Astrology 101: The Sixth House of Slaves, Disease, and Pets

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Astrology 101: The Sixth House of Slaves, Disease, and Pets

The sixth house is traditionally considered malefic and harmful to life. This is because it is one of the houses (including the 8th and the 12th) that does not get the light which enters the chart from the Ascendant. In the natal horoscope, the sixth house is primarily associated with those lower on the social scale who work for the native (or slaves), disease, and small animals.

The Sixth House and Slavery Today

The ancient astrologers quite literally saw the sixth as the house of slavery and slaves. Many pages are dedicated to determining whether a native’s parents were slaves or whether he himself would end up a slave. At first glance, we can think that slavery is no longer applicable to our lives today. However, we do well to remember that even though slavery is illegal throughout the world, it is quite rampant even in the United States, though it is now called human trafficking. Therefore, for the average practicing astrologer to see a chart with indications of slavery for the native or others in his life is not at all unlikely.

Even outside of the explicit slavery context, many people all over the world hold jobs that are very low in prestige and income, and are quite menial. Again, as an example, if we saw an indication of the native’s parents being slaves, and we could rule out the fact of slavery, we might say that the parents were always employed in menial or miserable conditions.

In the traditional society, the sixth house also represented one’s clients, people who depended on the native for favors and patronage. The word client has different connotations today, but in a traditional society, people with reasonable assets were expected to take care of and aid those below them. Similarly, today, the sixth house represents one’s employees and staff.

Disease in the Sixth House

Some modern authors say that the sixth house rules health and disease, but this is sloppy thinking. Because the sixth house is associated with largely unpleasant things, or lowly people and animals, the positive concept of health does not belong in the sixth. Rather, the sixth house in the natal horoscope can show one’s propensity toward disease, and the types of diseases to which the person is prone. Mostly, the type of disease to which the person is predisposed will be shown by an overall analysis of the whole chart, but the sixth house, if implicated, can give clues to the kinds and sources of illness the person may expect.

If the sixth house afflicts some of the life-giving planets and houses seriously enough, we will know that the native does not make it to adulthood, or even to childhood. Such is the power of the sixth house and its ruler to afflict one’s well-being.

The Sixth House and Small Animals

Ibn Ezra says that the sixth house rules animals which are not “mount for man,” and this definition includes most animals that people have as pets today. But how can pets be so bad so as to deserve the malefic sixth house? I believe that the sixth house ultimately rules people and animals assisting us in household tasks. Thus, dogs and cats and even birds meant to guard and enrich our homes are ruled by the sixth house. Believe it or not, some people still have a use for their cats other than hairball production: cats keep their houses mouse-and rat-free!

But enough from me. How has the sixth house manifested in your own horoscope?


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  1. Conspirama on July 21st, 2008 7:06 pm

    Astrology 101: The Sixth House of Slaves, Disease, and Pets…

    The ancient astrologers quite literally saw the sixth as the house of slavery and slaves. Many pages are dedicated to determining whether a native’s parents were slaves or whether he himself would end up a slave. ……

  2. Dheeraj Batra on July 21st, 2008 9:42 pm

    Hi Nina,

    I think the effects of 6th house are quite evident in my chart. As per Vedic astrology, in my natal chart my ascendant is cancer. The planets Moon & Mars which are functional benefic for me are placed in the 6th house. I can feel the effects of this in my job as well as health. I have been working as a secretary for so long. This is almost similar to being a slave to an individual.
    And I strictly need to follow a regime to keep myself fit & fine.

    I think it’s because of my afflicted 6th house


  3. Pat on July 22nd, 2008 4:52 am

    What an eye-opener! ABCnews reported just last week that there are over 24 million slaves in the world. Many parents sell their children because they can’t afford to feed their families. I’d like to see more on this subject. ABC had a special segment about a lady who is buying families a goat or a pig or whatever it takes for them to keep their children in the home. She said it costs about $100 to help a family keep their chilrden home.

