Prince William’s Royal Wedding Horoscope: When to Get Married

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Prince William and Kate's Wedding Horoscope
Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to marry on April 29, 2011, but will they live happily ever after?  An astrological analysis of their wedding date reveals many challenges in this marriage, but also offers useful lessons on choosing your best times to get married.  This is called electional astrology, because we are electing the best moment for the marriage ceremony, which will result in the best marriage possible between the two people.  Of course, no elected date will make a harmonious marriage between two incompatible people, but choosing the best time can certainly smooth over the rough edges. (To have me find the best moment for your wedding, contact me.)

Prince William’s Wedding Horoscope

The royal wedding horoscope is set for April 29, 2011, 11:00 am, British Summer Time, London, England.  You might wonder whether this horoscope has been elected; I believe that it is a time set by an astrologer.  In fact, I believe that Charles and Diana’s wedding was also astrologically elected.  Looking at the horoscope for William and Kate’s wedding, I suspect that the astrologer was working with significant time constraints and was making the best of a challenging astrological configuration.

Prince William’s Son?

The ruler of the 5th house of children is Mars in Aries; a masculine planet in a masculine sign.  Jupiter is strongly placed in the 10th house, and closely conjunct Jupiter in Aries, another masculine planet in a masculine sign.  It is clear that the intended effect of the chart is to get at least one male child, which is the #1 goal of any royal marriage.  However, there is some misfortune for the child – Mars is a malefic planet representing violence and strife.  Yes, Mars is in its own sign, Aries, but a malefic is what it is – at its best, it brings a little evil, rather than a lot.  Mars rules the 6th house of the children’s health, so that could be one difficulty facing the children from this marriage.

Good for Prince William…Not for Kate

The horoscope is strongly configured to favor Prince William as much as possible, but is rather unfavorable for Kate.  It may be that given the time constraints, the astrologer (presumably paid by the royal family) could only strengthen the significators of one party to the marriage, and that would be the prince.  Kate’s happiness and well-being, whatever good personal characteristics she may have, is not nearly as important to the royal family as that of William.

Prince William is shown by the Sun, both because it rules the 1st house of the husband, and because Sun is the general significator of husbands in marriage charts.  The Sun is strongly positioned in the 10th house at the top of the chart, so William will be very much in charge in this relationship.  The Sun is also in Taurus, a fixed sign, so he will want to stay in the marriage and will insist on getting his own way.  The good news is that the Sun is received by Venus, so William is generally liked by Kate.  The Sun is conjunct the malefic star Hamal, which brings violence, danger, and head injuries.  Other than the fixed star, however, the Sun is in decent shape, and William should largely benefit by the marriage.

Kate is represented by Venus, because she is the woman in the relationship, and also by Saturn, ruler of the 7th house of spouses.  Venus is in bad shape in the wedding horoscope; she is in its detriment in Aries, and opposite Saturn.  Venus is in the 10th house, so the issues in this marriage will be well-documented and made very public.  Saturn, Kate’s other significator, is in the 4th house of endings, specifically “how the marriage ends” – Kate may well suffer in the marriage; will it end prematurely?  I think there is a strong possibility of this.   Kate is going to have to deal with some tragedy; Saturn rules the 8th house of death – a situation troubling for her, but not necessarily a negative from the royal family’s perspective.  Remember, the paying client (here, the royal family) always gets the better end of the electional chart, and it looks like Kate is getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop in this chart and marriage.

Not Much Happens?

The odd thing about this horoscope is that the Moon is placed in the cadent 9th house, and is void of course (not within orb of aspect of another planet).  Given that the Moon shows the flow of events in this marriage, the marriage looks oddly directionless.  Does nothing happen in this marriage?  The Moon is also weak because it is waning, and is located in the terms of Mars, which is a malefic place for her to be.  The medieval astrologer, Sahl bin Bishr, says of the void of course Moon that it represents “futility and annulment, and turning back from [one’s] purpose, and the impediment of that same purpose.”  Annulment is not what you want to see in a marriage chart; void of course for the Moon represents isolation, and the lack of a meaningful connection made – again, perhaps the last description for a horoscope of a relationship.

