Free Astrological Chart Reading: “Will He Leave His Wife? Will We Marry?”

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I met G. nine years ago when I interviewed him for a news story I was writing. I felt an instant kinship. But since he had a wife of two years, I kept everything professional. Fate kept having us collide once or twice a year and we always had memorable conversations that were deep and compelling…we just clicked. About 2 years ago, we began meeting to converse more frequently — he says he feels more intellectually stimulated with me than with anyone. We talk for 4 to 6 hours at a time about philosophy, etc. Now, we’re constantly getting drinks together and wanting to be with each other.

There’s almost like a psychic energy between us. We have never kissed or slept together because we are both very noble and good people. We want to make each other stronger and more successful — not destroy one another’s lives. But we seem to love being together and can’t stand being apart.  Once we met at a place with a huge parking lot and came out to find we had somehow parked right next to each other. It was surreal … and yet, things like this happen with us. It’s as if the Universe wants us together.

He loves his wife. I don’t want to be a mistress. But emotionally, I’m more than a friend. I wish he would conclude the marriage and marry me instead. Will this happen? Will we have an affair?  Am I what he needs in his life to be fulfilled?  I don’t want to “take” him if she is the better suited for him. I want everyone to be with their highest soul matches.


Dear S.,

I have been getting a lot of questions about hidden relationships in the last few weeks. Perhaps the planetary configurations are just right to describe such situations. I cast a horary chart for your question:

Powerful Physical Attraction

There is a lot of physical attraction here. The Moon, one of your significators, is in Scorpio, where it is in the sign and triplicity of Mars. Mars can symbolize sex in relationship questions, which seems accurate here. You are emotionally very focused on the physical attraction to G. He is represented by the Sun, ruler of the 7th house of partners (or potential partners), and is likely attractive. The Sun in its own sign, Leo, can be quite magnetic, even dazzling. A person represented by the Sun in its own sign will put out some very seductive vibes; not necessarily because he is deeply attracted to you, but just because that’s how he is. The Sun shines for everyone.

Things certainly seem headed toward a physical encounter, at least from your perspective. Venus, which shows your physical attraction, recently moved out of Leo, and into the sign of its fall, Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which represents his wife. You now feel that his wife stands between you and your happiness. Your third significator is Saturn, which is also in Virgo, repeating the same theme on a more conscious level in your mind.

The Sun is about to conjoin the malefic South Node, which shows a sudden “fall” in that planet’s strength. There are an awful lot of planets falling in this chart; the Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo, and shortly, the Sun. This is not uncommon in charts about affairs, so someone is certainly contemplating an affair. Whether it will happen is another matter.


I do not see him motivated enough to leave his wife for you. The Sun is in a fixed sign, Leo, which is also the Sun’s own sign. He’s not moving from where he is. However, and you might already be aware of this, his wife might be. She is Mercury, in Leo, so in her husband’s house. However, shortly, Mercury will leave Leo and enter its own sign, Virgo.

Your energy is certainly focused on his wife right now. In fact, the Moon recently opposed Mercury by antiscion, indicating some kind of hidden aggression between you and his wife in the recent past. You didn’t put a curse on her, I hope! Whatever happens between him and his wife, I don’t really see an upcoming connection between you and him. The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Saturn, followed by a sextile to a very weak Jupiter in the 12th house of secrets. Jupiter rules your 11th house of hope, so you might hope for a secret relationship, but I’m not sure there is more here than that. There are hints of an affair or something secret going on here, but I don’t really see marriage. An affair is a possibility, but not clearly shown.


You wondered about the compatibility between him (Sun) and you (Saturn), and him and his wife (Mercury). Given that he does not seem terribly motivated to pursue this relationship with you, that probably says everything. However, I do see that in this chart, you are represented by Saturn, and he is represented by the Sun. These are not considered traditionally friendly planets, as one is the bringer of death and the other, of life. Mercury and the Sun are a bit better together, because Mercury is the messenger of the Gods; the planet that circles around the Sun like a faithful servant.

