Free Astrological Chart Reading: “Will He Leave His Wife? Will We Marry?”

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I met G. nine years ago when I interviewed him for a news story I was writing. I felt an instant kinship. But since he had a wife of two years, I kept everything professional. Fate kept having us collide once or twice a year and we always had memorable conversations that were deep and compelling…we just clicked. About 2 years ago, we began meeting to converse more frequently — he says he feels more intellectually stimulated with me than with anyone. We talk for 4 to 6 hours at a time about philosophy, etc. Now, we’re constantly getting drinks together and wanting to be with each other.

There’s almost like a psychic energy between us. We have never kissed or slept together because we are both very noble and good people. We want to make each other stronger and more successful — not destroy one another’s lives. But we seem to love being together and can’t stand being apart.  Once we met at a place with a huge parking lot and came out to find we had somehow parked right next to each other. It was surreal … and yet, things like this happen with us. It’s as if the Universe wants us together.

He loves his wife. I don’t want to be a mistress. But emotionally, I’m more than a friend. I wish he would conclude the marriage and marry me instead. Will this happen? Will we have an affair?  Am I what he needs in his life to be fulfilled?  I don’t want to “take” him if she is the better suited for him. I want everyone to be with their highest soul matches.


Dear S.,

I have been getting a lot of questions about hidden relationships in the last few weeks. Perhaps the planetary configurations are just right to describe such situations. I cast a horary chart for your question:

Powerful Physical Attraction

There is a lot of physical attraction here. The Moon, one of your significators, is in Scorpio, where it is in the sign and triplicity of Mars. Mars can symbolize sex in relationship questions, which seems accurate here. You are emotionally very focused on the physical attraction to G. He is represented by the Sun, ruler of the 7th house of partners (or potential partners), and is likely attractive. The Sun in its own sign, Leo, can be quite magnetic, even dazzling. A person represented by the Sun in its own sign will put out some very seductive vibes; not necessarily because he is deeply attracted to you, but just because that’s how he is. The Sun shines for everyone.

Things certainly seem headed toward a physical encounter, at least from your perspective. Venus, which shows your physical attraction, recently moved out of Leo, and into the sign of its fall, Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which represents his wife. You now feel that his wife stands between you and your happiness. Your third significator is Saturn, which is also in Virgo, repeating the same theme on a more conscious level in your mind.

The Sun is about to conjoin the malefic South Node, which shows a sudden “fall” in that planet’s strength. There are an awful lot of planets falling in this chart; the Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo, and shortly, the Sun. This is not uncommon in charts about affairs, so someone is certainly contemplating an affair. Whether it will happen is another matter.


I do not see him motivated enough to leave his wife for you. The Sun is in a fixed sign, Leo, which is also the Sun’s own sign. He’s not moving from where he is. However, and you might already be aware of this, his wife might be. She is Mercury, in Leo, so in her husband’s house. However, shortly, Mercury will leave Leo and enter its own sign, Virgo.

Your energy is certainly focused on his wife right now. In fact, the Moon recently opposed Mercury by antiscion, indicating some kind of hidden aggression between you and his wife in the recent past. You didn’t put a curse on her, I hope! Whatever happens between him and his wife, I don’t really see an upcoming connection between you and him. The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Saturn, followed by a sextile to a very weak Jupiter in the 12th house of secrets. Jupiter rules your 11th house of hope, so you might hope for a secret relationship, but I’m not sure there is more here than that. There are hints of an affair or something secret going on here, but I don’t really see marriage. An affair is a possibility, but not clearly shown.


You wondered about the compatibility between him (Sun) and you (Saturn), and him and his wife (Mercury). Given that he does not seem terribly motivated to pursue this relationship with you, that probably says everything. However, I do see that in this chart, you are represented by Saturn, and he is represented by the Sun. These are not considered traditionally friendly planets, as one is the bringer of death and the other, of life. Mercury and the Sun are a bit better together, because Mercury is the messenger of the Gods; the planet that circles around the Sun like a faithful servant.

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Horary Astrology: Free Astrology Reading – “Should I Pursue the Affair?”

