Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Can I Stay Where I Am?”

September 25, 2007 by  

Unwilling Traveler - Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Can I Stay Where I Am?”

Horary Astrology Question:

I’m a college student and I’m hopefully getting a job that I actually want in October but not completely sure. If I can’t, I have to go live with my Mom in a town where I would know no one. I’ve fallen in love with this town and I would like to know if I’m going to be able to somehow make ends meet and stick it here.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear K.,

I know how you must feel; I have a few places in the world where I would like to live, but our desires and reality are not always the same thing. I cast a horary astrological chart for the time of your question, and the horoscope for that is below:

Horary Astrology Horoscope - Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Can I Stay Where I Am?”

I’m afraid that you may not be able to stay where you are. The Lord of the first house of self, Mars, is about to change signs, which is one testimony of an impending move. The fact that Mars is about to move into the sign of its fall, Cancer, makes me think that you are going to be in a situation you don’t like. The Moon, your co-significator, is in the double sign Pisces, which also is a hint that you may not be able to stay were you want.

This makes me wonder about the job that you are expecting. Mercury, ruler of the 10th house of work, is in the detriment of Mars, and will shortly trine Mars. If Mercury was not so badly disposed toward Mars, I would say you will get the job. However, because the job seems to dislike you, you will either not get the job, or the job will simply not be very good and you will not keep it.

Either way, as far as the job goes, good riddance. The 10th house cusp of career is extremely afflicted, telling us that there is something seriously wrong with this job. Saturn is on the 10th house cusp, as is the South node, both of which are highly malefic influences, and you give discouraging testimony regarding this job prospect.

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Mercury in Scorpio – Astrological Transit of September 27, 2007

September 24, 2007 by  

Painters on the Beach, illustrating Mercury in Scorpio - Astrological Transit of September 27, 2007

Mercury will enter the sign of Scorpio, and it will spend more time there than usual, as Mercury will turn retrograde at 9° Scorpio. Scorpio is not an entirely uncongenial sign for Mercury, though there are distinct differences between the qualities of Mercury and those of Scorpio. Mercury is Peregrine (without essential dignity) through most of Scorpio, with the exception of a few degrees toward the end, where Mercury is in its own term.

Mercury is a cold and dry planet, associated with the melancholic (earthy) temperament. Scorpio is cold and moist, because it is a water sign. So there is some similarity between Mercury and Scorpio, in that both are cold; but the emotional moisture of Scorpio is somewhat alien to the cerebral cogitation of Mercury. Beyond this, Mercury is the planet of communication, whereas Scorpio is a mute sign.

Even at the time of this writing, Mercury is starting to slow down, until he grinds to a complete halt at the point of retrogradation. Generally, it is not considered auspicious to have a slow moving planet signifying our work, which may be in danger of becoming interminably long, so it is probably best to wait until early November to do major mercurial tasks, such as applications, written works, and so forth.

Mercury in the Natal Horoscope

The famed Pablo Picasso had Mercury in Scorpio. Picasso’s horoscope is below:

Pablo Picasso Horoscope illustrating Mercury in Scorpio - Astrological Transit of September 27, 2007

Throughout his life, Picasso had difficulty reconciling his spiritual faith with his day-to-day behavior. Though he was officially married to his first wife in the Eastern Orthodox faith, he was not able to reconcile this faith to his actions. This is very clearly seen in the opposition between Jupiter, the ruler of the ninth house of religion, and Mercury, the ruler of the third house, which shows how we really act.

I suspect that Picasso was born a couple of minutes earlier than the official time of 11:15 p.m., which would make Mars in Cancer in the 12th house as the ruler of the fifth house of sex. If Mercury is Picasso’s behavior, its ruler being Mars in Cancer and the 12th house might indicate frequent and secret affairs. So Picasso might want to be good, but Mercury is far more interested in Mars than in Jupiter.

Mercury also points to the intensely emotional nature of Picasso’s art. If, as I think, the 5th house cusp is in Scorpio, Mercury would be on the 5th house cusp, indicating the profound emotional depth of his paintings. Jupiter’s opposition shows the sheer volume of Picasso’s work; he is known to have worked constantly.

Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will We Get Married?”

September 24, 2007 by  

Young Bride, illustrating Horary Astrology Horoscope illustrating Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will We Get Married?”

Horary Astrology Question:

C. and I were together for a considerable amount of time and spoke of marriage in the future. We broke up because he said he needed time. This is the man that I believe in my heart I am to marry but I’m also obviously having a big moment of doubt due to the breakup. Will we be married?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear R.,

I am sorry to hear of your relationship problems. I cast a horary chart for the time I understood your question. The horoscope is below:

Horary Astrology  – “Will We Get Married?”

You are represented by the ruler of the first house of self, Mars in Gemini in the eighth house. Planets in the eighth house can show a person is afraid or deeply worried about the situation; this has obviously been weighing heavily on your mind. Your emotions are shown by the Moon in Pisces, and the fourth house. The fourth house rules endings, so you have been deeply emotionally affected by the breakup.

We seeing is that the Moon is in the exaltation of Venus; so you think very highly of whatever Venus represents. Venus is your boyfriend’s significator, as it rules the seventh house of partners. Unfortunately, Venus does not reciprocate your high regard. It is in Leo, the sign and triplicity of the Sun. Given that the Sun represents your boyfriends urge to find a mate, or physical attraction, we get the sense that he is most interested in fulfilling those needs at this time. Nor does he appear to be lusting after you: the Sun is in Libra, where it is ruled by Venus. The fact that the Sun is in the sign of its fall, hints at the possibility that he is in no condition to get married.

With the Moon in the house of endings about to oppose Saturn, and no applying aspects between your planets and his, I am afraid that the two of you will not get married. The interest from his side just isn’t there.

There is one thing in this chart that caught my attention, and perhaps you can explain it to me. We see Mercury in Libra in your 12th house of secrets, trine Mars, receiving Mars into its detriment, and conjunct the Moon by antiscion. This would indicate three possibilities; there is someone in your life that you’re not mentioning, somebody in his life that you don’t know about, or a false friend who has been causing trouble in your relationship. In any case, things are not as they seem, and not necessarily to your benefit.

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Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Should I move to England?”

September 19, 2007 by  

On Board a Sailing Ship - Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Should I move to England?”

Horary Astrology Question:

Just last week I resigned from my going nowhere administrative job and now am unemployed. I am at a crossroads and my mind is flying in many different directions. One conventional path is steering me to pursue a Master’s degree in Education near my home town, but the thought is boring, yet responsible.

The other path I am considering is moving overseas to England, which sounds more appealing and especially exciting. Am I kidding myself or could this move prove beneficial?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear L.,

Thanks for writing to me. These types of questions are interesting; it never occurred to me until I started doing horary astrology, that most of the time there isn’t much of a difference between here and there. The vast majority of the time, the chart shows that circumstances will be similar whether we make the change or not. I suppose this is because we take our natal horoscope wherever we go, and its inherent luck or lack thereof travels with us. Below is a horary chart set for the time I understood your question:

Horary Astrology  – “Should I move to England?”

The first house shows what happens if you stay where you are, and we see that its ruler is Saturn in the eighth house. Saturn’s recent transition into Virgo indicates you leaving your job; the fact that Leo is the sign of Saturn’s detriment shows that the change was likely positive. However, the fact remains that Saturn is in the malefic eighth House, and it will shortly conjoin the malefic South node. So there are definite problems if you stay, possibly stemming from financial issues, as the eighth represents other people’s money.

The seven house, representing England, looks more problematic. It is shown by the Moon, which is currently in Sagittarius, but will very shortly enter Capricorn, the sign of its detriment. More than this, the seventh house cusp is afflicted by the antiscion of Mars. This is not good either. The interesting thing is that both planets (Saturn and the Moon) are fine where they are at the moment, but they will soon run into trouble. This tells me that in the very short term, whatever you choose will be fine, but you may experience difficulties later.

