Horary Astrology Reading: Is the Talking Fish Story True?

May 25, 2009 by  

Horary Astrology: Is the Talking Fish Story True?

There was a talking fish in a New York market a few years ago, issuing warnings in Hebrew to repent because the end is near. Many people interpreted it as an ill omen for the then-impending Iraq war. I find omens fascinating, but most of them verge on the ridiculous (yes, I speak of the grilled cheese Virgin Mary). This seemed just odd enough to warrant an astrological inquiry. After reading about the talking carp, I immediately wondered whether the story was true; the Guardian article mentions that it could have been a practical joke, but I had my doubts. So, I cast a horary chart, asking “Is the talking fish story true?

12:44 pm, May 1, 2009, 37N25 122W08

Is the Horoscope Valid?

First, I checked the horoscope for radicality, the indication that the question was asked properly and not out of idle curiosity. Because this is not a story which involves me personally, I wanted to make sure that the chart was solid, and that the heavens were on board with this question, as it were.

The ruler of the hour is Mars, which is of the same nature as the rising sign, Leo. Both are hot and dry, and therefore the chart is radical. Moreover, Mars is in its own domicile in Aries, placed in the ninth house of religion and God. As is often the case with Mars, the lesser malefic, the story does not end well for either the butcher, who, in attempting to kill the fish, sliced into his own thumb and had to be hospitalized, nor for the carp, which was eventually chopped up into gefilte fish. If it was an omen presaging a war in distant lands, then Mars in the ninth house would take on another layer of significance.

Find the Fish

The carp is symbolized by the Moon, which rules all fish; Al-Biruni says that the Sun rules all large fish, and carp definitely counts as a large fish. Moreover, the Moon is in the terms of Mercury, so it is a large fish endowed with the gift of speech. Note that the Moon and the Sun are in mutual reception by major dignity; it is as though the fish had been suddenly enlightened, the heavens parted, and it spoke. The Sun, of course, represents divine inspiration.

But Did the Fish Really Speak?

William Lilly, in his Christian Astrology (p.192-194), has a few pointers on determining whether a rumor is true. Our horoscope, amazingly, hits all of the points mentioned by Lilly:

  • Lilly says that the Moon in the Ascendant means the rumor is true; here, we have the Moon in Leo on the Ascendant.
  • If Lord one is angular, the rumor is true; this chart has the Sun in the 10th house.
  • If the angles are fixed, the tale is true; all the angles in our chart have fixed signs.
  • The Moon angular makes the story true; we have already established that this is the case in our horoscope.
  • If the dispositor of the Moon is angular and in a fixed sign, the story is true. The Moon’s dispositor is the Sun, and it is in Taurus in the 10th house.
  • If the Moon is separating from a malefic and applying to a benefic that is angular, the tale is true. Here, the Moon separates from a trine to Mars and applies to a square with angular Sun.

One cannot help but draw the conclusion that the story is indeed true. If the heavens speak to us in signs we do not understand, we must try to unfold their meaning.

Free Horary Astrological Reading: Back in the USA?

August 24, 2008 by  

I am petitioning to work as a nurse in California. Can you see when I will be back in the US? And will I be able to shift to medicine (I’m a graduate of nursing and medicine) and be a doctor when I am there?


Dear M.,

The horary chart for your question is pretty clear; that is what happens when you have a clear question (other free reading requesters, take note 🙂). The astrological chart is below:

You are ruled by Saturn, ruler of the first house of self, and by the Moon. We see that the benefic North node is just inside the ascendant, which is a generally positive indication, though not the final word. Saturn is hanging out in the seventh house, trine Jupiter, but not making any immediate aspects. We do notice that the Sun has just moved into Virgo, and Saturn is now combust. This can indicate that you do not see clearly in the situation; it may be that you do not get updates on the application process, so you really know where you stand. You may also not know exactly what is involved in becoming certified as a doctor in the US as compared to your home country.

We see that the Moon is translating light between Saturn and Venus. It looks as though Venus conjunct Mercury in Virgo in the seventh house represents the United States. The seventh house can indicate “over there,” and with Venus so strongly influenced by Mercury both by sign and by aspect, there is a definite medical flavored to Venus. The Moon applies to Venus by a square aspect, indicating delays, obstacles, and struggles. However, you should be able to get back to the US sooner or later. The aspect between the Moon and Venus will perfect in about 6 1/2 degrees; because we are dealing with double signs, we could be looking at your returning seven or eight months from now. This could actually be weeks, but that seems a little rapid for what a bureaucratic process.

