pisces, is combust (burned up by the Sun). Combustion is the worst accidental affliction a planet can experience, and, because Venus rules the Ascendant, it represents the body. More than that, the Sun and Venus are both in the sign of Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house of death. This does not bode well for longevity. The only planet that can really save Steve Irwin is his strong Saturn, but it is not connected to Venus or the Sun by aspect or reception, and thus cannot intervene on Steve’s behalf.

Having a strong planet to which problematic combinations like that Sun and Venus tie back is one very good indicator of longevity. Without it, we don’t have that magical saving grace that will pull us out of the soup, and instead are at the tender mercies of Fate.

Celebrity Astrology: Horoscope of Suri Cruise, the Rebel Child?

September 7, 2006 by  

Suri Cruise - Princess Zephyrine as baby

Now that we have definitely confirmed that Suri Cruise or a reasonable facsimile exists, let us take a look at her horoscope. Will she go along with dad Tom Cruise’s eccentric Scientology lifestyle, or will she rebel against her Hollywood upbringing and become a Young Republican? To find the answer to this question, we have to take a look at something called astrological temperament. It is a wholistic way of looking at the horoscope, giving us a good sense of the cloth from which the person is woven. Temperament describes not only the basic building blocks of the personality, but also that of the body.

Suri Cruise (Horoscope), 3:26 am 4/18/2006, Santa Monica, California

Suri Cruise Horoscope

Suri Cruise’s Temperament Calculation

Using John Frawley and William Lilly’s method of determining the temperament, we get the following:

-Ascendant: Aquarius => Sanguine (slightly moistened even more by aspect from Moon in Sagittarius)

-Lord of the Ascendant: Saturn occidental in Leo=> Choleric (very dry, as Saturn is dry and so is Leo)

-Sun: Aries => Choleric

-Moon: in 3rd quarter in Capricorn => Melancholic

-Lord of the Geniture: Venus oriental in Pisces => Sanguine

Suri Cruise’s temperament is very hot, with the temperament being balanced between Sanguine (the “airy” hot and moist humour) and Choleric (the “fiery” hot and dry humour). This is a combination showing someone with a real zest for life, because the choleric wants to conquer the world their way, while the sanguine has the inherent optimism and curiosity to try just about anything.  This strikes me as a good combination for show business, where the fast pace and the emphasis on socializing strikes me as perfect for a hot temperament like Suri’s.  The one thing that this chart is missing is some earth, and some grounding.  Even the melancholic, earthy Moon is in Sagittarius, another hot and dry sign.  I do not think that this child will be very practical, and might very easily and enthusiastically get swept up in the endless Hollywood whirlwind so long on style and short on substance.  A Young Republican?  I just do not see it.  She will come across as quite willful and assertive – I think we will see more of the heights-scaling choleric with this young lady than the sanguine. 

Lord of the Geniture: Venus in Pisces

The secret to a balanced life will be for Suri Cruise to follow her Lord of the Geniture, her strongest planet. That is the angular Venus in Pisces (the exaltation of Venus) in the 1st house. Venus in Pisces is very sanguine, thus corresponding to the airy hot and moist element. The sanguine humour is traditionally the “best” one, because it is very cerebral, though not necessarily intelligent. The level of intelligence depends on other factors in the chart showing intellect and wit. The sanguine humour is the best at transcending the impulses of the body and moving to a higher level. The Lord of the Geniture is not something we can easily access, at least in youth, but one easy way to access it is to adopt a Sanguine persona, especially if one is in show business or modeling, paths which are undoubtedly open here. This is especially true for Suri Cruise, who has Venus in her 1st house of self. Because Venus is angular, it will be easy for Suri to access this benefic planet through developing her own Sanguine personality more consciously.

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