Free Horary Astrological Reading: Back in the USA?

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I am petitioning to work as a nurse in California. Can you see when I will be back in the US? And will I be able to shift to medicine (I’m a graduate of nursing and medicine) and be a doctor when I am there?


Dear M.,

The horary chart for your question is pretty clear; that is what happens when you have a clear question (other free reading requesters, take note šŸ™‚). The astrological chart is below:

You are ruled by Saturn, ruler of the first house of self, and by the Moon. We see that the benefic North node is just inside the ascendant, which is a generally positive indication, though not the final word. Saturn is hanging out in the seventh house, trine Jupiter, but not making any immediate aspects. We do notice that the Sun has just moved into Virgo, and Saturn is now combust. This can indicate that you do not see clearly in the situation; it may be that you do not get updates on the application process, so you really know where you stand. You may also not know exactly what is involved in becoming certified as a doctor in the US as compared to your home country.

We see that the Moon is translating light between Saturn and Venus. It looks as though Venus conjunct Mercury in Virgo in the seventh house represents the United States. The seventh house can indicate “over there,” and with Venus so strongly influenced by Mercury both by sign and by aspect, there is a definite medical flavored to Venus. The Moon applies to Venus by a square aspect, indicating delays, obstacles, and struggles. However, you should be able to get back to the US sooner or later. The aspect between the Moon and Venus will perfect in about 6 1/2 degrees; because we are dealing with double signs, we could be looking at your returning seven or eight months from now. This could actually be weeks, but that seems a little rapid for what a bureaucratic process.

Will you be able to be a doctor in the US? Of course you are able to; all you have to do is just pass a bunch of exams. I think this will be a little trickier, though, because you are represented by Saturn in Virgo, which is in the detriment of Jupiter, the planet governing your career. You might not be focusing enough on what it takes to make your American M.D. credentials happen. If you want to be a doctor here, it is absolutely essential that you focus on getting the right qualifications, which I am told is not easy or simple. The medical profession protects itself, so you must prove your worth.

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  1. roshandra on July 8th, 2012 11:26 am

    i had my Acer Notebook ‘grabbed off the chair ‘ at Starbuck’s 6 am ..only two of us in the cafe and one i visit all the the acer is my data i would like returned or Book i am working on and my Data files…i had not backed up for 3 weeks so that work is important to me…the young 17 year old minor kid mexican came in sat down LEFT a water bottle outside on a table with his fingerprints and he came in and then grabbed my brown sleeve my notebook was in..the notebook is over a year old technology and not worth much so he can’t resell it…battery was dead and i know he lives in the area about 2 blocks around this cafe..a FEELING i get and part of a small gang doing stuff like this..breaking in the new young boys that are under age minors..

    so ..where can i find it or get it back”
    i feel this minor kept it and saw it was no value..i got a vision he might dump it in the garbage can? or keep it for a while…and he does live near by

    any sense on this
    getting it Back
    or my FINDING he releases it?


    I really would like my Data back………….
    they did collect his fingerprints..but..i had a Dream that
    a woman in a blue blouse shirt with a tie handed me back the brown sleeve with my note book inside in it..??

    thank you

    oh stolen July 2, 2012
    6 am
    Sunnyvalle Starbuck’s Cafe o n El Camino Real 1030 El Camino

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