Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “When Is the Best Time for My Plastic Surgery?”

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Spanish Beauty ilustrating Horary Astrology question - Best time for plastic surgery?

Horary Astrology Question:

I want to do my breast augmentation and nose surgery this year; what is a good day or month?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear D.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the time of your question:

Horary Astrology Horoscope - Best time for plastic surgery?

This is a relatively simple question. To answer it, we will need to find the best time for the planet that represents you or the thing that you want to accomplish. This is not a true electional reading, which takes more time (and requires your natal chart as well) natal, but will often give us the best time and date down to the minute, if we wish. However, as a broad indicator of the best time to act, horary astrology can be quite helpful.

In this horoscope, you are represented by Venus, ruler of the first house of self. This is especially accurate because you are getting surgery done on your face, which is ruled by the first house. The breasts are ruled by the fourth house, so we will want to take a quick look at that as well. However, Venus is going to be our prime indicator for both surgeries.

Venus is retrograde at the moment, which is considered an affliction for a planet, because it is temporarily traveling in the opposite direction that it normally does. It will go direct again at 16° of Leo, which is in about 2°. This means that you should wait about two months, and then you can have your surgery whenever you want this year.

If we really want to split hairs, we can look at what Saturn is doing, as it rules the fourth house of breasts. Saturn is about to move into Virgo in about half a degree, where it is rather stronger than in Leo, its current sign. So you could potentially have your breast surgery as soon as two weeks from now. However, to be on the safe side, I would suggest that you wait two months before doing either surgery. Even though plastic surgery is very routine, it is not risk-free, and doctors do mess it up. I certainly do enough electional readings for plastic surgery “fix it” procedures, where the doctor got it wrong the first time.

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Learn Astrology: Saturn Problems, and How to Fix Them

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Monastery Graveyard in the Snow

Saturn is probably blamed for more problems than any other planet; this is one of the first things we hear about when learning astrology. If I had a dollar for every e-mail or comment I get having to do with Saturn problems, I would be the world’s richest astrologer. And, Saturn is traditionally known as the Great Malefic, indicating that our ancestors really disliked Saturn as well. The malign influence of Saturn has been blamed for everything from bad teeth to heartbreak, even old age and death.

So is there some way to fix our Saturn problems, so that we can avoid these problems once and for all? It turns out that people have been thinking about exactly this problem for centuries, and more like millennia. Below is a list of suggestions I found in traditional texts for dealing with Saturn issues:

1. Saturn is good to his own kind. Therefore, if you have been dealing with Saturnian problems, the key is to become more Saturnian yourself. Embrace a life of isolated contemplation (we didn’t say this would be easy!); move to a secluded mountain top. Spend a lot of time alone, and wear lots of black. The Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino called this “divine contemplation.”

2. Saturn will have his due; make some space in your life for him. Most often, our Saturn problems arise from not having enough positive Saturnian influence in your life. Boundaries, meditation and contemplation, seriousness, and responsibility are all Saturnian. Make every Saturday (Saturn’s day) your day of meditation and retreat. Ficino called this “the day of Saturn unfit for action in peace or war but fit for contemplation and for beseeching divine patronage on that same day against dangers.” Brush your teeth and take responsibility for yourself. Restrict harmful things in your life. Go on a healthy diet.

3. Jupiter is an antidote to Saturn. Jupiter is the Great Benefic, and therefore is the only planet that can take on Saturn. Jupiter also governs spiritual contemplation, but more specifically, faith and hope. Jupiter rules positive thinking, and charity. If you feel you’re not getting enough from life, perhaps you should look into giving more yourself.

How have you coped with Saturn problems?

Astrology – Map of the Planets: Mercury in Libra, September 5, 2007

August 29, 2007 by  

Mercury - illustrating Mercury in Libra

Mercury will enter Libra on September 5th, where it is not nearly as strong as in Virgo. Libra is a decent sign for Mercury, as Mercury is in its own triplicity in Libra by night. However, Mercury’s strength in Libra cannot compare with Virgo, as Virgo is the best possible sign for Mercury, since Virgo is the sign where Mercury is in its own house and exaltation.

Mercury does especially well in two of the mutable signs; Gemini and Virgo. The changeability of Mercury is very much in keeping with the changeable nature of the double signs. Overall, Mercury tends to do better in the air signs, as they represent the intellect, which Mercury is strongly associated with, and are dynamic enough to satisfy Mercury’s need for change.