    So, by comparison, where did the sixth house sit on the USA chart during the Civil War? Actually the Civil War was about States’ rights and not slavery, but the propaganda was set forth to fool the public, just as it is now with terrorism being the mask for the addiction to oil profiteering (slaves to profits). Then as now, there was great plundering of wealth and division of properties – slavery was merely a side issue that would most likely have gone away due to the rise of modern farm equipment. Yet, there are still families and farms that pay a pittance for foreign workers to ‘slave’ in fields and kitchens; and there is also true slavery that is alive and well in the USA. Frankly, can we live without slavery? We can barely afford the cost of food now, so if fair wages were paid, what would happen? I assume this is how socialism was born. All rhetorical questions from my point of view. I’m a gardener and grow most of my own food. It is my opinion that everyone should be responsible for their own food. The fields and forests are over-run with wild-life too, because hunting is so limited. The time is coming when the wild animals will run us all out. What goes around comes around? LOL.

  4. Winnie on July 22nd, 2008 7:40 am

    I have a stellium in Aries (sun, mars & venus) at the 6th house opposed by Pluto in the 12th. Hmm, sometimes I can’t help but feel sorry for myself. ;p my health is generally pretty good till now (am 27) but I have issues with maintaining my energy level. This might be a mars-in-aries-quick-burnout problem as well. So based on traditional astrology, it doesn’t seem to bode well for me, isn’t it?

  5. Nina Gryphon on July 22nd, 2008 9:04 am

    Hi Dheeraj,

    That is really interesting. If Mars and Moon act as benefics in your chart, why would they be harmful? My understanding (at least in Western astrology) is that benefics in a malefic house like the 6th actually helps the affairs of that house. So Venus in Libra unafflicted but in the 8th house of death gives a peaceful and easy death.

    Thanks for commenting.


  6. Nina Gryphon on July 22nd, 2008 9:25 am

    Hi Pat,

    Yes. I am not sure if a society can survive for long periods of time without slavery; probably not. It’s always been with us in one form or another.

    Though to hear some modern astrological authors tell it, we live in a utopia where slavery is thankfully a faded memory of the past, so we can now assign the 6th house to “work.” Or maybe they’re implying that we have all become slaves?

    Best wishes,

  7. Nina Gryphon on July 22nd, 2008 9:28 am

    Hi Winnie,

    Well, it’s actually not that bad. Sun and Mars are very strong in Aries, and might actually help your 6th house, depending on the rulerships, aspects, and such. Can’t say the same for Venus in detriment, though, but again, it might not be that important in your house if the Sun and Mars overpower it. For overall energy issues, I would want to see the whole chart.

    Best wishes,

  8. Dheeraj Batra on July 22nd, 2008 9:50 pm

    Sorry as I wrote that the 6th house is afflicted. Instead it’s the benefic planets (moon & mars) that are placed in a bad house.

    As per Vedic astrology if ascendant lord is placed well. Then the person enjoys a good health & has an impressive personality. Since my ascendant lord moon is in the house of sickness it doesn’t help me much. May be that’s why when I was running major period (Maha dasha) of Moon (in my childhood), I suffered a lot with fevers.

    But mars is dignified & courageous in the sixth house and another quality of sixth house is that it keeps improving itself gradually. And I think it taught me to take care of my health after I became an adult.

    Also as mentioned by you, venus is placed in my 8th house with jupiter. And saturn is in 12th (house of its joy – as ready in one of your posts) .

    Sorry for such a long comment.


  9. Nina Gryphon on July 23rd, 2008 10:54 am

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for explaining that – it is very interesting, for a comparison of how Vedic and Western astrology looks at the same thing.

    I should add that in Western astrology, Mars rejoices in the 6th house (like Saturn in the 12th), so it’s not all bad. If the Ascendant Lord is in the 6th, that would not be great in Western astrology, either.

    It sounds like Mars has helped you in the long run, which may well help you live healthier and longer than someone without Mars in the 6th!

    Thanks for your thoughts.


