The Full Moon of June 7, 2009: The Astrological Perspective

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Full Moon of June 7, 2009

This Full Moon is in 17° Sagittarius and it looks to be a very interesting month indeed. In astrology, the Full Moon is thought to bring forth the potentials promised by earlier horoscopes.  The Full Moon chart will only do something if an earlier horoscope promises it. Before we talk about the effect of this Full Moon on current events, let’s talk about a few of the characteristics of the Full Moon chart that will be effective worldwide.

Saturn at 15° Virgo squares the luminaries, creating a configuration all in mutable signs. Because two of the signs are ruled by Mercury, we look to it to get additional information; it is moving very slowly in Taurus, having just come out of retrograde motion, and it is conjunct the malefic fixed star Algol. Mercury is also square Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter receives the moon by rulership, so we can see that the Mercury-Jupiter square will be important during this Full Moon.

The Full Moon chart set for Washington DC is below.

June 7 Full Moon, Washington D.C., 1:12 PM EST

General Trends

Using Morin’s method of determining the ruler of the chart, we see that Saturn is the indisputable ruler of this Full Moon horoscope. Obviously, this does not bode well, because Saturn is a malefic, and it brings unpleasant things like illnesses, poverty, exalts, panics, disasters, and death. It is configured in the 12th house, so we will expect respiratory diseases (Saturn in the Mercury sign), and the revelation of secrets and scandals, things to do with prisons, charities, the homeless, and large animals. It is disposed by Mercury in the eighth house of death, and it is on Algol, so there is a strong determination to violent death in this Full Moon chart. Because Mercury is the planet of communication and speech, it signifies a revelation of secrets or scandals, quite possibly of a sexual or financial nature. Mercury is disposed by Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus. The 12th and eighth houses dominate here, indicating some kind of tragedy. The prison/torture scandal will gather momentum.

Bad, But Not Terrible…

However, let’s remember that this Full Moon horoscope only be effective if it is linked to another, preceding chart. The Aries ingress horoscope set for Washington DC is below.

2009 Aries Ingress in Washington, DC, March 30, 7:43 AM EDT

It also has a strong emphasis on the 12th house, with Venus and Mars ruling it, and in mutual reception. The similar 12th house emphasis again speaks of imprisonment, secrets, and scandals. However, Saturn is not involved as a ruler in this chart, and therefore some of the worst effects in the previous paragraph will not be seen in Washington DC or by extension, the United States.

In other words, it is a positive that there isn’t great similarity between the Aries ingress and the June 7 Full Moon chart. A good rule of thumb is that the more similar the two charts are, the more likely it is that the Full Moon horoscope will bring forth its full promise.  As a result, I would expect only those characteristics of the Full Moon chart that coincide with that of the Aries ingress to actually occur this coming month. So there may well be the revelation of secrets and scandals, and issues having to do with prisons. But at least for the US, the worst will not happen.

…For Most Locations

Locations that had Saturn ruling the Aries ingress will not be so lucky, however, and there we would expect some of the worst effects (death, tragedy, etc.) to occur during this Full Moon.  Unsurprisingly perhaps, this is the case in India and Pakistan, where more suffering will certainly ensue. There, Mars is on the seventh house of war, and Saturn is on the ascendant. In these locations, the full unpleasantness of Saturn will likely manifest this coming month.


7 Responses to “The Full Moon of June 7, 2009: The Astrological Perspective”

  1. Goran Koncar on June 7th, 2009 9:51 am

    Hello, Nina. Sooo nice to see you posting again!

    Very instructive explanation of the full Moon chart,I always learn something new when I drop by to see what’s going on here.
    I was wondering about this ruler of the chart per Morin’s definition…how is it possible that it is Saturn? It’s in the 12th, peregrine,rules the 4th and is the Almuten of the ascending degree(preceding angle)-perhaps that’s the reason? Or is it because it closely aspects the syzygy by square? Or(what I think is most probable explanation) both?

    Grateful in advance for your response.
    Best wishes,

  2. Nina Gryphon on June 7th, 2009 7:28 pm

    Goran –

    Thanks. I am always learning, too, and am happy to share. Morin says that a planet in the Ascendant (and probably MC, and to some extent the other angles) will always be the ruler, but we don’t have one here. But Saturn rules the angle following the Moon. It is also exalted and triplicity ruler of the Ascendant, as you point out. Morin says that when one planet rules the key angle (here, the IC) and the preceding angle, it is very strong. Secondary considerations (because they are not local) are that it also rules the dispositor of the Moon, and the square to the luminaries. Saturn is also above the horizon, which helps and makes it stronger than Jupiter, which disposits the Moon.

    If you are interested in this topic, I highly recommend Astrologia Gallica 25. It’s perhaps the clearest text on mundane astrology I’ve read.

    Best wishes,

  3. Goran Koncar on June 8th, 2009 6:47 am

    Thanks for your reply, Nina. 🙂
    Well, mundane is one of my favorite branches of traditional craft, but it is also by far the most complicated and time consuming after all, it is “the flower and the crown” of astrological learning, right?

    If you say that “Astrologia Gallica 25” is a superb book on mundane astrology, then I believe tha’s is true and I’ll try to get it as soon as possible.:-)

    Best wishes,

  4. April on June 12th, 2009 11:36 am
  5. Ana on June 15th, 2009 6:07 am

    Well, I’d call the elections in Iran a prime example of tragedy with more suffering!

    Is there a way to compare or overlay USA and Iran’s chart to see how the fallout might affect both nations?

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  7. Nagaraja on July 4th, 2009 12:35 pm

    Could any one tell the timings of lunar eclips times in columbus ohio

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