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7 Responses to “Free Astrological Chart Reading: “Will He Leave His Wife? Will We Marry?””

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  2. Syn on August 9th, 2008 9:57 pm

    Well, this is certainly heartbreaking, but not altogether different from my expectations.

    No, I did not put a curse on her! 🙂 I know of her but never interact with her and would never wish her harm. I wish we both could have him, but I don’t like to share and I’m sure she doesn’t.

    He’s very responsible and I thought it was a longshot for him to ever leave his wife. He keeps mentioning how his parents have been together for 50 years.

    So painful for me! (as I did not seek to fall for him).

    But anyway, I will accept my role in his life as a friend and what appears to be his mentor of sorts.

    Thanks! I will keep you posted.


  3. Jaime on August 10th, 2008 7:26 am

    Hello Nina. Good morning. ¿Why Mercury is its wife’s regent?

    Nina Buenos dias. Porque el regente de su esposa es Mercurio?


  4. Nina Gryphon on August 10th, 2008 7:39 pm

    Hi Jaime,

    Excellent question. I would normally look to Saturn as the third party in a menage a trois, but here the querent is Saturn. So, we must look for a planet that has a strong influence over the relationship, and also some connection to Lord 7, the man.

    Mercury fits the bill perfectly. Two of the querent’s significators are in strong Mercury dignities, and Mercury is in Leo, the sign ruled by Lord 7. The wife is literally in the man’s house.

    Best wishes,

  5. Nina Gryphon on August 10th, 2008 7:42 pm

    Hi S.,

    Thanks for checking back. It sounds like a really difficult dilemma. From what you told me about your natal chart, you are obviously a very emotionally deep person, and this relationship means a lot to you.

    I hope I am wrong, but he seems pretty stuck in his ways. The best I can offer is that he does not seem very emotionally attached to his wife, but people stay in marriages for other reasons, as you say. I hope that in the event this relationship does not work out, you will find someone even better who is 100% available to you.

    Good luck.


  6. Syn on August 11th, 2008 5:15 pm

    Thanks Nina. Yes, this bond is very meaningful to me (I don’t open up to just everyone) and he acknowledges that we were meant to “intersect.”

    We mean a lot to each other; he’s calling me quite frequently. And as we have different strengths we are really learning a lot from each other.

    Philosophically I KNOW not every strong bond needs to be romantic/sexual…but for some reason I’m having trouble separating the energy I get from bonding with him from lust.

    I’m sort of shocked that I can’t rise above my desire for him and handle this with greater maturity.

    It would be so much easier if we were sleazy. No! The fact that he’s such a good-hearted person makes me ache for him more.

    I personally have a hard time seeing him as taken…since I believe love is freeform…and well that aggression you sensed toward her … I’ve been secretly trying to “Angelina Jolie” him I admit.

    I do use my energy, eccentricity, and intelligence to beguile him in our discussions … even influencing him to discuss the ideas of polyamory and how some relationships are just for a time and that people should move to bonds that are most stimulating for whatever phase of life they’re in.

    This leads to great conversation….but of course, as a Scorpio, I’m consciously strategizing — it’s not just harmless talk — I’ve been trying to take him.

    But he’s not completely innocent as he keeps asking me “Do you think you’ll ever marry” “Who are you dating?” …”What type of men do you like.” And if I mention an old love, he wants to know “Is he coming back?”

    I mean… I play it cool…but I’m like um, is he looking for the next wife.

    But being an Aqua I’m sure he’s just amusing himself and turning on the everpresent charm.

    Well, let me stop this rambling …. 🙂

    P.S. Great blog! Far from the typical, basic astro site.

  7. Nina Gryphon on August 12th, 2008 8:25 am

    Hi Syn,

    I really appreciate your comment – it’s really mature and self-aware. Plus you used “Angelina Jolie” as a verb 🙂

    It sounds like he is amusing himself by watching you get entangled in a web of your own making. Telling a Scorpio to stop obsessing is useless, but I guess we can make a token attempt.

    Best wishes,

    PS: Glad you like the blog. I try to make it fun for me and others.

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