  10. cazimi on July 24th, 2008 8:47 pm

    Hi Nina,
    I have 5 planets plus south node in the 6th, these include the sun and the ruler of 1st. I guess you could call me the poster child for the 6th house. As a young child, I had a lot of trouble with bad colds/croup/flu but no major illness. I started a vegetarian diet at 17 and my health improved a lot. Also growing up, I had so many pets of all kinds: hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fish, frogs, turtles, chameleon….
    I would say the worst part of this emphasis on the 6th for me has been the inability to manifest a fulfilling career (also have empty 10th with its ruler in 6th!). I got a masters degree 20 years ago but have never found a job that makes use of it. It seems I am always in an assistant position. There is a big feeling of frustration with the 6th, but that is also because saturn is involved in my case.

  11. Nina Gryphon on July 25th, 2008 6:20 am

    Hi Cazimi,

    You definitely win the prize for “most dominant 6th house”!

    The career thing tends to be problematic not so much because the 10th house is empty, but because its ruler is not well placed in the 6th. The 6th does have this signification of subservience; if you were in the health services, you could turn that to your advantage. Also, any other afflictions to Lord 10 will lead to problems.

    Best wishes,

  12. cazimi on July 25th, 2008 2:59 pm

    thanks for your response, Nina…..
    would my prize be a cute little pet of some kind? ; )

    10th ruler venus has dignity by face but is combust. Also partile conjunct a cazimi saturn in aquarius, the dispositor.

    I suppose I should also consider mercury as the co ruler of 10th since gemini is intercepted there. It’s in the 6th conjunct jupiter and south node and in own triplicity.


  13. Isola on July 25th, 2008 3:06 pm

    Hi Nina and Cazimi,

    I also have Sun and Mercury – Lord 1 in Scorpio in 6th house. Sometimes I feel like a dog, I understend everything but cannot answer. Mercury in a silence sign in 6th house. And if I aready say something it sounds very critical. I never had any pets and never wanted one. As an infant I had pneumonia, as a child many broken bones. Right now I’m very healthy. Touch wood… it’s my own hard work.
    Lord 10 Saturn is in 12th house; his house of Joy, in Gemini. I chose to work in the health care system and found fullfilment in this area. I think you need to do what you are doing the best, even if it’s service other.

  14. Nina Gryphon on July 25th, 2008 4:40 pm

    Hi Cazimi,

    Yes! Pets for prizes. I hadn’t thought of that 🙂

    Combustion is not good, and it sounds like Venus could use a little more expansion, not restriction. Even if the restriction is coming from a strong Saturn. I take it Saturn disposits your 6th house planets? Unfortunately, when he’s locked away in the 6th, it’s hard for you to fully realize what he represents.

    Best wishes,

  15. Nina Gryphon on July 25th, 2008 4:47 pm

    Hi Isola,

    I do believe that the location of Lord 1 can be very descriptive as to our drives and interests, often even describing our career. The 6th house is very closely tied to the health services, and it can be a very good way to channel that 6th house energy positively.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


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  17. isthmus on August 3rd, 2008 6:23 am

    Nina, I have found that my 6th house covers volunteerism which is in a sense, voluntary slavery. One is usually positioned at the bottom of the totem pole as it were, and of course, there is zero income. My 6th house ruler is in my 10th and I have never stopped my volunteer work since I began in my early teens.

  18. Nina Gryphon on August 3rd, 2008 8:39 am

    Hi Isthmus,

    That is a very good point. Yes, volunteerism definitely shows up in the 6th house, even though most of my clients tend to ask about the other 6th house issues (pets & illnesses). It sounds like you use your 6th very positively!

    Best wishes,

  19. cazimi on August 4th, 2008 6:15 pm

    Hi Nina and Isthmus,

    I have been wondering about which house would cover volunteerism and was thinking of asking Nina if it would be the 6th. It seems to fit because I have been involved in volunteer activities for quite some time and I have that packed 6th. On the other hand it is really the exact opposite of slavery because it is a choice. This makes me wonder about the traditional practice of apprenticeship. Was that considered the 6th– back in Lilly’s day, for instance?

    Another question off topic: in natal and horary questions re jobs/career would non-profit organizations be indicated by the 11th?



