Mercury in Scorpio – Astrological Transit of September 27, 2007

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Painters on the Beach, illustrating Mercury in Scorpio - Astrological Transit of September 27, 2007

Mercury will enter the sign of Scorpio, and it will spend more time there than usual, as Mercury will turn retrograde at 9° Scorpio. Scorpio is not an entirely uncongenial sign for Mercury, though there are distinct differences between the qualities of Mercury and those of Scorpio. Mercury is Peregrine (without essential dignity) through most of Scorpio, with the exception of a few degrees toward the end, where Mercury is in its own term.

Mercury is a cold and dry planet, associated with the melancholic (earthy) temperament. Scorpio is cold and moist, because it is a water sign. So there is some similarity between Mercury and Scorpio, in that both are cold; but the emotional moisture of Scorpio is somewhat alien to the cerebral cogitation of Mercury. Beyond this, Mercury is the planet of communication, whereas Scorpio is a mute sign.

Even at the time of this writing, Mercury is starting to slow down, until he grinds to a complete halt at the point of retrogradation. Generally, it is not considered auspicious to have a slow moving planet signifying our work, which may be in danger of becoming interminably long, so it is probably best to wait until early November to do major mercurial tasks, such as applications, written works, and so forth.

Mercury in the Natal Horoscope

The famed Pablo Picasso had Mercury in Scorpio. Picasso’s horoscope is below:

Pablo Picasso Horoscope illustrating Mercury in Scorpio - Astrological Transit of September 27, 2007

Throughout his life, Picasso had difficulty reconciling his spiritual faith with his day-to-day behavior. Though he was officially married to his first wife in the Eastern Orthodox faith, he was not able to reconcile this faith to his actions. This is very clearly seen in the opposition between Jupiter, the ruler of the ninth house of religion, and Mercury, the ruler of the third house, which shows how we really act.

I suspect that Picasso was born a couple of minutes earlier than the official time of 11:15 p.m., which would make Mars in Cancer in the 12th house as the ruler of the fifth house of sex. If Mercury is Picasso’s behavior, its ruler being Mars in Cancer and the 12th house might indicate frequent and secret affairs. So Picasso might want to be good, but Mercury is far more interested in Mars than in Jupiter.

Mercury also points to the intensely emotional nature of Picasso’s art. If, as I think, the 5th house cusp is in Scorpio, Mercury would be on the 5th house cusp, indicating the profound emotional depth of his paintings. Jupiter’s opposition shows the sheer volume of Picasso’s work; he is known to have worked constantly.


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