Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will I Regret Selling My Car?”

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Mrs. Sacher’s Carriage illustrates Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will I Regret Selling My Car?”

Horary Astrology Question:

The car is a classic, it’s orange, and it was originally purchased at the beginning of a 14 year relationship which ended 1.5 years ago. So it is dense with sentimental symbolism and it needs repair. When people in my neighbourhood see the car, they cheer up. The ol’ girl, I call “Hussy,” smacks of authenticity and vibes freedom. But hey, it’s heavy on the pocket and requires a lot of attention. I feel attached to the car. Would I regret selling it?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear M.,

Thank you for writing to me. This is probably my favorite kind of horary chart, and not only because it has to do with classic cars. Horary is excellent at showing what will happen when we take a certain course of action, so it can be quite empowering. The chart for your question is below:

Horary Astrology  – “Will I Regret Selling My Car?”

The car is definitely a beauty! It is shown by your 2nd house of moveable possessions, and its ruler, Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules the color yellow (not sure what sign rules orange), so this seems like a good description of your car. Since Jupiter is in its own sign, we see that the car is quite lovely and even awe-inspiring, as is fitting for Jupiter.

So how do you feel about the car? Mars, the ruler of the 1st house of self, is in the detriment of Jupiter (Gemini), in the 8th house of other people’s money. You are thinking about the money you could get for it, and so rationally know that selling it would be financially beneficial. But your heart says something different: the Moon (your emotions) is in the sign of Jupiter, so you really, really ♥ this car, and your head and heart are at odds.

Here’s the thing; I believe that you will sell it regardless (i.e.: your head will prevail). The Moon’s next aspect is to the 7th house of a potential buyer, connecting Jupiter to Venus, the buyer. What happens then? Mars enters Cancer, the exaltation of Jupiter; you will start idolizing the car, and thinking about how great it was. So, yes, I do believe you will regret selling it.

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