Electional Astrology and Mercury in Libra

If you are planning to do anything Mercury related, such as traveling, sending important letters or messages, buying or selling, Mercury’s travel through Libra is a fine time to do so, though starting your activities at night would be more auspicious. As I mentioned, this is because Mercury rules the night triplicity of Libra. In particular, you may want to look at times when Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Spica, and extremely benefic and protective fixed star. This happens on September 21 and 22nd this year.

In particular, Mercury will sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius on September 13, after which it will sextile Venus in Leo on the 17th, and then it will trine Mars in Gemini on September 26. All other things being equal, the sextile to Venus is probably the most auspicious of these aspects. Jupiter is the Great Benefic, and therefore is normally very positive, but its location in Sagittarius means that it is in the detriment of Mercury, and so Jupiter is not inclined to help Mercury much.

Famous People with Mercury in Libra

Cesar Borgia, Emily Post, Genghis Khan, Henry III, Warren Buffett, Will Smith, Guy Richie, Jack La Lanne, Dwight Eisenhower, Mickey Mantle, Art Garfunkel, Rita Hayworth.

Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “Will They Meet with Me and When?”

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Pelt Merchant of Cairo - illustrating Horary Astrology reading

Horary Astrology Question:

I have been pursuing the director of EA Sports video game company with an innovative idea I had in a dream. I have emailed him numerous times with no response. I got the director’s email from an online associate who has worked with EA Sports in the past. If it was not for this online associate, I would have never had the opportunity to get the email and make suggestions. I have not told my idea to EA Sports yet, but I feel when they hear and see it, a contract will be negotiated. I’ve been telling the director of EA Sports Los Angeles (EALA) that this concept I have will change the gaming world and that it’s an opportunity to be the trailblazer of the bunch. Once we implement this idea, the rest of companies will follow our lead. In other words, I’m “pitching” to them.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear R.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the time of your question:

Horary Astrology - Will they meet with me and if so, when?

In this horoscope, you are represented by Mars, ruler of the first house of self. Your code significator is the Moon. The company is represented by Venus, ruler of the seventh house of other people. We will look at how these planets relate to one another to get a sense of how interested they are, and whether/when you will get a meeting with them.

We see that the Moon is inside the fifth house, in the exaltation of Venus. So we can tell that you are rather emotionally involved with your creative new idea, and at the same time have perhaps an exaggerated expectation of the company’s response. The Moon is void of course, which means that it will not make any major aspects in its current sign. In the absence of other testimony, this means that nothing much will happen in this situation.

Meanwhile, Mars, your primary significator, is in the eighth house, which rules the company’s money. Obviously, you’re interested in them funding this idea. At the same time, neither the Moon or the Mars are strongly placed in the horoscope, which indicates that you do not have a lot of power in the situation.

Now let’s take a look at how the company views you. They are symbolized by Venus conjunct the midheaven, so we see that all of the power to act is in the company’s hands. Venus is not interested in the Moon or Mars, so getting a very positive response, especially committing money to your idea, it seems unlikely. We would want to see somewhat more enthusiasm on their part. Venus and Mars will sextile at 17° of their respective signs; which would indicate a possible communication or even meeting between you and the company in two to three weeks. However, as I mentioned, I don’t think that they are going to show a great deal of interest. If that’s the case, why don’t you create the product yourself?

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Astrology – Map of the Planets: Venus Direct on September 9, 2007

August 27, 2007 by  

Venus direct - Paris and Helen

Venus will turn direct in Leo on September 9th, 2007. Venus has been retrograde through early Virgo and much of Leo since July 28, 2007. Venus does not go retrograde as often as Mercury, so people are often nervous about the period of Venus’s retrogradation, as it is something slightly more special than Mercury.

Of course, the world’s relationships did not all come to an end during this time, though if you were electing a time to do something Venus-related, such as romance or sex, having Venus retrograde would be suboptimal. Again, lots of people throughout the world get married with Venus retrograde, and I doubt all those marriages are unhappy or come to an end. But if we are trying to find the best moment for marriage, for example, we want to make sure that you have as many of the planets on your side as possible.