  20. Nina Gryphon on August 4th, 2008 6:35 pm

    Hi Cazimi,

    Good questions both. Thanks for making me think! 🙂

    The 6th house is associated with service, not necessarily of enforced service. Unpaid work is service in its purest form, whether one is a slave or a volunteer. So volunteering is probably the best expression of the 6th house one can think of. However, one could be a paid servant with a 6th house emphasis, I suspect.

    Apprenticeships are interesting. If you are a master asking about your apprentices, they would be the 6th house of subordinates or employees. If you are an apprentice, the apprenticeship itself is your 10th house, because it is your job or career.

    Your other question is not as clear-cut, because it totally depends on the context. If you cast a horary, asking: “Should I go work/volunteer for this nonprofit?” Then they would be your 10th house, your employer (whether they pay you or not). If your nonprofit is competing with theirs for a grant you asked about, they would be your 7th house of competitors, and so on. In a natal chart, the house rulerships would probably shake out the same or similarly, again depending on the inquiry.

    Best wishes,

  21. cazimi on August 5th, 2008 6:14 pm

    hi Nina,

    What about in a natal where the ruler of 10 is in 11th? What information would that add about the type of work you might be involved in?
    If law related work is shown by 9th house, for example, then might a program manager/director of an environmental non-profit have an emphasis on the 11th (associations of like-minded people/members) or 12th, possibly because it relies on charity/grants? Or would it be a 4th house thing because it’s specifically about the earth?

    I know this is simplifying a lot because a chart has to be taken as a whole, but i’m curious as to how non-profit careers would be indicated using traditional astrology. I think I must have read something by a modern astrologer that linked them to the 11th.

    Any insight you might be able to give would be appreciated.


  22. Nina Gryphon on August 6th, 2008 8:51 am

    Hi Cazimi,

    The location of the ruler is really not enough to say, because one’s personality colors the type of job available to the native.

    I would keep in mind the following points:

    1. The 11th house is not an association of like-minded people. That would be true for any company, or corporation, right? And not everyone working at a company has a 11th house emphasis. It is the house of friendship, and I mean real, true-blue friendship, not just “people I know or hang out with.” It is a benefic house and it is associated with ambition, though, so it would be good for someone who wanted a director position. This is assuming the rulers, planets, houses were all in good shape, of course.

    2. I would not put charity and grants in the 12th house, which are really more of an 11th house matter (money from the King, or from God). The 12th is malefic, so unless the charity was specifically for large or wild animals, like horses, elephants, etc., I wouldn’t go there.

    I hope that helps, and try to forget what that astrologer wrote 🙂

    Best wishes,

  23. Spacer on August 7th, 2008 2:29 pm

    Hi Nina,
    I do love your blog!

    I have a packed 6th house.
    Mars, uranus, Jupiter and Pluto in virgo.
    My ascendant ruler is mars and have saturn in the 1st house. My 10th House is empty but also ruled by saturn.
    I’m pretty much healthy and very active.
    I’m wondering how this manifests itself career wise.?
    Does this mean having a Saturn in 1st house will restrict my being in charge ?

  24. Nina Gryphon on August 8th, 2008 2:33 pm

    Hi Spacer,

    Thanks! Well, keep in mind that Saturn is just one of your career indicators, but you would want to look at Saturn’s strength by sign and aspect. That will tell you whether you can be in charge or not.

    Best wishes,

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  27. Liz on August 11th, 2008 9:10 pm

    Interesting comments on the 6th house. I have Saturn there and have not had much career sucess. I left Public Radio in 1999 and started working as a secretary, unable to get back into radio when I moved to NYC. I am forever trying to study this position of Saturn to try and learn what it is I’m getting regarding karma so that I might one day succeed. My sun at 1 degree leo and Saturn 1 degree Capricorn= inconjunct. Haven’t found a good book on Saturn , maybe you could recomment one. Liz Greene’s book not very enlighting. Thx Liz

  28. Nina Gryphon on August 12th, 2008 7:55 am

    Hi Liz,

    I would not look at the 6th house as related to career, unless there is some connection to the 10th house. The inconjunct is not that important, but rather study your 10th, any planets in it, and its ruler for career issues.