As far as the Master’s in education, this could be beneficial, though I would exercise some caution, again related to finances. We see that the ruler of the ninth house of higher knowledge is Mercury in Libra, the exaltation of Saturn. So this degree program could really help you. I don’t like the fact that if we hypothetically drop Saturn just inside the ninth house to see how you will do at school, it is combust. This is a major debility for planet. So it may be worthwhile investigating other programs, degrees, or schools, before deciding on this one.

I wish the news were better, L., but I hope this at least gives you some sense of what to expect – better to be prepared.

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Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will I Regret Selling My Car?”

September 18, 2007 by  

Mrs. Sacher’s Carriage illustrates Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology  – “Will I Regret Selling My Car?”

Horary Astrology Question:

The car is a classic, it’s orange, and it was originally purchased at the beginning of a 14 year relationship which ended 1.5 years ago. So it is dense with sentimental symbolism and it needs repair. When people in my neighbourhood see the car, they cheer up. The ol’ girl, I call “Hussy,” smacks of authenticity and vibes freedom. But hey, it’s heavy on the pocket and requires a lot of attention. I feel attached to the car. Would I regret selling it?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear M.,

Thank you for writing to me. This is probably my favorite kind of horary chart, and not only because it has to do with classic cars. Horary is excellent at showing what will happen when we take a certain course of action, so it can be quite empowering. The chart for your question is below:

Horary Astrology  – “Will I Regret Selling My Car?”

The car is definitely a beauty! It is shown by your 2nd house of moveable possessions, and its ruler, Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules the color yellow (not sure what sign rules orange), so this seems like a good description of your car. Since Jupiter is in its own sign, we see that the car is quite lovely and even awe-inspiring, as is fitting for Jupiter.

So how do you feel about the car? Mars, the ruler of the 1st house of self, is in the detriment of Jupiter (Gemini), in the 8th house of other people’s money. You are thinking about the money you could get for it, and so rationally know that selling it would be financially beneficial. But your heart says something different: the Moon (your emotions) is in the sign of Jupiter, so you really, really ♥ this car, and your head and heart are at odds.

Here’s the thing; I believe that you will sell it regardless (i.e.: your head will prevail). The Moon’s next aspect is to the 7th house of a potential buyer, connecting Jupiter to Venus, the buyer. What happens then? Mars enters Cancer, the exaltation of Jupiter; you will start idolizing the car, and thinking about how great it was. So, yes, I do believe you will regret selling it.

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Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon

September 18, 2007 by  

Entrance to Harbor in Moonlight - Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon

The Full Moon will occur at 3° Aries this month, and the full Moon opposition falls in the second and eighth houses in Washington, DC. The second and eighth house emphasis indicates a strong focus on money this month, on the national and political level. Of course, money has been in the news very often for the last several years, both in terms of the expenditures on the war in Iraq, and more recently, the subprime mortgage meltdown.

Full Moon of September 26, 2007 – Astrology & the Full Moon - Horoscope

However, I do not expect major changes in either of these areas this month. Certain issues will present nagging problems to the government, and to the president specifically, as indicated by Mercury’s trine to Mars, ruler of the 10th house of the King. Mercury rules the eighth house of the enemy’s money, as well as deaths of US individuals, and Mercury is also in the detriment of Mars, harming whatever Mars represents.

How is the nation doing throughout all of this? The people of this country are ruled by the first house, and its ruler, Saturn. Saturn is about to conjoin the South node on the cusp of the eighth house. So the same issues that are posing a problem to the president are causing trouble to the people, with the additional emphasis on a fearful attitude. William Lilly says that the eighth house rules fear, and that certainly seems to be the mood for the upcoming month.

I noticed that the seventh house cusp of the nation’s open enemies is conjunct the Royal fixed star Pollux. This star is of a Mars nature, and Robson says that it indicates “dignified malevolence,” so we can expect new challenges from the country’s enemies, who may well become ever bolder.

Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

September 14, 2007 by  

Landscape with Windmills, illustrating Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

For Autumn on the West Coast, the long-term weather forecast is wet and windy. The two most prominent planets in the Libra ingress horoscope are the Moon and Mercury, signifying moisture and wind, respectively.

