Astrology and the Planets: Mars and Saturn Conjunct on July 10, 2008

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What will happen when Saturn and Mars conjoin in Virgo on July 10, 2008?

Every couple of years, the two malefics, Mars and Saturn, conjoin in the sky. This is considered a malefic cycle, because of the problematic nature of Mars and Saturn. The most ominous of these conjunctions is when Mars conjoins Saturn in Cancer, because the planets are each in their fall and detriment, respectively. On July 10, Mars and Saturn will conjoin at 5Ā° Virgo; this is not considered as bad as the conjunction in Cancer, because neither Mars nor Saturn are particularly afflicted in the sign of Virgo.

However, the conjunction of the malefics is still bad, and we can expect it to manifest in the summer or autumn of 2008, specifically in places where important points in the Cancer and Libra Ingress horoscopes fall on this conjunction. I will keep an eye out for this and point out any such connections to the Mars Saturn conjunction.

Effects of Mars and Saturn in Virgo

Whenever we have the malefics in Virgo, we can expect some of the following effects:

Saturn in Virgo brings:

Wholesome and beneficial gusts of wind, especially during the harvest

Droughts of fountains and a scarcity of water

Women miscarrying

Acute fevers

Rulers will be ultimately helped by their enemies

Mars in Virgo brings:

War and bloodshed in the North

Vision and eye problems

A good harvest (or injury to the harvest, depending on Mars’s position in a given location)

Death to many women

The death of old men and illnesses of men

Strong winds

The good and prosperity of the rich and famous

In the next few posts, we will discuss the connection of the Mars-Saturn conjunction to upcoming important charts for the United States, and possible effects of the conjunction in this country. I would be interested to hear from non-US-based astrologers who are investigating this conjunction relative to their own countries.


2 Responses to “Astrology and the Planets: Mars and Saturn Conjunct on July 10, 2008”

  1. bob rude on July 10th, 2008 12:26 pm

    Todays conjunction was accompanied by Iran firing test rockets and Pakistan is in conflict with India. Israel is considering an invasion of Iran. Will Mercury trigger war in the middle of august when it reaches 5 degrees virgo?
    I believe you are spot on in this regard…also in considering financials, we are in a bear market and our dollar is being devalued as I type…

  2. Nina Gryphon on July 10th, 2008 12:56 pm

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for posting. The old astrologers connected Virgo with the following cities/countries (this came from Skyscript), which include Jerusalem, but not Iran:

    “Turkey, Southern Greece, Athens, Iraq, Baghdad, Croatia, Africa, Jerusalem, South-west France, Toulouse, Paris, Lyons, Rhodes, Heidelburg in Germany, Basle in Switzerland, and Brindisi in Italy.”

    I am not convinced that we’ll have war with Iran, but then I haven’t looked at their chart for this year. The US chart for this year is ambivalent regarding war (I intend to post on this later in the week).

    And yes, our dollar has been rapidly devaluing for some years now. Sigh.


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