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Horary Astrology: Free Astrology Reading - “Should I Pursue the Affair?” - Tokens of Love

I´m married and not fulfilled in my marriage. I fell in love with colleague. Magnetism. I just know. He is married, 2 adopted children, wants to be friends yet admits to a strong desire for me. I´ve rejected his request for friendship and said goodbye. Any hope he´ll regret this? Ought I just to just get over it?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

It’s so tough to know whether these flings ever turn into anything serious; they don’t seem to most of the time, but every now and then, we do see a very strong relationship forming. Below is the horary chart I cast for your question:

Horary Astrology: Free Astrology Reading - “Should I Pursue the Affair?” - Horoscope

Your feelings seem to be smarting a bit since he rejected you, but emotionally, you are quite interested in him. Venus shows your identity as a woman, and it is in the detriment of Jupiter (his main ruling planet), so you don’t love the fact he turned you down. However, the Moon shows your emotions, and it is in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter. So you do seem rather attached to him on this level.

The problem is this: you do seem rather emotionally unfulfilled in your life, perhaps due to your marriage, as you said. From your perspective, this new man seems like he would be perfect to counteract that. But consider that the moment you became happier, you would likely lose interest.

He does seem attracted to you physically, but this is about to change. The Sun, which signifies his male “need mate” side, is currently very interested in Venus (you), but soon will enter Scorpio, which is the detriment of Venus. So his attraction is about to pass. However (and this is a big however), just as soon as the Sun enters Scorpio, it conjoins with Mercury, which is the ruler of your first house of self. There may be some kind of meeting or confrontation with him, perhaps even with sex involved. But because of his lack of interest, it just won’t go.

Note that his main planet is Jupiter, which is in its own sign and house, Sagittarius, and it is in the detriment of Mercury. This means that he is pretty happy with things as they are, and is not really interested in pursuing this relationship.

Because we do have two applying aspects between your planets and his (Moon’s square to Jupiter, and the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury), I would expect there to be some kind of last contact, but not much beyond this.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Leave Husband for Lover?

May 15, 2007 by  

Love at First Sight

Horary Question:

I have been married to a lovely man for only a year. We have been together 4 years, living together over 2 years. I can’t say that we’ve always had a fantastic relationship but he is very kind, caring, generous, he would never betray me or cheat on me. We both work long hours in stressful jobs. We got married & I came off the pill just before we wed so that we could try for a baby straightaway. We had a fabulous honeymoon & we were very happy. But when we came back from honeymoon, we didn’t make love for 2 months! He wanted a baby just as much as me. My self esteem dropped to nothing. I tried talking to him, screaming at him, writing him letters but he always just said he was tired. I met a man just as a friend & confidant, however, that has led to an affair. My husband did start paying me more attention around Christmas time but by then, I had fallen for this other man.

I am now nearly 5 months pregnant with a little girl. My husband & I are thrilled to bits but he agrees that things didn’t exactly come as they should’ve. I cannot end my affair. I do not know what to do. My husband isn’t the man I married but at the same time, I am not sure if I have changed too. I don’t want to be divorced after only a year. I wanted to be married only once & be married to my husband forever. I meant every word of my vows but I cannot believe how much things change in such a short space of time. I love my husband but I am in love with the other man. He is fine with my pregnancy too. Please give me helpful advice. I am in a complete rut. I don’t want to give up my chance of total happiness (which I believe I may have with this other man) but I also only want what’s best for my darling baby.

My main priority in life now is this growing little girl inside me. I cannot describe the love that I already feel for her. She is my world & I will do whatever I think will be best for her, regardless of whether it’s best for me or not.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear C.,

I am sorry to hear about your predicament. For some reason, I have been getting a lot of questions recently from women who are concerned that their husband has suddenly changed and withdrawn, for no apparent reason. It is quite strange and sad. I cast a horary chart for your question, the picture of which is below:

Horary Astrology - Leave Husband for Lover?

First off, regardless of the trials and difficulties that may arise, everything will turn out okay. This is because the very benefic fixed star Spica is conjunct the ascendant, which symbolizes you in this horoscope. It’s like there’s a protective hand over you.

In this horoscope, you are represented by Venus, ruler of the first house of self, and your co-significator is the Moon in Aries. Your husband is represented by the ruler of the seventh house of partners, Mars. We see that Venus has entered the sign of Cancer not too long ago, where it is in the sign of Mars’s fall, indicating that you harm or dislike whatever Mars represents. Given the difficulties in your relationship with your husband, this seems rather accurate. The Moon is currently in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, indicating they still have strong positive feelings for your husband. However, the Moon is about to enter Taurus, where it is in the detriment of Mars, so your feelings for your husband are about to deteriorate.

