Iran: The Astrological Path to War (Part VI)

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Last week, we narrowed down the possible dates for a war in Iran to 1980/1981, and for the death of Iranian Supreme Leader Khomeini we got 1988/1989.  This week, we look more closely at these years and find out which year is the relevant one.

When Would the Iran War Start – 1980 or 1981?

The 1980 Aries Ingress Mars is on Regulus, a fierce, bombastic royal star, conjunct the expansive North Node.This combination is quintessential warlike puffery; “I’ll see your gas weapons and raise you a few thousand foot soldiers!”This configuration occurred around the world, of course, but in Iran, we saw it in the Ingress 1st house of the nation as a whole.Mars rules the Khomeini 1st house of the Iranian people, so they will be deeply affected.

And, of course, they were, with the Iran-Iraq war resulting in 100,000 Iranian young men dead.Still, Mars in Leo has little essential strength – this was a war that Iran could ill afford.Just a year after the revolution, Iran obviously believed that it could quickly end the conflict and instill a much-needed shot of Iranian national unity in the process.I suspect that this is the reason the war ballooned to the unbelievable dimensions it did; Iran was still in the “Regulus” mindset, where creating and maintaining an image of military might became paramount.The 1980 Aries Ingress indicates that the border skirmishes of 1980 didn’t have to turn into a full-blown war.But the Mars in Leo egos on both sides simply would not back down.

The 1981 Aries Ingress looks much more serious; 1980 was the dress rehearsal, with everyone excited about the war.The 1980 Ingress was like the opening of Gone with the Wind, with Southern society folk excited about the prospect of beating the Yankees, with the young men parading around in their brand-new military uniforms.The Sun-Mars conjunction is right on the Khomeini Ascendant.Note that Mars is in its own fiery sign of Aries, so the war is in full swing, it is also combust, indicating that the Iranian people both could not see what they were getting into, and they were also afflicted by their ruler (the Sun).Though I cannot find data on this, 1981 must have been the year that Iranians began getting drafted in significant numbers, since the Mars-Sun conjunction is on the Ascendant, ruling the people.

The 1980 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was on the malefic fixed star Vindemiatrix, associated with widowhood and regret.The Jupiter-Saturn-Vindemiatrix conjunction is still active in the 1981 Aries Ingress, and falls on the Khomeini 7th house cusp of open enemies.The Moon in the Aries Ingress opposes the Khomeini Moon and Ascendant, and is immediately applying to oppose the Ingress Mars.Oppositions are particularly warlike, and this Ingress simply screams “war!”Finally, the 1980 Great Conjunction Mars opposes the Ingress Midheaven.When we see a planet afflicting the IC/MC axis, it afflicts the Asc/Desc axis by mundo aspect, so all four angles of the Ingress chart are electrified by this Mars.

Death of Khomeini

Last week, we determined that Khomeini would likely die in 1988 or 1989.The 1988 Ingress is suggestive of death; the Moon rules the turned 8th house of death in the Khomeini chart, and applies to trine Saturn (the ruler of the King).Jupiter conjoins the Moon, however, so we might assume that Khomeini at least got a reprieve in 1988.The 1989 Ingress does not look as positive, however; Saturn is right on the 4th house cusp of the grave in the Ingress.The Moon applies to trine Saturn – this time, there are no helpful interpositions.Moreover, the Moon is conjunct the Khomeini chart Saturn.Without a doubt, 1989 would be the fateful year for Khomeini.He died in June 1989.

Coming Next Week: Using the methods shown in all the previous parts of this series, we will start examining the 2000-2020 period for Iran and determine whether war is likely.


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