This brings up an important point about electional astrology (the art of finding the right moment, astrologically, to do something). If we are trying to find an auspicious astrological moment for the marriage of two fundamentally incompatible people, there is no astrological moment that will make them be happy together. It would not matter if Venus was a direct, in its exaltation, and right at the top of the chart. The natal horoscopes would likely indicate that the people were about to make a mistake in marriage. This is why it is so important to look at the natal horoscope for electing an auspicious moment; unless something is promised in the natal chart, electional astrology cannot make it so. However, it can give you the best possible start, which will make the difference between success and failure.

Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “Will He Return to Me?”

August 27, 2007 by  

Horary Astrology - Young Majas

Horary Astrology Question:

I met J on July 4th and sparks flew. We hit it off, but by July 20th, he pulled away saying that his heart is not opened completely yet. We have not communicated since July 20th but I have not been able to forget him. I plan to e-mail him around September 12, will he be ready to come back to me by then?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear M.,

Thank you for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the time of your question:

Horary Astrology - Will he return to me?

The first thing we notice about this horoscope is the fixed star Vindemiatrix on the ascendant. It is associated with separation and sadness, and generally does not bode well for the relationship. We see that you are attracted to him, though I don’t think you’re quite in love with him; the planet indicating your urge to find a mate, Venus, is in the sign of the Sun. Venus is also retrograde, showing your thoughts of rekindling the relationship. The Moon, which shows your emotions, is in the detriment of the Sun, showing that you are somewhat heartbroken and disappointed with his behavior.

So how does he feel about you? Mars, which rules your seventh house of partners, is in Gemini, where it doesn’t have a lot of interest in either Venus or the Moon, your two planets. The Sun, which represents his physical side, has just moved into Virgo, where it is in the fall of Venus. So your attraction is not reciprocated by him, and this seems unlikely to change. The two of you may be in contact in the future, as indicated by the applying sextile between Venus and Mars; as Venus is going backwards, it will form a sextile aspect with Mars. However, with Mars not indicating interest in you, I don’t think much will come of this communication. The Moon will also shortly oppose Saturn, which would give us a general indication of disappointment.

To sum up, I’m afraid that he is just not interested. The good news is that there are 3 billion other men in the world from among whom you can choose!

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Roger Federer: The Birth Chart of a Champion

August 25, 2007 by  

The Birth Chart of a Champion

Roger Federer is thought to be the best tennis player of modern times; Federer has the birth chart to match that reputation. First, let’s take a look at some special features of Federer’s horoscope. His horoscope is below:

Roger Federer Birth Chart - Horoscope

Choosing to be a professional athlete is an unusual career decision, statistically speaking. Let’s take a look at what it was in Federer’s birth chart that indicated such a choice. To determine a person’s profession, William Lilly tells us to start with the first house, and any planets in it. If one of the planets of profession (Mercury, Venus, or Mars) is in the ascendant, this will be the chief indicator of the person’s occupation. In Federer’s horoscope, we have Venus in Virgo in the first house, sextile Mars in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio.

The first thing we notice is that all three planets are either in their detriment or fall; this is not an auspicious beginning to our analysis. Let us see what William Lilly says about this combination, as far as careers go: contacts to the Moon indicate “credit with the common people,” which we would term popularity. Venus combined with Mars gives “labor and pleasure; boldness, confidence with flattery and dissimulation.” Certainly, playing a sport/game (ruled by the fifth house of pleasure) for a living would fit into Lilly’s description. The “dissimulation” might have to do with behaving oneself on and off the court for the sake of sponsorships, and presenting a pleasant PR front as part of one’s job.

As usual, it is the fixed stars that really tell the tale of fame in Federer’s birth chart, and more than compensate for the difficult essential state of the Moon, Venus, and Mars. The Royal star Aldebaran is conjunct the Midheaven, the house of fame and career. Mars is conjunct Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Vivian Robson writes that Mars with Sirius is “courageous, generous, [gives] military preferment, work in connection with metals. It gives honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion, passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators, and guardians.” The Moon in Scorpio falls on the North Scale, which “gives good fortune, high ambition, beneficence, honor, riches, and permanent happiness.”

