Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will I Get the Money?”

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Oriental Girl in Palace Garden illustrating Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will I Get the Money to Renovate?”

Horary Astrology Question:

I work for myself so my income is variable. The facade of my house is collapsing. The builder is in the process of preparing yet another estimate because my husband will not finance the work. Therefore I must try and borrow the money. I don’t know to what extent the bank is prepared to lend me the money, as I am self-employed. I am British and have lived in France for 25 years. My husband is French. This is important to know as the bank is French. Will I get the money to renovate my house?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear J.,

A person much smarter than myself once told me that bankers only lend you money when they are convinced that you don’t need it. That said, it may be possible for you to squeeze water out of a rock; let’s see what the horary chart says. The horoscope for your question is below:

Free Horary Astrology Reading - Money to Renovate House?

The façade of your house does not appear to be in the best of shape: the ruler of your fourth house of real estate is Mars, which has recently entered its fall, the sign of Cancer. You can see how horary can be very literal — the house itself is falling. Mars is moving very slowly, as it prepares to enter first station before turning retrograde: your house is falling, though slowly. However, help may be on the way. Mars is about to sextile Saturn in Virgo, and since Saturn rules braces and reinforcements of all sorts, then the remedial measures should hold back the ravages of time.

So this is helpful; since we have evidence of the work being done, the money will come from somewhere. Let us take a look at the bank, and more specifically, its money. You will get some money from the bank, and I would expect this to happen very very shortly. The bank’s money is ruled by the Sun, which will very soon sextile your significator, Jupiter. How is the Sun? It is in the sign of its fall, though it is very strongly placed on the Midheaven. There may not be as much money as you had hoped. Perhaps at least in the short term, you may choose just to maintain the façade as it is, as opposed to going for a complete repair.

The Sun is also in detriment of Mars, the house, so the bank’s money harms the house. It may be that you will have to raise more money in the future to do a complete renovation of the façade and truly fix the problem, as opposed to just arresting further deterioration.

The good news is that the bank is willing to give you the money, as they believe that you have more money than you really do. Note that the Sun exalts Saturn, ruler of your second house of assets. It will be some time before you can truly renovate the house, but at least this first phase will be paid for.

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One Response to “Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will I Get the Money?””

  1. Nina Gryphon on October 10th, 2007 8:59 am

    ::From “J,” the reader who asked the question above::

    Dear Nina,

    Feel free to “publish” my thanks. I think you are spot on as the builder said the house would stand for another hundred years (so the slow deterioration is spot on).

    I will however, wait until Mercury is direct before I go to the bank. I am Mercurian and his retrogradations always effect me even though it is never catastrophic.

    I also just want to say that your site is beautiful and more than that your analyses are excellent.

    Thank you again.

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