Will you be able to be a doctor in the US? Of course you are able to; all you have to do is just pass a bunch of exams. I think this will be a little trickier, though, because you are represented by Saturn in Virgo, which is in the detriment of Jupiter, the planet governing your career. You might not be focusing enough on what it takes to make your American M.D. credentials happen. If you want to be a doctor here, it is absolutely essential that you focus on getting the right qualifications, which I am told is not easy or simple. The medical profession protects itself, so you must prove your worth.

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Free Astrological Chart Reading: “Will I Have a Second Child & When?

August 17, 2008 by  

Reader Question: I am 29 years old and my husband is 34. We have a healthy daughter. We have been trying to conceive again for over a year now. My base-line blood tests are normal and the sperm test for my hubby is normal. The doctor has suggested to stop trying too hard and taking it easy for a while and if we are still not pregnant in another 4-5 months, he will send me to a specialist. Any advice? Do you see a pregnancy in the near future?


Dear G.,

The horary horoscope for your question is very finely balanced, and while there is a good chance of you conceiving, it is not guaranteed, due to some obstacles shown in the chart.

Because this is a medical chart, I should mention that I am not a doctor, and you should listen to your doctor first and foremost. We first notice Jupiter in fall, retrograde, just inside the first house. This house represents your body, so any planets therein are important. Jupiter is the natural ruler of sperm, and seeing it afflicted in this chart is not encouraging. Also, we see the Moon in Capricorn, the sign of its detriment, afflicting the first house as well. The Moon rules the seventh house of your husband, so both indicators show that it may be worthwhile having him tested more extensively.

The baby is represented by Venus, ruler of your fifth house of children, which is in the sign of its fall, in Virgo. This is not terribly auspicious, but if we see a connection between you and the baby, the strength of Venus will be much less important. Venus has just separated from a conjunction with Saturn, the planet representing you, so unless you just got pregnant extremely recently, we will need to see a third planet bring the separating planets together.

Mercury is about to conjoin Saturn, which likely shows your visit to the doctor in a few months. Mercury is the natural ruler of doctors. Thereafter, a complex sequence of planetary aspects unfolds, mirroring the complexity of the situation. Venus trines Jupiter, Mercury trines Jupiter, and finally, Mercury conjoins Venus. Since Jupiter represents the health challenge that is likely keeping you from becoming pregnant, it looks as though the fertility specialist will help you address that obstacle before you can become pregnant.

Because of the domino effect indicating multiple dependencies, and because the planets involved are not terribly strong by sign or house, we cannot be absolutely certain that you will become pregnant. However, if you do, it is likely to happen a bit over a year from now, in the fall of 2009.

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Free Astrological Chart Reading: “Will He Leave His Wife? Will We Marry?”

August 8, 2008 by  

I met G. nine years ago when I interviewed him for a news story I was writing. I felt an instant kinship. But since he had a wife of two years, I kept everything professional. Fate kept having us collide once or twice a year and we always had memorable conversations that were deep and compelling…we just clicked. About 2 years ago, we began meeting to converse more frequently — he says he feels more intellectually stimulated with me than with anyone. We talk for 4 to 6 hours at a time about philosophy, etc. Now, we’re constantly getting drinks together and wanting to be with each other.

There’s almost like a psychic energy between us. We have never kissed or slept together because we are both very noble and good people. We want to make each other stronger and more successful — not destroy one another’s lives. But we seem to love being together and can’t stand being apart.  Once we met at a place with a huge parking lot and came out to find we had somehow parked right next to each other. It was surreal … and yet, things like this happen with us. It’s as if the Universe wants us together.

He loves his wife. I don’t want to be a mistress. But emotionally, I’m more than a friend. I wish he would conclude the marriage and marry me instead. Will this happen? Will we have an affair?  Am I what he needs in his life to be fulfilled?  I don’t want to “take” him if she is the better suited for him. I want everyone to be with their highest soul matches.


Dear S.,

I have been getting a lot of questions about hidden relationships in the last few weeks. Perhaps the planetary configurations are just right to describe such situations. I cast a horary chart for your question:

Powerful Physical Attraction

There is a lot of physical attraction here. The Moon, one of your significators, is in Scorpio, where it is in the sign and triplicity of Mars. Mars can symbolize sex in relationship questions, which seems accurate here. You are emotionally very focused on the physical attraction to G. He is represented by the Sun, ruler of the 7th house of partners (or potential partners), and is likely attractive. The Sun in its own sign, Leo, can be quite magnetic, even dazzling. A person represented by the Sun in its own sign will put out some very seductive vibes; not necessarily because he is deeply attracted to you, but just because that’s how he is. The Sun shines for everyone.

