Gryphon Astrology returns! February 2012

February 26, 2012 by  


Adam and Eve's first meeting

The last few years have been busy here at Gryphon Astrology, leaving me less time for blogging than I would wish.  On a personal level, there have been many changes; new work, a new home, new husband (first and hopefully the last), and a new city (Chicago).  I have been busy researching astrological techniques and am happy to report that the years of effort have borne fruit.  Here are some of the new projects you can expect to see in the near future:

1.  The new website, focusing on financial and political predictions.  Gryphon Forecasting will feature stock and market forecasts, free and paid, as well as a focus on world and national political events.   I have been trading stocks for the last ten years or so, and have spent much of that time researching and developing astrological methodology for forecasting macroeconomic and stock conditions.

2.  Gryphon Astrology newsletter.  I have decided to focus on writing an occasional newsletter to provide a mix of shorter and more substantive articles for you.  To make this happen, I switched newsletter providers recently.  If you are a new or existing subscriber, please subscribe using the box in the right sidebar of the blog to ensure you receive our freshest astrological information.

3.  Annual zodiac sign forecasts.  Each month, I write a new forecast for each of the zodiac signs, a more economical option for budget-minded clients who cannot afford a personalized horary or natal reading.  You will be able to download the forecasts electronically for a small fee from a dedicated page.  Generally, I am unimpressed with the accuracy of the Sun sign forecasts available today, whether free or paid.  I like reading them for fun, but typically leave feeling like I didn’t learn anything useful.  Over the years, I have perfected a method of annual forecasting that is much more accurate, as it is based on the ancient method of annual solar aspects.  I have tested the forecasts out on myself and a set of test subjects, and am impressed with their accuracy despite the absence of individual birth data.

4.  UAC.  I will be at UAC in New Orleans this year.  Due to time constraints, I will not be lecturing, but am always delighted to chat with my far-flung readers in person.  See you there!