I think it will be similar with your husband. His planet, Mars, is currently in Pisces, where it exalts Venus, your planet. This means that he loves you a great deal and puts you on something of a pedestal. However, Mars will enter Aries shortly, where it will be in the detriment of Venus. The bigger concern is that Mars will enter the fall of Saturn, which represents your baby, as Saturn rules your fifth house of children. So your husband’s bad attitude toward you will reflect negatively on your child. I am concerned that your relationship with your husband is going to get worse, not better.

The other man is likely represented by the Sun; it is in the sign of Venus, and the exaltation of the Moon, showing his deep feelings for you. You feel similarly, and we see that the Moon exalts the Sun. However, your main significator, Venus, does not appear as interested in the Sun as your emotions. The Moon will shortly enter Taurus, and exit the exaltation of the Sun altogether. I suspect that this means that your relationship with your husband may come to an end, but I am not sure that you will want a relationship with this other man. It’s as though once you have let go of the relationship with your husband, this other man will seem less appealing.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Will He Leave His Wife for Me?

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Between Two Fires

Horary Question:

H and I have been seeing each other for 4 months. We met while he was doing construction on the company I work for. We had a connection from the start. We went out one night and he told me that he was not the type of person to cheat on his wife. (he’s been married for a year and they dated for 6 years prior). He said that there was something about me, though. Two weeks later he tells me he’s fallen in love with me. He’s a very kind, loyal, loving man. He’s everything I could ever want.

His wife has problems carrying children, she’s had 2 miscarriages in a previous marriage at 5 months and 8 months. He’s unsure if she can have them. He really wants children. He is 33 and she is 39. I am 29. I am one hundred percent in love with him.

According to him, his wife is good to him. He says he loves his wife, but that she is not me. That I am special. He tells me I am in his future, but if he were to leave right now he would have nothing to offer me. all finances are in her name, all property in her name. I told him I don’t care about money, but he says that he wants to be able to provide. So my question is, will he leave her for me if I am patient? Our connnection is so real, it’s amazing. I can’t imagine anything more amazing than this feeling in life. He says he’s never felt this way, even with his wife, although, he says he does love her…he wouldn’t have married her if he didn’t.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear M.,

Thanks for writing to me. These situations are never easy or simple, are they? As always, I cast a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, a method known as horary astrology. The horary horoscope for your question is below:

Horary Astrology - Will He Leave His Wife For Me?

In this chart, you are shown by Venus, ruler of the first house of self. Your feelings in the situation are represented by the Moon. H. is symbolized by Mars, ruler of your seventh house of partners, and his sexual side is shown by the Sun.

We see that H. is very much interested in you, both sexually and rationally, as Mars is in the exaltation of Venus and the Sun is in the sign of Venus. I do think he is sincere when he tells you he is in love with you. Of course, people don’t necessarily leave their marriages just because they love the other person more; there are very often other elements in play, such as the financial obligations you mentioned.

For your part, I suspect that his being tied to his wife has started to bother you a lot recently. I noticed that Mars, his significator, is in the sign ruled by Jupiter; since he says he loves his wife, she may well be represented by Jupiter. We also see that you are significator, Venus, has recently entered the sign of Cancer, where it exalts Jupiter. Both of you are obviously in his wife’s power. You have definitely been getting restless about the situation, since Venus is now in the fall of Mars, indicating that you are somehow harming him, or obsessing about this.

To see whether the two of you will ever be together, we want to see in aspect between your planets and his. Unfortunately, we do not really see that happening in the chart. The Moon’s next aspect will be a sextile to Jupiter, indicating that his wife will prevent your relationship from continuing. I am also concerned that this relationship may become more physical than anything else; Mars is about to move into Aries, where it is in the detriment of Venus, and the exaltation of the Sun. I think some of the love he has for you may wane, though not his sexual attraction to you. Finally, we see that the Sun will shortly oppose the Moon by antiscion, indicating a hidden separation; this would be fitting to show the end of a secret affair.

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