    There are not that many books on Saturn that I’d recommend, maybe because Saturn is pretty straightforward. One of my favorite descriptions of the planets is in William Lilly’s Christian Astrology.

    Best wishes,

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  30. Bobbie on December 24th, 2008 12:46 am

    Hi Nina,

    I think writing here, that 6th house is not the house of health is not true at all. You probably have no health problems and that is why.

    I have Mercury in Aries in 6th house: I have sinusitis all my life; bad circulation over all head and face.
    I think that we with pains all the time know more about health, than somebody who is all his life in good health condition.

    Where is the house of health for you, if not the 6th?

    8th house is the house of death.
    12th house is the house of chronic diseases.
    Beside that we look Saturn sign (afflicted), Sun sign (afflicted) and the 1st house.

    Of course we look the whole Chart. 6th house is not the house of the job (it is 10th – there are no more slaves), but definitely is the health house. 6th house is the house of doctors that means health!


  31. MK on May 1st, 2009 6:30 pm

    At last, good insights! I’ve been trying to find answers to Saturn in 6th on the net for as long as I can find solutions! I’ve had health and work problems since the transit happened in October 2008.

    Each week a new ailment since, my foot swelled up from that first week and recently last week it was stomach pain, the week before that was existing rhuematism, this week its new flare up of dermititis (never had it this serious and 6th house rules the hands – so my hands are now infected) and its been persistent constant concern as it affects work and career.

    My friends think I’m a hyperchondriac as each week its a new sympton to deal with. Headache, backache, nervous system on the tip of crashing which I’ve had to nurse. I have tonnes of Neptune in my chart – so sensitive with psychosmatic reactions too. I also have to watch my time with Neptune as I should be studying practical skills like languages, business and finance, instead I drift off hours into sites like this.

    To remedy health issues, I’m becoming more vigilant with preventions, I’ve discovered new allergies from the transit – dust, textiles, food, metals, environments and even toxic people so all this has changed my life! Its taken me 6 months to ‘get it’ from denial that these symptons need attention after flare-ups, Neptune is deluding myself at the same time that I’ll be cured… or not.

    With work, for 6 months I’m unable to find long-term adequate job opportunities and if I did, then its demanding employers with menial income and hard work often to ‘volunteer’ my expertise to get the position in the first place (then I get sick). And the situation gets terminated because they realise that they could use a cheaper person (an easier slave). Neptune makes it worse that I see all the underlying scenarios happening before I could do anything about it.

    The stress from myself and others are absorbed. Therefore, I stay home alot, I don’t date anymore, no job, no money to go out but the best thing is that I’m happy with my 2 cats! Small animals in 6th house. What treasures in a chaotic world.

  32. Nina Gryphon on May 1st, 2009 6:48 pm

    Dear Bobbie,

    I only wish I had no health problems! I’ve had a host of them since I was small.

    The tradition does not agree with most of your house assignments, I’m afraid, and I wanted to answer your comments in case impressionable beginners were reading.
    The house of vitality, that which indicates the strength of one’s body and spirit, is the 1st house through which we enter the world. The 6th house is an unfortunate house, because it does not “see” the 1st house, so it will be the house of illness.

    Your Mercury in Aries in the 6th describes your illnesses, not your overall vitality. Thus, your Scorpio rising (I assume), its ruler Mars, and the luminaries will tell us about the energy reserves you can draw on to fight your sinusitis.

    The 8th is indeed the house of death. Your comment about the 12th being the house of chronic diseases is interesting. Have you read much Morinus? He attributed illnesses (chronic and acute) to both the 6th and 12th houses, and I am inclined to agree with him that both the 6th and 12th have to do with disease.

    I don’t know about the sign of Saturn (does this mean that all the people born while Saturn was in a given sign have the same disease? Don’t think so). I certainly would look for afflictions to the major points listed above. The 6th can be doctors in a natal chart, at least those we hire to work on us.

    And of course, there are unfortunately slaves. There are in fact more slaves in the world today than ever before in history. Google “human trafficking” and prepare to be enlightened. Just because they are invisible does not mean they do not exist.