Finally, let us take a look at the meaning of the constellation of Leo on the ascendant. Manilius, an ancient astrology writer, states the following:

The sons of the Lion are filled with the urge to adorn their proud portals with pelts and to hang up on their walls the captured prey, to bring the peace of terror to the woods, and to live upon plunder. There are those whose like bent is not checked by the city gates, but they swagger about in the heart of the capital with droves of beasts; they display mangled limbs at the shop front, slaughter to meet the demands of luxury, and count it gain to kill. Their temper is equally prone to fitful wrath and ready withdrawal, and guileless are the sentiments of their honest hearts.

Horary Astrology: Free Reading – “Will I Make It in Show Business?”

August 24, 2007 by  

Free Reading - Caged Bird

Horary Question:

My entire life people I have met have been amazingly drawn to me. Strangers I’ve spoken to have always gazed at me with the same wide-eyed awe and uttered “You are going to be so famous” or “You are going to really make it”. The thing is, I just turned 21 and yet I have only flirted with the smallest outskirts of fame. I’ve shot for a few magazines, performed in many theater productions, been in TV and on commercials. I’ve met with all the right people who can get me there…yet it seems I am still here, stuck. What do you see?

Should I just give up and accept my life as an above-average looking person, or continue to charge forth towards the goal I want? I could care less about fame or fortune, I just want to act in TV. I had a Tarot reading about two months ago regarding this, and it said that I am exactly where I need to be, despite me feeling extreme doubts. Though if I am where I need to be (my city is NOT a market for my dreams), why has nothing happened?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear B.,

Thank you for writing to me. I can certainly understand your frustration and impatience, especially since you don’t have forever to launch your career, and time is of the essence. Nowadays, people seem to get started in show business when they’re still in the single-digit years! I cast a horary chart for the time of your question:

Free Reading - Will I Make it in Show Business?

Because you are curious about your career and eventual success, we have to look at the 10th house of career, honor, and fame. In this horoscope, the 10th house is ruled by Moon in Capricorn in the third house. The Moon is avoid of course, meaning that it will not make major aspects in its current sign. None of these indications are particularly positive; the Moon is in the sign of its detriment, it is in a cadent house, and other planets are not assisting it by aspect or reception. This does not bode terribly well for your show business fame.

If we look at the ruler of the first house, which represents you, we get Venus in Leo retrograde in the 10th house. Venus is not terribly strong in Leo, and because it is retrograde, there is a sense that you feel you’re moving backward instead of forward in your career. Unfortunately, we don’t really see any positive breaks happening for Venus in the near future. I suspect that your acting career might not take you as far as you would like.

I think you can definitely act, and you should be able to get some gigs, but I just don’t think it’s going to lead to the kind of success you’re envisioning. This is because Jupiter, which is very strong in its own sign of Sagittarius, rules the fifth house of acting and plays. Still, Jupiter is not really linked to the Moon, which represents your success.

However, I am encouraged to see the benefic and protective star Spica conjunct the ascendant; we see that even though you may not attain your heart’s desire, you will be taken care of and things will turn out okay for you. I looked around the chart to see possible sources of success for you. I think you should continue to pursue acting, as indicated by the strong Jupiter, but also think about creating a career for yourself that will sustain you even as you get older. Hopefully, you are getting a decent education, which is governed by Mercury in the 11th house, ruling the ninth house of higher education. Mercury is quite strong, so this is one possible avenue. The ninth house also rules travel and foreign countries, so you could think about a career which involves lots of travel (such as sales, where it never hurts to be attractive), short distance or long distance.

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Astrology – Map of the Planets: Sun in Virgo

August 23, 2007 by  

Astrology - Map of Planets - Woman and the Rising Sun

On August 23, 2007, at 12:08 G.M.T., the Sun will enter Virgo. The Sun is moderately happy in Virgo, having minor dignity in the first 10° of the sign. Certainly, the Sun in Virgo is nowhere near as strong as it is in Leo, where the Sun is in its own sign, and by day, in its own triplicity. And, as if that were not enough, the Royal star Regulus is at 29° Leo, supercharging the Sun even more! However, this year would not have been a good year to take advantage of the day that the Sun is on Regulus. This is because malefic Saturn in its detriment was dangerously close to the Sun, negating most of the Sun’s positive vibes.

