The Full Moon of April 6, 2012 Forecast

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Full Moon of April 6 Forecast - Moonlit View of Bosphorus

The full Moon of April 6 foretells a period in the U.S. when efforts to make peace and warlike tendencies are in strong conflict.  Men and women will be in conflict with each other.  Also, religion and religious traditions around women in particular are going to be at the forefront of national attention.  Given the recent unpleasant debates about contraceptive rights for women (hello, 1916!), this seems particularly appropriate.

Full Moon of April 6 Horoscope

Astrologically Speaking…

At the Full Moon, we have Venus in Gemini on the Midheaven with the South Node, so there will be discussion of women’s immorality.  Note that Venus is in a barren sign, so this is conversation about women supposedly behaving badly by being freed from the responsibility-inducing risk of pregnancy.

Jupiter is just outside the 10th house, indicating the prominence of religion and law in this two week period.  We suspect that the Supreme Court will not look kindly upon the administration’s health care law.  The Sun in Aries is on the cusp of the 9th house of the law, indicating a situation where the president’s head is very much in the court, but this is a situation that is already ending (the Full Moon indicates fullness, or completion of something).  Note there is no aspect between the Sun and Mars, the planet ruling the Supreme Court.  Mars is also much better positioned than the Sun, as it is placed in the Ascendant, indicating that the Supreme Court really is the final arbiter here.  With Mars retrograde, we assure you that this debate will be going back to Congress for yet another round.


This Full Moon has an interesting and somewhat unusual feature; after the Moon separates from the opposition to the Sun, it will conjoin Saturn.  Saturn and the Sun rule opposite signs (Leo and Aquarius, respectively).  This configuration in traditional astrology is known as the “Opening of the Double Doors” and creates major weather changes.  These should be apparent especially in the Mountain states of the U.S., where the weather will change most noticeably, bringing storms, cold, clouds, and/or fog.

Astrological Predictions for the Full Moon of March 8, 2012

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The Full Moon in March, 2012 occurs on March 8 at 9:40 AM universal time. This is 1:40 AM Pacific time and 4:40 a.m. Eastern time. As with each Full Moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun, so with the Full Moon at 18° Virgo, the Sun is at 18° Pisces. In general, the influences of the Full Moon last about two weeks, until the next New Moon.

The March Full Moon’s Influences on You

The planet Mars is conjunct the Moon at this Full Moon, with a harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter and Venus in Taurus. Given that Mars is a malefic planet, while Jupiter and Venus are benefic, there will be a mix of influences we can expect with this Full Moon. Normally, an aspect to Mars causes conflict, especially with mercurial people (Mercury rules Virgo, the sign where the Moon and Mars are at this Full Moon). However, with the gentle and beneficial aspects of Venus and Jupiter moderating this otherwise negative energy, we can expect that the energy of Mars is turned into fuel that helps us move forward, rather than unproductive warfare with the world. Expect that this Full Moon will be especially favorable for legal, religious, or educational matters. There may be financial benefits or at least an opportunity to spend a little money to make a lot more later, perhaps thanks to creative ideas or artistic ventures. Partnerships in general, whether business or personal are favored. With both Venus and Mars involved, this could be a favorable period for relationships as well as births. In general, benefits will come from foreigners, wealthy or socially prominent people, as well as professionals of any stripe.

Depending on where the Full Moon falls in your natal horoscope, that area of your life will likely reap the benefits of this energetic, positive configuration. For example, if this Moon in Virgo falls in your natal 10th house of career, you will see changes in your profession, or through property transactions, since the fourth house of real estate is where the Sun is located during this March Full Moon. In addition, it may be a good period for one’s health, given that Venus and Jupiter would fall in the sixth house of illness, helping heal health problems. As with all Full Moons, it is important to retain a balance, since we have the Moon opposing the Sun; on to opposite ends of a seesaw, as it were. This month, it should not be too difficult to balance your home and career, but keep this in mind, as investing in relationships now will pay dividends later. The harmonious interaction of Venus and Mars allows for harmony in relationships, while Jupiter provides the material and spiritual benefits.

The Full Moon’s Influence in the United States and the World

This Full Moon falls in the ninth house of the United States chart set for 6:17 PM, as rectified by Regulus Astrology. This is going to be a very busy two weeks when it comes to public statements, debates, and media attention. Most obviously, we will see this play out in the Republican contest for the presidential nomination. Libel and slander will fly widely, and misunderstandings and misinterpretations will be rampant, but some of the harsh negativity we have been seeing in the past few months will abate. We are already seeing negotiations with Iran restarting, as well as additional talks between the world powers on next steps with Iran. The recent side talks between the United States and Israel will be fruitful, as Virgo rules Jerusalem; while Israel has been beating the drums of war (Moon with Mars in Virgo – a verbal sign ruled by Mercury, so lots of talk), more moderating influences symbolized by Venus and Jupiter will prevail for now.

The harmonious configurations of Venus, Mars, Jupiter offer a promising start to any talks initiated during this period. In particular, positive reports and communications around these talks will be carefully managed by PR people. With Venus as the traditional ruler of Islam and Muslims in general, its harmonious aspects promise a fruitful round of negotiations around Iran’s nuclear capability. We still believe that Iran will be engaged in conflict in 2013, but the time has not yet come.

We will be seeing news out of Greece, Africa, Iran, Iraq, and Jerusalem, as all these places are ruled by Virgo. In general there will be conflict, because of the influence of Mars, but it will be resolved at least in the short term, due to the presence of Venus and Jupiter.

The Full Moon and the Financial Markets

The global financial markets, too, are at an important juncture at this Full Moon. With Jupiter in the early degrees of Taurus, it may be that the stock markets will rally into the end of the year. The harmonious aspects to this Full Moon hint that the US stock market will go up for a while yet; however, according to my calculations, the US stock market will likely not continue to rise beyond 2012.  This largely comports with the predictions for this week made by Raymond Merriman, a top astrological market analyst.