Things certainly seem headed toward a physical encounter, at least from your perspective. Venus, which shows your physical attraction, recently moved out of Leo, and into the sign of its fall, Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which represents his wife. You now feel that his wife stands between you and your happiness. Your third significator is Saturn, which is also in Virgo, repeating the same theme on a more conscious level in your mind.

The Sun is about to conjoin the malefic South Node, which shows a sudden “fall” in that planet’s strength. There are an awful lot of planets falling in this chart; the Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo, and shortly, the Sun. This is not uncommon in charts about affairs, so someone is certainly contemplating an affair. Whether it will happen is another matter.


I do not see him motivated enough to leave his wife for you. The Sun is in a fixed sign, Leo, which is also the Sun’s own sign. He’s not moving from where he is. However, and you might already be aware of this, his wife might be. She is Mercury, in Leo, so in her husband’s house. However, shortly, Mercury will leave Leo and enter its own sign, Virgo.

Your energy is certainly focused on his wife right now. In fact, the Moon recently opposed Mercury by antiscion, indicating some kind of hidden aggression between you and his wife in the recent past. You didn’t put a curse on her, I hope! Whatever happens between him and his wife, I don’t really see an upcoming connection between you and him. The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Saturn, followed by a sextile to a very weak Jupiter in the 12th house of secrets. Jupiter rules your 11th house of hope, so you might hope for a secret relationship, but I’m not sure there is more here than that. There are hints of an affair or something secret going on here, but I don’t really see marriage. An affair is a possibility, but not clearly shown.


You wondered about the compatibility between him (Sun) and you (Saturn), and him and his wife (Mercury). Given that he does not seem terribly motivated to pursue this relationship with you, that probably says everything. However, I do see that in this chart, you are represented by Saturn, and he is represented by the Sun. These are not considered traditionally friendly planets, as one is the bringer of death and the other, of life. Mercury and the Sun are a bit better together, because Mercury is the messenger of the Gods; the planet that circles around the Sun like a faithful servant.

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Free Astrology Reading: When Will My Tenant Finally Leave?

July 27, 2008 by  

My tenant is not vacating my flat even after nine months of notice. She is always coming up with excuses to stay put and is problematic to me and the neighbors. She is spreading false rumors about me to others. We came to know she and her husband are criminals. I am fed up with all the problems she is creating and told her to vacate as she was not paying the increased rent. Now her husband has passed away and she is asking for another 10 months to vacate. Will she vacate at least after that?


Dear M.,

I cast a horary horoscope for the time I understood your question. The chart is below:

Your tenant is represented by the 7th house* (see endnote) of “other people.” Mercury just entered a fixed sign, Leo, indicating that your tenant does not plan to go anywhere for as long as possible. The main difficulty is that you are not being firm and consistent in your demands upon her. Neither of your planets, Jupiter and the Moon, are in fixed signs – she is being much more stubborn and focused than you, which is why she is winning this little game.

I also note that the Moon is in Gemini, a double sign, indicating your vacillation on this issue. Double signs go back and forth; in a loud-voiced double sign, there is lots of talk here, but it is all one step forward and one step back. The fact that the Moon is ruled by Mercury tells us she has the upper hand here, because of your hesitation to put your foot down. What is less clear is why you are having difficulty doing so. Would your fear of the malicious rumors she is spreading have anything to do with it? The Moon is in her 12th house of secrets and hidden enemies.

The Moon has recently sextiled Mercury, likely your giving her permission to stay for another 10 months. The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to the Sun, which afflicts Mercury by combustion. The Sun could be another person, perhaps a neighbor of hers, who is helpful to you in this matter, and it looks like you might be asking them for assistance. The Sun can also represent the government, and might show you starting the formal eviction process.

If you want to get her out sooner than 10 months, your best bet is in about four months from now, as Mercury will conjoin the Sun in about 4 degrees. That is, you should start the process now, but November-December seems like a good time for her to leave. However, that is only if you start taking decisive action to get her out. I do not see her leaving of her own accord otherwise, and the chart does not clearly show timing for that. Why should she? She has you where she wants you.