Sun in Virgo in Electional Astrology

If you’re trying to find the right time to do something Sun-related, such as having a heart to heart discussion with your boss (the Sun rules people in authority), or another important man in your life (the Sun rules all men), the Sun’s passage through Virgo is a reasonable time to attempt this. The Sun will square Jupiter on September 4, which, due to the receptions among the planets, is moderately helpful to the Sun, but not very helpful to Jupiter. So talking to people in authority today, especially if you’re represented by Jupiter (you have Pisces or Sagittarius rising, for example) might actually end up being more beneficial for them than for you.

Sun in Virgo in Natal Astrology

Because the Sun is not particularly strong in Virgo (though it is by no means terrible), it is probably not going to be the strongest planet in your horoscope. Of course, any planet can be strengthened by favorable aspects and receptions, as well as conjunctions to the favorable fixed stars. So for example, if you have the Sun in Virgo closely conjunct Mercury in Virgo, the Sun is going to be strengthened due to Mercury’s powerful position in Virgo, where it is in its sign and exaltation. It is as though the Sun had a powerful friend that it can call on to strengthen the matter is associated with the house that the Sun rules. For example, if the Sun in Virgo rules the second house of money, that itself is a middling testimony for wealth; but a close conjunction to such a strong Mercury in Virgo would rather increase the chances of gaining wealth in this life.

Famous People with the Sun in Virgo

Queen Elizabeth I, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery, Claudia Schiffer (and David Copperfield!), Beyonce Knowles, Stephen King, Van Morrison.

‘Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry’; Understanding Padre Pio

August 8, 2007 by  

Angel - “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry:” Understanding Padre Pio

Padre Pio was an Italian priest who was also a saint and a stigmatic, that is, the wounds of Christ physically manifested in him for most of his adult life. Many miracles are attributed to him as well, from miraculous healings to bilocation. I chose Padre Pio’s horoscope because it helps us to understand just how good his horoscope is, and consequently to put all other charts in perspective. We will look at his horoscope (we have the unusual good fortune to have an apparently accurate time of birth for him), and specifically we will examine what Ptolemy called “the quality of mind.” This is a planet or planets which indicates the individual’s deepest motivation.

Some astrologers say that we cannot tell whether a person will be good or bad, and whether they will be a saint or a criminal. However, this can most definitely be done, and the ancient astrologers provide us with the techniques to determine just this. This type of examination does not leave much room for moral relativism; good and evil are as distinct in the horoscope as they are in real life.

The horoscope of Padre Pio is below:

“Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry:” Understanding Padre Pio

The most dramatic feature of this horoscope is that all of the planets are either disposed by strongly benefic planets, or are conjunct the Royal fixed stars. Even without going into a deep analysis of this horoscope, we see that we are in the presence of someone truly unusual and special. The two most important planets in the horoscope are the Moon in Cancer (in its own sign), and Mercury in Gemini, also in its own sign. Interestingly, these are the two planets we would examine when trying to find “the quality of the mind.” The Moon is the intuition, while Mercury is logic, and the planets connected to these two indicators tell us a great deal about the level at which a person is going to live.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun, which is four degrees away from the Royal fixed star Aldebaran. Though the Sun is not strong by sign or house, it is ruled by this very strong Mercury. Ptolemy says that Mercury as significator of mind and strongly placed makes a person “prudent, clever, sensible, capable of great learning, inventive, expert, logical, studious of nature, speculative, of good genius, emulous, benevolent, skilful in argument, accurate in conjecture, adapted to sciences and mysteries, and tractable.” This seems very much in keeping with the best qualities of Padre Pio, as recorded by his biographers and contemporaries. Note the comment about him being “of good genius.” Genius comes from the old meaning of “spirit,” rather than someone with a high IQ. The old definition of genius is far more profound, because it goes to the quality and inherent morality of a person. This is perhaps the most positive endorsement we can find by Ptolemy, and is in keeping with what is perhaps Padre Pio’s most famous quotation: “pray, hope, and don’t worry.”

Combined with a strong Moon that is increasing in light, we get a person who is ingenious and expansive. The influence of the Sun adds nobility, especially combined with the Royal fixed star Aldebaran.

So, Ptolemy got it right. If you’re interested in this technique (and if you analyze natal horoscopes, you should be, as this is a key first step), I would point you toward John Frawley’s book, The Real Astrology, pp 11-16. The author analyzes the horoscope of Adolf Hitler using this method, and accurately shows its simplicity and power.

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