When to Get Married: Lessons Learned from the Royal Wedding Horoscope

From William and Kate’s wedding chart, we can see there are a few things to avoid when choosing your wedding date and time.  For best results and to ensure the strongest possible start to your marriage, I recommend that you have an astrologer choose your wedding date.  The royal wedding horoscope shows us what not to do:

1.  Avoid the Moon void of course.  You do not want a marriage in which nothing happens, or that forces either of you into isolation!  This is easy to avoid, as the void of course periods typically do not last very long.  Do not place the Moon in the malefic or cadent houses (houses 3, 6, 8, 9, 12) – no need to borrow trouble.

2. Make sure the planets symbolizing both the husband and wife are strong.  If you want an equal marriage, in which neither party suffers disproportionately, strengthen the Sun, Venus, and the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses.  Both of you deserve to be happy.

3. Avoid the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) predominating in the horoscope.  This rule has exceptions, for example, if the malefic rules both partners’ charts, but it is best not to try this at home.

If you are interested in finding the best time to marry, contact me to discuss your priorities for your marriage, and to learn how astrology can help you bring out the best between the two of you.

Celebrity Astrology: Who Are Your Enemies?

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What if your horoscope could tell who your enemies will be? A tidbit in Ibn Ezra’s The Book of Nativities and Revolutions (written c. 1140-1160) tells us a quick way to do just that. All you have to know is your rising sign; the 12th sign from the ascendant tells us about the nature of people who will make your life just a little less pleasant. I won’t give away all of the signs, because you should really read this great book yourself, but I will use a few famous examples to illustrate the simplicity and accuracy of Ibn Ezra’s method.

Bill Clinton – Libra rising –> Virgo ruling 12th sign. “Quarrels with the learned people.” Pretty accurate for someone who spent much of his presidency in court and especially in the press (both ruled by Mercury, ruler Virgo). John McCain, Jimmy Carter, and JFK all have Libra rising as well.

George W. Bush – Leo rising –> Cancer ruling 12th sign. “Most people will hate him,” because the 12th sign ruler is the Moon, ruler of the people. This correlates with Bush’s chronically low approval ratings and general lack of popularity worldwide.

Barack Obama – Aquarius rising –> Capricorn ruling 12th sign. “He will hate himself and will bring upon himself quarrels for no good reason.” Ouch! The reasoning is that the same planet rules the 12th and the 1st houses, so Obama is the cause of his own undoing and his own worst enemy.

What is your 12th house sign? Does it describe your enemies or interpersonal conflicts?

Isaac Hayes: Music & Creativity in His Horoscope

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Isaac Hayes, who died this week, is best known for his music, spanning soul, R&B, and funk, but he is most famous for his theme song for Shaft. Using traditional astrological methods, we can find music in Hayes’s horoscope.

Isaac Hayes Has Soul

It is said that the planet rising just before the Sun is the strongest indicator of one’s profession. For Hayes, that is Venus in Leo in the Ascendant trine the Moon in the 5th house. Venus in Leo loves to be center stage, and in the 1st house, Hayes had a relentless drive to be famous and unique (Venus ruled by the Sun).

The Moon is in Sagittarius in the 5th house of pleasure and creativity, a high-energy placement for a musician. Bonatti writes that planets in mutable signs make one “expert at gaining the knowledge of music”. This is true for Isaac Hayes: five out of seven planets are in mutable signs, including the all-important Mercury and Moon.

A Prolific Musician…

The 5th house of creativity is important for any artist, and Isaac Hayes’s 5th is activated by the Moon trine Venus. However, the Moon is also opposite Saturn in Gemini, a barren but multiple sign, which is strongly placed in the 11th house of good fortune. For Hayes, creativity is combined with a capacity for hard work, but there would have been difficulties stemming from Hayes’s fickle audience and friends. Saturn rules the 7th house of the public, and the 11th house of friends.

Hayes’s sheer quantity of work came from the Moon-Mercury-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn combination, heavily involving the 5th house. All of the planets are in double signs, giving quantity, and Jupiter is in hyper-fertile Cancer. The squares and opposition indicate that creativity was not easy, and Hayes had to work hard to create music. The strength of exalted Jupiter and Mercury suggests the result was worth it.