With the Moon in the seventh house (no, Jupiter does not align with Mars!) in an air sign, we will likely have rain or snow, though this will be rather tempered by Jupiter’s close sextile. This is good news for much of California, where last winter and spring have been rather dry, and our water stores are starting to run low.

In the all-important fourth house, we have Mercury in an air sign trine Mars. This indicates vigorous, fast winds from the West. This combination can also give rain and humidity, though not unpleasantly cold temperatures. Mercury in the fourth house can indicate earthquakes.

The horoscope for the Libra ingress set for San Francisco, California, is below:

Long-Term Weather Forecast: Autumn 2007 on the U.S. West Coast

More weather predictions for specific dates in the West are included in the free Gryphon Astrology Newsletter, as are long-term weather forecasts for locations worldwide.

Free Astrology Readings: Horary Astrology – “Will We Marry and Be Happy?”

September 13, 2007 by  

Horary Astrology  – “Will We Marry and Be Happy?”

Horary Astrology Question:

I live in Orlando, Florida. He lives in Australia. We’ve been emailing for two years and he plans to fly to the States so we can meet. There are mutually strong feelings freely confessed. And it’s lasted a year with romantic feelings; 2 years as great friends online. I know he’s sincere. He knows I am, too. Neither of us is a player. I’m 8 years older. My gut says he’s the one. What do you see? When we meet we’ll have to know from that because it’s not a trip easily afforded to have many occasions to determine the possibilities.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the time of your question:

Horary Astrology  – “Will We Marry and Be Happy?”

First, let’s take a look at what is going on with him. He is ruled by your seventh house of partners, and its ruler, Mars in Gemini. His co-ruler, the Sun, represents his urge to marry or his level of physical attraction to you. With Mars in your second house, he is primarily interested in your high opinion of him. This is not quite the same thing as him being head over heels in love with you, but he obviously does care how you feel about him.

The Sun is a little bit more problematic here; because it is in Virgo, it is in the fall of Venus, your main significator. Could it be that you’re not quite getting the sheer animal attraction from him that would be appropriate at this stage in a relationship? Or perhaps he has just not expressed an interest in a long-term committed relationship?

The interesting thing is that both of his planets are in strong dignities of Mercury, which rules the second and sixth houses in the horoscope (his eighth and 12th houses). Without knowing more about your relationship, I wouldn’t gamble on what these houses represent. There may be a possibility he is interested in your money, but as I mentioned above, very often this can just mean that he is interested in your approval or high opinion of him. Both of these are ruled by your second house.

I don’t like the fact that the Sun is in the turned 12th house of secrets. This doesn’t mean that he has some kind of scandalous secret life or anything, but it’s not a placement but I like to see in relationship questions, as I believe that everything should be out in the open.

You are definitely attracted to him, and are certainly hot to trot as far as marriage goes. This is because your first house ruler, Venus, is in the sign of the Sun, and the Sun rules him as animal Man, and also it rules the Arabian Part of Marriage at 9° Leo. I am a little bit puzzled by the placement of the Moon, which seems to indicate some kind of sadness. The Moon is conjunct Vindemiatrix, which represents sorrow or separation. The Moon is also in the fall of the Sun (him as animal Man and marriage), and the detriment of Mars, his main significator. Has there been some kind of problem with him recently? It’s like your head wants one thing and your heart another.

Since you’re asking about marriage, I would want to see an applying aspect between your planets and his. The only applying aspect is the upcoming opposition between the antiscion of the Sun at 9.59° Aries and the Moon at 8° Libra. Oppositions represent breakups or regret, which would tell us that this romance may not lead to marriage. Again, the fact that this is happening in his 12th house, makes me wonder if you have all the information in this situation.

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Mars in Cancer: Astrology & Planet Positions of Mars Retrograde

September 11, 2007 by  

Astrology & Planet Positions of Mars Retrograde

Mars will enter Cancer on September 29, 2007, which is not a positive planetary event. In Cancer, Mars is in the sign of its fall, and therefore is particularly malefic. The ancient astrologers specifically looked for times when Mars in Cancer conjoined Saturn, as both planets were then at their most malefic, and their conjunction could only bode ill.