    Best wishes,

  33. cx61 on June 2nd, 2009 6:37 am

    Personally I have found that it is not the sign on the cusp of the 6th which is most indicative of health problems for me, but the one that follows in the middle of the 6th. My 6th cusp is 19 Pisces. Neptune is in the first and I am extremely sensitive to drugs. My primary problem, however, has been problems with my head. At last count I have had about 10 concussions, plus two closed head injuries which left me unconscious for the better part of a day (ages 4 and 27). I have Mars in the 2nd squaring both Uranus and Chiron (T square) which probably accounts for the health emphasis on Aries related things, rather than Pisces.

  34. Nina Gryphon on June 2nd, 2009 7:12 am

    Hi CX61,

    I’m glad to see you here – welcome! Ten concussions plus head injuries? Oh my word. Check out any planets you may have in Aries, in the 1st house, aspecting Lord 1, or aspecting the Ascendant itself. I bet you will find something very indicative there. Ultimately, it is the more specific indicators, such as the ones I listed, that will tell you most. The sixth house is just a starting point in the natal chart when it comes to disease.

    Best wishes,

  35. Dheeraj Batra on June 10th, 2009 2:52 am

    I had read that one can analyze the interest or success in profession by the placement of 10th lord. In my case, the 10th lord mars is conjuncting the ascendant lord moon in the 6th house. I am naturally good at giving massages (that’s what my grand parents tells me). Do it means I can get success in therapies or healing because of this placement in 6th house? BTW 6th house lord in placed in 8th house……

  36. Nes on September 14th, 2009 7:04 am

    Hi Nina,

    I always look for more information about the 6th house because my Sun and Mars are in the sixth and my Mars is in Libra which is covered between Virgo and Scorpio so my 6th house begins with Virgo and ends with Scorpio. My Sun is in Scorpio and Mercury is in the very last degree of the 6th house in Scorpio.

    I always felt extremely humble – not being able to process in my brain anything that I had succeeded. This somehow led me into someone who is not recognised anymore as I became an adult. I was very popular as a child because my parents and friends would always talk about me here and there however once I left school and I had to form my own circle of friends and social life, I ended up really crap. I know I have many abilities and I know I am very intelligent but I cannot feel any life energy or any motivation within me. None of the planets in my charts are either in 1,2,3,4, or 5th houses. Even my Jupiter is in the 12th. I have Saturn and Uranus in the 8th. Neptune is in the 9th and Venus, Moon, Pluto in the 7th.

    My ascendant being Taurus also makes me a very slow mover and my Libra Mars makes me consider options for way too long.

    Also as an effect of the 6th house Sun and Mars, I organise too much. I plan everything in my brain in bed and I keep thinking about my plans until I make them real. I make them real in such a way that it is my duty to make it real..And such plans are on ‘how to have fun’! As you might have guessed, I have insomnia.

    Having some important planets in the 7th, human relationships are very central to my well-being, but because I cannot form these relationships the way they should be, I either give up all along or I live in seclusion because people’s and life’s imperfectness give me crises. However at the same time I strive for friends.

    I always see myself in the future all alone and not recognised. And because I would not let my pride do some ‘slavery work’ I see myself as someone who lives in the street or I see myself as someone who became a puppet of some people.

    I tried so hard to break myself free from this vicious circle. Sometimes it works but it is very short-lived. I always return to my fearful, unrecognised self even after many people applauding me.

  37. Lisa on November 15th, 2010 9:23 pm

    I have found that the six house is also the house of service..which is why it has had the malefic connotation in earlier astrologer with slaves and such. Service is something that you provide, to be useful for another. What people provide a service? Self-employed persons…nurses, military men, firemen, policemen…people often in uniform. Not magnificent careers, but humble-working ones. For those metaphysically inclined, those with a distinct six house, with oppositions to 12th house planets are often gifted healers, and you may find these people in institutions as nurses or other helping professions…often needed beyond their capabilities and taken for granted for their compassion…a slave of their gifts sometimes?

    I have a pisces moon in the sixth house. All of my illnesses come about when I am under some type of emotional distress and my health in general, has been up and down throughout life.

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