August 2008: Long-Term Weather Forecast for California and the US

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California weather for August 2008:

August weather will be very, very dry in California, even more so than usual. The fire hazard is high, as we have Mars in cold and dry Virgo right on the 4th house cusp. As August goes on, the weather will cool down, with Saturn’s influence coming in.

The SE part of the state (east of Los Angeles) will be an exception to the “very dry” theme, and may well see some moisture this month, as a very moist Moon in Pisces is on the Midheaven there, trine Mercury in moist Cancer.

The first few days of August proved rather cool, with Saturn in Virgo on the 4th house cusp of the New Moon horoscope. August 7-8 promises some change in weather, a little wind with increased heat and humidity.

August 16-17 looks somewhat scary, with Mercury and Venus conjunct Saturn in Virgo on the Midheaven, trine Jupiter in Capricorn. This looks like an earthquake combination, with the prevalence of weak benefics and malefics in earth signs. Weather-wise, this should be an interesting mix, triggered by the Sun conjunct the Ingress Midheaven on the 17th.  I am also concerned about increased fire risk triggered by the Lunar eclipse on August 16th.  While not visible in California, the eclipse exactly conjoins the Mars-MC conjunction of the Cancer Ingress, which indicated a spate of hundreds of wildfires earlier this season.

A similar but less scary combination occurs on August 23rd, when Jupiter in Capricorn is in the Ascendant, trine Saturn in Virgo. At least Jupiter is not a malefic, though a weak benefic (Capricorn is the sign of Jupiter’s fall) is far from fabulous. This might lead to fine, relatively cool weather.

August 29-30 will bring in more of the same, cool and dry. Another possible earthquake combination, as the New Moon is conjunct Saturn in an earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of winds.

Leo Ingress, West California 2008

Leo Ingress, West California 2008

USA weather through August 21, 2008:

West Coast: The Leo Ingress of July 22 promises dry weather for the whole West Coast, though Mars and Saturn in a cold and dry sign shouldn’t heat it up too much. Rather, the dryness will be noxious (two malefics are not good) and will lead to fires.

Western Midwest (west of the Dakotas/Texas strip): Moisture, according to the region. In areas where rain and storms are possible in August, you will see them. The connection between the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars promises thunderstorms, winds, and violent storms in general.

Midwest (Minnesota diagonal to Florida): Some of the storminess of the western Midwest [above], but warmer and probably less violent. The Sun is on the Ascendant in this region.

East Coast: Nice weather, some humidity. We have Venus in Leo on the Ascendant passing through the Washington, D.C. area. It makes no aspects, so we wouldn’t expect extreme or unusually wet weather this month.

[If you thirst for more long-range weather forecasts, visit The Weather Alternative blog.]


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