Horary Astrology: Missing Child – Why Does Daughter Keep Running Away?”

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The Bohemian - illustrating Horary Astrology: Missing Child “Why Does Daughter Keep Running Away?”

Horary Question:

My close friend’s 13-1/2 yr old daughter has run away from home for the second time (1st time 8/2; “found” by police 8/19 hiding in a closet at a friend’s home & returned to mother that day; then she ran away again 8/24 and is still “missing”) and as happened during her first runaway attempt, is evidently living with individuals who have no problem “hiding” a minor child!

Missing child police reports, etc. have been filed by the mother. This child is also not attending school, so truancy is now an additional issue. She is for all intents and purposes 100% living “underground”. Of course the mother is beside herself. This child does not come from an abusive environment, lack for much in life, etc. Truly a sad, sad situation. What can you see happening in this situation? Will she return? Why are the police so lax in seemingly all they do with this case? What about the individuals who are certainly breaking the law by harboring a runaway minor child?

I will direct the mother to read this to (hopefully) provide some comfort to her in this very unfortunate situation.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear C.

As always, thank you for writing to me. What a strange situation; I would expect the girl to have told the mother her reason for running away. Since we have very little information, I will try to figure it out from the horoscope. I cast a horary chart for the time I understood your question:

Runaway Child Horoscope - illustrating Horary Astrology: Missing Child “Why Does Daughter Keep Running Away?”

Since the mother is a close friend of yours, we would give her the 11th house of friends, and its ruler, the Sun in Virgo. Her runaway child is shown by your friend’s 5th house of children, and its ruler, Mars in Gemini.

First, let’s take a look at when the missing child will return: the Sun will square Mars at 24 degrees of their respective signs, so it will be in 11 or 12 somethings. The applying planet (the Sun) is in a cadent house, so we would likely see this as days. There is the possibility we are looking at hours, but days seems more likely given how long the girl has been gone. So she will be back in just under two weeks. Will it be for good? I’m not convinced; with mutable signs dominating the chart, ther may be a bit more of this back and forth lifestyle.

Second, let’s try to figure out why she is running away. With Mars in the sign of Mercury and detriment of Jupiter, she either really likes what Mercury represents or hates whatever Jupiter represents. Mercury rules the missing child’s 11th house of friends, so this may be one reason she’s running away. Jupiter rules her 2nd, 4th, and 5th houses, so it could be she simply doesn’t like being at home, or potentially has some self-esteem issues (2nd house). But really, why not just ask her, and maybe get a therapist to talk to her?

Third, why are the police not doing anything? They don’t want to deal with it, especially after having already done their duty once. The police are represented by the 10th house of authority, and its ruler, Mercury. Mercury is in the fall of the Sun (the mom) and the detriment of Mars (the daughter); it’s not that they don’t care. Rather, they are intentionally not pursuing this. They certainly could do so; Mercury is powerfully placed in the first house. But they had already done so once, and don’t want to get involved again. Note how Mercury was recently in its own sign and exaltation, Virgo – in the recent past, the police were doing their policing, as they should have. But they are onto other things, and couldn’t be bothered, since there seems to be no danger to the child.

Fourth, why are these people harboring her? Without knowing her exact relationship to these people, it’s difficult to say. If they are just anybody to her (not friends, for example), we would take them to be shown by Venus in Leo. Since Mars has recently sextiled Venus, this is quite possible. If this is the case, the people with whom she is staying are not bad people. Venus is in its own term, which lends some amount of character to the people involved. Which leads me to believe that she has told them a compelling story – true or not – about why she has run away.

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4 Responses to “Horary Astrology: Missing Child – Why Does Daughter Keep Running Away?””

  1. Jacqueline on September 6th, 2007 7:34 pm

    Hi, I am the mother of this child. She was born on 10/26/93 at 10:16 am (Sacramento, CA). The second run away (8/24/07) was right before the last lunar eclipse, which I have read that if events occur right before, it is a fated event.

    This child has separation issues about her father; who left town after a bitter, three year custody battle, (in a nutshell, I left the state and had girls, four years later send them over for a summer vacation, then return to CA. I then take up residence in the Bay Area, then anotehr relocation back to greater Sacramento, Ca area. This is where ex, fueled by young, jealous 2nd wife, tear me to shreads but emerge a loser when the smoke clears.

    She has cultural identity issues (hispanic/caucasian) and just can’t seem to want to live anywhere nice (prefers the “barrio”; life is more ‘real’ there – fathers’ ex neighborhood). Went from cheerleader to wannabe (cyber) gangster in less than 2 years. Has to prove something to everyone else since she is not the little princess anymore; she is 5 years from the age of majority. She is angry I work, attend school at night 2 times a week, I have part-time business and have a caucasian long -term boyfriend. She wants to ‘break me” and won’t (My b.d. is 7/8/59 at 1:25 am McKeesport. PA). Maybe this additional infor will help.


  2. Sheri on September 7th, 2007 5:37 am

    Good Morning Nina,

    I was wondering about the time frame you mentioned. When do you use exact timing of an aspect (the 11 or 12 somethings you stated) and when do you use the distance between the planets which would be about 5 somethings according to the chart?

    By the way, love all the new things you are planning with your website and newsletter.

  3. gryphonastrology on September 7th, 2007 7:11 pm

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks for following up. Your background information reminded me of something I saw in the chart, but wasn’t sure about since I had no information about this: the father’s role in the situation.

    Mars in Gemini is in the detriment of Jupiter, so Mars (your daughter) dislikes whatever Jupiter represents. Jupiter rules her 4th house of the father. My sense is that she is angry at the father, but is also idealizing him (Jupiter is in her first house, so we see this dual influence). So she has a lot of unresolved feelings about him, due to the separation from him at a young age.

    Based on this, my first thought would be to give her what she wants – let her contact/see him if she wishes. If they manage to work out a positive relationship, great – that will stop her from acting out and give her some emotional continuity. If he rejects her for some reason, then she will get closure regardless and will stop pining for him (the wife is obviously a huge factor against this, by the way – his wife, Mercury, is in the detriment of Mars, disliking your daughter). But let her find out for herself, instead of you ending up the bad guy.

    Just my 2 cents.


  4. gryphonastrology on September 7th, 2007 7:25 pm

    Hi Sheri,

    I’m glad you like my new doings! I always use the exact timing of the aspect. As John Frawley said, his students can be recognized by having the words “check your ephemeris” branded into their foreheads (ouch!).


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