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Free Horary Astrology Readings Group

The Free Horary Astrology Readings group will consider your question very carefully… “Young Priestess” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1902

Three experienced horary astrologers (Ryhan Butler, Wade Caves, and Nina Gryphon) answer your questions in the Free Horary Astrology Readings Group on Facebook. Once a week, we choose one question, analyze the horary chart, and answer. 

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Sample Readings from the Free Horary Astrology Readings Group:

Horary Astrology Question: “What is the chart indicating regarding my career? Any major vocational changes coming up in the near future? Any possibility of a relocation in May?” The querent took a full-time job after many years of freelancing, but is unhappy with her job, specifically with her direct supervisor, who is the wife of the owner of the business. The querent feels she is being micromanaged and exploited.

This was the week that it was my turn to answer a horary question, and we recorded a podcast with all of our views on the chart:

Free Horary Astrology Readings Group: Sample Reading Horoscope

March 1, 2015, 6:20:44 PM, Pahoa, Hawaii, 19N29 154W57. “What does my career future hold?”


Nina Gryphon’s Judgment: The querent will end up leaving; in the short term she will be able to arrange a detente of sorts with the supervisor and boss, but no long-term solution. The horoscope seems to indicate a return to working for herself. In a separate email, the querent mentioned an option to go housesit for friends in another state. This may be a good opportunity for her to set up telecommuting arrangements for this job, while looking for other job or freelance opportunities.

1. The question is radical and therefore fit to be judged. Saturn is the lord of the hour and it is cold and dry like the Ascendant. The querent may have some melancholic tendencies, which indicates that she might have trouble making changes or moving forward. This is due to an earth sign ascending and the Moon trine Saturn, a melancholic planet. Moon in Leo is in a fixed sign but choleric, suggesting energy and creativity, but pragmatic concerns (the melancholic influences) bring the querent down.

2. Mercury rules both the Ascendant and the tenth house of career. We see a strong identification of self and job, and the possibility the client could (and should) freelance, and question is really about overall career path, not just this job. Mercury itself shows a querent who is effective and efficient, though in this case feel a bit stuck and therefore frustrated. Mercury is in a fixed sign and also not yet fully up to its usual speed after retrogradation.

3. Mercury in the sixth house indicates being unappreciated. It is the house of slavery and often comes up in job questions where the person feels like a drudge and just wants to escape. There can also be a health issue, as it is the house of illness.

4. Mercury recently opposed Jupiter in twelfth house, which could be chronic health issues as well, stemming from trying to do too much, a very Jovial affliction.

5. Moon is about to trine Saturn, which rules the sixth house of disease. I don’t like the fact that the Moon is in Saturn’s detriment, suggesting especial harm by Saturnian and sixth house matters. She will need to restructure the job to improve conditions. Yet the Moon is received by Saturn into its triplicity and face, suggesting the health problems are not irreversible or that far gone yet. Perhaps the recent diagnosis was a wake-up call. The Sun ruling the twelfth house suggests afflictions from twelfth house issues of chronic disease.

6. Moon is opposite Part of Fortune suggesting that it is difficult to quit due to financial concerns. The Moon trine Saturn is also about money; it is harmful (Saturn is a malefic) but Saturn also disposes of Fortuna, symbolizing the earnings. The querent is earning her wages many times over due to the stressful nature of the job.

7. Moon is also in orb of a trine to Mars, which rules the third house. Mars is in its own sign and on the eighth house cusp. I wonder if it represents the querent’s boss (not the supervisor but the ultimate boss). The fact that Mars is conjunct the South Node might represent the weakened power of the boss; he may not be a bad guy (Mars in its own sign) but cannot act here. Moon trine Mars suggests that the ultimate boss may be an ally, though probably not able to help a whole lot, both due to Mars’s being close to the South Node but also due to Moon’s not being received by Mars. A lack of reception by malefic planets such as Mars can indicate they harm the querent, which is what is happening here; the boss’s weakness harms the querent.

8.Mercury has opposed Jupiter suggesting the querent has written off leaving the area for the time being, but telecommuting might make the situation more bearable (Venus in detriment conjunct South Node is the immediate supervisor) will trine Jupiter, and Jupiter thus collects light of Mercury and Venus. Change of scenery and telecommuting from OR might change the balance of power a little, give the querent breathing room, and make the relationship more palatable while the querent looks for another position or at least some freelance work. Moon is also in trine of Venus, so I think the problems will abate in the short term. I would recommend making the journey to house-sit for her friends.

9. The immediate supervisor is likely looking for a connection and perversely wants some kind of relationship with the querent, as that is the nature of Venus. There is an unhealthy attachment happening here by the immediate supervisor, who has probably grown to rely on the querent as a rock of stability, which Venus in Aries conjunct South Node severely lacks personally. The supervisor needs to realize that the only way to keep querent as an employee is to loosen the reins a bit. Venus in Aries is like a heavy-breathing, stalkerish admirer who is in one’s space all of the time. I would not expect a reasonable approach from someone described by Venus in Aries, as they are very emotionally driven and not self-aware. Short-term, the querent may be able to find some accommodation, but will end up leaving, after all. This is not a long-term viable arrangement.

10. Venus and Mars are in the eighth house of fear. The principals of the business are anxious about something, which may be contributing to the unhealthy dynamic. How is the business itself going, I wonder?