Isaac Hayes: Music & Creativity in His Horoscope

August 15, 2008 by  

Isaac Hayes, who died this week, is best known for his music, spanning soul, R&B, and funk, but he is most famous for his theme song for Shaft. Using traditional astrological methods, we can find music in Hayes’s horoscope.

Isaac Hayes Has Soul

It is said that the planet rising just before the Sun is the strongest indicator of one’s profession. For Hayes, that is Venus in Leo in the Ascendant trine the Moon in the 5th house. Venus in Leo loves to be center stage, and in the 1st house, Hayes had a relentless drive to be famous and unique (Venus ruled by the Sun).

The Moon is in Sagittarius in the 5th house of pleasure and creativity, a high-energy placement for a musician. Bonatti writes that planets in mutable signs make one “expert at gaining the knowledge of music”. This is true for Isaac Hayes: five out of seven planets are in mutable signs, including the all-important Mercury and Moon.

A Prolific Musician…

The 5th house of creativity is important for any artist, and Isaac Hayes’s 5th is activated by the Moon trine Venus. However, the Moon is also opposite Saturn in Gemini, a barren but multiple sign, which is strongly placed in the 11th house of good fortune. For Hayes, creativity is combined with a capacity for hard work, but there would have been difficulties stemming from Hayes’s fickle audience and friends. Saturn rules the 7th house of the public, and the 11th house of friends.

Hayes’s sheer quantity of work came from the Moon-Mercury-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn combination, heavily involving the 5th house. All of the planets are in double signs, giving quantity, and Jupiter is in hyper-fertile Cancer. The squares and opposition indicate that creativity was not easy, and Hayes had to work hard to create music. The strength of exalted Jupiter and Mercury suggests the result was worth it.

…with a Prolific Personal Life

Isaac Hayes was married four times, and had a total of 12 children. Saturn, ruler of his 7th house of marriage, is in double sign Gemini, aspecting three planets, all of which are in double signs themselves. Three marriages would have been the absolute bare minimum for someone with this configuration.

The 12 children are shown by the same combination as Hayes’s prolific creativity; the 5th house and the five associated planets. Similarly to his marriages, an astrologer predicting Hayes’s future would probably lose count of the possible number of children, and say he would have lots of offspring. Lots and lots of offspring!


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