*Endnote: In traditional texts, tenants are assigned to the sixth house. However, remember that the sixth house rules slaves and those improving our household, so the old-fashioned kind of tenant is meant, where he works your land and generally does your bidding. In today’s context, that definition is not appropriate, and we would give most tenants the 7th house of business associates. If you do use the 6th house for tenants, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section.

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Free Astrology Chart Reading: “Will We Be in a Relationship?”

July 19, 2008 by  

Horary Question:

John and I dated 3 years ago. He was newly divorced. We had two dates and we are just friends. There was a very big physical attraction, but only kissing and hugging on the 2nd date. He then didn’t ask me out anymore, but I ride his bus since he is a bus driver. He has a son who lives with him in his early 20s. He is a problem because of drug and alcohol addiction. What is he going to do about his son? I’m worried about John’s health because he is a heart attack survivor. Will John and I ever get together?


Dear C.,

Your question is interesting, and makes me wonder why you are asking about the potential relationship now, three years after the date. I cast a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, and the chart for your question is below:

Free Astrology Chart Reading: "Will We Be Together?"

Free Astrology Chart Reading: "Will We Be Together?"

The chart shows that John’s son very much dominates the situation; his son is symbolized by Mercury, ruler of John’s fifth house of children, and we see that the planet symbolizing John, Saturn, is very much in Mercury’s power. The son controls the situation, and it does not bode terribly well for you. Mercury has just left its own sign and entered the sign of Cancer, where it has little essential dignity. This tells me that the son’ s behavior has become a greater problem, and this is now seriously impacting John’s life. Mercury is in the detriment of Saturn, so we have the son harming the father.

I am concerned about John as well, as we have Mars separating from Saturn. This can indicate a fling in John’s life, but it could also be illness, especially if his health has not been very good recently. In this context, it could be a very recent acute health situation that is only now starting to go away. We have Mercury applying to Saturn, and then Mars, making me think that the son is really having a negative health impact on John. Stress with his child could cause John to have some kind of relapse.

Regarding your relationship with John, I don’t really see the level of mutual interest needed to overcome these opposing external factors. None of your three planets, Venus, the Sun, or the Moon, are particularly interested in Saturn, which is the planet symbolizing John. Similarly, John only has moderate interest in you, and ultimately, I don’t think he’s that attracted to you. His planet, Saturn, is in the fall of Venus, which does not make for a long-term, happy relationship.

The Moon has just separated from a sextile with Saturn, and is applying to Mars. I’m not exactly sure what Mars is, so I cannot interpret this unequivocally. However, if we have your planet and his separating, itprobably does not bode well for the future of your relationship. My sense is that John has much bigger problems than wanting to be in a relationship, and as of late, his son and his health have been only conspiring against him having a meaningful or long-term relationship.

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Free Astrology Reading: Where Is My Daughter’s Necklace?

July 14, 2008 by  

Free Astrology Reading: Where Is My Daughter\'s Necklace?


I gave my daughter a silver heart necklace with diamonds in it as a special present. In early March this year she moved overseas to begin a new life with her partner in London. A week after she arrived, she noticed that it was missing and although we have both looked, we cannot find it. It has special meaning to us both and we would like to know if it was taken (in either country) or if it has been left or put somewhere. She wore it the last two weeks before she left on her trip but presumed she had it with her when she packed.




Dear J.,


Horary is great at finding lost objects, and it tends to work best with the querent’s feedback.  Although I like lost object charts, the blog is probably not the best medium to do them, as the communication is more one-directional than in a consultation.  Despite that, I hope this reading gives you some ideas about where to look.  The horary chart for your question is below:


Free Astrology Reading: Where Is My Daughter\'s Necklace?


First, let’s find the planetary significator of the lost necklace.  It is your daughter’s, so we would look to the second and fourth houses from the fifth house of children.  Jupiter, ruler of your daughter’s second house of possessions, describes the necklace: it is expensive, as are all Jupiter things. 


Next, let’s see if the necklace will be found.  There are no aspects between Mars (your daughter’s planetary significator) and Jupiter (the necklace), or between Mars and the Moon, which rules all lost objects.  However, we do have the Moon applying to its dispositor, Venus, which is a testimony of recovery.  We also see that Jupiter is angular, so it is more likely to be found. 


I don’t think the necklace was stolen, partly because Jupiter is angular, and it doesn’t sound like you have specific suspicions of theft.  Most things really do get lost or mislaid. 


