Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra October 12 – November 2, 2007

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Hindu Merchants illustrating Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra October 12 – November 2, 2007

Mercury will go retrograde at 9° Scorpio on October 12, and turn direct on November 2 at 23° Libra. By the end of the year, Mercury will be zipping along near top speed, flying through the zodiac.

Unlike some, I personally don’t believe that Mercury retrograde sends the world into complete chaos, but there are people who seem to be more affected by it than others. If you find you’re one of these unlucky few, it will be best not to mail important documents during Mercury being retrograde, or close major deals. Alternatively, prepare for administrative and bureaucratic processes to take longer than usual, and make sure you have at least one copy of everything.

Even the gray clouds of Mercury have a silver lining, however, and this time is no exception. Note that Mercury is in its own triplicity by night when it is in Libra. So if you must do something mercurial (commerce, mailing, important writing projects, etc.) during this period, you can wait until Mercury regresses into Libra on October 24, and then act after sundown/before sunrise.

Alternatively, you can wait until Mercury stations around 23° Libra, where it is conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica, and gets extra juice that way.

Despite these dire warnings, there is some historical evidence that our ancestors dealt with Mercury retrograde much more boldly than ourselves. I would draw your attention to Marcantonio Michiel’s statue of the god Mercury, made for a Venetian merchant in the 16th century. The statue is interesting astrologically, because it has a plaque on its side listing the zodiacal positions of all the planets, suggesting a purpose beyond mere decoration. Mercury itself is retrograde, an interesting choice of timing for a Mercury statue. Perhaps the merchant patron was concerned about his ships coming back from their voyages, an excellent example and use of Mercury retrograde. (Watch for an article about the Mercury statue soon.)


2 Responses to “Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra October 12 – November 2, 2007”

  1. Maria on October 10th, 2007 12:50 pm

    What significance would a Mercury retrograde period have for someone who was born during Mercury retrograde?

  2. SoCalGal on October 10th, 2007 4:39 pm

    The interesting story about the Mercury statue is postponed during stationary Mercury and we have to wait for it?!?! There’s a meta moment!

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