…with a Prolific Personal Life

Isaac Hayes was married four times, and had a total of 12 children. Saturn, ruler of his 7th house of marriage, is in double sign Gemini, aspecting three planets, all of which are in double signs themselves. Three marriages would have been the absolute bare minimum for someone with this configuration.

The 12 children are shown by the same combination as Hayes’s prolific creativity; the 5th house and the five associated planets. Similarly to his marriages, an astrologer predicting Hayes’s future would probably lose count of the possible number of children, and say he would have lots of offspring. Lots and lots of offspring!

Amelia Earhart: Did She Disappear into Thin Air? An Astrological Inquiry.

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Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, and she famously disappeared in the Pacific Ocean while attempting a round-the-world flight on July 2, 1937. Earhart’s birthday is coming up next week, which would be an appropriate occasion to analyze her horoscope for clues to her disappearance. An added challenge is that Earhart’s birthtime is rounded off to the nearest half-hour. We will present a slightly modified horoscope for her, based on her life events and personal characteristics.

Amelia Earhart said she was born at 11:30 pm, which would giver her early degrees of Taurus rising. This stolid, contented sign seems highly unlikely for a feminist pioneer in a masculine pursuit such as flying, especially since Earhart’s Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is not particularly disposed to feats of daring. No, Earhart must have been born a few minutes earlier than 11:30, giving her an Aries ascendant. This means that Mars rules her horoscope; partile conjunct Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and square the Moon, the planet of travel. The Moon, appropriately for an aviatrix, is in an air sign.

Let us take a look at what Earhart’s horoscope shows regarding the nature of her death. We are using Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy to guide our footsteps. We primarily look to the 8th house of death and its ruler. The 8th house could be ruled by Scorpio or Sagittarius, depending on Earhart’s exact time of birth. Because the two rulers, Mars and Jupiter, are conjunct, separating their effects will take some careful picking apart of influences. However, that is not necessary here. We can safely assume that the Mars-Jupiter complex in Earhart’s horoscope is indicative of death. Note that Jupiter rules Earhart’s 9th house of long journeys.

Let us see what Bonatti says (or quotes from older authors) about this combination. We don’t have to do any selective reading here:

  • When almuten – planet with the most essential dignities – of the 8th cusp is cadent, death will come by fall from a height. Both Mars and Jupiter are on the cusp of the cadent 6th house.
  • When the almuten of the 8th is afflicted by a malefic and peregrine, the death will be on a journey. Both Mars and Jupiter are malefic in Earhart’s chart; Mars by its nature and Jupiter because it is in detriment. Thus, they afflict each other.
  • When the almuten is in its descension (I assume fall or detriment), death will come from “wells or pits or caverns or in deep waters.” Again, we have Jupiter in its detriment.

Regardless of Earhart’s exact birth time, the secondary progressions active at the time of her death show her natal Sun conjoining Mars and Jupiter in the autumn of 1936. This progression is still active at the time of her death in 1937.

Earhart’s Solar Return for 1936-1937 looks grim. The ruler of the chart is Mercury, combust. The natal Ascendant ruler, Mars, is in Cancer – the sign of its fall (!), trine Saturn in Pisces, retrograde and exactly opposite the Ascendant. If there ever was an indication of a watery grave, this would be it. The Moon conjoins the benefic fixed star Spica, but without a favorable direction, not much could have helped Earhart.

Who Will Be the Next U.S. President? An Astrological Analysis

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Who Will be the Next US President? Find out with astrology!


To finish our series on the next U.S. president, today’s post will comapre the astrological charts of Barack Obama and John McCain for presidential or “royal” qualities.  We have looked at their horoscopes individually, but now we can compare the candidates’ horoscopes side by side for strengths and weaknesses.  There has been a great deal of debate about the candidates’ real birthtimes; all our posts take the commonly accepted times for the candidates.  If the birthtimes turn out different than those currently known, all bets are off.


Barack Obama’s Horoscope: Presidential Enough?


We have looked at the “royal” characteristics in Obama’s horoscope from two ancient astrologers’ perspectives – that of William Lilly and Guido Bonatti.  Their rules are similar but not the same.  The analyses below sum up the findings from the previous analyses.


