Sun in Leo: July 22 – August 22, 2008. A Long-Term Weather Forecast for California

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Sun in Leo: July 22 – August 22, 2008. A Long-Term Weather Forecast for California

Godric, the weather gnome (yes, that is his real name), let me know that with the Sun passing through Leo, we can expect more dry heat for California. Mars in Virgo is on the 4th house cusp this month, continuing the theme from the Cancer Ingress. The theme, of course, is heat and fires in California, all summer long, so Godric doesn’t think we’ll get a real respite from the forest fires this season.

However, the Leo Ingress has a slightly different variation on the theme of the Cancer Ingress. This month, Mars is in cold and dry Virgo, applying to trine Jupiter in cold and dry Capricorn. The overarching theme here is dryness with two warm/hot planets, which can lead to more fires, especially with Mars so close to an angle. Mars and Jupiter in combination bring thunderstorms, so we may see dry storms sparking fires. Mars in Virgo brings winds.

Sun in Leo: July 22-August 22, 2008. Long-term weather forecast for California.

The nearest likely day for extreme dryness or thunderstorms is when Mars and Jupiter perfect the aspect on July 26, and the Moon trines both planets that day as well. The Moon squares Mars on July 28, but by then Mars will have separated from its aspect with Jupiter, lessening the danger. As the two planets get activated throughout the Sun’s passage through Leo, we will see echoes of this theme around the middle of August as well.

Coming sometime next week, Godric promised us a week-by-week weather forecast for August.

California Weather in Winter: Long Term Weather Forecast

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Wolves in Winter: Illustrating California winter 2008; The long term weather forecast for California.

California weather in winter is usually mild, and more or less rainy. The main question when doing long-term weather forecasts for California winters is how much rain will there be. So far this year, we have had several major storms, which caused flooding and widespread damage. The extra rain was a relief, since last winter was very dry, and California was starting to run out of water. For a major agricultural state (California is the world’s fifth largest food/agricultural supplier), this is a problem.

I wish I had been posting on my blog around the start of winter, because the seasonal chart (the Capricorn ingress of the Sun) promised wet, stormy, violent weather in California But, from an astrological perspective, all is not lost. The rest of the season promises to be just as rainy as the start, particularly the last month. Below is a horoscope set for San Francisco, California, for the astronomical start of winter.

Capricorn Ingress 2007-2008.  California Weather: The long term forecast

Note the Moon-Saturn square close to the angles. Despite Saturn being a dry planet in a dry sign, the Moon’s moisture adds a strong testimony of rainy weather. Mars’s aspect to Saturn gives all this rain a violent and over-the-top character (Mars is in the watery sign Cancer). Since Mars is involved, all of the planets aspecting it (Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun) must also get involved. Mercury brings winds, the Sun and Jupiter promise more rain and thunderstorms. The only planet that deigns not to get involved is Venus.

Below is a chart for December 30, which preceded the worst storm northern California had in five years (on January 4, 2008). Note the close activation of the ingress planets and angles by the lunation angles, and by the opposition between Mars and Jupiter, with a very moist Moon contacting all of the angles also.

California Winter Storm 2008 Long Term weather forecast

We will see a milder reprise of some of this intense weather during the last month of winter, when the Sun is in Pisces. The Pisces ingress horoscope Saturn is conjunct the ascendant of the Capricorn ingress, and this chart also shows very wet and windy weather, as evidenced by the Moon and Mercury contact. Without Mars and Saturn directly involved, I don’t think it will be as dangerously stormy as at the start of winter, but I certainly would not break out the sunbathing gear yet!

Pisces Ingress 2008 - California weather, long term weather forecast for California

Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast: Week of October 26, 2007

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Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast: Week of October 26, 2007 - Wooded Path in Autumn

We haven’t looked at the long term weather forecast for several weeks now, and thought it was high time to revisit the weather. It has been a colder-than-usual autumn out here in the West, with more rain than normal. Read the forecast for Autumn 2007 here (readers not on the West Coast can sign up for the free quarterly Gryphon Astrology newsletter, which provides international weather forecasts for each season).

The horoscope for the Full Moon of October 26 is below, set for San Francisco, California.

Full Moon October 26, 2007 - Long-Term Weather Forecast for the West Coast

Venus in Virgo on the 4th house cusp square Jupiter in Sagittarius indicates that this week will be temperate and dry, bringing in a mostly uneventful few days. Mars in Cancer in the Ascendant might bring in some slightly warmer weather, however. As is to be expected, the charts show that our weather will get wetter as November goes on (much more likely the first week of November), so if you like being outdoors, gather ye rosebuds while ye may this coming week.

This week, Mercury retrograde will transit the position it held in the Libra Ingress horoscope, so we may get some wind into the mix as well.