Mars is going to be in Cancer for a long time this year, as it turns retrograde at 12° Cancer on November 15. This means that Mars will be moving very slowly through the rest of 2007, and will have to be dealt with cautiously during this entire time (and into 2008).

Electional Astrology with Mars in Cancer

If Mars rules anything important in your natal horoscope, it may be best to avoid making major moves while it is passing through Cancer, and ideally throughout the time of its retrogradation. For example, if Mars rules your second house of money, making major financial decisions during this time is rather more risky than we would like.

If you absolutely must act, try to find dates when Mars is aspecting benefic planets, or just throw your hands up and call a professional astrologer.

The same goes for Mars-related activities, such as sporting events, warfare, surgery in general, and anything physically invasive.

Mars in Cancer in the Natal Horoscope

Generally, Mars in Cancer will not be a force for good in the natal horoscope, due to its weak placement in that sign. If Mars happens to be conjunct an eminent fixed star, such as in the horoscope of Roger Federer, then its malefic nature is much diminished (though the tendency to shed tears upon winning tennis tournaments is not). However, in general, Mars in Cancer is going to be tough to deal with.

As a different, more difficult example of Mars in Cancer, we can look at the natal horoscope of British poet laureate Robert Southey, who, after a distinguished poetic career, lost his mind and thereafter died. While there is much more to be said about his horoscope, note the Mars in Cancer on the midheaven (ruling his 3rd house of writing, and indicating his prolific career, which led to about 55 books), sextile Mercury in Virgo. Mercury represents the rational mind, so we see his sanity afflicted by his urge for fast and furious (Cancer is a cardinal sign, and therefore moves very quickly) creative output.

Astrology & Planet Positions of Mars Retrograde

—To find out the meaning of Mars in your horoscope, or to find the best time to act while Mars moves through Cancer, why not get an astrology reading?

Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “Will He Come Back?”

September 10, 2007 by  

Love’s Labour’s Lost - illustrating Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “Will He Come Back?”

Horary Astrology Question:

Will and I were in a serious relationship. We lived together and had just started planning our wedding. On Tuesday we were looking at rings, on Wednesday he left a note saying how much he loved me. On Thursday, he packed up his stuff and left while I was still at work. No note, no explanation, and he won’t answer my calls.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the time of your question:

Free Reading – “Will He Come Back?”

You are symbolized by the ruler of the first house, Mars, while your feelings are symbolized by the Moon. Will is symbolized by Venus, ruler of your seventh house of partners, and his need to partner up with someone is shown by the Sun. Examining these planets will give us a sense of how you feel about him and vice versa, and whether a reconciliation is possible.

The nice thing about horary astrology is that it gives us a good snapshot of the situation, rather than just making a prediction. I suspect that Will is not as deeply interested in you as you are in him. Neither of his planets, Venus or the Sun, are in signs ruled by your planets, Mars and the Moon. However, the Sun, that part of him which wants to find a partner, is very interested in marriage. The Arabian Part of Marriage falls at 4° Gemini, and so is ruled by Mercury. With the Sun in Virgo, we see that he is very much interested in marriage; Mercury is the ruler of Virgo by sign and by exaltation.

This is probably why he left; he likes the idea of marriage, but he just doesn’t have the deep feelings for you to make it happen. Unfortunately, you really do care about him deeply on an emotional level, as we see that the Moon, significator of your emotions, is in Taurus, where it is ruled by Venus. Your main planet, Mars, is very interested in Mercury: you definitely want marriage badly.

I am concerned that he is not going to come back, since I just do not see the emotional interest on his side that would enable a relationship. We do see an applying sextile aspect between Venus and Mars, your and his main significators. However, neither of those planets is very interested in the other — there probably will be some contact with him in the near future, but I do not expected to lead to reconciliation.

The fact that the Moon is conjunct the malefic fixed star Alcyone is not good either; it shows occasion for regret or sadness. Combined with the fact that the Moon is void of course, I wouldn’t expect any major new developments in the situation. The good news is that you will shortly get over this difficult state, as the Moon leaves Taurus and enters Gemini.

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