Obama’s Strongest Card: The Sun in Leo in the 6th house.  This is not a very strong card, as the Sun is under the horizon and in a malefic house with no major aspects.  The next strongest card is in even worse shape, with Mars, ruler of the 10th house of honor, in the 8th house and trine Saturn in Capricorn in the malefic 12th house.  Most importantly, Obama’s horoscope does not appear to have any prominent royal stars to help lift him to the presidency.  Because of the relative weakness of Obama’s chart, McCain’s horoscope would have to be weaker still for McCain to lose the 2008 election.


Obama’s Horoscope for Autumn 2008: Obama’s Venus will be active by secondary progressions, aspecting his natal Part of Fortune and conjoining the North Node.  This is beneficial in general, but Venus is not one of the significators in Obama’s chart promising fame or prominence.  Interestingly, his solar return for 2008 shows Jupiter in the 7th house of opponents, an interesting parallel to McCain’s 2008 solar return (see below).  Again, the relative strengths of the horoscopes matter: McCain’s horoscope would have to be weaker than this to lose to Obama.

Barack Obama\'s Horoscope

John McCain’s Horoscope: By a Hair?


McCain’s Strongest Card: Two royal stars, Spica and Hercules, are near the Ascendant and Midheaven, but barely within the acceptable orbs.  Still, this is better than Obama’s horoscope, which does not have royal stars.  McCain also has a very favorable (though not strictly royal) star, Canopus, right on his Midheaven.  This star is also conjunct George W. Bush’s natal Sun. 


McCain’s natal Mars-Jupiter trine is quite lucky as well.  Mars is in the fortunate 11th house trining Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd house.  This configuration was active by primary direction when McCain was shot down in Vietnam and nearly died.  That itself was not very lucky, but his miraculous survival against the odds certainly was.


McCain’s Horoscope for Autumn 2008:  His progressed Sun trines the Midheaven in January 2008, his progressed Midheaven trines the Moon (ruler of the natal Midheaven) in April 2008, and progressed Mars trines the Moon in October 2008.  The luminaries are not especially strong in McCain’s chart, but the Midheaven itself is.  When the Midheaven is “lit up” by the Sun and Moon, William Lilly says that these promise “great preferment…and shall govern the Common-wealth.”  Mars, again, is a fortunate planet for McCain.  McCain’s solar return has Saturn on the 7th house cusp of opponents, possibly indicating misfortune for his opponent.


John McCain’s horoscope appears to be slightly more presidential and luckier than Obama’s, so assuming the candidates’ birthtimes are correct, McCain has an ever-so-slight advantage over Obama for winning the 2008 election. 

John McCain\'s Horoscope

Can John McCain Become President? Another Look at His Horoscope

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Can John McCain Become President? Another Look at His Horoscope.

John McCain may or may not have the horoscope of a potential president; the evidence is underwhelming thus far. We looked at McCain’s horoscope a few days ago, and while there were some redeeming features, it was not an outstanding presidential horoscope. Interestingly, this election year does not have a clear winner from an astrological perspective. Barack Obama’s horoscope is equally finely balanced.  We long for the days of Bill Clinton, whose horoscope broadcast “royal” astrological characteristics far and wide.

Today, we will look at John McCain’s presidential qualities from Guido Bonatti’s perspective, as detailed in his treatise on nativities.

John McCain for President?

Can John McCain Become President? Another Look at His Horoscope.

Bonatti’s Criterion 1: What is the condition of the Sun, the 10th house and its ruler, and the Part of the Kingdom (I used Asc + Moon – Mars for McCain’s day chart, as per Bonatti’s tract on Arabian Parts), and the ruler of the Part?

McCain’s Horoscope: The Part of the Kingdom in McCain’s chart falls at 2 Aries, where it is opposed by Mercury in Libra in the 12th house, and ruled by Mars in Leo in the 11th house. Mercury is not very strong in McCain’s horoscope, but Mars is well-placed in the fortunate 11th house, trine Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd house.

The planets should be strong by sign and/or aspect from benefics. None of the planets are strong by sign, but Mars is trine a powerful benefic, Jupiter in its own domicile, Sagittarius.