Here are some places where the necklace could be:

  • In your daughter’s office, hallway, corridor, or some other “communication” area. [Jupiter in your daughter’s 3rd house.]
  • With your spouse, or in your spouse’s room. [Jupiter is in your 7th house of partners.]
  • With your daughter’s sibling, or in their room. [Jupiter is in your daughter’s 3rd house of siblings.]
  • It may be near a door (the planet is near a cusp), and near, on, or under the floor, as Jupiter is in an earth sign.  It may also be near where it should be, as Jupiter is near a house cusp.  Ask your daughter to do a thorough search again among her jewelry.
  • Might be opposite a window, a light source, something bright or golden (Jupiter is opposite the Sun).

Good luck with your search, and let me know what happens!


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Fertility and Conception: Free Astrology Reading. “Will I Conceive and When?”

July 8, 2008 by  

Fertility and conception: Free astrology reading - \

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for more than a year now and have not been successful yet.  We started fertility medicine this June.  Our doctor said we are both able to have children. When will I get pregnant and what will be the sex of the baby?


Dear M,

Horary astrology is really excellent at questions such as these; and lots of people benefit from knowing whether a treatment will be successful, especially when the treatment is costly. I think there is a good possibility that you will have a baby through this treatment. It’s not a slam-dunk as you are not super-fertile, but you already knew that, since you are on fertility treatment.  The horary chart for your question is below:

Free astrology reading: When will I conceive? Will it be a boy or girl?

At first glance, the picture is not overly encouraging. We see that several important planets in the horoscope are in barren signs; the Moon, which rules your first house of self; Mars, ruling the 5th house of children, and Saturn, ruling your husband – are all in Virgo. But all is not lost. We have the benefic planet Venus, in Cancer, the most fertile sign, right inside the ascendant (the house ruling your body). This is very positive in a question like yours.

Most important of all, the planets do seem to show conception through fertility treatment. We see that the Moon (you) has most recently conjoined Saturn. Then, we have Mars (the baby) applying to conjoin Saturn. So Saturn here acts as a collector of light from Mars and the Moon. Saturn would be the treatment, bringing you and the baby together.

When will this happen? Moon already contacted Saturn, but Mars has yet to do so; we have to see when the other shoe will drop, so to speak. Mars conjoins Saturn in about 1.5 degrees. Because Mars is in a common sign, we can stretch that a bit, and expect maybe 3-4 time units. I would expect this to be months, since the situation has been going on for a while. However – and this is important – it is possible that the conception will happen in 3-4 weeks. This is because we have such a fertile planet right inside the Ascendant. Also, the Moon will shortly sextile the Sun, which might mean a more imminent conception than 3-4 months. But it’s good to be conservative and be pleasantly surprised.

You asked about the baby’s gender. There are more testimonies for a girl; especially again because Venus in a feminine sign is so prominent.

Good luck, and please let me know what happens!

Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will My Boyfriend Marry Me?”

February 13, 2008 by  

Girl with White Cat illustrating Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will My Boyfriend Marry Me?”

Horary Astrology Question:

We are both divorced with 2 children each, 3 of which live with us. We are hoping to move house and set up a cattery at the new home so I can be at home more. B is great (most of the time!) very un-emotional and does not show or talk about his feelings, his father died tragically when he was 11.  I would love dearly for some commitment from him but fear it will never happen.  We have been together for 8 years now.  I think he thinks that setting up the cattery is enough commitment, he owns the house, etc., and I feel I have put all my eggs in one basket (again) and will end up on my own.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear L.,

Your situation is difficult; a certain pattern has been set up that will be difficult to change without an effort on your part. But, let us see what the astrology says.

The horary horoscope for your question is below: 

Horary Astrology Horoscope illustrating Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will My Boyfriend Marry Me?”

We have an early degree on the ascendant, indicating the situation is as yet underripe. This is somewhat puzzling, because the relationship has been going on for eight years, hardly an immature situation. It may be a reference to the fact that there will never really be a “right” time to take this relationship to the next level, and it may remain in this embryonic state always.

We see that you are very much interested in marriage, and even though before, you were content just to have a stable companion, you are now ready to get married. We see that the Moon in Taurus, which represents your emotions in the situation, is in the sign and triplicity of Venus; Venus rules the Arabian Part of Marriage at 11 Libra.

