Astrology – Map of the Planets: Sun in Virgo

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Astrology - Map of Planets - Woman and the Rising Sun

On August 23, 2007, at 12:08 G.M.T., the Sun will enter Virgo. The Sun is moderately happy in Virgo, having minor dignity in the first 10° of the sign. Certainly, the Sun in Virgo is nowhere near as strong as it is in Leo, where the Sun is in its own sign, and by day, in its own triplicity. And, as if that were not enough, the Royal star Regulus is at 29° Leo, supercharging the Sun even more! However, this year would not have been a good year to take advantage of the day that the Sun is on Regulus. This is because malefic Saturn in its detriment was dangerously close to the Sun, negating most of the Sun’s positive vibes.

Sun in Virgo in Electional Astrology

If you’re trying to find the right time to do something Sun-related, such as having a heart to heart discussion with your boss (the Sun rules people in authority), or another important man in your life (the Sun rules all men), the Sun’s passage through Virgo is a reasonable time to attempt this. The Sun will square Jupiter on September 4, which, due to the receptions among the planets, is moderately helpful to the Sun, but not very helpful to Jupiter. So talking to people in authority today, especially if you’re represented by Jupiter (you have Pisces or Sagittarius rising, for example) might actually end up being more beneficial for them than for you.

Sun in Virgo in Natal Astrology

Because the Sun is not particularly strong in Virgo (though it is by no means terrible), it is probably not going to be the strongest planet in your horoscope. Of course, any planet can be strengthened by favorable aspects and receptions, as well as conjunctions to the favorable fixed stars. So for example, if you have the Sun in Virgo closely conjunct Mercury in Virgo, the Sun is going to be strengthened due to Mercury’s powerful position in Virgo, where it is in its sign and exaltation. It is as though the Sun had a powerful friend that it can call on to strengthen the matter is associated with the house that the Sun rules. For example, if the Sun in Virgo rules the second house of money, that itself is a middling testimony for wealth; but a close conjunction to such a strong Mercury in Virgo would rather increase the chances of gaining wealth in this life.

Famous People with the Sun in Virgo

Queen Elizabeth I, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery, Claudia Schiffer (and David Copperfield!), Beyonce Knowles, Stephen King, Van Morrison.


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