Bonatti’s Criterion 2: For the planets listed above, the oriental planets should aspect the Sun and the occidental ones should aspect the Moon and Saturn.

McCain’s Horoscope: Only one of these conditions is true for McCain, and it probably isn’t worth much for king-making purposes: Venus in Virgo (the sign of its fall) is occidental and opposes Saturn in Pisces, retrograde in the 6th house.

Bonatti’s Criterion 3: The condition of the almutens of the 10th and 1st houses should be strong. In McCain’s chart, those are the Moon and Saturn, respectively.

McCain’s Horoscope: Neither planet is very strong in McCain’s horoscope; the Moon is in the sign of its fall, in the lowest part of the horoscope, while Saturn is weakly placed in Pisces in the 6th house.

Bonatti’s Criterion 4: Angular benefics above the horizon should aspect the Sun and Moon, or a planet in the midheaven, preferably with reception. The luminaries should be in masculine signs, with the planets named in Criteria 1 and 3 in good condition.

McCain’s Horoscope: The Sun and Moon are not aspected by benefics above the horizon, and the luminaries are feminine. The only truly “royal” complex is Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, which has likely saved McCain time and again.

John McCain does not have an overwhelmingly Presidential horoscope, a similarity he shares with Barack Obama. However, as we saw in the previous post about his horoscope, John McCain does potentially have two royal stars, Spica and Hercules, near his Ascendant and Midheaven, which would be enough to give him the election.

In addition, McCain has a very powerful (though not strictly royal) fixed star right on his Midheaven; Canopus. Vivian Robson writes that Canopus on the Midheaven gives “great glory, fame and wealth, dignity and authority by the help of an old clergyman or influential person.” Perhaps this would be enough to get him to the White House!

Later: The Grand Finale. A post comparing our findings on Barack Obama and John McCain’s horoscopes, and which candidate, in our humble opinion, is better positioned to win the 2008 elections.

John McCain: Biography of a Future President in the Stars?

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John McCain: Biography of a Future President?

John McCain may have the biography of a future president, if past events in his life are any indication. From an astrological perspective, whether McCain’s biography and past accomplishments will be sufficient to propel him to the presidency is a different matter altogether. To become president, one has to have a Royal chart, or more accurately, one’s horoscope has to be more royal than those of one’s opponents.

A few days ago, we have examined Barack Obama’s horoscope for potential indicators of royalty. Today, we will look at McCain’s presidential potential according to the rules of the English astrologer, William Lilly, and later, we will post a comparison of the royal potential of each candidate’s horoscope.

John McCain: The Biography of a King?

John McCain: Biography of a Future President?

Royal Criterion 1: The Sun and Moon, their aspecting planets, the ruler of the midheaven (the house of honor and glory), and any planets in the midheaven should be in their own signs or exaltations.

McCain’s Horoscope: Neither the Sun nor the Moon are in their own signs, and neither aspects other planets. The ruler of the midheaven is the Moon, which is in the sign of its detriment, Capricorn, and it is in the fourth house, the lowest point of the chart. There are no planets in the midheaven. The best and most favorable piece of evidence in this criterion is that the Sun is in the benefic 11th house, where it is elevated above the earth. However, the Sun is in Virgo, where it has dignity by face, which is only a minor strength.

Royal Criterion 2: The above planets should be angular (in the 1st, 7th, 10th, or 4th houses).

McCain’s Horoscope: the planets we are considering are the Sun, the Moon, and Mars. Of these, only the Moon is angular, and it is in the lowest angle (the fourth house), the one least associated with worldly success and renown. However, Mars and the Sun are in the 11th house, which is very benefic and lucky, but it is not strictly in keeping with this criterion.

Royal Criterion 3: Any of the above planets, including the angles, should be conjunct one of the Royal stars (Aldebaran, Hercules, Regulus, Spica, Lucida Lancis, and Cor Scorpionis).

McCain’s Horoscope: McCain has the Royal star Spica within about 5° of the Ascendant. The Midheaven is within about 6° of the Royal star Pollux. It is said that Spica brings “unexpected honor beyond the native’s hopes and capacity,” which could certainly bring the presidency.