The most dramatic element in this chart is the extent to which all of the main significators; your planets and his, are in strong dignities of Saturn. Whatever Saturn represents has a huge influence over the situation, and will eventually decide whether you will marry your boyfriend or not. Moreover, we see that Saturn is right inside the seventh house cusp of partners, where it is strongly tied to your boyfriend.

So what does Saturn represent? It can be his children, as it rules the fifth house from the seventh, or it can be something hidden or secret, perhaps the emotional trauma you speak of. Whatever it is, it is harmful to you and your hopes of marriage. Saturn is in the detriment of Jupiter, your main significator, and also in the fall of Venus, the planet the rules marriage and his horoscope. Unfortunately, your boyfriend is very much under the influence of whatever Saturn represents — both of his planets, Mercury and the Sun, are in Aquarius, in Saturn’s sign and triplicity. I wonder if Saturn doesn’t represent the cattery; it rules his sixth house, but because of Saturn’s negative reception to you and to Venus, I would strongly recommend not setting up the cattery, for fear of perpetuating an already difficult situation.

The bigger concern I have is that neither of his planets seem particularly interested in either marriage or your planets, showing something of an indifference to you. If there is true mutual interest between two people, even a roadblock such as Saturn in this chart can be overcome. I am concerned, however, that there are some fundamental weaknesses in this relationship, and it will be difficult if not impossible to marry this man without addressing these issues first.

We see that the Moon is opposite the antiscion of the Sun, and the aspect will become exact about the same time that the Moon trine’s Saturn. It looks as though you will have to make a momentous decision in the near future, one that will make you rethink this relationship, and hopefully will bring out some of the problematic undercurrents more into the open where you can address them.

As always, I like to ask that in return for your free reading, you update me (either by email, or in the comments on this page) on what happened. I don’t mind being wrong, but I like to learn from what I did well or badly.

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Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will I Walk Again?”

February 6, 2008 by  

St. Peter illustrating Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will I Walk Again?”

Horary Astrology Question:

When I was 3, I got leukemia and Guillian Barre Syndrome. I have been in remission from the leukemia, but I have been bound to a wheelchair since I was 5; I am 22 now. I just would like to know what my future holds for my ability to walk.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear V.,

I really sympathize with your situation. While there are certainly worse things that could happen, not being able to walk seems to me a particularly difficult cross to bear. Ultimately, regardless of what the astrology reading shows, I think it’s important to remember that everything, including this, is in the hands of the Divine.

The horoscope for your question is below:

Horoscope for Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will I Walk Again?”

Since this is a health reading, please remember that I am not a doctor, I do not play one on TV, this isn’t medical advice, and you should always listen to your physician first and foremost.

We first notice the late degree on the ascendant, indicating that you may be asking the question out of desperation, or because you do not see a way forward. The good news is that the ascendant is in Capricorn, a Cardinal sign, which implies lots of movement and change in the situation. Because your question is about being able to walk, and the existing situation changing, the more signs associated with movement we see, the better.

The ruler of the first house of self is Saturn, which is on the cusp of the eighth house. As I have noted before on this blog, a lot of the charts I get have important planets in the eighth house of fear, indicating the person’s anxious state of mind about the situation. With Saturn in a double sign, Virgo, we see that the situation may not be as cast in stone as it appears.

The significator of the illness is Mercury, ruler of the sign in which Saturn finds itself. Here, we see the real problem. Mercury is in a fixed sign, it is retrograde, and moving rather slowly. We see that the illness has a strong hold on you, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. When we have a planet in a fixed sign that is also moving very slowly or is retrograde, such as this Mercury, it is the perfect image of being stuck. A traditional physician/astrologer would note that Mercury is in the first house of the head, indicating the possible origin of the disease.

Combined with Saturn moving backwards at the moment, I didn’t see any major catalysts in the near future, which is what we would need to see in order to reverse a long-standing conditions such as this. But also note the Moon, which is combust and applying to a conjunction with the Sun for the upcoming eclipse. This is certainly a sign that you cannot see the entire situation, and something of the truth may be hidden.

The combination of these testimonies indicates that while there may not be a dramatic improvement in your condition in the near future, we are still getting reminded that we are not meant to know all things, and that ours is not the last word on your problem. I think it is very important to be positive and to have hope, precisely because we realize that our human means allow us to only see a small sliver of reality. True reality is far more complex and benevolent than it may seem at a given moment.

As always, I like to ask that in return for your free reading, you update me (either by email, or in the comments on this page) on what happened. I don’t mind being wrong, but I like to learn from what I did well or badly.

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