About Nina Gryphon

Who is Nina Gryphon?


Nina Gryphon is a traditional astrologer and corporate lawyer living in Kennewick, Washington, with her husband, Robert. Her predictions have appeared in USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, Sina.com, Times of India, and many other major publications, and she has been interviewed on radio and CNN/HLN. She received her JD, and MA/BA (English/Creative Writing) from Stanford University, and completed John Frawley’s Horary Apprenticeship. Since then, she has studied with Deborah Houlding, a leading traditional astrologer.

Nina specializes in personal, financial, and political forecasting. She has taught classes on the use of traditional astrology to elect favorable times for major projects, financial analysis, relationships, and dream interpretation. She has been seeing clients for the last decade, writing articles for global publications and the Gryphon Astrology Blog, and teaching classes around the United States.  Here is a list of Nina’s upcoming and past talks and workshops.  For fun, Nina writes fiction, listens to Baroque opera, and travels the world.

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If you have questions or comments, you can reach me at nina(at)gryphonastrology.com.

St Expedite aka St ExpeditusWho is Saint Expeditus/Saint Expedite?

Saint Expedite AKA Saint Expeditus is the patron saint of all computer programmers, procrastinators, and is invoked in all matters requiring extraordinary haste. He has been tremendously helpful in the creation of the Gryphon Astrology website and the Gryphon Astrology Radio Show, so this is a permanent ex voto to him. In the picture, St Expeditus holds a cross with “hodie” on it, meaning “today” in Latin. He stands on a crow saying “cras” or “tomorrow.” There is a pun in the picture, since in Latin, the sound a crow makes is “cras, cras, cras.” St Expeditus is especially fond of pound cake and white flowers, and can indeed work extremely expeditiously (before the words are out of your mouth) when asked just right!