Judgment: By William Lilly’s standards, John McCain does not have an overwhelmingly royal chart, but a royal star on the Ascendant and Midheaven may well be all that’s needed to win the presidency.

The challenge of John McCain’s horoscope is that his birth time is given as exactly 9 a.m.; if he was born just a few minutes before 9 a.m., the Ascendant and Midheaven would move, and it may be that the royal stars would no longer be within range. Alternatively, if he was born a few minutes after 9 a.m., the royal stars could be sitting directly on his Ascendant and Midheaven, and he would be a shoo-in for the presidency. Therefore, there is some uncertainty regarding the quality of McCain’s horoscope.

In the next few days, we will look at the royal potential of John McCain’s horoscope from the perspective of the medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti, and then we will post an astrological comparison of the presidential potential of Barack Obama and John McCain.

Where Was Barack Obama Born? Under a Presidential Star?

July 6, 2008 by  

Where was Barack Obama born? Under a royal star?

Barack Obama may have been born in Honolulu, but the question astrologers everywhere are asking is whether he was born under a “royal” star, that is, whether his horoscope is sufficiently “royal” (or presidential, here in the U.S.) for Obama to win the 2008 election.

Two days ago, we examined Obama’s horoscope by the criteria of the astrologer William Lilly. Today, we will look at Obama’s horoscope using the criteria of medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti, who knew a thing or two about the horoscopes of kings and warlords.

Was Barack Obama Born Under a Royal Horoscope?

The Parents of Barack Obama: Did They Know He May Have a Royal Chart?

Bonatti’s Criterion 1: What is the condition of the Sun, the 10th house and its ruler, and the Part of the Kingdom (I used Asc + Moon – Mars, as per Bonatti’s tract on Arabian Parts), and the ruler of the Part?

Obama’s Horoscope: The Part of the Kingdom in Obama’s chart falls at 28.50 Libra, so it is square Saturn in the 12th house, and ruled by Venus in the 5th house. None of the planets named are angular, which is an important condition for kingship. The planets should also be strong by sign and/or aspect from benefics. Only the Sun qualifies, as it is in Leo, but it is in the malefic 6th house and therefore underground. We do have Mars, ruler of the 10th house of honor and dignity, in the 8th house. Mars trines Saturn in Capricorn; but Saturn is retrograde and in the 12th house, so it is not going to be able to contribute much to Mars.

Bonatti’s Criterion 2: For the above planets, the oriental ones should aspect the Sun and the occidental ones should aspect the Moon and Saturn.

Obama’s Horoscope: None of these conditions are true for Obama, but one: Mars, which is occidental in the chart, does aspect Saturn.

Bonatti’s Criterion 3: In addition to the above planets, we must examine the almutens of the 10th and 1st houses (in Obama’s chart, those would be Mars and Saturn, respectively).

Obama’s Horoscope: Both Mars and Saturn are in malefic houses, the 8th and 12th. They aspect each other by trine, which is somewhat helpful. Saturn is in its own sign, which makes it more benefic, but it is retrograde, indicating some kind of flaw in Obama’s attempt to seek the presidency. Retrograde planets “shoot in the wrong direction,” as it were; the native has the right idea, but there is a fundamental problem in acting on it.

Bonatti’s Criterion 4: Angular benefics above the horizon should aspect the Sun and Moon, or a planet in the 10th, preferably with reception. The luminaries should be in masculine signs, with the planets named in Criteria 1 and 3 in good condition.

Obama’s Horoscope: Obama does have benefic Jupiter above the horizon trine his Moon (the same Moon that is in the general vicinity of the royal star Aldebaran), though there is no reception between them. There are problems, though; Jupiter is in the malefic 12th house, and it is retrograde, so it is unclear how much benefit it can bestow on the Moon. Moreover, in Obama’s chart, Jupiter has greater signification regarding Obama’s wealth than his career.

As with Lilly’s methods, Bonatti’s criteria show that Obama’s horoscope does not really scream “President”, but as mentioned before, his chart must be compared to McCain’s in order to see who holds the best cards for this year’s Presidential election.

Stay tuned: We will subject McCain’s horoscope to the same dissection as Obama’s this coming week, with a final comparison of the two charts for presidential potential.

