Long Term Weather Forecast: California Weather, July 2008

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The long-term weather forecast gnome is back forecasting California weather (at least in the San Francisco Bay area) for July 08. He has been on hiatus in the last few months, but this summer’s quite unusual weather forecast for California roused him out of his gnomish slumber.

California has been having hundreds and hundreds of wildfires, most of them started on June 20 and 21st by dry thunderstorms that swept through Northern California. Since the vegetation in that area is normally so dry this time of year, many wildfires started due to lightning with no rain. A smoky haze has been hanging over this area for a week, with little wind to disperse the smoke. The weather forecast gnome suspected something like this when he first examined the Cancer ingress chart earlier in the year, yet he was quite surprised by the sheer magnitude of the Northern California wildfires.

The Cancer ingress chart shows fire quite clearly, as it has Mars in Leo, a fire signs on the midheaven. Mars normally indicates heat, but in California in the summer, hot temperatures very easily translate to lots of fires. The fact that Leo is a fixed sign with all the angles of the chart in fixed signs, adds to the persistent nature of the fires. Not to mention the unwholesome smoke hovering everywhere.

The obscured Sun specifically is indicated by the Saturn-Sun sextile, and the smoky haze is brought by Saturn sextile Venus. Saturn-influenced hazes and winds are always unhealthy and cause breathing problems.

Horoscope for the Cancer Ingress of 2008

Amazingly, the full Moon before the Cancer ingress 25 Leo ascending, dramatically highlighting the Mars-Midheaven combination in the ingress chart.

From the ingress chart, we can see that June 22 was going to be especially critical with regard to the promised fires.

July Long-Term Weather Forecast

June 26 — July 2, 2008. The unpleasant smoky haze brought by the ingress on June 20 persists. Saturn continues to sextile the Sun, thereby obscuring its light.

July 2 — July 9, 2008. Pleasant weather, with some clouds and much-needed rain. Some isolated thunderstorms with intense winds.  Look for increased clouds/rain or cooler temperatures around the 5th.

July 9 — July 18, 2008. More thunderstorms and wind, mostly on the dry side.  The Moon will trigger some of this around the 12th of July.

July 18 — July 25, 2008. Possible rain, with cooler temperatures early in the week, especially near the 20th. Later in the week, isolated dry and windy thunderstorms. Some fires may result, but nowhere near the grand scale seen at the start of summer.

July 25 — August 1, 2008. More thunderstorms right around the 26th, continuing the conditions seen during the previous week; cloudy and unpleasant. The end of the week, around the 1st, will bring nicer weather.

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