What the Parents of Barack Obama Could Not Have Known: Obama’s Horoscope

July 4, 2008 by  

The Parents of Barack Obama: Did They Know He May Have a Royal Chart?

Everyone, including the parents of Barack Obama no doubt expected Obama to reach the highest levels of public service. The question now is whether Barack Obama has what it takes, astrologically speaking, to become the next president of the United States.

In the old days, parents of potential kings would have astrologers tell them the “kingship potential” of their children. The notion that Barack Obama’s parents have done something similar is a joke, of course, but if the parents of Barack Obama had asked about the kingship potential of Obama’s horoscope, here’s what an astrologer might have told them.

Does Barack Obama Have a Kingly Horoscope?

Again, assuming that the parents of Barack Obama provided an accurate birth time, for Obama’s birth certificate, we have Obama’s horoscope. Only if Barack Obama does have a kingly chart can he win the election against someone whose chart is less “royal.” We will use William Lilly’s criteria of “Dignity or Preferments” to determine whether Barack Obama’s chart is royal, and therefore promising the presidency.

The Parents of Barack Obama: Did They Know He May Have a Royal Chart?

Royal Criterion 1: The Sun and Moon, their aspecting planets, the ruler of the midheaven (the house of honor and glory), and any planets in the midheaven should be in their own signs or exaltations.

Obama’s Horoscope: The Sun is in the regal sign, Leo, which is favorable. However, it is also under the horizon in the malefic sixth house. The Moon is not in a strong dignity, and neither are the two planets that aspect the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. The ruler of the 10th house is Mars in Virgo in the eighth house, again not favorable, and there are no planets in the 10th house. The overall evidence is relatively unfavorable.

Royal Criterion 2: The above planets should be angular (in the 1st, 7th, 10th, or 4th houses).

Obama’s Horoscope: Of the five planets above, only the Moon is angular, and it is in the fourth house, which is the lowest part of the horoscope, and therefore not strongly associated with glory or attainment.

Royal Criterion 3: Any of the above planets, including the angles, should be conjunct one of the Royal stars (Aldebaran, Hercules, Regulus, Spica, Lucida Lancis, and Cor Scorpionis).

Obama’s Horoscope: The closest we get is the Moon within about 6° of Aldebaran; Lilly tells us to stay within about 5°, so this is stretching it.

Judgment: Barack Obama does not have a particularly royal chart. This will not necessarily prevent him from winning the presidential election in 2008, so long as his opponent has a chart that is less royal than Obama’s. We will look at John McCain’s horoscope next week and then compare the two charts to see who has a better chance of winning the presidency in 2008.

Queen Elizabeth I: Astrology of Her Speech to the Troops at Tilbury

October 14, 2007 by  

Queen Elizabeth I - Horoscope & Portrait + Speech at Tilbury

Queen Elizabeth’s horoscope is subject to some dispute, though it is known that she was born around 3 p.m. on September 17, 1533 at Greenwich.

Queen Elizabeth I - Horoscope - Astrology of Her Speech to the Troops at Tilbury

Queen Elizabeth’s chart shows her temperament to be strongly melancholic, influenced by the humor of black bile. The two most indicative planets for melancholics are Saturn and Mercury; in Elizabeth’s case, Saturn is in Cancer, the sign of its detriment. It is angular and aspects the Sun, so her faults will be quite evident, and may well harm her relationships with others (Saturn is in the 7th house of relationships), but will also come across as tough and shrewd. Mercury, on the other hand, is near the Royal star Spica, the Spike of the Virgin. It is this Mercury that put Elizabeth on the throne; she was only third in line, after all. The Part of Fortune on Regulus, trine Jupiter in Sagittarius did not hurt matters, either.

In her famous speech to the troops at Tilbury, Elizabeth famously said: I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too. Quite literally, she did: Mercury on Royal Spica rules Elizabeth’s 5th house, which governs the heart and stomach. Elizabeth’s Mars is on the star of the female warrior, Bellatrix, and it trines Mercury on Spica. It is thus fitting that Elizabeth spoke of her royal heart to the troops, dressed in white with a silver breastplate. And that this should be her most famous speech; Mars rules war, while Mercury, natural ruler of speech, with a Royal star promises lasting fame.

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